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    "And so a dark form ventured from it's lair to prey on the weak and dislodge the grasp of light from this world and others."

    Celisium was a beautiful ethereal plane with unimaginably large swathes of woodland, and tall spires of rock rising to touch the heavens. Renamed after the successful invasion launched by the young god Enendris, the plane had once been ruled by a powerful evil god that had been on the verge of defiling it beyond repair. The green covered spires had once been volcanoes of unnaturally active lava flows, leaving what was now forest as large black fields of rock. Smooth like glass and as reflective as diamonds, Enendris had used his newly found godhood to shape the land into it's current shape.

    After he reshaped the land he used his creative power to shape beings after his own form, the self entitled Endris then multiplied and covered the land. The plane of Celisium had been reshaped and recreated into an example of perfection, the question was whether or not that would last? Over the millennium many of the Endris had lost their immortality and were forced to eat the small animals that their god had created for them to survive. They found that water was now needed to continue on their existence, and that eventually they would cease to exist and become one with the land.

    The remaining immortal Endris came to the conclusion that their mortal brethren had fallen from Enendris' favor, and so they shunned them, creating their own communities deep in the woodland away from their mortal kin. After many generations both races of Enendris had forgotten their link to one another, and small wars had broken out between the kingdoms of both the mortal and immortal races. For even though the mortals had lost their immortality, they had found that reproduction was now far easier and frequent, and so they grew to populate the lands below the mountain and before the forests. They settled near rivers and created large villages, which were then included into their various warring Kingdoms.

    Eventually it came to pass that these mortals were named the Drahl, with their immortal brethren the Endris having named them in the ancient tongue, after their word for the fallen children. Though Enendris had wanted to interfere directly with his creations he could no longer for with the Drahl turning mortal his plane had shifted into the material realm. He was then forced to follow the law of the old gods, and only interfere indirectly. Through the years he had taken on the vessel of an avatar to walk the plane he had created, whispering ideas into the right ears and taking a small role in the direction in which his creations prospered.

    During one of the many years Enendris stood guard over his large mountain hold built into the largest spire in all of Celisium, the young God had become aware of a schism occurring in the fabric of his plane. One of the many facets of the planes wall had become corrupted by a dark and powerful entity, and Celisium was now in danger of the influence of some new mysterious force. The god feared that his realm would be invaded, but he was forced to wait to see the facet would hold. Unfortunately he was not nearly old enough to perform certain tasks only appointed to the greatest of gods, and so his ability to repair the wall was not yet earned.


    Basically I've decided to create a setting of various planes much like those found in D&D and it's derivatives. Eventually individuals will be able to apply to roleplay as their own gods, but this roleplay will center around Celisium, it's mortal/immortal races, and the gods involved in a coming conflict. My plan is for the facet of the plane's wall protecting it from intrusion to be broken, and that a great host of demonic beings will enter Celisium with the intent to invade, subjugate, and destroy it's current occupants. You will take on the role of a Darhl, Endris, or one of Enendris' "helpers." Copy and paste the below application into this thread, and I'll create a IC thread for the RP once enough people apply. I'm leaving a lot of creative freedom up to the people who participate. So feel free to come up with your own back story involving the setting, etc. I will mention that both the Drahl and the Endris look much alike. With the only difference being that the Endris tend to be darker of hair and fairer of skin. They're both human in appearance but of a taller and hardier breed. I'd prefer if appearance images for the sign up were not anime as well. I don't mind graphic art but the constant manga/anime I see gets annoying. xD On a parting note Enendris' helpers are much like lesser gods or what Christians view as Angelique beings. They have free will but are fiercely loyal to their god and father.
    Important Links
    Drahl Sub-Groups
    Endris Sub-Groups
    [b]Name:[/b] Whatever you want.
    [b]Race:[/b] Endris, Drahl, Uriel
    [b]Alignment:[/b] DnD Alignments welcome.
    [b]Faction/Kingdom:[/b] Up to the player, though it would be nice to see people making their characters in kingdoms others have created.
    [b]Age:[/b] Endris and Uriel are immortal. Drahl live 150-200 years.
    [b]Appearance:[/b] What does your character look like? Drahl and Endris are basically tall/large humans. Endris tend to be fairer of skin and darker of hair than their mortal brethren.
    [b]Personality:[/b] What is your character like? How do they think?
    [b]History:[/b] Just give a nice description of what your character has done in the past and part of their back story.

    OOC Rules
    1. Respect your fellow roleplayers.​
    2. No God-modding.​
    3. No Mary Sues.​
    4. Posts must at least be 6 complete sentences in length.​
    Character Guidelines
    1. No over powered characters.​
    2. Your character can be one of the three races mentioned below in the introduction. Nothing else unless otherwise authorized.​
    3. Though magic is available in the setting, it operates similarly to the magic in the Inheritance Cycle. Meaning that the amount of energy to move a boulder with your magic is the same as it would be if you were to pick it up yourself.​
    4. You may take on the role of minor NPCs as your travel around the setting to add flair to the RP.​
    5. Characters will be automatically denied if a anime/manga image is used to describe their appearance.​
    6. I have final say in setting changes.​

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  2. Name: Enselidil
    Race: Uriel
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Faction/Kingdom: Enendris' Watch
    Age: Seven-Hundred Forty-Eight
    Personality: Enselidil or Ensel for short is of a wild temperament. He's steadfast in his beliefs and loyalty to not only his God but of his fathers children, both the Drahl and the Endris. Though stubborn this quirk often yields good results when paired with his loyalty and resolve. Ensel is quick to anger, and even quicker to strike at his enemies. The Uriel is considered to be one of the most impatient of his order, and his betters are very aware of this fact. Though he serves Enendris and therefore the cause of light his methods are sometimes unlawful and chaotic. He's been known to go around the proper channels to get things done.
    History: Enselidil is a third generation Uriel serving in Enendris' Watch, an order of warriors who's mission is to protect Celisium, it's occupants, and it's borders. Though Uriel are not born in the traditional sense they do consider Enendris to be not only their God, but also their father. Often calling Enendris simply father when in conversation or deep discussion. Though some Gods might consider this to be an affront to their God-hood Enendris does not, and never has had an issue with such. This sort of gentle behavior led Enselidil to grow very fond and loyal of his father even at an early age. The young Uriel worked hard for hundred of years so that he could become a respected and contributing member of Enendris' Watch. For the most part Ensel succeeded, but it seemed as if his impatience and quickness to anger has made him enemies in the Watch. Something that the Uriel has had to deal with for some time. Regardless Enselidil has proven to be a very promising Uriel Knight (What the Uriels call their Warriors), and his performance on the field has won him a Captains broach. Currently he leads a pentecount of Uriel Knights and has been tasked with the protection of one of Celisium's many plane facets. Facets being what the ethereal wall that protects the plane from other planes is constructed out of. It's said that the old gods were the creator of the facets, and only the strongest of gods can repair them effectively, let alone create them.
  3. You're still accepting characters right?
  4. Of course, of course! You're welcome to create one if you so choose. ^.^
  5. Sweet! Thank youuuuuus!! Btw this is the first time I've ever done a DnD type rp so please correct me if I make mistakes T-T

    NAME: Rosa

    RACE: Uriel

    ALIGNMENT: I'm not exactly sure what that is DX

    FACTION/KINGDOM: Enendris' Watch

    AGE: One hundred and seventy

    APPEARENCE: See picture

    PERSONALITY: Shy and hesitant to taking help from others. She's really only nice when she has to be and doesn't even like to be around her own kind.

    HISTORY: Rosa or Rosie has always done what she's been told. Just like most other Uriel. She always did it without hesitation or much thought, even if she didn't want to. Even though she remains as loyal as she possibly can to her God or father, she doesn't seem to trust anybody else. She has always just remained by herself, distant from the others. Even if she was in trouble, she would deny any help. She doesn't even know why she acts the way she does, all she knows is that she can't seem to trust anyone. No matter how close they try to get to her.

  6. Well you're accepted but it would be great if you could lengthen both your Personality and History fields to at least a paragraph. ^.^ You don't have too though. How do you see your character interacting with mine? Maybe we could find a place to start the RP off on our end? :P
  7. Hmmmmm..... well, I'm not really sure :/
  8. Name: Eruraviel

    Race: High Endrii

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Faction/Kingdom: Ranger Warden in the Midlands

    Age: 478

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: A devotee of the light of Enendris, Eruraviel is known for her keen sense of honor and duty to her people and the travelers of the Eastern/Central Midlands. She is ever a student in that her insatiable curiosity and her drive for perfection have led her to fervently study the flora and fauna of her home and beyond. This passion for learning has suited her purposes well as a guide and warden. Eru has very little tolerance for brash, disrespectful behavior in both herself and in others. She holds to the caveat that there is a natural order to the world; everything has its place and its responsibilites. To deviate from this is the most cardinal of sins. Because of the frequency that she runs across different cultures of Drahl and Endrii as they travel, any prejudices on her part transcend race. It all comes down to honor for her. Those that do not know her could easily assume that she is cold and unfeeling, but they couldn't be further from the truth. A fiery, passionate heart beats in Eruraviel's breast, a fire that is tempered by unwavering discipline and a visionary's sense for the future. She wears a natural mantle of unspoken authority. One could surmise that Eru is an "old soul".

    History: Eruraviel once enjoyed the comforts of a peaceful hearth at home until a raid from the Low Drahl shattered all of that for her, orphaning the young Endrii. Those first years following were dark and turbulent, a creeping hatred and lust for vengeance driving her to seek a position with the Wardens. Eru threw herself into training with all the vigor of an immortal with a vendetta. She would spend tireless hours honing her craft to perfection until her skills far surpassed those of her agemates and she rose quickly through the ranks. It was either fearlessness or (as some would say) a death wish that led Eruraviel to create a name for herself as an expert in dispatching those (Drahl, Endrii, or Beast) that would threaten the safety of both her people and those under the protection of the High Endrii. Finding Eruraviel bathed in blood became a common sight and yet it did *nothing* to ease the grief that knived through her spirit with what was becoming a comfortable familiarity. She was being torn apart from the inside out and on the verge of becoming little more than a weapon. It was at this time that what can only be construed as divine interefence took place. Erura was ranging about on a routine scouting cycle when she chanced upon a small faction of the horde of Dark Drahl. What they were doing so far north is anyone's mystery. Blinded by the hate she'd coddled up until that point, she threw herself in their midst with a mistaken confidence. Their numbers won out over her skill in the end and Erura was left for dead, broken and bleeding on the forest floor for any fell creature to stumble upon and gorge themselves over. As fortune, or Enendris, would have it, it was one of her own that found her first. Eruraviel was bed-ridden for several days, tormented by ethereal visitations interpreted as mere fever dreams. Much to the chagrin of her people, she babbled incoherently about the first age, truths that were more tale and legend in this current era flowed from her lips with all the fervency of any prophet. It all sounded like nonsense! There was no such thing as "unity". There has been and only was War. Eru came back to her senses gradually, but forever altered. To some, she's become a deadly laughingstock, to others a mystery to be feared. Her devotion to the Light borders on fanatical zealotry wrapped in the peace that unflagging faith brings. The ways in which she was altered have rendered her something of a social oddity, a conversation piece over the dinner table, but the results of her present efforts speak for themselves.

  9. Accepted. Great back story by the way. ^.^
  10. Glad you approve! Let's get this party started! :D
  11. We'll probably wait until one more individual signs up. If someone doesn't bite in the next day or two I'll be starting the roleplay with just us three.