INTEREST CHECK Of Monsters and Tsunamis

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  1. Nobody would have thought that the latest string of earthquakes and tsunamis hitting Japan would have made so much damage, after a series of those catastrophes were finished hitting the island, nothing but desolation and broken homes were left, the survivor barely coping with the loss of their homes and family members. That concern was put aside however as the numerous broken radioactive plants around the tiny country released dangerous radiations, transforming harmless animals and even some human into deadly monsters, the fantasy of yokai and giant monster no longer so laughable any longer.

    As the terror set in, many fled the country, letting those who had neither the mean nor the will to leave to rot in the hell on earth that was now Japan. The Yakuza took charge of those remaining, seeing a way to finally have a country completely under their thumbs once the crisis would be averted. If it was averted.

    Promising a chance of survival to those that would swear themselves to their organization, they set out to make fortifications out of the debris found all over the country and find ways to counteract the deadly radiations and it's creatures, coming up with alloys and fabrics that could protects those inside their confines and weapons that could either kill or subdue the monsters. You are a new recruit -to-be, making your way with your family to the destroyed ramparts of the area once known as Kyoto, desperate for survival. Will you survive and thrive in this wasteland? Will the other nations risk their necks and send aids? Only time will tell...

    So here is my latest plot, where there will be guns and desperation aplenty under the steel thumb of the dreaded Yakuza. You will be a refugee, trying to make it in this desolate country.

    This will have zombie apocalypse and japanese lore elements to it and will partly deal with crime, politics and civilization as well.

    Are you in?