Of Gods and War

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    "And so a dark form ventured from it's lair to prey on the weak and dislodge the grasp of light from this world and others."
    So a few months back I participated in a roleplay on another forum regarding a fight between the Gods of Good and Evil. It was a bit cliche but the roleplay turned out to interest me significantly, and I gave up a good portion of my time each day working on it. This led me to get attached to my character which was the God of Enendris in a setting that I'm currently in the process of constructing. I'll drop some links below so that anyone interested can get a better feel for the setting, but I'm warning you it's currently pretty skeletal.

    Important Links
    The Uriels
    The Endris and Drahl
    Endrii Sub-Groups
    Drahl Sub-Groups
    Of Gods and War Group Link

    That being said I'm looking for a group of a few trusted and semi-competent individuals that would be interested in developing this setting with me further. This would include constructing the ecology, geography, population centers, organizations, and pretty much everything about the setting in it's current form. As you can see from the links above my comment about the setting being skeletal was true. There's still a lot of room for a creative soul to take advantage of, and I think it would be interesting to have people with different ideas and thoughts come in and make the setting their own as well. So if anyone is interested feel free to either respond here or send me a PM.
  2. Is anyone interested?