Of Lelouch Vi Britannia and CC's adventures.

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  1. The room is cold and dark. Men in white coats are poking her with needles. Keeping her and her Geass asleep. She cant fight as they force her into the metal capsule...Some mentioning the "Transport" And about the Emperor Britannia himself...How he demanded she be brought to him....How fortunate they did not think she was a Eleven. As they called the former residents of Japan. Yet another conquest for the Great Empire. She thinks to herself as they strap masks to her again. The capsule closes and begins filling with some strange fluid...It feels so heavy, yet she can float in it. She soon falls into a restless slumber. Waiting for the next round. She will escape...She is determined. She is CC.
  2. Lelouch rode through the Britannian Tokyo settlement, he was with Rivalz at the time, and of course they were, you guessed it, Gambling, Lelouch sighed, Yet again he had won another chess game, No Britannian noblemen was a match for him, and he was saddened by the fact, he had nothing that was challenging enough for him, except the promise he had made Suzaku, which had yet to come true, If only he could do it, he remembered his childish word's "One day, I will obliterate Britannia," Seemed like a foolish dream now, now all he wanted to do was protect his sister.
  3. The transport has already been Hijacked. But not by the so called resistance. Certain Princes of Britannia do not agree with their Emperor and have arranged for the "Weapon." To be deployed in the Britannian side of the setelment. The truck vears and cuts off Rivalz nearly tipping on the road...It breaks through an abandoned warehouse wall... The driver looks hurt.
  4. Lelouch run's down there to loo at the damage that has been done, He tries t open the door but it's locked, he begin's to climb up the truc and fall's in, scared and trapped he tries to get out, but is unsuccesful.
  5. CC hears someone outside...Her powers are far too blunted to feel more than the fact that its a male. Her ball prison is looming before him. Looking every bit the weapon the government claimed it to be...The sounds of emergency crews can be heard. Soon they will arrive and take her back.
  6. He looked around and kicked the floor, "Damn't."
  7. Soldiers flood the area and one enters the truck. Attacking Lelouch and striking him hard.
  8. "Ugh," falls down, "You ... ass hole ..." he gets up slowly.
  9. The soldier points a gun at him and tells him to move. The sphere opens and CC falls to the floor. Green hair splaying everywhere.
  10. I look at C.C. "A girl?" I back away from the soldier.
  11. The soldier panicks and points his gun at Lelouch. Just before he shoots CC puts herself in front of the bullet. Takeing the shot to the head. Her body falls to the floor limply.
  12. He looked down at her dead body ... "No," he thought, "now ill die."
  13. When he makes eye contact with the strange woman a spark shoots across his eyes...He can see her standing in his minds eye."Do you wish to escape from this? Do you wish for power? enter a contract with me and it will be yours"
  14. "Yes, I accept the terms." He said quickly.
  15. The feeling of gaining her power must be akin to being electrocuted she muses while her abilities start Coursing through Lelouch. When he opens his eyes. Shes standing up of her own free will again....And she looks rather angered.
  16. He looks the man in the eye's and coldly mutters the word's "Die." The man not being able to stop himself complie's with his wish.
  17. The man puts his own gun to his head."Of course my lord." He says smiling as he pulls the trigger. CC looks on as the man commits suicide. When they leave the trailer they are surrounded by troops. Each and every gun pointed at them.
  18. Lelouch looked at them, he was extremely irritated, "All of you ... die." He looked into their eye's.
  19. An errie chorus of"Yes, my lord." Is heard followed by a report of multiple gunshots. CC looks to Lelouch."Not bad....But you have a way to go yet." She says before walking away from Lelouch. She vanishes without a trace.
  20. He sighed, What a strange girl, he thought to himself, he looked at a leftover knightmare and smiled evilly, he cimbed into it, and activated it.