Of Sailing and Seas

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    Black Heart (slightly more evil looking then pic lol)

    example of what they all can change into. It's not restricted to shape, so this would be half-formed between blood and solid flesh.

    The quiet lull of steam engines seemed to amplify in the muted twilight around Denezen cove.
    It was still early for the sun to dwindle but as the days grew shorter winter began to set in, bringing an early luminous darkness skimming eagerly in its' wake.
    A rather large looking ship seemed to have caught everyone's attention as it began emerging from the mist.
    This particular cove was always shrouded in fog from thermal hot springs around the mountainside, thus pushing hot air out to sea as cold drafts are swept inland.
    Clashing with evaporated moisture the steam piles up right offshore, blocking the view of any ships coming in until they were practically at the docks.
    Even though it seemed like a horrible disadvantage the thick layers of evaporated water kept the town well hidden from unwanted guests.

    It had an open-port system but did not actively trade with any of the larger countries by sea.
    All of its' normal cargo was taken by train to nearby towns, then sold to whomever wished to obtain it.

    As the ship docked several workers came over to do a mandatory inspection.
    If it wanted to stay docked safely then it would need to pass.
    If it was carrying adverse weapons or harbored hostiles they would either be forced to leave or jailed.

    The captain appeared about ten minutes after docking.
    He looked to be fairly young but then again, looks could be deceiving.
    In fact, Heart was somewhere around four hundred years young and didn't look a day older then twenty six.
    His raven colored hair shimmered in the encroaching sunset sending off very slight waves of color, almost like blood or oil when shown under specific light.
    He was dressed in a pair of strong but worn dark brown leather boots, a pair of black breeches that reached to a few inches about his ankles, and a long dark blue and gold-laced frock-coat.
    It was truly the garb of one who sailed constantly and from the looks of his features one who knew the seas all-too-well.

    As soon as Heart stopped a few paces away from the inspectors one of the men stepped forward, holding out a paper Heart had been expecting.
    It was a search slip warranting that his vessel abide by the laws of the town and be allowed to be searched.
    He gave a curt nod and pushed the paper into one of his larger pockets as a gust of wind rustled the weathered clothes.
    His jacket flared open for a few seconds, revealing more of his bare chest and the chalk-white pallor to the skin there.
    In fact, Heart looked almost like he belonged in a grave, no on a large and well-taken care of ship.
    Either way, after a few awkward stares towards the man the people from the inspection group headed below deck get to work.
    Knowing that his crew would follow the orders to be 'hospitable' in his absence Heart strolled down the long plank towards dry land.
    His old boots puffed up a small billow of dust and dirt as they finally pressed against solid earth.
    It was a feeling of dread and not joy that crossed his mind though.
    Heart was more at home on the ocean then ever he could be on land...however, feeding was necessary and that could not be done at sea.

    Gazing around the area he ignored several wide-eyed stares and promptly found a decent destination.
    A tavern sign blew briskly in the breeze and as he calmly stepped inside Heart smelled the familiar scents of beer and stale food.
    Yes, there would definitely be 'food' here...
  2. http://i739.photobucket.com/albums/xx36/XxDIPx3xX/Hayden.png
    Here is what he looks like in his human form

    Here is his "Kelpie" Form. It basically is a cannibalistic Water Elemental that takes the form of a horse.

    Hayden sat at one of the bar stools at the tavern by the shore side. He lazily sipped at an ale, and watched the crowd for new victims to prey upon. None seemed suitable enough for Hayden's high standards and he sighed deeply and took a large swig of his ale. It tasted revolting, he much rather preferred the blood to drink, and the flesh to chew upon. But here; there was no one appropriate enough for his tastes. Hayden through the dirty window and gazed out at the steam that surrounded the shore and the cove. He missed being on his ship, and really desired someone to take with him; a snack to play with before his meal.

    Hayden wasn't like all the other Kelpies around, oh no. He was an aristocratic pirate! He snickered at the remark inside of his head. He brushed back his dirty blonde locks and fixed his goggles on top of his head. He really needed a good bite to eat, but no one would appease him. He sighed and scowled at the ceiling.
    "Why can't there be anything good to come here? I must leave this place.." He thought and licked his pale lips that -hopefully- would soon be painted blood red.

    Hayden got up from the stool and began to walk out of the tavern, when the door opened, and along came a scent that enticed him.
  3. Not much about the dingy bar was worth commenting about.
    The ceilings were high but starting to become decrepit, the floors were dirty and dissolving from years of salt water and dirt.
    On the walls hung many oddities, some of which probably came from creatures unknown to even Heart.
    His aching chest brought the man's senses back to his present task; finding a good meal.
    While the bar was run down there were plenty of people scattered about.
    It wasn't packed by any means but it was enough to pick from.

    Stepping around a young male as he approached, no doubt to leave Heart caught of whiff of his scent and paused.
    The other had some serious blood on his hands...whether it be washed away or not wouldn't change the smell about him.
    Heart loved those who could get themselves into their character and this man was most obviously a pirate of sorts because along with the coppery scent surrounding his form the sea hugged him just as close.
    Suddenly realizing he'd turned and started to stare Heart quickly moved away, his soft gold eyes tracing over the woman present.

    Sure he wouldn't mind taking a bit of that deadly man's soul, he was sure it would taste amazing but women were much easier to get in bed and thus feed from while enjoying himself.
    The ones who sated him well would be left to live another day, though feel drained for the next few weeks while those who's souls were weak died without much of his help.
    Walking calmly over to a young blond he slid into the seat across from her as his elbows moved to the table top, chin again folded knuckles.
    "Good evening, miss...could I interest you in a drink?"

    Heart couldn't really get any type of effect from alcohol or much other food that humans could so he proffered his 'meals' to be drunk or inebriated in some way. It let him enjoy the human's pathetic frivolities at least once in awhile.
  4. Hayden raised an eyebrow as the man stared at him for a moment, and he wondered if the other would speak. But alas, he did not, and Hayden was feeling very disappointed. He licked his pale lips, watching the other man talk to a some what drunken blond. He watched for a few minutes, and was getting mighty impatient. He wanted something to happen, but of course, like always; he had to create it himself. He loved making a scene in places like this, get a few lass's and maybe a male or two to go back with him as his "prisoners" after he rips the head off of one of the customers. He snickered and walked up to a rather good looking female, that was drinking what smelled like beer.

    He curled his lip in disgust but he slid into a bar stool next to her and gave her a small wink. Batting his long lashes over bright green eyes. She tried to pathetically wink back at him, but since she was particularly drunk, all it came out as was a blink. He chuckled and closed his eyes; concentrating on the liquid beverage in her glass. He imagined it rising up into her mouth; a small trickle that she wouldn't even notice. Then slowly descending into her wind pipe, and filling up her lungs with the drink.

    Soon she started to cough and sputter, and he plastered a look of concern on his face. He was big into theatrics. Hayden patted her back, as if to make the cough go away, but of course he wanted her to die, and her blood to gush out into his mouth. He chuckled at the thought, momentarily revealing his true purpose, and then his concerned face came back as quickly as it had vanished.

    Hayden did this liquid trick, little by little, and soon she was coughing and choking. A few of the customers looked at the scene, but of course it wasn't finished; yet. Hayden let her slowly slip into unconsciousness before he made the big finale.

    Hayden stood up from sitting on the bar stool and placed his hand on the back of the girl's neck. He paused for a moment and spoke.
    "Please, ladies and gentleman. I would like all of you too watch, while I'm performing a simple magic trick." He laughed and waited for all eyes to be on him, and then he simply squeezed a bit on her neck and tugged. The head came off quite easily. He laughed as screams of horror were bouncing around in the tavern, and he leaned over and took a glass from the bar counter and filled it with her blood, and sipped at it while everyone tried to get out of the tavern as soon as possible. Would the male he saw earlier have already left? Or would he be cowering in the corner? He chuckled and turned his gaze towards where the male was.
  5. Heart thought nothing of the coughing as it began behind him.
    He'd almost talked this girl into joining him in one of the back rooms when the coughing started to become gurgling.
    Well...that wasn't normal. Perhaps she swallowed down the wrong pipe.
    However, when the sound only continued his attention was stolen and he turned around to see what was going on.
    Raising a brow his eyes instantly saw the final streams of beer being lifted up into her mouth but she wasn't using a straw...
    His eyes burned a bright gold as Heart noticed what was going on.
    The young-looking captain was already turned around, straddling his seat facing the man when the woman's head was removed.
    His eyebrows raised, then slanted in agitation.
    What a waste of a life...he could of fed from her at least a few times before she had to pass on.
    Lifting his eyes back to the man Heart rolled his shoulders nonchalantly, noticing the other returning his gaze.
    "Blood suckers always waste food."

    Calmly standing he swung his leg around to straighten up, stretching slightly.
    Blinking his eyes back open they now burned a bright gold.
    "Do you seriou----" The door was suddenly kicked in as several townsfolk aimed fancy rifles.

    "Put your hands up, both of you!"

    "Tch, of course they're gonna lump me in with you..."
    A bullet whizzed past his head, snipping several strands of dark raven blue hair.
    "Keep yer mouth shut!" One of the men said, obviously of higher authority due to his fancy coat and dress clothes.

    Heart eyed the men, then smirked.
    "Well, enjoy your bullets."
    In a blur he was suddenly dropping to the ground and within another few seconds a large nearly-skeletal wolf emerged dripping blood from just about everywhere. It hissed loudly, then bolted straight for the humans.
    A few got shots in but they went straight through the blood creature.
    All of them dodged aside by the time Heart got to the door. The creature was heading back to its' ship.
    Obviously he would not be welcomed in this town any longer...damnit. So much for feeding.
    Behind in the bar the only thing he left behind was the overwhelming scent of sickeningly sweet blood.
  6. Hayden watched as the odd creature zoomed out of the tavern, leaving himself, the men, and a perfectly alive, and good snack cowering in the corner by where the table that the man was sitting at before. He laughed and called out to the liquid beverages in their glasses and bottles and it made a huge wave, engulfing the towns men and knocking them back.

    It would borrow him enough time to get out of here and grab the blonde as well. Hayden closed his bright green eyes and started to breath heavily as his body changed shape into a horse, a most demonic looking one, and he galloped towards the blonde and whinnied at her. She seemed like she wasn't sure whether to ride with Hayden, but he stomped his feet and leaned down for her to get on, and she grabbed a hold of his dark dirty blonde mane and climbed onto his back. He jumped through the half drowned men and galloped off towards his ship. All he could see was one ship, and thinking it was his, he whinnied to his crew and they climbed aboard of it and he morphed back into a human. Although, the down side, he was naked. He scowled and called to his first mate and he grabbed his spare clothes that were suppose to be on the rack by the mast.

    He waited, and waited, but no clothes came to his outstretched hand. He scowled and yelled out to his first mate.
    "Where the hell are my clothes Kain?!" He asked and suddenly realized, it wasn't his ship he came on...
  7. Heart was very aware of the others following him onto his ship but he couldn't very well reveal that his entire crew was like him.
    Well, at least part of it.
    Some were humans they'd stowed away for feeding but most were already dead, long-since dumped overboard.
    As the large vessel fired up its' steam engines Heart slowly crept back onto deck.
    He was in complete liquid form, seemingly moving like a minute oil spill until they were far enough from shore to be able to outrun any incoming ships in persuit.

    Slowly the pile of rich-scented blood wavered, then started to build upwards.
    It was several moments before it took on a solid shape, that of the young man who had been at the bar, kneeling on his deck as the last bits of his body formed and changed to the appropriate colors.
    Once complete Heart lifted his dark gold eyes to the other captain and started rising to his feet, noticing that the other had brought along an entire crew.
    He'd also seen what the man was but was confused by the horse-like creature.
    Never had captain Black come across such a creature...

    "Why, persay, are you on my vessel?"
    His voice was a bit scratchy, his vocal chords still working themselves out within his new body.
    As he waited for an answer several small slicks of blood emerged from the planks on deck, all seemingly spaced to where a crew would stand if they were backing their leader.

    "Speak...I did not permit your crew to board."
    Patience was not one of Heart's features...he had none and the usually penalty for making him wait was death.
    Also, it didn't seem like the nudity bothered Heart, mainly because his body was all one thing. He could chose to not have clothes on, choose to take them off himself, it was all one thing to him.
  8. Hayden raised an eyebrow at the creature that was slowly taking shape into the form of what was the man that was in the bar earlier. He chuckled and didn't hide his pride at being naked, he wasn't the skittish type. He placed his fists on his hips and spoke to the obvious captain of this ship.
    " Well, it was an honest mistake really, I assume now, that the townsfolk of this place, already did away with the beaut of a ship of mine, and so, in thinking this was my ship, I came aboard with my crew, If you'd like us to get off, we can oblige you." He chuckled and waited for the man to speak, a breeze blowing past his naked body, and he bit his lips and wondered what this other man's crew thought of this spectacle.

    He turned to his crew and smiled softly at his first mate, he blinked understandingly and took off his long blood red and royal purple frock-coat and gave it too his captain. Hayden nodded his thanks and slipped it on, mostly obscuring his naked body, save his bare chest and part of his legs. Hayden was well built, as most of his kind were. He turned to the blond that stood cowering, and watching the both crews and he gave her a malicious smile and turned to the captain.
    "Please, enjoy this this meal on me, I "saved" her from the tavern and I thought you might like 'er since you were talking to 'er in the tavern." he spoke to the captain alone, but he didn't know exactly how this odd creature ate, and he hoped it would appease him from his honest mistake.

    The salty breeze blew in from the sea and Hayden noticed that they were far away from the shore now, and out into open sea. He had no worry if he was too get off of this captain's ship, for he was one with the water, like the rest of his crew.

  9. Heart eyed the woman with cold, calculating eyes.
    He was hungry but so was the rest of his crew. It was always safer for a captain to keep them well fed over himself.
    With a slight nod of his head dark bluish-black hair waved in front of his eyes, but that was the only signal his crew needed.
    The pools of darkness behind the captain vibrated a low hum, then quickly swam over to the girls' feet.
    Even with her hopping to try and get away hands started to reach out planks and grasp her ankles.
    "Take her below to feed."
    He didn't need the other crew watching his own be ravenous.

    The pools of blood quickly obliged, dragging the girl by her ankles into the darkness below deck.

    "Now then..."
    Turning his eyes back to the now-slightly clothed captain he gave a small smile, then stepped forward.
    He came to a stop about four feet away, obviously showing no fear of the odd creature.
    "The food was appreciated...but I needed more then one human to feed my crew.
    They haven't had a good meal in well over a week..."
    His eyes narrowed further, his tricorne hat dipping to shadow some of his features as agitation and slight aggression started to show on his face.
    "You, my friend... have ruined my hunt."
  10. Hayden watched as these pools of something, that looked like blood, swam over to the girl and took her down below. He raised a brow and shrugged. He sighed as the captain came over to him, and spoke.

    Hayden cast his eyes downward and gave a small sheepish smile.
    "I'm terribly sorry about that, but, if it's any consolation, There is another town hidden by cliffs not to far away. I'm well known there, and the townsfolk, would be happy to give you something to "eat"." He told him and hoped he would except the offer of forgiveness. Although he could be rude and harsh, this man seemed quite the formidable opponent in a battle, and he didn't really want to die today. He chuckled a bit and tossed his dirty blonde hair away from his bright green eyes.

    He turned slightly to his crew and motioned for them to bow to the captain. He spoke to them sternly.
    "Although I am your captain, we are upon this man's ship, and you are to respect his authority, and do what he says, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. You 'ere? He told them and they all nodded their head solemnly. He turned back to the captain of the ship and extended his hand, hoping the man wasn't about to rip his head off.
    "I'm Hayden, and you are?"‚Äč He spoke slowly and cautiously, waiting for some kind of signal of aggression or forgiveness.
  11. Black was extremely cautious as he watched the other male.
    He'd gotten close and honestly, he was very concerned with his life, more of those of his crew.
    Captain Black had a rather impressive secret and it had saved his life countless times over the centuries.
    He could move his heart to anywhere in his body with only slight effort.
    People could skewer him straight through and completely miss the object as it traveled to another location.

    His crew, however, was much younger then he and their abilities were very simple.
    They could only liquify, then solidify.
    There was nothing else up their sleeves yet since most weren't even one hundred yet.

    When the other captain disclosed a new location to feed Heart raised a brow. He hadn't intended to dock again soon but his crew did need food and he hadn't eaten in nearly a month.
    So, with a nod he accepted the terms and when the other pledged his crew to him that made it that much easier.
    "Your navigator will aid mine in travel to the island. Your crew is to stay above deck.
    I care not where you go captain but be warned. Do not try to run me through or you shall die while I pull your sword from my chest."
    With that Heart turned towards his captain quarters, which just happened to be the only room above deck that was actually made for living in.
    He slipped inside and since no doors had locks, had no need to bar the door.
    Slipping off his overcoat and shirt the young-looking captain fell into bed.
    His body was exhausted from lack of food and over a month at sea without any. As a result he was fast asleep within a few moments, snoring quietly against an old worn pillow.
  12. Hayden nodded at the captain's words and wondered what the man's name was since he didn't really say anything about it. He sighed and shrugged his shoulder and called to his navigator. She was a tall slender female, and she was wearing goggles and was wearing a ripped red striped shirt and black leggings. She had long black hair and a beautiful voice, and hawk like eyes. He smiled at her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
    "Amalia, please go find the navigator and like the man said, aid him to Turtlerun Island. They are rather hungry, and I would like to get there fast. I will have a word with Kain." He told her and she smiled and went to go find the navigator, following the other captain's orders of staying above deck.

    Hayden turned and called to his first mate. They had seen many years together as first mate and captain, and he loved him like a brother. Kain came up from the ranks of Hayden's crew and Hayden spoke.
    "Alright Kain, I want to get there fast, you know what to do." he smiled and winked at Kain and watched as Kain gave orders to the rest of the crew.

    Soon they all stood at the side of the ship, and finally with a beautiful grace, half of his crew jumped overboard and made a big splash in the crystal clear water. They were in their natural habitat; so with the strength of a thousand men they all got into positions around the ship and started to push it towards the navigation of the island. He smiled as the ship started to go much faster then it would have with out the use of steam or anything else. Hayden went to a door on top of the deck and knock upon it, seeing as it was were the captain had gone.
  13. Black had forgetfulness a lot when he failed to feed. Thus probably forgetting to even respond with his name.
    A young boy was peering around the edge of the entrance below deck as the others dove overboard.
    He wasn't too startled since his own crew, a race know as fervier, could also live in the water just as well as on a ship but it was still a bit surprising.
    Noticing the other captain head towards his own's room the boy met him at the door.
    He looked no more then fifteen but it was obviously by the child's eyes that he had seen many more years that such.

    "It's never locked sir...but be warned capt'n can't die, so if yer lookin' to kill him best not waste your life."
    It was a fair warning, one that the captain had already spoken moments ago.

    "Capt'n Black Heart be his name too...he gets forgetful without food fer a months. He been feedin' us all this time but ne're take any for 'imself." The looked upset about that as he opened the cabin door and went to his captain's bedside.
    He easily rolled the other onto his and then covered him, the other captain not stirring at all.
    Heart was deathly pale in the dim light but his chest still rose and fell.
    "Ye' don't have to worry bout' wakin' him.
    Only thing that'll do that is change n' the tide and a blade through his gut. None of which will cause 'm true harm."
  14. Hayden nodded at the boy and he watched the man sleep. He was rather gorgeous, although pale. He didn't mind to much though, he turned to the boy and gave him a smile.
    "Well, what's your name? Since I don't want to wake him up, that would be rather rude, but I would like a talk with him eventually." He told the boy, and walked out onto the deck leaving the sleeping captain alone. He shifted his gaze from the open water to the boy and waited for him to respond.

    Hayden was rather hungry for flesh and blood, but he would wait until they got to the island, he didn't want to take one of the captain's crew members, and he didn't feel like eating fish at the moment. He sighed and rubbed his flat stomach. He laughed and moved in such a way that the frock-coat moved aside and he flashed the boy with his nether regions.

    Hayden blushed deeply and covered himself almost immediately. He laughed sheepishly and smiled, a blush still glowing on his face.
    "Perhaps, is there some clothes that I can wear so this accident doesn't happen again?" He asked and held the frock-coat closed around his abdomen and legs, still revealing his chiseled bare chest. He waited for a response from the boy and hoped he could find something that fit him.