[Of my own creation] Inter-Galactic Draconian Empire [You can look at it, or give feedback, idrc]

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  1. The Inter-Galactic Draconian Empire

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    The Royal Family
    The Royal Family is a line of 'pureblood' Draconians, using natural reproduction [eggs] instead of the most common form of reproduction, cloning.
    The Royal Family act as the ruling power of the more peaceful areas of the Draconian Empire, changing laws and rules, special events and other peacetime areas. They have very little power, however, in comparison to the Supreme General and Supreme Admiral in a time of war, or in warfronts/areas.
    The Drinking Vessel of Drylamor, shown above, is the Royal Family's symbol of power. While there are few presently that know why, all they know is that a horrendous amount of paperwork and time had been put into making it the official seal, so it stuck.

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    The Draconian Council
    The Draconian Council, made up of a group with a single member for every Galaxy the Draconian Empire has spread to. This Council is to ensure that the distribution of resources is spread to where it is needed most, and not where it is wanted most. They are responsible for ensuring that criminals are tried and sentenced, galaxies are colonized or traded with, and the ranking of soldiers and people.
    Their symbol is that of 'Star Shard.' The Shard comes from a special rock found within the Sanctum that is rarer than anything else ever found, and works like a solar panel like nothing else: a shard could power the high-energy requirement Draconian ships if within distance of UV light of a star. A Star Shard is a symbol of equal power distrubution because the shard can only have a tip poking out of the ground, and the entire shard will light up like the entire thing were to be in the sun.

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    The Inter-Galactic Guardian & Military Force
    The IGGMF is most commonly known as the "Draconian Empire," because they are the only representation that foreigners have. When the Draconian Empire moves onto another galaxy, it is not colonial ships sent by the Royal Family, or by the Draconian Council. It is the military, and the miitary is bigger than any population or nation in the entire universe. Other universes? They haven't gotten there yet, although they have gotten close to it.

    The Draconian Empire's military is extremely advanced, with alloy armor so powerful that it could withstand all of Earth's supply of weapons, nuclear, explosive, small arms or otherwise.

    Draconain Influence & Territory within the Milky Way Galaxy
    So, obviously the Draconians don't control the entire Milky Way. But they do control a great deal. The Draconian Empire extends from impossibly-far galaxies to galaxies that humans can presently see. ​
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  2. I just have a few qualms about the overall concept, especially if it is to be used in an RP, and mostly relating to the military.

    Stating that the military is that large is all very well and all, but the perception seems to be that the Draconian Empire is, essentially, unstoppable, unless a mad scientist builds a giant robot for his rude, uncouth brawler of a relative to pilot in a series of wacky adventures that involve giant robots fighting giant creatures with corny soundtracks, which, if you are using that for a base for an RP, I AM ALL FOR THIS.

    The point is, having a completely and utterly unbeatable force for people to compete with is just kinda meh.

    If you are using this less as a base for an RP and more as a base for a worldbuilding, then you need a lot more fleshed out detail, such as military organization, further description of governmental procedure and organization, and probably give some insight as to the cultural how and why of the Empire.

    Why are they invading everyone? How did they get to this stage in the first place?
  3. It isn't quite as unstoppable as one may seem
    If they were to focus a fraction of their military one someone, even 1/300 of it, then yes, a nation would probably fail, or be able to put up a decent fight with proper tactics with allies.

    However, they are painfully overextended. The most advanced of their fleet are in 'Class 1' or 'Class 2' areas, where they pose a serious threat to Draconian livelihood, strength, and pride. The REALLY advanced stuff, the best of the best, is stationed around the Sanctum, or the inner areas of the most innermost Inner Circles. The Sanctum is the star cluster that the Draconians originated from.

    However, because of this, a galaxy with emerging spacefaring powers, such as the 'Earth Alliance' or the 'Triarian Empire', from the roleplay 'Star Empires,' on the Minecraft forums, which the idea of the Draconian empire originated from, would be able to easily fight off the Draconian occupying fleet.

    And why? Simple. They have a very large military, spread over many, many places, making it sparse. Getting reinforcements is hard, extra resources even harder.

    And why would they spread out that far in the first place? Their nature. They are conquerors. First they tried to conquer each other , then they conquered the fact that they could never really stop each other, so they bound together, focused themselves, and got into space. Farther and farther, they kept searching, expanding, setting up stations and relays, mining bases.

    Then they found other nations. Some bigger, some smaller. Some spacefaring, some primitive.

    So really, they just kept building, and evolution perfected them for battle.