Of Sin

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    Which of these things do you think presents the greatest flaw in your personality?
    Do you have an example or an explanation of why?
    Is this something you try to better yourself from, or do you often find it subconsciously manifesting?
  2. I'm going to say that Wrath would be my personality flaw. Fluffeh's full of wraths. ><

    I feel a lot of resentment towards the people who have emotionally scarred me, and I am self-destructive. I have a hard time letting go of things, too. If a pet dies, someone betrays me, or... Something, I tend to hang onto it. v.v; Also, when I can't contain my rage, it's awfully ugly... I'm ashamed of things I've done to others as a result of my negative feelings.

    I've been working on improving this for a while now. I learned that anger stems from fear. And I fear many things. While I learn to become braver, I also learn to cut my ties with rage. I can't make too much progress, though... Angry Siths are powerful Siths.
  3. Sloth, but I don't want to explain it.
  4. Lust.

    I go until the flesh yields and then I push past it.
  5. Sloth. >:[ All of the others I can have self control, but being lazy is my kryptonite. I get so easily distracted by random things instead of doing chores and stuff...
  7. Gluttony xD I eat candy and snacks as fast as I have money to buy it or if my parents have bought it xD I can't help it, I love to eat candy T-T Because I don't have any money at the moment (because I don't have a job) I can't really buy any candy, so at the moment I am able to control myself (against my will) xD But once I get a job and money I think it will go to hell xD
  8. Wrath or Pride would probably suit me best.
  9. I'd say sloth, but once I ACTUALLY start to work, I'm like a machine and don't want to stop. Probably going with lust or pride.
  10. I shouldn't have to state this but....

  11. Awww, what the hell. I'm a fan of all seven!
  12. Sloooooth. I procrastinate everytime in things I do. xp Even now lol. //lazeeh
  13. Envy, and Wrath. I live a very impoverished lifestyle and see people flaunting all sorts of products money can buy and I become quite envious since I do not have the monetary wealth to obtain these items. And I tend to have a bad temper and also tend to hold grudges so that accounts for Wrath.
  14. Sloth, though in the end, I get things done - even if it takes a millennium.

    I'd have to say that I'm more inclined towards greed or wrath.
    I want money, and I would slaughter millions in cold blood for it. If I want something badly enough, I WILL resort to despicable means to obtain it. It's never come up, but come the day, there's no telling what I'll do.
    Wrath - though it doesn't show immediately, the rage bubbling underneath my surface leaks out, manifesting itself in cutting insults and blatant disregard for the target's wellbeing and happiness. I don't get angry - I get very annoyed.
  15. Pride, though I hide it well (or do I just make it look like I try to hide it well? You'll never know and I'll never tell). Lust has gotten me in trouble before I fixed myself -hehehehehe-. Wrath, but again, I hide it, focus my anger into a red-hot poker and take it out by lifting weights or running, or sex. And finally, gluttony. I eat too much : ) Love to eat, man. And when I am drinking, I don't stop until my lights go out. Every time, no exceptions.

    I am damaged, but constantly fixing things up : )
  16. Sloth - I tend to wait until the last second to do something... even if it's important.
  17. Not big on envy or wrath, but the other five are totally me.
  18. All right, no one got my joke, so real answer, uh... pride? I do not freakin' know.