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    Think about a deck of playing cards. Yes, we've all seen them, we've all used them. Now, what if each suit represented a different kingdom with different values? Hm? And what if each kingdom was ruled by a King and a Queen, advised by an wise man, an Ace? And what if each King and Queen passed their kingdom down to a young man - their son - a Jack when he comes of age? Yes, you see what I'm getting at, do you not?

    Let us assume, for the sake of our story that these kingdoms - suits, if you will - don't always get along too well. After all, they're all different, and differences can create rivalry, hatred, and, eventually, war. But war... Ah, war... Is it not costly, both in terms of lives and riches? The Kings and Queens want to avoid it, each for their own reason. But they know they don't get along with the other Kings and Queens. So what do they do? They send their princes (and in the case of Diamonds, a princess) - the Jacks - to work it out in closed grounds. After all, alike children have to get along, right?

    While that may be true, allow me to remind you that these children are not at all alike. The kingdoms they have grown up in have different virtues and ways of life. Naturally, heads will bash when they meet, but their parents foolishly overlook this and send them to the place they have prepared- the House. A house of cards, if you will.

    The House is a semi-modest miniature palace, with a kitchen, dining hall, library, living space, and entertainment room on the first floor. On the second, there are four sets of rooms, chambers for each Jack. Their suit symbol is on their door. Each set of chambers is identical, with an antichamber, bedroom, walk-in closet, study, tea room, and a bathroom. The basement is host to a small dungeon, just in case.

    On the grounds of the wall-enclosed courtyard, one can find the stables (each Jack brought a horse), servant quarters, a small cathedral, a white gazebo aside a charming pond, and countless cherry and apple trees, as well as a flower garden adorned with a fountain and a statue representing each kingdom - a crippled woman for Hearts, a farmer for Spades, an elegantly gowned woman wearing sparkling gems for Diamonds, and the Jack of Clubs himself for Clubs. As for servants, each Jack brought one of their gender and choice, and there is a cook (f), housekeeper (f), stables manager (m), and countless guards elected by the Kings and Queens.

    The Jacks are to bond and create the alliance for their parents, which is becoming more and more vital as rebel efforts from a group of exiled persons, criminals, and ex-citizens from the four kingdoms grow apparent. However, even that doesn't seem like enough.

    I'm sure your frowning at the screen by now, realizing that I missed a vital card - or rather, two - in this game. And if you haven't, think: what is the biggest gamechanger in a game of cards

    If you said the Jokers - the wild cards - you'd be correct.

    Ah, yes, the Jokers... Things only grow more complicated when these two young ladies get involved, both for different reasons. A weak lass, who captures the heart of the Jack of Hearts, and a strong, powerful woman who taunts and teases the Jack of Spades.

    Only two things are guranteed when you add this all up: love will reign, as will rivalry. Good luck getting what you want. The name of the game can change in an instant. Who will break and who will be left for broke? And most importantly, who will win the jackpot?


    ♥ Kingdom of Hearts ♥
    The Kingdom of Hearts shines light on mercy, kindness, and loyalty. They all live as equals; even the Palace of Hearts itself reeks of utmost simplicity. They have no currency, instead living and sharing with one another, loving each other like family. People don't really work; instead, citizens can opt to pursue a trade that they enjoy, which they can trade to people in the other kingdoms, giving the proceeds to the palace, thereby ensuring that everything will be divided equally. The other kingdoms will tolerate the no money rule that Hearts has, but that doesn't mean they like it.

    Hearts is known for its trademark Jubilees, which they use to welcome new citizens to their kingdom. When someone moves to Hearts for a new start, a few days after their arrival, there will be a ball held in their honor. The same is true when a new child is born, or when a couple marries. Each citizen lives for these parties, which are known to be extravagant and fun.

    Located in the midst of endless plains, there is a large, beautiful lake called Gonda in Hearts. The buildings are made of stone, with three rooms - a main room, a parent's room, and a children's room. The Palace of Hearts is two stories, the entire bottom floor taken up by the ballroom. On the floor above lies the kitchens, private dining hall, and five bedrooms. There is no dungeon, as they believe in mercy. Those who take advantage of their mercy are exiled from the kingdom.

    ♠ Kingdom of Spades ♠
    The Kingdom of Spades focuses in on climbing the ladder of society through hard work, effort, and determination.
    Anyone at the bottom can rise to the top over the course of their lifetime; indeed, the job and status of a child's parents matters little to who the child becomes, as each member of the kingdom is required to start at the lowest rung and have their productivity distinguish if and when they may ascend the ladder. The least productive stay at the bottom, while the most productive work in the Palace of Spades.

    Once a year, at the beginning of fall, the kindgom holds its annual Ascendation Ceremony in the palace's courtyard. While this is a time to celebrate harvest season and to show off crops and baked goods, this is also the time when the King of Spades announces who will be Ascending the social ladder, while the Queen of Spades blesses any child born in the past year for all to see.

    Located between the Mongaro and the Chaste rivers, the land within Spades is rich with nutritious soil. There is one large farm that most citizens - including the children - work on, each being paid according to how many plots of land they attend to properly. Those too weak to work live in a collective poorhouse, where selected women take care of them. They are sustained by funds from the royal family, though often looked down upon as they do not work at all.

    ♦ Kingdom of Diamonds ♦
    The Kingdom of Diamonds values riches, riches, and more riches. Everyone is to work to enhance the riches of the kingdom as a whole, usually giving almost all of their money to the miserly royals, which could be a good or bad thing, considering that they horde it, but will use up their reserves as soon as an issue arises within their kingdom.

    Diamonds hosts an annual feast to show off their riches, which citizens from any kingdom can attend for a small fee. (Yes, even their parties cost money.) During this feast, one lucky child from the mines is chosen to keep the
    profit whatever they find in their next shift. This is a huge deal for the child's family, and often causes rivalry amongst the citizens of Hearts.

    Located in the Carab Mountains, the main industry for the Kingdom of Diamonds is mining. All citizens work there, except for the crippled and weak, who are palace servants, and the nobles. The Palace of Diamonds is huge, adorned with silver, gold, and countless jewels and vibrant colors.

    ♣ Kingdom of Clubs ♣
    The Kingdom of Clubs values exclusiveness and judgement. There are only two classes: the rich and the poor, and it's pretty much impossible for the poorest of the kingdom to ascend. Incest is common among the few selected nobles and royals, causing many a miscarraige and deformities. The deformed are usually sent away to the Kingdom of Hearts discreetly, so none of the citizens know the deformed existed.

    The only parties held in Clubs are for the royals, for events like marraiges, coronations, births, birthdays, and the like. During these "parties," citizens are required to bring gifts to the celebrated royal. Anyone who does not meet this complex requirement is whipped and/or sent to the dungeon for treason, as insane as that may be.

    Located in the Topaz Woods, while most citizens slave away within the kingdom, the nobles often hunt and fish for sport, then sell their goods for profits. The Palace of Clubs is made up of multiple, huge buildings in which the royals and nobles dwell and hardly ever leave. Slavery is also a major thing in Clubs.[color]


    Name: ________ | 20-24 | Male | Jack of Hearts | Reserved by: __________
    [Hearts] spots the sick, injured, and afraid Echo on the roadside while on his way to the House and decides to take her under his wing. He vows to nurse her back to health, no matter what it takes. He's eager for the alliance to be fulfilled, and begins to fall for Echo while caring for her.

    Name: ________ | 20-24 | Male | Jack of Spades | Reserved by __________

    [Spades] finds it quite ironic that his kingdom stands for hardwork and effort, yet he got where he is by birth. He longs for the chance to earn his title as prince, no matter what. Soon after coming to the House, he stumbles upon the dungeon and meets [Joker #2], who taunts him. All the same, she manages to raise his curiousity and he visits her often. He's not sure he wants an alliance with the Kingdom of Clubs, as they stand for virtual opposites, but he's okay with alliances with the other two kingdoms. Begins to care for [Joker #2].

    Name: ________ | 20-24 | Female | Jack of Diamonds | Reserved by @Psysnail
    [Diamonds] was sent to the House for one purpose, and it's not to confirm the alliance. Instead, her father is trying to have her find a princely groom who will take over their kingdom and provide more wealth, as she is an only child and a woman. She lives to party and can be a bit of a slut. Begins to like [Clubs].

    Name: ________ | 20-24 | Male | Jack of Clubs | Reserved by __________

    [Clubs] is the kind of person who acts all high-and-mighty, having been raised that way. He acts superior to the others, hating them all. He finds pleasure in sneaking into Echo's room when [Hearts] isn't looking to harass her. [Diamonds] gets him to open up a bit, and he eventually feels more for her.

    Echo Ann Canice | 19 | Female | Joker #1 | Reserved by @TheRealHermione

    Echo had been captured, used, and abused by a band of highwaymen before they left her in the woods for dead. [Hearts] takes her in, for which she is thankful, but she has lost her ability to trust. [Clubs] harasses her, causing her distrustful nature to increase. However, she begins to trust and love [Hearts].

    Name: ________ | 22-25 | Female | Joker #2 | Reserved by @Ambre

    [Joker #2] is the leader of the rebel effott against the four kingdoms. She is captured shortly after the royals take up residence in the House, having planned to raid it with a small band of followers, and placed in the building's dungeon. When [Spades] stumbles upon the dungeon, she entertains herself by taunting him.

    1) Hermione is supreme leader. What she says goes, peasants!

    2) Please post about once a week.

    3) Even though there are love interests, please interact with ALL other charries.

    4) No doubling at this time.

    5) Make sure to read ALL information I have in ALL sections, m'kay? ;)

    6) Be creative -- no Mary-Gary Sues!


    8) Try for two or three paragraphs per post, please? :3

    9) Realistic charries only. Sorry.

    10) You're all human. Suck it up and move on.

    11) HAVE FUN! c;

    Character Format
    Name: (full)
    Age: (see ranges in "Characters" section)
    Gender: (see "Characters" section)
    Appearance: (pic please)
    Height: (in feet & inches)
    Weight: (in pounds)
    Hair Color: (keep it natural)
    Eye Color:
    Love Interest: (see "Characters" section)
    Views on Other Kingdoms: (for Jacks only)
    Why They Came to House: (Jacks only)
    Personality: (brief)
    History: (brief)
    Other: (optional)

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  2. I want joker 2~

    Sorry for changing it. I feel like I'll be able to play joker #2 better than diamonds
  3. Can I reserve Joker #2?
  4. Actually @Ambre just reserved her.
    Sorry. :c
  5. Ah. when I first looked it said she reserved a Jack, my mistake.
  6. I'll have my character sheet done in the next hour^^
  7. Can I reserve Jack of Diamonds instead?
  8. @Psysnail: Understandable! xD I'll reserve herfor you! c;
    @Ambre: Coolio! ;D
  9. Name: Christine Almas
    Age: 22
    Gender: female
    Role: Jack of Diamonds

    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 150
    Hair Color: Red head
    Eye Color: Grey blue
    Love Interest: Clubs
    Views on Other Kingdoms: No solid opinion on them, she couldn't care less what the other kingdoms do and do not do.
    Why They Came to House: Her parent's idea. Her father wants her to find herself a husband, Christine is a bit more worried about diplomacy and parties at this point.
    Personality: Snarky, sarcastic, a thrill seeker, surprisingly wise when she wants to be,
    History: Up until the age of 14 Christine was a well behaved little girl, however she hit her rebellious teenage years and went off to party and disobey her parents. Now with sitting with a bad reputation as a slut (that she neither confirms or denies) she continues to party as long as she finds joy in it.​
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  10. May I reserve Jack of Hearts? :D
  11. @Psysnail: Christine is accepted! ;D

    @pwh25: Yep, I'll mark him down for you! c;

    Now we just need Clubs and Spades...
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  12. Is Jack of clubs perhaps open? I wish to reserve him c:
    i must play the asshole
  13. I saw you still needed clubs!


    N A M E
    Jon S. Sinclair

    A G E
    Twenty Four { 24 }

    G E N D E R
    (see "Characters" section)

    R O L E
    Jack of Clubs


    H E I G H T


    W E I G H T
    169 lbs

    H A I R C O L O R

    Dark Brown

    E Y E C O L O R

    L O V E I N T E R E S T
    (see "Characters" section)

    Views on Other Kingdoms:
    Why They Came to House:

    P E R S O N A L I T Y

    H I S T O R Y

    O T H E R {S}



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  14. Awesome! :D Thanks so much :D
  15. Jack of Hearts

    Character Format


    Jonathon Pierce



    Jack of Hearts

    Appearance (open)
    tumblr_lle64itWs41qb1ipfo1_500.gif tumblr_m9dlqeQ7471qfmj0mo1_r1_500.gif 140970980866056.jpg



    Hair Color:

    Eye Color:
    Light Brown

    Love Interest:

    Views on Other Kingdoms:
    Disagrees more with the Diamonds and Clubs due to their riches and mistreatment of the poor

    Why They Came to House:
    how to avoid war discussions and to form peaceful alliances

    -Thick Skull

    Jonathon was born into the Kingdom of Hearts where he has grown up in an equal, just society. He is very respectful of his parents but disagrees in their arguments with the other nations. He has wanted nothing more than peace between the nations. Jonathon spots the sick, injured, and afraid Echo on the roadside while on his way to the House and decides to take her under his wing. He vows to nurse her back to health, no matter what it takes. He's eager for the alliance to be fulfilled, and begins to fall for Echo while caring for her.

    -Large scar across his chest
    -Very Muscular and Strong/good with combat

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  16. Jonathan is accepted! c;
  17. awww thank you so much :D <3
  18. @Psysnail I'm not done with my CS but this is if I get the part...
    I thought this looked like Christine with Jon...
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