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    Hi! I'm Celaira. I'm... Sort of new to Iwaku, haven't really talked to many people, or joined much, but I have been here for almost a year. I am definitely not new to Roleplaying and have been doing so for... Roughly 10 years. So... Anyway, on to what I'm writing this for. I'm looking for a partner to RP with, maybe become friends with if that happens.

    • If I were to do a Mature RP, I'd be in the Adult Section.
    • I will, and can write a minimum of 2 5-10 sentence paragraphs. However, this is a minimum I have set for myself, and I will do my best to go over it if I'm given enough to reply to.
    • I have decent grammar. Likely, I will misplace a comma or three, but I'm generally really good about word usage and spelling.
    • I am only comfortable playing straight pairings when it comes to romance. This is mainly because I feel like I would offend people of different sexual orientations if I did not portray them accurately. I do not have any issue with any sexual orientations.
    • I do not generally RP smut. Mainly because I have never done it before. If you would like to teach me, or something, feel free to give it a shot. However, if smut did end up happening, it would be mainly for character development.
    • I use mainly anime pictures for character references.
    • As stated above, I would like to make friends with my partner(s), I won't bite. :)

    • I would appreciate at least a paragraph in response. Even better if you could match me though. Or, hell, surpass me.
    • Decent grammar, spelling, and word usage. I want to be able to understand your posts much like I hope you will be able to understand mine.
    • If you want to RP Mature content, be willing to teach and advise.
    • Give your opinions! If you don't like the plot of something, or think you have something better, please contribute to discussions! I will gladly take what you give me, and give back as much as I can.
    • Tell me if you notice grammatical inconsistencies in my posts.

    • Fantasy
    • Horror
    • Sci-Fi
    • Supernatural
    • Dystopian
    • Shifter
    • Vampire
    • Elemental
    • Steampunk
    • Cyberpunk
    • Collaborative World Building
    HAVE AN IDEA? FEEL FREE TO SHARE! If you don't like something below, I'm always happy to listen to your ideas as well!

    Collaborative World Building This particular thing is not a plot. However, I would like to build a world with my RP partner, that we can RP in and enjoy, if it ends up becoming a group thing, I am fine with that. Note: I do have some ideas for this, so if you would like to build a world with me, PM me!

    Dystopian & Elemental In this particular RP I would like the world to have fallen into chaos, it can be plotted out before-hand on the history of how this occurred. One thing is certain, though, due to this falling, Humans were pulled into the fallout. Many of the Humans died, or were turned into creatures so much more than Human. Because of this change, they lost their minds, and are now more beast than man. Those Humans that did maintain their sanity, and their form, have been gifted with elemental abilities (1-2 each). The rest of this can be discussed through PM, and whatnot. What's the purpose for this? Are they fighting something? Are they trying to survive the harshness of their new world? Help me decide!

    Supernatural, Vampire, Shifter In this RP, I expect there to be powerful characters. Now, while this is not usually something I do, as I like to play weaker characters, this is me giving my partner permission to be really strong. The only thing I will ask is that you do not god mod me or my actions! I would like this to have us controlling multiple characters. Now, as this does say Supernatural, any creature is welcome! At this moment this doesn't really have a plot, though I would prefer it to be Modern day. We can discuss everything as needed. If you want to plot everything out, we can, if you just wanna see where this goes we can do that too.

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  2. OP Updated!

    Added a few RP ideas, and changed my introduction! ^^
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  3. I would love to jump right in. New to this site. But have been rp for quite some time . I am in to most things if u have a idea or two
  4. I'm really interested in your dystopian & elemental plot, because i feel like there could be real depth to both the settings and characters. However i'm new to iwaku and i haven't RP-ed for a while i hope that doesn't put you off.
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