Of Sleeping Dolls and Old Houses

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  1. "Magic is Out-- Science is In!"
    The headlines shouted it everywhere in the advent of the steam engine twenty-five years ago.

    Magic became too expensive and unreliable to be counted on, the world moved on in spite of this. Guns replaced swords in all but ceremonial use, and heavy metal armor is a thing of the past-- it can't stand up to gunpowder, anyway.

    The laces and frills of the past age are being replaced by stripes and tighter garb that allow far easier movement in both the sexes-- women are growing in number in the workplace as the world moves forward and forces begin to clash in the world-- it's outright rebellion as peasants, sponsored by the Hild kingdom to the south, lash out against their landlords, while Hildi soldiers march on Ruva to capture its lands.

    But away from the combat for now, at the edge of Ruva territory and locked in a dusty, cobwebbed sample of the previous era, an old home lies abandoned. Red velvet cushions adorn polished wood furniture. Elaborately-patterned cloth is glued to the walls (though peeling as age rots the glue). Massive candelabras hang from the ceiling from heavy ropes, waiting to be lowered and lit after so many years.

    The closets are lined with frills and lace, with dresses that cover every inch and more. The cabinets are lined with priceless porcelain plates, each hand-painted and gilded by artisans half a world away.

    All of this rests under a thick blanket of dust, and is chained in place by equally dusty cobwebs.

    Whoever once lived in this place is gone, their belongings left to the ravages of light and age. Who now will come to this place, and why? Is it antique-hunters, looking for quick cash? Is it a criminal on the run from the law, seeking refuge? It could be anyone, for any reason.

    1. Ability
      I expect my partners to be capable of proper capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and to use readable sentence structure. I prefer a length of between two sentences (for dialogue or action-heavy scenes) and two pages (or more, I won't be scared off).
      I expect careful attention to tense and person, and I will only roleplay in third person, past tense, and I will correct those who use the word "would" in place of a past tense verb. I can supply examples and explanations on request.
      As an important note, typos and occasional errors are fine. It would be hypocritical of me to say otherwise.
    2. Roleplaying Manners
      I ask my partners do not take control of my characters (including NPCs). I also ask that said partners do not try to use their characters to overpower the setting or antagonists, or to alter my characters or settings in ways not previously asked about and consented to.
      When I am GMing for a partner, I expect that partner to adhere to the rules of the world and to the notes I have listed. I have put a lot of work into my settings and plots, and I would appreciate said work being heeded.
      Another request I have is that my partners do not steal art and edit it. Artists put a lot of effort into their work, and seeing someone take it, change it, and not offer even a line of credit to them is disheartening.
      For prospective partners uncertain about good roleplay manners, please ask, and I will do my best to explain further.
    3. Format
      I will play either in PMs or threads. I will not play over skype or any other instant messaging client. I might be convinced to play over Google Documents, but it is unlikely.
      I like to discourage fanciful post formatting in the roleplay, because I have a hard time reading when text is colored or small.
    4. OOC
      I am seeking neither OOC romance nor roleplay with one person exclusively. Few things make me feel more uncomfortable than a jealous partner.
      On the subject of reminders (because sometimes I do take a long time to reply), I would like my partners to remind me to post if I have taken more than a day. My mind is not always up to the task, and if I cannot post for some time, I will inform my partner and ask that we continue when my mind is once more able.
      If I take more than a week to reply, it may be that I am having difficulties with my depression. I ask my partners please understand, and to be there when I return so that we can continue. As with before, I will try to let my partners know when this is the issue. I pride myself on being an honest player.
      I will not roleplay with anyone below 18.
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  2. Come on, I'm not scary! Even if my story might be.
  3. I'm interested :3 I can't understand not wanting to RP when your head isn't in it, so I might not be active on some days too. Can you tell me more about the story?
  4. Absolutely, though there isn't much more to tell-- I made it fairly-open ended, to try to encourage others to join in. =)

    The story is, war's broken out, and there's a creepy house between Ruva and Hild that's on the verge of being between the fighting.

    Could be some kids go in on a dare. Could be soldiers taking cover. Could be artifact hunters for a museum want to check the place before it's likely destroyed. It could even be a traveller trying to get out of the rain.

    From there, the person who enters discovers that the place seems to be abandoned just as it was, with nothing taken with the original owners. They also discover that something dark and strange is going on.

    It's pretty much just a fun horror story I've been itching to tell with someone for the past few weeks.
  5. Well there be fighting? Because it I'm not very good at that yet
  6. No, I'm not good at it either, and I'm not really interested in it. It'll mostly be used as a backdrop for tension.
  7. So I'll play the person who finds the house and goes into it? What well be playing as? Sorry if you said, I just didn't see it
  8. Yes, you will play the person going inside.

    I'll play the house and everything going on inside it.

    I just saw your resume. I'm looking for Adept to Advanced level, rather than Elementary. Can you do that?
  9. I can try, but I don't want to ruin the fun with my not so good skills. Sorry
  10. Well, thank you for coming and talking. =) Best of luck.
  11. Thanks and good luck to you too ^u^
  12. If you're still looking, I could try and take it up!!

    EDIT: Never mind, I'm not 18 yet. Shoot! Good luck with your search!!
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  13. Thanks for stopping in. =) Sorry about the age limit-- I just sometimes forget to be appropriate, and I'd rather not end up in trouble.
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  14. I'm up for the challenge!
  15. Awesome! It certainly looks that way on your resume! Do you have any questions? Perhaps a character idea? =)
  16. I do not have questions, I like surprises!

    Character idea, I was thinking a girl on the run looking for a place to hide? Insert conveniently placed house. Boom. :D
  17. If you are of a mind to run two separate stories with different partners, please let me know? I have a few ideas that I would love to discuss with you.
  18. I'd like to know a little more-- on the run from what? What things does she like? Knowing these things will help me craft the events around her. =)

    I'm certainly up to discuss, at the very least! I'd love to hear your ideas. =) Your sample had me on the edge of my seat!
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