Of Royalty and Recklessness

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  1. [​IMG] I picked a picture that i thought was like a village, this okay?

    And since we had a well-mannered princess then i made sure to find one that was a castle too.

    I hope these pictures look okay :)
    I had a little trouble picking my character. I wanted to be the guy, because being a deliquint sounded more fun, but I'm not to good at being a guy and I'm better at being well-mannered than magical xD
    Hope this is okay as well. Let's begin!
    Also, the way i type my Roleplay is kind of weird, so I apologize in advance!!!! ^_^

    Annabell: [​IMG]

    Annabell walked through the village.
    No one could recognize her, for she had her long hair in a bun instead ofher usual ponytail,
    and she was wearing a villager dress instead of her luxourious castle gowns.
    Annabell had grown tired of doing nothing at the castle, so she had decided to go out, without permission of course.
    She walked past all of the shop stands, stopping every now and then to ooh and ahh over a necklace or earrings.
    The village was always lively and people were always happy.
    She never remembered when people looked sad in the village.
    Her father, the king, was very generous to his people.
    Right now, they were setting up a parade to be in two days.
    All she heard around the castle was, "We need more horses!" "
    "Ten more cakes!" "The chicken's got loose!" or "Sorry M'lady! We're too busy preparing!"
    Annabell wanted nothing more than to get the parade over.
    But, as always even if she were bored, she would abide by her father's orders to "Stay out of the way,and of trouble."
    Annabell was technically staying out of the way, and out of trouble; at the moment at least.
    She was taught to be polite and nice to anyone, obey her father and mother, and to never talk to suspious people.
    The villagers didn't seem to suspicious so every now and then she would start up a conversation with one.
    After a while of walking, Annabell was tired, so she went toward the village well.
    Sitting on the edge of a stone bench, she looked up into the sky and sighed.
    "What a beautiful day."
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    (He looks like this, but without the jacket and everything is fine!)

    A commotion could he heard a great distance away. Flames shot into the air as the thief made off with his catch. Screams and Yells could be heard. Shouts such as "stop that boy!" or "Get back here you brat!". Zack thought nothing was more amusing than pissing off a couple of villagers as he made off with a basket of goodies. Using his talent of magic, he escaped his pursuers with ease, using wind spirits to increase his speed. They would never catch up to him. Zack did feel a bit guilty for doing this all the time, but he couldn't help himself. Not only was it amusing sometimes, but he usually did it because he had a life to live to. His parents died when he was young and so he was alone, alone to fend for himself. So he did what was necesssary to survive.

    He continued quickly up the street, happy about his haul. This would last him for at least 3 days. He never hurt the villagers, he just usually roughed them up a bit with his magic. It usually made for a good escape. Especially the spell that increased his speed by 3 fold. But as he looked ahead, someone lay in his path. It was too late to stop. The momentum from him skidding to a stop pushed him forward and into the person, toppling over the poor person. He slowly got up, gathering his goodies up and bowing.

    "I'm so sorry for that...I hope I didn't hurt you too bad...are you ok?"
  3. Annabell felt herself jerk, and in slow motion she fell to the ground.
    She lay on the ground for what seemed like a minute.
    She tried to regain the sir she had lost from the impact.
    "I'm so sorry for that...I hope I didn't hurt you too bad...are you ok?" She heard a voice say.
    She looked up to see a boy, about her age, maybe older.
    Annabell slowly got back up to her feet and dusted herself off.
    While patting her dress in area's that had noticable dirt on them, she took a better look at the boy.
    He was quite handsome, but she saw that he was trouble.
    "I'm fine, thank you for asking," She said politely.
    In a stricter tone she added, "Maybe you should watch where your going next time. You might seriously hurt a lady if you're to reckless."
  4. Zack grimaced at the woman. Sure she was beautiful, but very bossy. He scratched the back of his head, a sweatdrop forming.

    "I said I'm sorry. You don't need to get all uptight about it....I'll be careful next time..." he bowed once more and headed back to his hideout. That woman...who was she? She surely didn't look like a villager. She had nicer clothing than any of the villagers he saw on his way home. She also walked with an air of royalty about her. Was she a noble? Or worse, what if she was a princess? He buried his head in shame when he got to his place. He had really screwed up this time. What if she reported him? He as doomed. He placed a barrier around his hideout, hiding it further. Only a skilled magician could now enter his lair. That would protect him. For now at least. But if the woman knew a magician, he was toast.

    He grabbed an apple from the basket, eating it slowly and enjoying every bit of it. The villagers grew the best apples in town. For now, it took his mind off of things. He hoped against all hope that he wouldn't run into her again. If he did, it could mean jail and possibly execution next time. That is...if she was a noble or a princess. He finished his apple and laid down on the only blanket he owned, wrapping his nearest shirt around him as a blanket. He then fell into a deep sleep.
  5. Annabell's mouth dropped at the mention of her being 'uptight.'
    Quickly she closed it, for it was not lady-like.
    How could that boy call her uptight. Surely she wasn't.
    She crossed her arms and headed back to the castle.

    Once she got into the castle she quickly went to her secret stairway to her room.
    It was dark and dusty, but it helped her sneak around when she was bored.
    She opened the creaky door and slipped into her room.
    Sighing in relief of not being caught again, she plopped down onto her bed.
    She thought back to the boy. He surely was rude.
    But, back inside of her mind, she knew she wanted to see him again.
    His appearance had been the most amusing thing she had encountered in awhile.
  6. Waking up, Zack yawned and ate an apple or two from the basket. He had to make this last for a couple days so rationing was key. He finished and then headed out. Nearby was a shoreline. He liked to just stroll down it sometimes, thinking of his parents, but now he had something new to think about. He quickly got dressed into some fresh pairs of clothes he had washed in the nearby neighbor's laundry bucket and let out to dry yesterday morning. He then took precautions to hide his place via magic again and then headed out.

    He had to keep a low profile. He was wanted on almost every street for theft. But somehow, when he was on the beach, no one cared that he was a theif. They all said hello to him like he was just another citizen. That's why he liked it and also, it was peaceful and the waves, almost hypnotizing. Landing on the beach, he walked his usual route, but decided that after he did so, he would take to the air once more, just to take a look at the vast blue ocean. The scene was so peaceful, yet the one in his mind wasn't. That girl, she was so uptight and snobbish. She acted all high and mighty. He still couldn't decide though whether she looked more like a noble or a princess. NO matter, he wanted to see her again, if only to satisfy his curiousity at her rank.
  7. Annabell couldn't sleep at all the last night.
    Her father was yelling at someone for hours.
    The parade planning wasn't going exactly as he wanted.
    Sleepily, She pulled on another one of her 'villager' dresses and headed out.
    She just wanted peace, and quiet.
    "The beach!" Annabell exclaimed while walking down her seret stairs.
    She left the castle and headed to the beach.
    Annabell grew a smile as her feet hit the sand.
    Her villager dress was short and it probaby wouldnt matter if it got wet, shee thought.
    Quickly, she walked until the water on the beach hit her toes.
    SHe laughed at the freezing water.
    This was going to be a good day.
  8. Zack finished his route down the beautiful beach and then took to the skies. Flying the same route he had walked. Below, he could see another person on the beach. It was a girl. She didn't look like royalty and she was indeed a beauty to behold. Zack landed right near her, bowing and holding out his hand.

    "Miss, may I interest you in a walk along the beach with me?" Looking up, he could see the girl's face. Wait...she looked familiar...He then remembered the girl from yesterday. The one he had ran into. He backed away a little bit, a sweatdrop appearing.

    "It's you....Your from yesterday...the girl I thought was a tightwad....What brings you to this beautiful beach?"

    He wasn't going to lie. He had wanted to see her again, just to satisfy his curiosity at least. But...he had to admit. She wasn't that bad to look at. Her body was amazing, slim, slender and she was well endowed. Her face was just as gorgeous, with her eyes standing out. He had to stop himself from blushing, which he knew was going to rise to the surface sooner than later.
  9. Annabell was enjoying a peaceful moment on the beach, when that boy showed up again.
    Did he just call her a 'tightwad'?
    Oh, he was going to get it, in the politest way possible.
    "I, Sir, am far from being what you call a tightwad," She turned to glare at him.
    It was hard because he was quite handsome, but she managed a weak glare.
    "You on the other hand are extremely reckless, and rude," She smirked.
    Looking him up and down she noticed that he was well built.
    Strong arms, tall, and his hair was absolutly adorable.
    "Run over any other girls?" Annabell turned back to the waters, trying to look as lady-like as possible with him standing beside her.
  10. Zack was frustrated. This girl in front of him, she was definitely a noble or princess. Otherwise, she wouldn't have said anything that she just did say, in front of him. He blushed. He was frustrated because he was attracted to her, but he was also frustrated because she was so dang bossy! He was equally as confused as the next man.

    He folded his arms, his eyebrow twitching. He couldn't take it anymore....He wanted to punch her, but hitting a lady was so ungentlemanly....UGH!


    Rip her apart...you know you want to...you can easily do it....why not do it?

    Zack fell to his knees, clutching his head. He shook his head as he fought with the demon.

    "No...I do not want to hurt her...I may have only met her and don't like her bossy attitude...She is still a fellow villager. I cannot harm her...." He shrieked as the demon tried to convince him otherwise.
    "GO AWAY! I DO NOT TAKE ORDERS FROM YOU!" he looked up at the woman.
    "I'm sorry to ask this of you, but this demon won't go away unless you close my eyes...please do it...I can't....." Zack's voice now sounded demonic as another shriek escaped his lips. The demon was now possessing him and it wouldn't go away unless his eyes were closed.
  11. Annabell heard mumbling from the boy.
    Then she heard him yell; surprized, she jumped back.
    Then the boy had asked her to close his eyes.
    for him? Demon? Annabell was definatly confuzed.
    His voice now sounded more deep, and terrifying.
    Something had to be wrong, she thought, or else this wouldn't be happening.
    SHe had to help him.
    Moving closer, cautiously, she put a finger from both her hands out.
    When they touched his eyelid, she causually made the lids close.
    His face looked much more peaceful now, she noticed.
  12. Zack felt the demon's voice disappate as his lids were closed. The demon didn't like darkness, but everytime his eyes were shut, he was shut back into the dark oblivion that was the back of Zack's brain. He only came out when he was angry. Making sure the demon was gone completely, he re-opened his eyes, looking up at the woman he had just showed hatred to. After doing that, he was in her debt. He slowly got up and bowed slightly.

    "I know we got off on the wrong foot, but that was all my fault for not watching my step. Please forgive me....I'm Zackary Lockheart, but most people call me Zack...My parents died when I was little and so I have nothing to eat unless I take. I had no where to live till I got smart...It has just been a struggle and I am usually in a bad mood, but I didn't mean to take that out on you...Please forgive me....Might I ask your name?"

    He looked up at her with gentle eyes. He wasn't trying to earn her pity. He was just telling her his story since he was now in her debt for saving his life. If she hadn't closed his eyes, that demon would have sent his soul into the oblivion known as hell.

    "I'm sorry I suprised you too...I've had that demon inside of me ever since I was born. He just didn't awaken till I was 7. That first time he awoke is when he had me kill my own parents...I didn't wan't to do it, but i had no choice....I could only watch helplessly as that demon destroyed everything I loved....He didn't stop till my whole house and family were destroyed. When I came too...both were gone so I went off on my own, seeking a place to live and food to eat....This is where I ended up...Pretty pathetic to be sure...but I do what I need to do to survive. So arrest me...do whatever you want...nothing can be as horrible as watching my own parents get destroyed and having nothing to do about it..."
  13. All of the sudden the boy started off talking.
    he would pause here and there but he kept on.
    Annabell vigurously nodded and tried to stay with the story.
    He had a demon, no parents. He killed his parents. Demon made him do it.
    I caught a few other points, but suddenly felt guilty.
    This boy named Zack, seemed to have had a hard life.
    But, it could be a lie, her inner voice told her.
    She was cautious, yet she would befriend the boy.
    Warily she held out her and to him.
    Adjusting her posture she stood straighter.
    "I am Annabell," She said. "I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune. I take it you are a theif?"
  14. Zack was taken aback when the girl offered her hand to him. He shook it hesitantly, nodding at her question.

    "Not because I want to be, but because it is essential to my survival...." He couldn't stop himself from, again, looking at her figure, blushing as he tried not to show the shameful thing he was doing. Being as sharp as she was though, she would have caught on. He moved his hand quickly, embarrassed at what he was just doing.

    "Annabell? Such a beautiful name...Might I be able to see you again? You are, after all, probably the only one who can help me when my demon appears...others are too terrified to touch or even come near me when I'm like that....Except for a few brave souls here and there...."

    He wasn't mad at her anymore. Sure, her attitude may seem a bit annoying, but he was willing to ignore that, because of the good deed she had done him. He looked her straight in the eyes with gentleness. He had only met her yesterday, but he knew that he was starting to fall for this beautiful woman.
  15. Annabell was surpirized at his politeness.
    She thought of him to be rude and unkempt when they first had met.
    She had been proved wrong.
    Zack might be a decent guy, other than his demon, and he had even complimented her.
    Smiling she put some of her hair in her hand and began twisting it.
    "I guess i wouldn't mind sneaking out to see you," She looked to the sky.
    "But," She paused, was it right to tell him of her being in parade, adn being the princess no less.
    "I can't see you tommorow. I have something to attend."
    She laughed nervously.
  16. Zack blushed at her gentle laughter. He nodded.

    "So you are a noble then...Do not trouble yourself if it will be a problem for you...Come and see me here on the beach if you can. I usually come here every morning...Seeing your face every morning might be a little refreshing...That is...if you find the time too...and if you would be willing to speak with a mere commoner....Good day..." he took her, what seemed to be, fragile hand and kissed it gently. He then took to the air and looked down at her.

    "Miss Annabell, such a name will never leave my thoughts...I shall see you when I see you...Ok?" He waved and took off in the direction of his house. He had to leave. If he hadn't, the demon might have began deciding to appear when he was thinking dirty thoughts. He wouldn't let the demon do that. Not now...Not when he had almost complete reign over that demon and his humongous power. When he got back, he had another bite to eat, this time feeding his face with a melon and a couple bannanas. Thinking, he did now remember what time of year it was. This absolutely confirmed that she was of royal blood. Every year, the royalty had a parade to show their dominance over that particular kingdom or village. Looking at the days he had scrawled in the sand for his own sanity's sake, he did mark that time of year every year on his calendar. That parade was coming soon. How soon, he wasn't too sure cause it took place on different days every year, but it seemed to take place at the same time of year every year. Maybe, if he was lucky, he would see his beautiful, beloved princess.
  17. Annabell froze as he kissed the top of her hand. She blushed furiously.
    He had such amatory words. Saying that her name would never leave his thoughts, made her turn another shade of red.
    Zack had also known she was a noble, well the princess, but noble was close enough.
    She watched him go off towards his house. She should get going as well.

    As Annabell had slept that night, the face of Zack appeared in her dreams.
    It seemed as a cliche tale of the village girls, but it truly happened.
    She had walked upon the beach and saw him again.
    They talked and then they left each other, as an normal encounter would.
    Annabell shook the dream from her mind.
    She complentated going to the beach but wasn't able due to her maid running in frantically.
    "Princess Annabell! Come quickly! We must get you fitted!" Darla, her maid, grabbed her arms and rushed themeselves to the changing parlor.
    Annabell sighed knowing this would take forever, but slowly undressed from her sleepwear.
    First thing is first: The corset.
    Annabell held on to the wall as Darla tightened her corset. It was unbearably painful and she had cried out many times, but this was the duty of a Princess.
    "Just one more tug, Princess Annabell, I sware," Darla promised.
    Next: Slipping on her long dress.
    Annabell held her arms up, as Darla slid the many heavy fabrics over her head. It was quite irritating when she had mistakenly put it on backwards, but Darla called another maid, Cindy, to help.
    The dress was put on perfectly in the end, no creases or loose threads, and Annabell causually sat down.
    She let the next steps of hair and a bit of make-up, they didn't have much, be put upon her.
    Annabell wondered about Zack, if he would attend, and what he was doing at the momment.
  18. Zack awoke from his deep slumber. He could hear rukus out in the streets so he decided to investigate.

    Appearing on the street, being careful not to be noticed by anyone, he made his way to the source of the noise. It looked to be the town square. It was this year's Noble's festival. It was held the day the Nobles and maybe even Royalty showed up. If Annabell was truly a princess or a Noble, then she would certainly show up in the parade later on that day. So he decided to stick around and see what the festivities had to offer. Snooping around a bit, he snuck some food and slipped it in his pockets. A little extra never hurt anyone and luckily, no one saw him. After he had checked out all the stands and parties, he decided that waiting in secrecy might be the best thing to do. All he wanted to see was Annabell and to prove that she was a Noble or maybe, if he was lucky, a princess.

    Chowing on the extra food he pillaged, he hid himself well, waiting for the parade to begin.
  19. "Hurry up Annabell! Corpus Bones! You are one slow lady!" The king bellowed as his daughter climbed upon the large wooden cart.
    It was decorated with flowers of many colors and had a banner stating "King Giovanni and Princess Annabell."
    Annabell wished it was not so blunt, but she was happy to be placed in the parade next to her father.
    She was clearly dressed up, hair in curls (Pic below xD).
    As the parade started she could see the tons of villagers on the sidewalks eager to watch teh festive time.
    She wondered if Zack, perhaps, may be there.
    Annabell waved as she made her way through town, looking at everyone's face to see if Zack was there.
    SHe laughed at the way the children played, and how young couples held hands.
    She was joyous at this moment in particularly.

  20. Zack watched the parade as it made it's way down from their lofty castles above the town. He could see nobles galore, but not one trace of Annabell. The royalty would be coming up next. Would she be on that float? Or maybe he was being presumptious...But surely enough, as the royalty cart rolled within eye-sight, there she was. The sign was made of a beautiful silk and it said, "King Giovanni and Princess Annabell". That was her, he knew it. She was of noble blood, much more noble than he had first realized. A blush crept right across his face. He, a mere commoner, was falling for a Princess? Her father, the king, would never stand for that. If the person who liked her wasn't of royal blood, he would let him lay so much as a fingernail on her. But he had...was it possible that Annabell hadn't told her father? If she hadn't, then he was ok for now.

    He stood up near the tree, hiding in it's shadow, trying his best to make sure no one recognized him. When her cart ran by and she looked his way, he waved slightly and winked. He hoped no one but her saw it. If the king had seen it, he would be in trouble for sure. Using his magic, he then masked himself so that only those who had the desire to see him, could. He couldn't continue seeing her. Especially if she was royalty. And she could get into big trouble if she came out to see him without her father's consent. He didn't want that.

    He decided, tomorrow, he would tell her. Tell her to not put herself into danger by seeing him any more.