Of Magic and Mayhem

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  1. The morning rays pierced through the gap of the satin curtains. The castle's massive library was crammed shelf to shelf with old tomes. Historical and fantastical lore. A few tables and chairs were set up in the center of it, all empty except for one girl.

    Annette forgot about the world again, losing herself in the images conjured by words. She flipped another page filling the room with the sound of ruffling. She had been at this again for a few good hours, immersing herself in a completely different realm. Someone clearing their throat roused her attention, she ripped her eyes away from the book to look at the silver haired man. He spoke "Aren't you wasting your time reading all this rubbish?" Ann closed the book with a soft 'thunk' noise. Ann shook her head "I don't think this is rubbish, it's quite fascinating" The elder man picked up the book, inspecting it's cover " 'Shadowclaw and Temrin: Origins of the Rulership". He placed it back on the table "Oh Ann, what am I going to do with you?" He grimaced down at the pagebound object "Temrin was our first and most powerful leader, to think that he would share the throne with that Anthro scum is unthinkable" He placed a hand on her shoulder "Now Ann, disregard all these fanciful books of yours and pay attention to what is important."

    Ann sighed, but before she could speak the man raised a finger in in the air "Actually, I did come to tell you, his majesty requested that you not be late for your swordfight training." He helped her up and led her out of the library. She exited the big metal doors and squinted in the daylight. Outside, from her vantage point on the castle she could see the entire kingdom. Below her, the Mayhem Calvary and Brigade were assembling for training. Not far from there, the Mechanical engineers were working on siege weaponary, the great wooden machines on wheels built for maximum damage. The Northern town of Lutia was at work, people moving in and out of their houses that dotted the rugged mountains and part of the lush green grasslands. Away from the mountain was more of the Mayhem military, guarding the city from outside the stone wall separating them from an empty expanse of grassland. Beyond the near uninhabited patch of grassland, Ann saw the Forbidden Forest, which is what people here called the land of the Anthros. The tall trees spread far and wide, and shrouded the presence of the animal-like creatures.

    Ann followed the courier down the stone steps, descending lower and lower. She looked up at him "Sir, why do I have to learn how to fight? I am royalty, is that not my duty?" The gray whiskered man grunted "It is now. The King Vancouver has decreed every citizen must have basic military training, regardless of position or rank, or even if you are not in the Mayhem. Even I must learn, and you must learn as well". They were silent as they finally reached the base of the castle passing the legions of military men, standing at attention and brandishing weapons. "Why is that?" she said, looking up at him. He sighed "The king wants an advantage against those brutes to the south. They do not benefit from such intensive training as we do, they have...other benefits" Ann remembered from her reading what he must mean, she had read that the Anthros possessed all abilities of the animals they resemble, as well as the ability to use magic. She didn't know if that was true.

    She frowned as they passed the gallows, where the body of a recently captured Anthro prisoner swayed. The fox creature's once lustrous orange fur was dull and defiled by blood. His eyes remained open, wide eyed and staring into nothingness. Ann winced and looked away from the creature. Finally, the courier led her to a wooden building, sliding the door open and ushering her in. She gripped her sword and the trainer instructed her as she fought.

    "What's wrong Ann? Doing worse than usual it seems", the trainer had always praised her in her lessons at how gifted she was using the blade. She muttered "Oh, yeah, I'm fine."


    Wane awoke to a commotion below, his eyes snapped open, looking up at the leafy canopy that filtered the light above, he rolled over on the hammock, looking down at the figures chattering below. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and got in a crouch, he jumped down to the ground, landing without injury and standing to his feet.

    A wolf girl and a ferret girl were talking to a group of other Anthros, waving their hands furiously and speaking quickly. Wane pushed through the wall of furred bodies. "Alright ladies, now what's this all about? He crossed his white furred arms over his chest, lashing his tail impatiently "Must be pretty damn important if you were interrupting my slumber". The ferret scowled at him "This isn't funny Wane, Crimsonpaw is dead!" Wane's eyes widened letting his arms droop to his side "Wait! Are you serious?" The grey wolf placed a paw on the ferret's shoulder as the ferret cast her gaze to the dirt floor, she then bared her teeth at Wane "Yeah we're serious! He left last night to hunt in the grasslands. He must've ventured too close to their side of the land" she said defeatedly. "We saw them capture him, we tried to stop them, but it was too late. They were gone by the time we got there"

    Wane heard her thoughts as she spoke, of course she was telling the truth, and they were distraught. Especially Rose, he could read it in the ferret girl's eyes as well as her mind that she had a fondness for the fox. 'Note to self' Wane thought 'Don't hit on Rose for awhile until she cools off'. He felt a hiss growing in his throat and then he slashed a tree with his claws, ripping into the bark! "Damn humans! Why does this always have to happen to the best of us?" Crimsonpaw was a quiet, easygoing fox, Wane loved him, as did everyone else who knew him. Except the humans, and that was just another reason to despise them. He walked off in a huff, the fur on the back of his neck standing on end.

    He meandered through the tree forest, passing by many hollowed out trees and stone dens that the Anthrokind called home. He made it to the forest's edge, leaning against a tree. Far far away he saw the northern mountain kingdom, looming on the horizon.

    He glared at it angrily "I will kill them all. Someday"
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  2. "And I shall rise them so you can do it again, no matter the cost to me." a voice spoke next to him. Carsonagan did that often, sneaking silently through the village, only making his presence known when it suited him. "Do not let my calm demeanor fool you, I harbor an hatred as powerful as the fire elementals of the southwood village." His voice was low and soft, with a tone like a rock weathered by the nearby stream. His hand clasped behind his back, he stood beside the Cat. "You know, Wane, even though I watched you grow up from a mere kitten, I still occasionally wish to eat you. I can't help that you look tasty!" he said and laughed, something he did not often do.

    "On a more serious note, Crimsonpaw's death was tragic. You, not being a Necromancer, will most likely never know what it is like to feel someone's life force, strong and bright, and then feel it be extinguished, just as suddenly as it had appeared. Could I bring him back for a last goodbye, I would, but the humans have his body, and keep it above ground." he spoke quietly.
  3. Wane jumped at the sound of the voice, none other than Carsonagon. The stealthy wolf always seemed to come from nowhere. He smirked as he explained his hatred for the humans.

    "You know, Wane, even though I watched you grow up from a mere kitten, I still occasionally wish to eat you. I can't help that you look tasty!" Wane couldn't help but laugh as well, "I know I'd be super delicious and all, but you wouldn't eat me. It'd be a loss to society if Wane Moonscar was ever gone" He gave a fanged grin, joking back with the older anthro. Carson had always given off this stoic,eerie vibe to him; and it didn't help that his mind was stronger and harder to read. However, as he got older he knew the wolf was just calm in demeanor and likely endured his fair share of suffering from his gift/curse.

    "On a more serious note, Crimsonpaw's death was tragic." Wane's ears tucked back on his head and he swished his tail lightly, his somber mood returned at the mention of the Anthro's demise. He listened to Carsonagon intently. It must have been worse for the wolf all right, Wane could pick up traces of the agony he felt in his mind, from feeling their comrade slip away.

    "Could I bring him back for a last goodbye, I would, but the humans have his body, and keep it above ground" Wane looked up at Carson "How do you know his body is aboveground? Is that a perk of your power to know that sort of thing beforehand, or did you try to resurrect him?" He inquired.

    He was dissapointed to hear that Carson couldn't bring him back, it was a small hope he had.


    Ann had gotten out of her intensive training awhile ago, though she had been reprimanded for her reckless foot work and told to pay attention next time.

    Being a likely heir to loyalty, they usually kept tabs on her. However, she knew how to work the system, and today, instead of her usual spot in the library she snuck out of the stone walls.

    She brought her sword with her, ready for anything. She ducked low in the grasses.

    The treeline to the forest was far, far away. It would be a long journey. She clenched the object in her fist tightly. She cast her gaze down, opening her fist for a moment to see the leather armband that the Anthro fox had worn. It had been seized as contraband and locked away, but she easily swiped it. She bit her lip, closing her hand around it again.

    This was a fools journey, she might as well be crawling to her suicide. For the death of one of theirs they would seek retribution, and she would be the target of their anger.

    But she felt she needed to return something to them, something from their fallen. She shook her head, still not sure if she should go in or not, but she pressed on, deciding that she would back out when she made it to the forest.
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  4. The old wolf sighed. "I know, because for a time, I could feel his blood seeping into the earth, but then it stopped. Dried up, I assume. That, and they like to hang those they hate, to make an example to all other of their enemies." he paused for a moment. "And aside from that, if his body were buried I would be able to drag his bones through the earth and resurrect him. But I cannot feel his bones." he sighed, "He is gone, my friend."

    His ears pricked up and he sniffed the air. "Another mortal is here, by the plains, just outside our land. Human. Female." his eyes widened. "Crimsonpaw's armband, she has it. Come." he said, and with that, he turned and sprinted toward the edge of the forest nearest the plains. Once he got there, he watched the human from the shadows of the tree line, his glowing green eyes clearly visible. He only saw the girl crouching in the high grass, and no other. If this was an ambush, it was a damn good one.
  5. Elena had been perched in a tree, hunting for a rabbit when Ann had 'snuck' past her. Recognizing her from the castle halls, having passed her a few times in the establishment, she began to hunt the younger girl. She followed normal patterns of keeping downwind, even if the girl was human, it was a habit. After the forest came into view, she was rather glad she had followed the habit. Golden eyes narrowed beneath her hood from where Elena was once again perched in a tree. No, it wasn't a tree from the beasts forest, it was one she often used to observe the area. She hadn't been issued an anthro hunt, but the king seemed to be growing more self assured, she figured it was only a matter of time before it happened. And so, she'd taken to coming and observing the forests edge, from a safe distance of course.

    A barely there movement caught her eyes and her attention focused in on it. She couldn't tell quite what it was, only that it was large and dark. Unease had her notching her bow, just to be on the safe side. It wouldn't do for the princess to be captured or killed by a pack of two legged beasts.
  6. Wane was alarmed when the wolf sensed an intruder, and he caught the scent of her as well. He ran with him, catching up to him and hiding in the shadows. He hissed under his breath, fur standing on end "Did they not have enough! What are they doinghere now?" He readied his claws, and his mind probed the intruder.

    She was a bit far off, but he felt something. The thing foremost on her mind was...apprehension? Worry? Wane crossed his arms, he whispered to Carson "If she wants to attack us, she knows she's in for a brutal killing, her mind is radiating fear like a skittish hare"

    Wane tried to grasp more, but for now this was all he could get from this distance.

    Ann would have to leave. she didn't think she had the guts to face them, probably with good reason. But she didn't want to come here fo nothing, she looked down at her fist and with the object belonging to an Anthro, she raised her arm and threw it in the air, making sure it landed by the trees. Someone would find it, she hoped that they would see it as a sincere gesture.

    She took of in a run, bowing low so she would remain hidden under the grasses. Her heart beat faster, both from the run and from the danger the situation posed. When she was far enough away, she stopped, gasping for breath. Who was she kidding, of course this was a bad idea. Yet, she felt she had to try.

    Maybe she was paranoid, but before she ran she felt a chill, as if someone had been watching her.

    Wane walked forward, the scent and mind of the girl growing fainter. He crouched, his claws picked up the leather accesory and he held it up to his face. "It is Crimsons. But why?" He looked up at Carsonagon questioningly.
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  7. The aging anthro stepped out into the light, just outside of the shadow of the forest, something he had not done for a long while. In the sun's light, he stood tall and brave, though his age clearly showed. His magic took quite the toll on his body, and it was obvious his body had aged faster than his years.

    "I, though it may be foolish to think such, still believe there are a few humans in this world who are willing to make kind with our people, despite the ridicule of their peers." he said taking a few steps closer to Wane. He didn't like being out in the open like this, a skilled archer could easily pick him off. He might be faster than the humans, but he was slower that the others of his kin, much less an arrow. He had heard whispers of half human-half anthros, and even their descendants, and had reason to believe there was a bounty hunter in the humans employ who was partially eagle anthro, dominantly human.

    "We should return to the village with this. The Elders will want to use it in the Grave Ceremony, to say farewell to Crimsonpaw's spirit." he said softly, and turned back into the forest, towards his home in the trees and their shadows, his little cottage by the grave yard.
  8. Elena's shoulders eased some when the princess began to bolt away from the trees. She kept her bow up, in case of pursuers and it was how she caught her first glimpse of one of the anthros her grandmother feared so much. As they came out from the shadows of the trees, she was able to actually take in some details. Curiously, her head tilted, golden eyes focused on them for a short while longer, until they disappeared back into the trees. With a shake of her head, she noticed her arrow and jumped down from the tree she'd been in, ready to follow the princess back towards the human side.

    The second her feet touched the ground, she set off at a sprint, the girl was nearly out of sight thanks to Elena's curiosity.
  9. The guards were keeping watch, pacing the sides of the stone wall, yet Ann knew just how to get around them. She waited until the guard paced farther away then hurried over to the wall, pressing her back against the stone and peering over the edge. She found the entrance into the city, and climbed the stairs upward, avoiding any guards scoping out the place. She finally snuck back in the city.

    Research. That's what she needed to do, she would have to make her way back to the library and find out a better way to make contact with the Anthros.


    Wane pondered what the wolf had said, staring at the leather bracelet in his paws. A human had actually sympathized with them? Impossible. He couldn't picture in his mind a peaceful one of them. All that came to mind was brutal killers.

    He made his way to the center of the forest, where the most Anthro's gathered. The forest was filled with the sound of chatter, Anthro's having conversations amongst themselves all around. He made his way to the largest tree in the forest, which functioned as the center of rulership for the Anthro's. He walked inside the hollowed dome of it, where the lead elders had gathered. He walked up to the oldest of them.

    He cleared his throat, "Sir" he held his paw out, the leather bracelet dangling from his palm slightly "We found this, it was Crimsonpaw's" The gray whiskered rat gazed his sunken eyes down at the object, and his gnarled paw reached out to take it "Intriguing. Wasn't Crimsonpaw wearing it? How did you come to acquire it"

    Wane snorted, "Well you probably won't believe this, but some human had a death wish. It came over to our border and passed this over to us". The dark eyes of the rat stared at Wane, "Are you sure he didn't just drop it. Now normally he would never part with it, but I find it a more logical explanation than this." Wane shrugged "Yeah, well so do I, but I saw and smelled it myself. It was a human" The elder turned around "Strange indeed, but we must not let our guard down"

    He walked over to a wooden surface that protruded from the tree functioning as a desk. He placed the bracelet among some scrolls. "We will use his bracelet in memory of him at the ceremony."

    Wane nodded, leaving the tree and stepping back into the clamor of the village. He extended his claws, climbing up one of the trees and lounging on a branch, watching the activity below.
  10. Micah considered the tree in front of her. It was more of a sapling, really. Easily bendable. Easily breakable. And so very frustrating. She glared at it, trying her hardest to concentrate and make the damned plant do something. And she could control this one, she felt it. The control was there, but it was just out of reach. Either she needed more practice or the sapling was intensely stubborn. I'm normally not that bad at this. Micah leaned on the much larger tree behind her, sighing with frustration. It wasn't as if she was the all powerful Queen Of All The Plant Life In the Universe or anything, but things like the sapling were typically easy to control. Grinding her teeth, Micah slid down the trunk until she was sitting. Maybe I should just go back and try again tomorrow. That tree would do what she wanted, even if it took her days just to make it twitch. There was no way in hell she would let a sapling get the best of her.

    Cursing softly to herself, Micah pushed herself to her feet, brushing some debris from her black fur and straightening herself. One of the piercings in her ear jingled, causing it to flick. She scanned the area around her, yellow eyes searching for any danger before they rested on the trail that had brought her here. The cloak she wore loosened around her small shoulders, and she absentmindedly pulled it back into place. Reluctantly, Micah moved towards the trail. Back to the rest... It was rather disappointing to leave the peace and quiet, but it wasn't as if she detested the noise and other things that came with the Anthros.
  11. Wane noticed the wolf far below,, jumping down from the tree and appearing in front of her "Hey there, come by here to get your daily dose of Wane?" he grinned "That's me by the way, your welcome" he swished his tail, he raised a hand in the air "No need to thank me, you can thank me by telling me your name" He crossed his arms and stepped in front of her "So, where you headed if I may ask?"
  12. Carson was heading towards his home amongst the dead, when a scent in the market caught his fancy. "Necrophage..." he whispered to himself, and followed his nose to the origin of the smell.

    He arrived at one of the shadier vendors in town, of which Carson was a frequent shopper. "Ey, Richy, is that Necrophage you got there?" he asked the otter anthro behind the counter. Necrophage was a dangerous plant, extremely poisonous and even corrosive when the fruits were ripe, but invaluable in certain necromancerian rituals. It also made a good cobbler, if prepared right. He had won a few bake-offs with his Necrophage Cobbler.

    Richy nodded, and held one out to the wolf. Sniffing it, Carson nodded. "I'll take three." he said, and removed four small coins made of bone from a small pouch on his side. He swapped the coins for the deadly fruit, and continued on home. He would probably invite Wane over for some Cobbler later.
  13. Annette went from self to shelf, rifling through random books, and tossing them back on the shelf "Come on, there must be something here" she groaned. She went from book to book, each telling about some form of ancient history but never provided her any information she wanted. She closed another book again, replacing it back on her self. Her hand froze mid-reach, she picked the book she had just put back and flipped to a page she had glanced at.

    "Practical Application of Alchemy: A guide" She greedily read the page,

    Alchemy is a basic science that grants abilities to the user that would otherwise be impossible. Alchemy uses the basic laws of science, chemistry, and magic. Magic, though usually unusable in any form by humans, can be acquired only through the form of alchemy. This science continues to expand and is an evolutionary tool in society, and likely will continue to be. Below are some practical uses for everyday use.

    She turned the pages, finding the place in the section she wanted to find, but as she flipped pages, a piece of parchment flew out, lazily falling to the floor. She picked it up and read it to her self

    I'm assuming now that you are currently reading this, the fact that you have picked up the book deemed trash for several years is proof enough that you still believe in the ways of old, the times considered nonexistent. I too hope to end this meaningless battle, before things continue to escalate. I have took the greatest risk and have invaded into human lands, and as I am writing I can hear footsteps, I do not have time. Please follow my instructions carefully, find the transportation algorithm and follow the instructions carefully, send this to my homeland.

    The path to peace will not be easy, you must gain sympathizers with not just the Anthrokind but your own people as well.


    Veil the Coon

    Ann gazed at this note pensively, then looked down at the page she needed, ripping it out and heading down to the shop, she walked into the smoky wooden structure that smelled of coals, chemicals, and natural minerals. She walked up to the man at the front, "I need a few materials", she looked around, making sure no one was was wary of her plans.


    Wane raised an eyebrow at the girl "Okay fine, don't want to answer me I see" he could read confusion and indifference in her mind, the usual effect of his awesomeness. "I'll go then. It's Wane by the way" he smirked "In case you ever need to know" with that he bounded away into the distance. Looking back he scoffed "Sheesh, I guess some girls just can't handle me!" he laughed.

    Just then he heard a commotion in the magic guild, apparently a few of the elders had to be called in to check it out.

    Wane pushed his way through the throng of bodies "One of the mages held a quivering, glowing slip of paper in his hands. As each Anthro stared at it, the letters began to change into something else, completely changing meaning.

    The head mage read the parchment aloud

    My dearest friends, at this time only the oldest amongst you probably remember me. I have long ago traveled into the lands of humans to deliver a message. The message was one of peace, and the fact that you have received this means that there is at least one among them who believes the same as I. If there is any way at all we can spare ourselves an escalating feud between the humans, I think this is the way. Don't trouble yourselves with hatred, friends. I can feel an oncoming war, and it will lead to the demise of many. Find it in your hearts to forget the past, as I am trying to.


    Veil the Coon

    An elder held his hand out, and the mage immediately handed the hawk the paper. His sharp eyes studied each word of the paper. "I knew Veil from the old days, he went missing and we assumed the worst, that he died." he crumpled up the paper "He did die, he died in the land of humans" his talons curved into a fist and threw the paper on the ground, he left the crowded tree. One Anthro picked up the paper, and the Anthro's started bickering amongst themselves about the message that was sent. Many refused to acknowledge the peace, and a few seized the hope that Veil presented in the message.

    Wane crumpled his nose, one amongst the humans who actually garners sympathy for their kind? Could it possibly be the same girl who had returned the bracelet? He exited the crowded tree, mind swirling with thoughts.
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  14. Elena, after making sure the princess got back to the castle, was walking around town in a bored manner. She didn't feel like pursuing rabbits again yet. Once again, the hunter spotted a familiar head darting through the streets. A slender brow rose beneath her hood as she watched the princess moving outside of the castle walls again . After only a moment hesitancy she began to follow at a leisurely pace.

    "I'm starting to feel like a stalker." She muttered to herself under her breath. When the princess duck into the apothecary, she ducked into the blacksmith next door. Pausing for a moment, Elena took in the shops interior before she casually walked over to where she saw a bow on display.
  15. You could hear loud sounds of hammering in the Smith's store like heartbeats. Leo was working on a very particular piece. A sword that he called Reverence. It was going to be a gift for James Smith, is father, that he loved deeply. A very special gift, that he really cared about. He heard steps approaching and a few drops of sweat fell down on the ground while he looked up at the girl in front of him and he smiled.

    Leo bowed to her and said...
    "Greetings Princess Annette, it is a joy to see you today, how may I be of your service?"
    "What kinds of materials are you looking for exactly?"

    Leo peeked over and saw an other person looking at one of his bows on display.
    He looked at her, and he felt like she was pretty mysterious.
    He was quite intrigued, he goes...
    "Welcome to the store! My apologies, I didn't see you come in. I see that you are interested in one of the bows on display."
    He smiled warmly at both of them and decided to put his sword he was working on away for a moment.

  16. "I'm looking to gather these materials" she hands him a paper that she wrote the ingredients necessary for transportation. She jumps when the man acknowledges some girl behind her, she turns to get a look at her before turning back to the man. She talks low so only he can hear "The king...has ordered that I practice alchemy. You know how it is, I have to stay sharp and ready for war" she tried a convincing smile. She hoped her little lie would get her what she needed and get out, without any questions asked.

    As she waits to receive the materials, Ann's mind rapidly plans the performance of the transportation, the book said it was rather simple so she doubted she'd have any trouble with it.
  17. Leo took a step forward towards the princess, leaned towards her and looked at the paper. He then nodded.
    "Hum... I see..."
    He couldn't recognize all the items on the list, expect one. The Black Pearl Crystal.

    The crystal is very rare and can only be found in the mountains, however when he was younger, he was lucky to find a little piece of Black Pearl Crystal during a mining excursion. His father told him to keep it safe, because it was a sign of good luck and that it would serve him well in the future. He couldn't tell me what that little piece of crystal could do, because he didn't know. It was old forgotten knowledge that he couldn't grasp but he knew it was a positive energy despite the colour of the crystal.

    After remembering that event in his heart, Leo smiled and looked at the Princess and said in a low tone...
    "I do not have all the items on that list, however, I do have one of them. I will be glad to give it to you."
    "I hope it will serve you well, my Princess."

    Discreetly, he took out a little box out of his pocket and opened it.
    Leo smiled at her again and took a look at the woman in the store, making sure she isn't hearing their conversation or looking at them while he gives the crystal to her.
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  18. Sometime had passed in the forest, and an odd smell emanated from the graveside hut of Carson the Ghoul Caller. The fragrance was sweet like honey clover, with the putrid tint of decay. Though the smell was rather strange and confused the senses, the taste of Necrophage cobbler was both an amazing and traumatic experience. The wolf removed the bizarre dessert from his charcoal oven he had stolen from a band of travelling humans, to which their own kind referred them as 'Gypsies'.

    It would take a few hours for it to cool and become acidically stable enough to eat, so he decided to venture into town to find Wane. He didn't have to many friends in the village, though he was well known enough to be easily recognized by just about everyone. He found him walking out of the tree used by the Council of Elders, obviously flustered. "My, what has this little kitty's fur on end?" he asked jokingly. "A better question- would you like to discuss the matter over some Necrophage cobbler?"
  19. Ann smile, taking the crystal from him "Thank you, Leo". She shoves the crystal in her pocket and takes the list "Goodbye, thanks for your help" she pays him accordingly then turns and walks out of the store and is back in the busy environment of the mountainous town, trying to ignore the presence of the woman. She looks down at the list and sighs "I still need a few more things" she shoves the list in her pocket 'this might be more than a simple alchemical reaction. There must be only one place to find these things'. Ann sneaks off into the castle.

    She walks casually through the halls, the guards pay her no attention or give a simple glance and nod in her direction. She was royalty, so she would be able to get into places easier than a civilian. She stopped a few feet from a door, guarded by another burly man. She walked over, clearing her throat "Hello good sir." she states a authoritatively as possible "The king has decreed that I should come in here to retrieve a few documents, his courier is out on another important duty at this time" the guard grumbled "Do you have any sort of clearance?" Lya blinked, "N-no" she said. He wasn't going to let her in, she had to think quickly "But if I am unallowed to proceed, the king will not be happy, it is vitally important" she included a bit of threat in her voice, which wasn't easy for her. However, the guards face darkened and allowed her entrance. She dipped her head to him "Thank you, sir". She sighed in relief, the best way to manipulate people was to use the threat of her father. She walked into the room filled with shelves of rare items and contraband.

    Ann walked about the room, carefully observing objects on the shelves and returning her gaze to the list frequently. She pocketed some Amorite powder, Lyssian herb, and Coal fragments. She walked out of the storeroom, giving one last thanks to the man and walks quickly out of the room. She runs back to the library, where she'd be alone when she performs the alchemy.

    Once there, she sits on her knees, drawing the alchemy symbol with the coal. She places the powder and the fragments on two points, the crystal she places at the very top, and the parchment in the very center, as instructed by the alchemy page. She sighs, staring down at her work before looking at the page and beginning the chant. 'let's hope this works' she thinks. As she begins, the symbol glows and the parchment begins to levitate. The letters glow and start to shift and change meaning, the parchment glows brightest before dissapearing.

    Ann sits silently for a moment before standing up, she'd done her part, but she felt this was only the beginning.


    Wane twitches his tail slightly "Sure why not, it's not like this day hasn't been weird enough, I think I can use one of your weird killer-yet-somehow-safe desserts" He walks with the wolf to his creepy cabin located in the graveyard, always a cozy area. "I think I got rejected by another girl, not like that's news. Though she probably was secretly all over me deep down" he smirked, "Anyways, I'll tell you about the other thing when we get inside".

    He looked up at the darkening sky, the first twinkles of light beginning to appear on the purpling blanket, the tree's foliage covering it like a dark silhouette.
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  20. Micah jumped as the anthro landed in front of her, and took several cautious steps backwards. Her ears twitched as she spoke, and decided it was best not to answer him. It was difficult to tell if he was either very confident, or just plain arrogant. It didn't seem to matter, since her silence seemed to deter him from lingering around any longer. Shrugging as he left, Micah continued forward, watching the trail in front of her and adjusting the cloak on her shoulders once more.

    Voices reached her ears, alerting her that she was close. She straightened. The various Anthros came into sight, and Micah paused, watching some of them, her gaze occasionally flicking up to the sky. Night approaches.. I suppose it is time to return home. She thought, and started towards a nearby stream. It won't hurt to make a small detour. Micah had been trying to make the damn sapling obey her for a good part of the day, and it wouldn't hurt to try and get some of the debris from her fur.

    She watched some of the others out of the corner of her eye as she walked, offering a smile to some of them before facing ahead again. Maybe she wasn't always a social butterfly, but it was amazing how irritable a plant could make a girl. Increasing her pace, Micah followed a winding trail, hoping to reach the stream soon.

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