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  1. Hello, I've made a character if you're still accepting! If anything needs editing or changed please let me know. I've made a quick drawing in place for him which I will make a better one later on.
  2. Maybe we can figure out a reason? ...Love at first sight? He's soft on Ria and doesn't want to see her imprisoned? :P
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  3. Everything looks fine. He's been accepted so you can start posting.
  4. I was thinking something along those lines too, lol. I had written one of the gaurds so it could be interpreted he is easily love struck.
  5. I think it would be a fun way to give us something to do and would make sense because people do anything for love.
  6. Lol sounds good~

    It's not like Ria attacked anyone anyway. Kai naturally did all of the work.
  7. Then we can use that idea. And @Canadian Cat, if you want to have Simon come in on all this you can. I don't think you have anything to do either, but there are also new characters joining us as well.
  8. I'm still around. Just a busy work week! I want to make sure my first post is a good one.

    So, I was going to do two males but as we have a new male character would you rather I do my second as a female? I've got an idea for her. Another guard, like Ari. Good friends, but no romantic inclination towards eachother of course.
  9. It's up to you, but it does seem like we have quite a number of males now.
  10. imma working on a post now. I'll be sending the gaurd your way, but I don't think Simon should be in on this. I find it very unlikely that Simon would let anyone out of prison. Imma gonna send him up to Castle where he'll bump into Izor.
  11. Should I take over the guard and bring him to Claudia and our prisoners? I wasn't sure how we planned to do this.
  12. Probably.

    It would be a little weird to hit on my own character. o .o
  13. We all know you want to hit on your own character. :P Joking aside, I figured it probably should be me because of that, but I also wasn't sure what Canadian Cat was planning on doing. I'm assuming thought that it would be easier to be me since Simon's interacting with someone now.
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  14. Oh darn. I was completely seen through.:tongue:

    Lol Yeah, that makes sense.
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  15. And thus we have our first crush in our rp. :P
  16. Greetings! I'm quite new (not to the concept of roleplaying itself, but to this website) but I would still like to join. I might be asking a frequently asked question but are you still accepting?
  17. Hello. Yes, we're still accepting.
  18. Is anyone else going to post soon?
  19. im on waiting :)
  20. I need to post, been pretty busy, but should be able to get one up at least by thursday if not today.