Of Gang Wars and Dullahans

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K, I know the title sounds wierd, but believe me, this will be fun if we can get a bunch of others in on this! I just want to base this off of Durarara! the Anime. If you've seen it, I want you for this RP! I want anyone who is willing to RP with me on this, please PM me or reply to this thread. You are welcome to make your character however you choose. Dullahan, Human, Info Broker, Superhumanly strong People...whatever floats your boat. I just need a plethora of people to be in this with me! I want it to be an RP on a bunch of different people, but somehow, they are all connected. IF you've seen Durarara, you'll know what i'm talking about. Durarara! is hard to explain, but it is basically based on real life, but through the eyes of about 6 different people.

You can be anyone you want! You can be a demonic sword owner, a dullahan, or a normal high school kid. I just want this to be exciting and almost as awesome as Durarara! itself is. Anyone interested, please list below your character's name and their info. Here's mine!

Name: Kyoko Nabusuma
Age: 21
Alias: SuperFreak
Nickname: Kyo-Kyo
Power: Superhuman strength
Family: 1 brother and 1 sister, Narita and Suki (Parents killed by Rival Gang)
Love Interest: Shizuo Heiwajima
Summary: Her parents were killed when rival gangs were ordered to slaughter them for initiation into the gang. Now she is, alone, responsible for caring for her younger brother and sister and she will do anything to make sure they get fed, sheltered, and clothed. Even if it means helping out the gang who killed her own parents.
Apperance: Right off the Bat

Here's the basics I want to know about your character. Leave places you aren't sure of yet blank. Please join if you know Durarara! Even if you don't, Join anyway and you will learn how it goes along very quickly! It's easy and it's fun!
Name: Shinobu Wakahisa
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Alias: None
Nickname: Shino, Shi-chan, that nosy girl
Power: None, just super determination!
Family: Mother, father, 2 sisters
Love Interest: pending
Summary: In her last year of high school, Shinobu is an aspiring journalist who is aiming to be the best in Ikebukuro, maybe even the best in all of Tokyo. Amazing and interesting things happen in the city everyday and she's willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get the scoop, even if it means encountering possibly dangerous situations.

Glad to have you! Just a couple more willing people and we can start this thing! Tell your friends!