Of Mirrors and Portals

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  1. Two strangers discovered a portal that lead them to a foreign and mysterious world. The world they found themselves into is dark, ominous and dangerous. Will they survive? Can she resist the beckoning call of the darkness? Will he find that something he's looking for?

    Together, the two of them will explore the world of mirror and portals....

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  2. ((Waiting for Brendan Merriweather))
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  3. Brendan walked through a forrest, it was a dark night, and it wasn't exactly warm.
    He didn't mind though, he didn't have yo wear his ring to protect him, even though he had it in his pocket the whole time.
    There, in the distance, there was a light.
    As he got closer and closer, it looked more like a mirror than anything else.
    He looked around it and touched the, what looked to him like glass.

    The glass changed, as blinding light came out.
    He stepped back and looked around.
    This was strange, but so cool.
    He smiled and went in, it was like a free fall.
    He had no idea where he was going, but it must be something exciting.
  4. Paula was gazing outside her window. The moon is high and bright. She decided it's already late and she needs to go to bed even though she's not sleepy yet.
    She went over at her dresser and sat. She think maybe she can brush her hair to relax herself. Looking at the mirror, she was surprised when it glowed. Curious, she touched it. Then she felt it sucking her in.

    There was a blinding light and she was falling. What is going on? she asked herself feeling scared.
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  5. Brendan smiled and suddenly hit a cold hard floor "wow." He whispered.
    He got up and looked around "what is this place.." He walked around but felt like he was going in circles "why can't I get away from here.. How am I supposed to get home." He mumbled to himself, trying to find an exit.
  6. After what felt like eternity, she landed on top of a bush. "Oww! That hurts!" she exclaimed trying to get off the bush. "Where is this place anyway?" she said looking around. "Am I dreaming? That's weird." she frowned.
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  7. He heard a sound, it sounded like a voice..
    He was probably just freaking out.
    He heard rattling and decided to keep walking, he smirked "this is not how I'm dying."
  8. "Oohh..My dress! It's all tattered..Great..Just great.." she said exasperated. Then, she heard some rustling. "Who's there?" she said as she tried to find a stick or something to use as a weapon.
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  9. Brendan heard the voice again, and turned "whoever you are, I will punch your lights out if you try to do anything stupid." He warned as he backed away "I'm not playing, I just wanna go home."
  10. She heard someone's voice. It sounds like a guy. "Hey! Someone help! Help, I'm here!" she said frantically.
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  11. He jumped when he heard a reply, he rushed to the sound and looked around. He looked up and saw a girl in the bushes "don't move, if you fall you'll get pierced by whatever is coming from the tree."
  12. She heard a reply and then saw him. He said not to move. He also mentioned something coming from the tree. "What do you mean?" she said as she try to look about whatever he said that was.
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  13. "There are thorns.. Like the tree made it's own defense mechanism.. Don't move, I'm coming to get you." He looked around, jumped and started climbing the tree. "I'm almost there."
  14. She suddenly realized that the bush was indeed covered with thorns and it seems like it's growing. "Hurry! I think it's growing!" she said trying not to panic.
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  15. He reached her and smiled "take my hand."
  16. She reached out and he caught her. Shaking badly, she held so tight on him. "Oh. Oh. Ouch." she said.
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  17. He wrapped one of his arms around her and looked around "hold on." He jumped back and landed on his feet.
    He put the girl down and turned around "I'm sure you can do it on your own from now on."
  18. Flipping her hair, she thanked the guy. "Yeah. Thanks. See ya." she said hurriedly. Though he saved her, he's still a stranger and he might do something bad to her. After walking for a while, she realized she forgot to ask him where is this god forsaken place and how to get back to her own house. Sighing at her stupidity, she sat on the ground. She's dirty all over so she doesn't care anymore. She looked up in the sky and realized she has to find some shelter or else, she'll be some creature's dinner. At the thought of food, her stomach grumbled.

    "Ugh. What a mess I'm in. I have to go back or I'll die here." she said stomping off.
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  19. He watched her storm off and started laughing "hey! Look, come with me.. You might get hurt if you storm off on your own like that."
  20. The guy who saved her was there and he offered her to come with him. She hesitated. Despite her better judgement, she agreed to come with him. "Ok. But you better behave." she warned him.
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