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  1. It's early when Leon wakes up, the sun filtering through his his shades and blinding him the second he opens his eyes. There's a strong smell of burning incense in the house, lingering after the night before. The bed is rumpled around him body, sweat covering him from head to toe. He shivers despite this. It's rare he wakes up this early, especially if he has nothing planned all day.

    "C'mon get up lazy bones." Leon mumbles to himself after forcing his body into an upright position. His cat, Delilah, is staring at him through narrowed eyes. Her body lying across his drawer and covering most of his paperwork for school. Leo shrugs. It's not like he hasn't finished them anyways. His rips off the remaining covers and slides his body toward the edge of the bed. His feet touching the hardwood ground, the coolness seeping into his feet and drifting along through his body.

    Delilah sits up and stretches, her amber eyes focusing on him lazily as she runs a paw across her right ear. Leon rolls his eyes. Standing up he crosses his small flat to go through his closet. Nothing new, he thinks as he manages to pull out a t-shirt three sizes too big and and grey sweatpants. Leon smiles as he slips on his pink bunny slippers he got from his mom the year after he went to college. They're comfortable on his feet despite the many times his cat has played with them.

    Going out of his bedroom and into his main hall, he checks the smoking candles from the night before. It's white, supposedly supposed to be lemon scented, and wax is dripping onto the floor. Leon grits his teeth and sucks air between them. He supposes he'll have to clean that sooner or later. Less Delilah decides the get to it first. He grunts as he ponders how much of it is under the ratty old couch. He also checks his offerings. The blue teddy bear warm in his palms after sitting the entire night out in the summer heat. He doesn't know if that's a sign or not. He'll check the website again tomorrow.

    The website, as he recalls, is a training guide for young pagans. Basically a how to basic stuff for dummies. It's not bad, but it's not good. Really it's the only website that he's managed to find without something popping up like fanfiction or weird voodoo spells. Leon thinks he should have gone to the store to buy a real book or at least buy it online. Though despite his best efforts it always ends with someone staring at him and never receiving the package. It'll have to do. Even if last night was his first night.

    It was a trial run. Nothing to fancy or special. Just him mumbling to himself about hymns and poems of the gods and lighting candles and pouring liberation. Simple stuff like that. Hell, he didn't even have a god in mind. But he supposes tonight is going to be different. He'll actually have to pray because that's what the lady said on the website.

    "Always remember, pray to the gods EVERY night! Or just or pray to that one certain god in particular! Have fun!"

    Leo shivers, he can already hear the preppy voice of Jane Landell even from two days ago. He's nervous. You can't really blame him. Giving up his old faith to try and find new ones was hard for him. Especially for his family (if they ever found out) He mother would probably cry, then kiss him on the cheek. Happy for him to have found something that he loved doing. Maybe it started with all the Greek myths he read when he was young? Leon doesn't really know. He tries to forget his days of high school. Bad experiences all over again. So, doing this is new to him. Praying to something or someone who he's only heard about in myths and legends. Still. He's a little excited for tonight.

    Because tonight he's actually going to try and call upon one of the gods.

    Tonight's going to be his night. He can't help, but feel a shiver of excitement that runs across his spine.

  2. Hermes was playing with some children hidden his true self to the form of a human. He grinned gently and eyes closed softly relaxed, always happy to make kids happy and laugh. But he pick picketed the family members and leave the next day. He had over million dollars and all from robbing and all, no one knew it was him.

    Hermes yawned as the night rolled off and morning came, he was always a night time person could get his stuff done in secret. Hermes smiles as something about this night was different, he raised an eyebrow and sat down and listened to what he thought was a voice talking to him. Unlike his usual self he heard a human voice call out to him, no one ever prayed to him he was a thief and messenger god, who would call to him ?

    Hermes was playing with his thumbs most of the day and eyes closed gently as he let the sun running through his hair and warm up his cold body from the nights grip on him.
  3. Leo stood ready, day passing by in a like a candle snuffed out by the wet touch of fingers.

    It's evening, the sun passing down gently in the sky and the stars were just beginning to show. It's a good night tonight. The air sweet and filled with the songs of the old radio his father gave him when he was younger. It's an old Beatles song. He's not sure exactly what's playing, but it's a wonder he hasn't changed it. Considering he doesn't even like the Beatles. The tune is soft, drifting him into another state of consciousness even though he's awake. It must be the smell, he thinks as he lights another candle. It's a new license he got at the store today called Tealight. It's supposed to be a new scent and bring him closer to the deity he's chosen to dedicate himself to.

    He lights another two, letting his breathe blow across them briefly as he breathes in and out. His breathe is almost a rhythm now. A soft tempo that goes right with the song. It's light and airy. Not sickly and wet anymore, it's hasn't been like that since he was a small child. He blows out the candle quickly just as the last candle is lit. Light the dark room and adding flavor for his eyes.

    The book is open in front of him. Pages open to the small print that fills the pages. It's an old greek book he got when he was in 10th grade. It's pages are dusty and somewhat yellow and pages are torn around the edges. The brown leather once so smooth in his hands and now rough and cracked. It's still amazes him how much time passes by.

    He's drawn a large circle around himself with sea salt. Something about protecting himself from 'otherwordly forces'. Leon shivers at this unofficially.
  4. The candle started to flicker sharply and went out but then went back on but it was glowing deep brown color as well as a blue stripe in it. Hermes was walking around gently as his eyes closed and lays by the tree eyes closed gently.

    A small voice echoed from the flame Hello young human being why summon to talk with one of the gods? The voice was sharp yet kind and gentle as well. The flames kept its strange color as the house gave a sharp shudder and Leon would see a small flicker of what looked like a young boy standing in the outside of the circle. The boy had deep brown hair and golden flickering eyes. His skin shining brightly in the light of the candle.

    Summoning gods are dangerous do you not know this? The boy asked telepathically to the human boy. The boy sat on the ground looking at the male eyes glowing golden color still.
  5. Summoning gods are dangerous do you not know this?

    Leon jumped from his sitting position. Hand briefly touching the salt line. He hissed and took it away as his hand almost touched outside the circle. Almost breaking the ritual and cutting off the connection. His eyes snapped back to the person sitting in front of him. Dark eyes bore into his own, flickering with interest. He was small. About the same size as Leon if he were able to look at correctly, if not for half his body being into the darkness. Though he commanded respect with his posture and an air of respect.

    The candle was giving off a strong odor of lemon and the pile of leaves around the offering of turtle shaped cookies lay in front of him. Uneaten of course for they were for the gods himself. For what seemed like an eternity they started at one another. The other boys eyes were dark, but his facial expression was light and expectant.

    "A-are you," Leon paused, words caught like spikes in his throat. "are you Herm-Lord Hermes?" Leon could only dare ask the first question. His heart shivered as he thought he might be breaking some kind of law. Maybe he should have waited until the god spoke first? If he was a god...Leon thought briefly if he were the spirit of an old priest. One who died thousands of years ago.
  6. Hermes eyes flickered to the human male with sharpness and deep interest. He looked at the circle slowly and eyes sharply narrowed "I am Hermes" he said slowly as he looked at Leon eyes flickering gently in the candle light.

    He looked at the cookies and raised eyebrow at him gently "interesting offering of cookies?" The god seemed to be amused eyes turned lighter and more friendly then he wanted it to be. The god gave a deep chuckle and smirks gently.

    "So why talk to a god anyway? Need some help or something?" He asked raising eyebrow as his eyes looked at the cookie once more and the cookie teleported to Hermes hand slightly.
  7. Leon stared for what he assumes is two minutes. To think that this small person housed such an ancient and powerful spirit was amazing to Leo. And to think that he was actually talking to him was a whole different level. This was him. This was a god he was talking to. Not some innocent spirit sent here to guide him and tell him in words that what he'd been doing was stupid, but the actual god himself. Leon was sure it was two minutes now.

    "I-are you...real?" Leon whispered as the cookie dissipated and formed in Hermes' hand. "No disrespect or anything but....I didn't think...." he trailed off. Not trusting his words enough to fully form a sentence without disrespecting the god himself. he was shocked of course. This was only something he had done to prove to himself that this stuff wasn't real. That the people who actually do this are lying to him. Making a fool out of himself. His hand grips the hem of his pants tightly. He had gone to the store to make sure he mad the best outfit for the ceremony. He didn't want to offend one the gods. Much lest all of them.
  8. Hermes smiled slightly as he nibbled on the cookie and smirks gently "not bad" he said as he stood up fully his height was tall and lean figure. On his feet where winged dandles as well as regular Greek clothing.

    "I am very real and if you like me to prove it I will" he muses gently as his hand glows slightly. He looked at the boy slightly insulted that the boy didn't believe what was Infront of him, was Hermes real well duhhhhhhh.
  9. Leon gulped as he gazed fearfully at the blue aura that surrounded Hermes' hand. "Uhhhh, no thank you. I believe you." Leon gazed up at the bo-man standing above him. Cheeks flushing as he stared. Leon couldn't deny that he was handsome at all, with her dark eyes and lean figure. He was attractive...The ritual idiot, a voice in the back of his head snapped at him. He jumped again surprised at his own ferocity. His own tone even in the back of mind was laced with respect.

    "I-uh just wanted to give you thanks." Leo squeaked the sentence out. Embarrassment prickling, making his back turn cold. "T-thanks for uh everything....god I'm not good at this" Leon whispered to himself. He was sure had heard him, especially the last part.
  10. Hermes raised eyebrow slightly and chuckled seeing the boy was very new to this and smiled deciding to be very nice about everything today "no problem I guess" he grinned gently as his hand went back to normal.

    "But I shall warn you might want t speak up a bit louder the next time. I do have to go unfortunately but I shall talk with you soon" he muses as his eyes glow and disappeared Ina. Golden flash of light.

    The next morning the boy would find a basket of two loves of bread some fresh grapes as well as a crown laurel as well with golden tinted outside. Guess someone liked him or something really hated him and was away of saying stop. But none the less someone had sent something to the human back....maybe Hermes.
  11. Is the AC on?

    That's the first thing that runs through Leon's head as he tosses under the covers, thoughts still tumbling around in his head. It's not real, the events that happened the night before still haunt him. Sending him into a panic or another asthma attack as he realizes that was real. That last night, on August 12, 2014, he Leon Tanner met the god Hermes. God of thievery and trickery and gave him cookies and talked to him and-

    Leon sighs as he the throws the covers off of him. It's all real. If Hermes is real than how many other gods or goddesses are real too? Thor, Set, Zeus, and all the countless names of forgotten deities are out there too. Doing what?, Leon manages as he lies there staring up at the ceiling.

    "But I shall warn you might want to speak up a bit louder the next time. I do have to go unfortunately but I shall talk with you soon"

    Hermes' words race through his mind once again. He turns over on his side, his bed smelling slightly of lemons. He wrinkles his nose. Already he;s tired of everything lemon related. Leon jumped on his side and stares at the door as the doorbell rings. It's Sunday. Who in the hell delivers mail on Sunday?, Leon is tired of everything already. He's not ready to face one of his obnoxious neighbors and have a twenty minute chat about the neighborhood watch or the newest party. Not like he goes anywhere anyway. He shrugs and sits up, sliding into his slippers and walks towards the door.

    "Look I understand if you want to talk bu-" Leon's eyebrows raise slightly as he finds that no one's there. That's...odd. His eyes squeeze shut as he opens the door. Bright like trickling in in waves and blinding him temporarily. As the light becomes less and less intense he looks around. Nothing but the same old things in his everyday apartment building. He's about the step outside the door when his foot hits something. He looks down in surprise and his mouth opens in a small 'o'.

    It's a basket. Not just any basket that you see in the store, but a freak one. It smells like pine wood ever from where Leon is standing and it's filled with two loaves of fresh bread that make his mouth water and freshly plucked grapes. He leans down the inspect it and notices a glint of gold from underneath the bread. Leon gasps as he pulls the basket inside the apartment and closes the door swiftly. He drops down to his knees and pulls the laurel crown from the basket. It's...beautiful. He eyes rake over it and he smiles despite himself. Maybe....no. No, it couldn't., he chides himself on his childish thinking and fantasies. But he can't stop his thoughts from racing. From pulling the carpet from underneath his feet once and for all.

    It's all real.
  12. [​IMG]

    The god had been looking at him from two houses down smiling seeing him go back onto his spot the god jumped from the building and walked off to his job as a babysitter and mailman. He smiles as he got his truck up and delivered the mail smiling to himself as he went through the days.

    He was not looking where he was going near Leon street and looking back saw Leon and slammed the breaks so hard it made a hole and the car wrecked a stop and smiled gently looking at Leon. He was barely recognized in his uniform but ran over

    "Are you alright I am so sorry I was not looking where I was going" said slowly eyes wide looking at him panicked slightly. "So sorry can I do anything for you?" He asked his voice was fimilair to Leon but he wouldn't remember where it was from...yet.
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  13. Leon held his knee close to his body. Hissing in pain as he fell down the gravel path. "No, no it's alright." Leon wasn't the type to usually lie about this sort of thing, but the last few days had been pretty eventful in his opinion. From casting rituals to gods he just wanted some normality in his life. Even if it meant doing mundane things such as waking to school when he could have taken the bus.

    He looks up and slowly stretches his fingers making sure nothing is damaged and slowly places a hand on his knee. A wave of nausea bubbles in his throat as he sees the blood slowly trickles from his gash. It's red with darker hints of black. It's leaking from under his hand and he looks up at the man. Have I met you?, he questions to himself as he ignores the pulsing from his cut. He smiles at the man painfully and shakes his head. "Do you think you could take me to the hospital? I think I need to get stitches or something."
  14. "Hospital yeah I can get you there" he smiles and helps Leon up and I to the truck. He then drove off toward the hospital. Hermes eyes stayed on the road before he got to the half way point and said "really I am sorry I should have been looking" he said slowly as he looked at him slightly.

    "Alright well I am named Herms thanks to my mother" he muses gently as he drove them to the hospital and got them inside and smiles as a nurse smiled and gets the wounds cleaned and washed. She then wrapped gauze around the wound and Hermes just smiles happy he would be ok.
  15. Leon sat on his back as the nurse applied the disinfectant. It stung, yes, but it was better than leaving a gaping hole in his leg. He looks at...Hermes and nods a thank you. "Thanks. I'm sorry what did you say your name was again? It's just really," he pauses and sucks in a deep breathe as the stinging persists. "really odd. Are you Greek?" He supposes it's a nice enough question to ask. Besides it's not like he hit on purpose after all. Leon doesn't think he would do that. He's so friendly. that Leon can't see him harming a fly.

    His eyes hurt from crying. He's tired as well. He hopes that Hermes won't see the redness in his eyes and the bags under them. He longs for sleep and knows that there's no way he can go back to class today.
  16. "My family is Greek . I am named Herms guess they wanted to call me Hermes but didn't want to" he said he chuckled gently till he yelped as Ares ran in

    "Hermes you winged son of a bitch did you almost hit a human being?" He snapped and froze seeing the human was in the room. Hermes face palmed and grabbed Ares by the dear and pulled him away "thanks for blowing my fucking cover asshole" he hissed as he went back slowly "ignor that guy" he mutters till Apollo skipped in.

    "Hermes you know better then to almost hit someone . We do a lot of good for this world and you want to almost kill someone?" He giggled gently eyes looking at Hermes. Hermes growled

    "Thanks brother for that notice" said slowly.
  17. Leon's eyes widened as he glanced widely around the room. His heart seemed to race with sudden anxiety at these...gods. "Excuse me," he swiftly got up, flinching as he landed on his legs. His knee still throbbed, but it wasn't enough to down him. "it's nice to meet all of you, but I have to go." Leon scrambled for the door as the nurse pushed in, her face shocked as he limped past her an onto the the hospital walls. Tears welling up inside of his eyes as he landed beside a bench, gripping it as he sobbed.

    He didn't want this. He didn't want to know about this sudden world, so strange and mysterious now that the carpet was pulled from under his feet. His sobs filled the empty hallway as he let out all the
    stress from the past days. He didn't look up as he heard the soft patter of footsteps as someone sat beside him.
  18. Hermes sat beside him carefully "hey sorry about that all happening way to fast and they are assholes. But yes I am Hermes the god of trickery and thieves but I am not going to harm you and neither will my family......well except mom maybe but I don't allow it" Hermes said peacefully looking at him gently.

    "Hey hey it's ok" rubbed his back peacefully trying to calm him down feeling like it now was all his fault. He blinked gently and rubbed his back looking at the hallway "you need a ride home?" He asked gently.
  19. Leon looked up at him. His eyes a deep red and swollen as he sniffed dejectedly. His let out a wet breathe and wiped his eyes with the sleeve of his uniform. "I should have never did that stupid ritual," me muttered to himself, though he was sure Hermes could hear him. "Was it you who sent me the..uh gift? If so, why?" he risked a halfhearted glare and collapsed against the other man. Wrapping his arms around his waist as he buried his face into his chest. I just want to go to sleep, he thought as he closed his eyes, breathing in Hermes' scent. He relaxed against his chest visibly.
  20. Hermes smiles gently and rubbed his back gently "hey hey its ok" he promised gently but smiles "yes it was me that sent you the items though it would be nice" he smiled carefully looking at him gently kissing his forehead gently. Hermes cursed in Greek about his brothers and sighed gently looking at him slightly"want a ride home?"
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