Of Princesses and Heroes

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  1. Both Yosuke and Yukiko have been unsatisfied with their lives, and unknown to them their repressed selves finally decided that it was time to remedy that sorry state of stagnation. When a trapped Princess and a bored Hero meet, what happens to the world?

    He was tired, maybe he was coming up with something? At least, that was what his mother would think if she saw him right now. The truth is that Hanamura Yosuke was bored of Inaba. Truth is, if he was really honest with himself, he was bored of everything, sick of himself even. Let it not be said that the redhead was honest with himself, though, and that was really the root of the problem he put so much energy into ignoring. Day in and day out, he put up the face of a class clown, but really he wanted nothing more than to hide and never come out of his room these days.

    School was a drag, work was a shore, and even his impressive collection of games, dvds and mp3s were no longer enough to distract him from the fact that he hated how dull his life had become out in the sticks. He had no real close friends, and the only time he could have any excitement these days was when he played his rapidly shrinking stash of old school role playing games. Saving princesses, slaying dragons... be a hero. That was what he wanted, but he had no hope of being so in this day and age. Certainly not as the son of a manager at Junes, at any rate. He wanted adventure and great romance, but it was too lame to say out loud.

    Dragging his squeaky bike to the garage was an absolute nightmare, and by the time he managed to make his way to his room and finally drop his schoolbag on the hardwood floor Yosuke was exhausted. Really, he should have gone to bed for a nap, but he was too run down by the utter bland day he had gone through to be reasonable. Slouching his way to his beanbag, he let himself fall into the comfortable seat and set out to start up his latest RPG in hope of lifting his mood a little.

    The trick seemed to work for a while, but barely an hour in saw the teen drowsing off just as he was about to set out to save the princess Lilial. Slumping unto himself in a soft snore, Yosuke dreamed... or so he thought.


    Grinning widely, the boy looked up at the newly formed castle that had appeared near his usual haunt a few days ago. The place looked huge, and the shadow could swear he sometimes heard the pleas of a girl for someone to save her. Well, things had been dull lately, and Shadow Yosuke had been looking desperately for something fun to do. What better way to fight boredom than to save a (hopefully) fair damsel in distress?

    Laughing to himself, the shadow swung a set of sharp knives experimentally and set out towards the castle, yellow eyes shining with delight at the prospect of finally finding something to worthwhile to do... and hey, maybe he could even be a hero!
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  2. No matter how much time passed, nothing ever changed. If anybody were to look from a third person perspective, they would have thought the young woman - Amagi Yukiko - had the perfect life; that she was flawless in every single way possible. She was popular, gentle, she got good grades and she was generally well liked by those around her. But when it came down to it, she felt that if anybody knew her true feelings, they would look at her with eyes of scorn. All she had going for her was the image of being an heiress to her family's inn. That's why so many people liked and respected her. That's why she always tried to live up to everyone's expectations. It was the only thing she knew how to do. The only thing she could do. Everything was so repetitive. So stressful. So... tiring!

    She was so sick of all it all. From being told how to live her life, to manager training, right down to the people who constantly asked her out on random dates daily, all of which were rejected in the end. The idea itself wasn't something she despised, but how could she agree to date someone she never even held a proper conversation with? At times, there would always be someone who was overly persistent in their advances, causing her to be at a loss of how to respond, and in those instances her best friend always had to step in to help out. Chie had always been there for her, to support her, and Yukiko had always relied on the other. She thought she always would... but she was wrong. No matter how long she waited, Chie was never able to see all the pain that Yukiko was feeling inside. And she would probably never be able to understand. Chie wasn't like her; she was warm and bright. She loved the people around, and she would never want to leave them. She wouldn't be able to help save her, and Yukiko couldn't possibly ask something so selfish. It wouldn't ever work out.

    Once school was over, the young woman had gone straight home to tend to the inn. She never got a moment's rest. She felt trapped, like a helpless caged bird longing for freedom. Really, she was downright useless when she thought about it. No matter how much she wanted to, she didn't have the courage to run away by herself. There was nowhere else to go. She was stuck waiting to be saved... for someone to rescue her from her life. She wanted to start anew, to go someplace far away where nobody knew her. When could she get a fresh start? Another long day had ended and after taking a long, hot, soothing bath, she stepped into her room with a faint sigh. Tomorrow was a new day and yet... she had the vague feeling that nothing would change. That sinking feeling grew stronger the more she'd think about it, but maybe, just maybe if she wished hard enough, her dream would come true.


    Once upon a time, deep within the lairs of a large castle, lived a girl. A certain princess born to a terrible fate-- Or at least that's how the story would go if this certain girl were to tell it. Why did she have to be born into such a life?

    "Where, oh where, is my prince? My sweet, sweet prince... come and save me. I've been waiting for oh so long! How much more of this must I suffer this torment?"

    Her dramatic, sorrowful cries rang out through the large Romanesque castle, though it was tinged with some amusement. It wasn't like she was fully confined to only that one single room in which she stood, but she wanted to see who would actually be willing to climb up all those steps and make their way up how many flights of stairs... just for her. Not only did she want to test her own worthiness, but theirs as well. How much longer would she be kept waiting until she found the perfect one?
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  3. It was at night that he truly came alive and took his own fate into his hands without having to fight for it with his bothersome, 'wholesome' self. When night came and the 'real' Yosuke fell asleep, he was finally able to think on his own without annoying echoes of sensations and thoughts from the Other Side muddling his thoughts and distracting him from doing what he wanted. Really, Hanamura was so annoying with his worries, bottling it all up until Shadow Yosuke could do nothing but scream himself hoarse in the middle of the Shopping District. He hated that, being angry... being lonely and alone until he started to wonder if he died on his way to Inaba without noticing or something along that line.

    He felt numb and bored and helpless, and it made him furious! How many nights had he walked through the fog until he lost the way back to where he originally came from only to find himself back into that shitty street all over again? How many times did he fight shadowy monsters until he passed out in the dirt? Honestly, he lost count.

    Nobody wanted to be with him, they only wanted to use him just because he was an outsider and he was the son of the 'enemy'. Well, screw them, and screw Junes too! They couldn't see a genuine offer for friendship if it slapped them in their stupid face, and nobody here wanted to meet someone new and interesting anymore... at least that's what he thought until he heard Her.

    She was up there in that big castle in the fog, waiting for somebody to save her, waiting for him. Did it matter if it would be bothersome to actually get to her? If it meant he wouldn't be alone and bored anymore, Yosuke was ready to do much worse than fighting his way through a big ass castle that sprung out of the fog all of a sudden. That was what brought him here, the curiosity and the hope that the call he heard in the distance a few nights ago inspired in him. Now that the other him was sleeping, he could finally go all out and go see her.

    The smooth handles of his knives were a comfort in the palm of his hands, a reminder that here, he could will anything he wanted from his own essence if he wished it hard enough. These blades were special, full of his res sentiment for this hick town and his dislike of how whiny the him who was in charge could be at times. They were part of him, so they would cut through his enemies, just as he wished them to.

    Grinning widely at the opening gates ahead, the shadow dashed forwards and into the red vortex leading towards the domain of the princess he so wanted to meet. Those things were always a little strange to use, and after the slight dizziness he always experienced while charging through them passed, he took a small moment to look around.

    Huh... that was a fancy place, to say the least... well, a princess's castle had to be, he supposed.

    Shaking the thought from his head, Shadow Yosuke struck a heroic pose and laughed, his voice echoing through the massive entrance hall into the castle beyond.

    “Fear not, fair princess, for your Hero has come!”

    Taking a moment to enjoy the effect, he sprung to action once more, sprinting towards a blurry shape he recognized as a minor shadow with sadistic glee making his yellow eyes glow. He was ready to rumble, and he would slice his way right to the Throne Room, no doubt about that!
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  4. The sudden weight off her shoulders was a clear sign that her other, worthless self had gone to bed, which meant she'd finally be able to shine in all of her entirety without other meddlesome feelings holding her down. If only she could find a hot stud who would be willing to sweep her off her feet... but the only things that kept her company were mindless shadows. They didn't make for the best company.

    The feeling of helplessness truly was overpowering. While she shared similar feelings with her other self, seeing as how they were one in the same after all, she hated her other self just as much as everything else. Her other self who always tried to deny her inner thoughts. Her other self who tried to be so much better than she actually was. Her other self was pathetic in every single way possible, and the Princess had just about enough of it. No matter how much she tried to get her feelings across, the other side of her was just so dense, trying to live up to that goody-goody image. There wasn't any point in protecting some old family tradition. Wouldn't it be so much easier to just cast everything away?

    Being consumed by such negative thoughts wasn't anything new, but this time around, her thoughts were put on hold seeing as how the energy in the castle began to warp and change, indicating that a certain presence had infiltrated it. "Oh my, what's this now?" Can it be... someone actually dared step foot inside? Did they actually want to see her? She'd receive her answer soon enough. Seconds turned to minutes as she stood waiting, and all too soon, a figure had burst through the doors of the throne room, causing the ethereal girl to turn and face him. So this person was her prince and potential savior? He did manage to climb all those stairs just for her, and how many of those shadows did he have to cut through on his way here? That fact alone means he must have held some strength in him... so would he actually be able to do something for her? He better not have been all talk.

    "After waiting for so long... a prince has finally arrived to see me. Are you the one that I have been waiting for all this time? Did you slay several enemies on your way in, just to rescue me?" Shadow Yukiko let out a giggle, her golden eyes scrutinizing him from head to toe. She then extended a gloved hand out toward him, as if telling him to come closer to her. "Save me, save me from these chains of despair!" She cried out.
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  5. In his rush, the shadow boy had not noticed the familiar tone of the voice, yet with her clearly in sight and speaking to him he now recognized the princess as the true self of Yukiko Amagi. The girl was an idol at school, and from what Shadow Yosuke had seen from the other him's eyes, Amagi had a good life and everything that she could have desired. Yet here she was, and Yosuke knew very well that appearances could be deceiving. After all, didn't he too wanted to leave this place behind?

    Getting over his shock, the redhead made quick strides to the other shadow, eyes sure and heart beating fast as he reached for the gloved hand before him. Time seemed to slow down, and the moment the two outstretched hands touched a great flash of white enveloped the two shadow's vision, leading them to oblivion. Unknown to them, both collapsed on the floor, boneless and unaware of their world as their minds merged with their hosts'.

    In the real world, things were much the same, as the two teens laid unaware of what their repressed feelings had wrought as their dreams became one...


    Yosuke groaned as his world seemed to warp around the edge and his thought became unusually chaotic. He had been experiencing a good dream, where he had been a great explorer in a long lost and most importantly exciting and dangerous ruin looking for a great treasure. Now, however, he found himself in a strange place, where a ruined castle laid before him. He felt like he should enter this place, and that someone was waiting for him.

    But how could that be, wasn't he dreaming and alone?

    "Hello? Is somebody here?" He shouted, uneasy yet still starting to make his way to the ruins of a once great castle.
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    Eerie golden yellow hues kept their eyes on the other shadow as he began making his way over to her. It took some time, but the closer he got to her, the more she was starting to remember. Oh, right... she knew him. Not well or anything, but she did know who he was. Hanamura Yosuke - or his true self in its finest form. A classmate, and a commoner who couldn't see the greater picture of things. At least, that's how Shadow Yukiko had always viewed him. That's how she thought she always would view him. Even though she knew that Amagi had been asked out on a date by Hanamura, hardly paid any attention was paid to him after the rejection. It wasn't a surprise she ended up nearly forgetting all about him... and yet, the person she had least expected suddenly appeared right before like this. It truly was funny.

    The Princess never once imagined he would ever be worth her time; she didn't think she would even be willing to give him the time of day, so this was a surprise even to herself. Her wide, amused grin had never once left her face, and while she would have called him pathetic before, she was starting to have a certain hope for him. Maybe, just maybe, he could end up possibly being her savior?

    The very moment their fingers touched, the blinding glow of the light enraptured them both, and Shadow Yukiko's mind became one with its original owner.


    The comfortable nothingness that filled her mind would be short-lived. The darkness of her surroundings began to shift and warp, and the raven-haired youth found herself in a completely unfamiliar location. When her pale eyelids fluttered opened, the first thing she noticed was how she was in an odd location. It wasn't anywhere she had ever seen before, let alone recognized. Not only that, but she was also... in a cage? It seemed to be a bird cage, yet it still seemed big enough for a human to be able to fully stand inside. That would soon be confirmed as Yukiko would push herself up from the floor where she was lying flat on her stomach, and she took a few steps closer to the bars. "Where... where am I? What's going on?" She asked herself as she gripped the iron rods with both her hands.

    She didn't have to use much force to know that there wasn't going to be an easy way out. The bars were sturdy as they should be. Confined to a cage... were her feelings actually materializing into reality now? The thought alone scared her. She felt helpless and trapped enough as it was, but this would be too much for her to handle. At this rate, she really would end up losing her freedom completely. "Chie?" She called out, being the first name to pop into her mind. Of course, there was no answer. Chie wasn't there, and wouldn't come to her rescue... she was completely alone. "No..." She muttered under her breath, her panic beginning to pick up. "Hello? Can anybody hear me? Can somebody please let me out?" Her rather desperate, yet low voice resonated through the still air in hopes that someone - anyone - would be able to hear her and save her.
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