Of Satyrs and Gods

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  1. ((Roleplay between Siyuki123 ans Sally Skellington))
  2. Andrea daughter og Athena was minding her business at school talking to Beau "how are things beua?" She didn't know she was half blood, but she knew this satyr from birth. Although he never wore pants from when he was born to when he was 1 the girl never remembered after, she secretly had a crush on him, she thought he was cute but he always told her he loved her like a sister.

    (Sorry if it's not the best)
  3. (That's okay :3)

    Beau smiled at her. "I'm great! And how are you?" He had been absentmindedly doodling. He never cared for school much. He prefered more artistic things.
  4. "Fine, I could be better" she gently touched his soft shoulder. "It doesn't help that I can't read." Andrea answered, hating her dislexia with a burning passion.
  5. "Would you like me to try and help?" He asked. He could read well enough and he loved to help people
  6. "No I can probaby do whatever it is myself, just hate being dislexic." Andrea helped him up knowing his legs didn't 'work well.' As class ended. "So how is doodling?"
  7. He smiled and showed her an example. "I'm getting better! This one actually looks like what it's supposed to be!" He laughed a little.
Thread Status:
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