Of Love and Hell

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  1. Hello all. I will begin with a description of the plot and then, if you are interested, you can read my requirements for potential partners so that I don't bore you before you even read the plot.

    In the trenches of World War One, many social expectations lost their significance. Surrounded, as the soldiers were, by such devastation both physical and psychological, they clung to whatever they could to stay sane. This is the story of two soldiers who clung to each other.

    Soldier #1: He is from a solid middle/upper-middle class family. He was raised with the conservative religious and political ideas that went with that social class. When the war broke out, he was eager to do his patriotic duty and fight for his homeland. Before he went to the front, he got engaged to his childhood sweetheart with the promise that they would be married as soon as he returned. What he found in war, however, was not the heroic battlefields of wars past but the grueling reality of trench warfare. He corresponded frequently with his fiancee but he quickly became frustrated with her apparent lack of understanding and jealous of what he saw as the idyllic life back home.

    Soldier #2: He is from a middle/upper-middle class family but he was disowned for his homosexuality and his decision to be an artist. His art never sold, however, and he ended up destitute. Among the poor he found greater acceptance than he ever had before and became enamored with the idealistic vision of a socialist world. When the war broke out he had his reservations about it but he believed that if people like him, homosexuals and socialists could demonstrate to the rest of the population that they were just as patriotic and loyal to the homeland as everyone else, they would gain greater acceptance and the war provided such an opportunity for demonstration. Once in the trenches he saw his worst nightmares and more. He lost his optimism and hope for a utopian society.

    It was then that these two men, one angry, the other in despair, met and their developing friendship, forged in the fire of war, grew into something more.

    I would like these soldiers to come from one of the major countries involved in the western front of World War I: Germany, Great Britain, France...or the United States if you're dead set on it.

    I would like this to be a very character driven role-play, the plot following where the characters take it. I would like, especially, to focus on the psychology of the characters, how the war affects them, the alienation from the people back home, (for soldier #1) how the departure from social norms affects them, and (if the role-play goes on long enough) how they reintegrate into society after the war.

    That being said, I am comfortable playing either character so pick the one that you feel you can portray the best and I will take the other.

    I am a history major whose focus is on the First World War so I know a lot about this period. I will try not to harp on that fact but I would also like you to put in a good effort to know what sort of world these characters are living in, historically speaking.

    I am at a very busy time in the semester and I probably shouldn't even be posting this right now but I know it would drive me crazy if I didn't. Anyway, my point is, I will be very slow in replying (especially after the planning stage is over and actual posting begins) until the end of April.

    If you're interested, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.