Of Fire and Swords

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  1. Rameetheon's roar vibrated against her Rider's legs as the gold dragoness twisted through the air, light as a feather on the wind above the battle raging below. Kyncaithia - Kyna as she was known to most - grinned in a savage way, drawing her bow back with strong arms as she sighted an enemy knight below among the writhing mass of bodies. She breathed out carefully, ignoring the way her blond-white hair whipped at her face and let the arrow loose, hitting her target cleanly. Her dragon climbed back into the sky then, knowing it wasn't safe to stay near the ground lest they be caught by the nets being shot at them.

    And stars forbid it be the spikes that shred Rameetheon's wings instead of the net merely capturing her. Kyna wasn't sure what she would do should either of those things happen. This was her first true battle, the first one between her people, the Drakobin and their enemy, the Ravonorn. Tension had been escalating between them even before Kyna was born and she'd been raised to know how to fight should war ever break out.

    Now it had and the Dragonriders fought to protect their honor, to protect their people and to serve their King.

    Kyna, though....she fought because it was in her blood to do so.
  2. The battle raged on all morning. Tyllios had a brief moment of respite and looked into the sky to see sun at it's peak. He was covered in blood and gore and some of his armor burnt from dragon fire. He thought how nice it would be have quick lunch but no chance of that. Better no lunch than eating worms. He saw so many brave men die. Most of them he knew half a life time. Ballista firing huge javelins , trebuchets slinging rocks and nets soared across the sky to hit the dragons. But at the moment it seemed to be doing more damage to the White Knights sworn men whose sole purpose was to fight these beast. He came back to reality just in time to see a man charging at him. Tyllios easily side stepped him and slashed his back leaving him for dead. He moved onto the next one. The Drakobin people was not good with blade at least he hasn't met one on the field to give him worry. Their strength came from their dragons and that was enough to wipe out men by the hundreds. The White Knights are equipped with a huge rectangle shield to hide behind when a dragon breathes fire. It saved Tyllios' life many times so far. But as time went by it came real cumbersome and in the heat of battle he tossed it aside. But regretted when he saw a dragon come flying at him. He thought himself dead and about gave up all hope but the dragon didn't breathe fire but the dragon's rider shot an arrow and hit a fellow knight just a few feet away from him. The knight fell dead.
  3. Kyna's legs clung to Meeth's sides tightly as the dragon turned sharply, avoiding the javelin that would have pierced her fragile wings, roaring in defiance at the threat to her flight. Kyna grit her teeth, angry at the close call and she directed the Queen higher into the sky for a moment, giving them a breather before they plunged back down again, fire spewing from Meeth's throat as they swept over the enemy again.

    That was too close, Meeth-love!

    Scared-prey. the dragoness retorted and Kyna narrowed her green eyes, looking down at the Ravonorn below, drawing her bow back again, waiting patiently for the right moment to strike. That makes them more dangerous, my Queen.

    Still prey. Meeth growled, the sound a strong vibration through Kyna's body and the Rider started to smirk in agreement. The expression fell quickly from her face, though, as she heard the telltale whistling sound of a net. Green eyes widened in panic as the heavy ropes and weights wrapped around Meeth, instantly snapping one of her wings and sending the dragoness plummeting toward the earth with a cry of terror. Kyna screamed with her dragoness, fear swamping her as they spiraled out of control.

    They hit the earth with a great rumble of noise, sending friend and foe flying alike, crushing many as they rolled and then stilled.
  4. Tyllios heard a roar and looked to sky from where it came. He saw a golden dragon fall from the sky tangles in one of the chained nets. He was about one hundred yards away. He started hacking and slashing his toward where it fell. He suffered a strike to his breast plate knocking the breath out of from being in a such a hurry to get there. "With me!" He yelled often gathering as many knights with him. They only took down a handful of dragons not as many as he would like and he had to get this one as well every one counted. The beast was thrashing around in the chained net trying to break free when he arrived. Not so dangerous now are ya beast? He had twelve knights with him. He looked around and saw the Drakobin was falling back and then idea came to me. " Subdue the beast I want it alive." he called out to his men. "And the rider as well." He strode forward to claim his prize.
  5. Kyna worked to free herself from the ropes, anger and panic warring within her as Meeth roared out again in pain, thrashing inside the net. The dragoness was hopelessly entangled and her broken wing was in an awkward position, causing her agony every time she moved it. Kyna was desperate to help her, but her body felt like a giant bruise and she was sure she'd cracked a few ribs if she'd not outright broken them. Her movements were too slow as she worked her way through the meshing of the net. The links were not small, they didn't need to be for a dragon, and the Rider tumbled from the dragoness' back with a groan.

    The blond looked up and around, trying to figure out where they'd landed, but what she saw was enemies, enemies getting closer with purpose. Oh no. Kyna's green eyes snapped back to her dragon and she scrambled to her feet, clutching her side as she came to Meeth's head, reaching out to touch the gold Queen's nose. Be still, Meeth. You'll only hurt yourself more. She hated the words even as she thought them, hated the thought of giving up, but she couldn't bear to see her dragon struggling so and the great creature settled under her words, gold eyes blazing with fury and pain as she looked past her Rider at the Knights approaching.

    They will hurt you!

    Kyan shivered at the thought, but steeled her resolve, speaking quickly, knowing she didn't have time. Perhaps, but I will not let them have you, my brave dragoness. I will not let them keep you prisoner forever. You WILL fly again, Meeth, with or without me.

    The dragon keened harshly at her words and Kyna closed her eyes tightly in pain as she slowly shut her mind off from the great creature, only leaving a small thread between them. It was safer this way. Kyna knew that as she turned back to the Knights who had grown closer and drew her sword, holding it in shaking hands, her entire body vibrating with pain from the crash landing. Even so, she wouldn't go down without a fight.
  6. He saw the beast's rider escape from the net, At first he thought the rider was man but as he got closer he saw that it was actually a woman. He thought kind of amusing a woman fighting. Not only was it a woman he thought but from the way she stood there waiting for them with her sword out to fight he could tell she was tired and hurt. 'Should be easy enough.' "I'll handle the savage. You all get the beast and make sure it's secured we're taking it home with us." The other men was hesitant unsure how to secure the beast without getting hurt themselves but they were the White Knights sworn to face these foul beast and send them back to what ever wretched place they came from. Tyllios slowly walked up to her. He stood a few feet from her. His white plate armor was covered in so much blood that you couldn't tell that it was white to begin with and his white cloak and done been torn off from battle. "Throw down your sword," he called out to her. " and you'll be shown mercy. Your country men and done fled and left you for the crows. You have already lost." she made no reply he didn't think she would but Tyllios was a chivalrous knight and showed his enemies mercy. She wore simple leather armor. He could hit her almost any where and it be fatal. His adrenaline was coursing all through his body giving him a battle high, he felt invincible and seeing the day was his and his knights made it all better. He slashed at her legs but she parried it sending his long sword away. He came at her again and again she blocked. He had under estimated her she was good with a blade better than any one else he had fought today but he also winded as well. But after what seemed like for ever he managed to knock her blade away and kicked onto the ground. He got on top of her and took the pommel of his sword and hit her on top of the head unconscious. He looked over at his men seven was killed and two was missing a limbs but they got the beast binded up so that the foul thing couldn't move. He put the woman in shackles and carried her off back to camp. They built a small wooden cell and chained her in there. With men guarding her. He took one last look at her and thoughts came to his mind but quickly pushed them away and headed to the Lord Commander. They won the day but he felt like the lost as well.
  7. Kyna woke with a raging headache and a curse on her lips. She blinked rapidly and sat up slowly, spitting blood before she looked around at her surroundings. Her heart sank at seeing the wooden bars and she glared at the chains on her wrist before directing her venomous green eyes to the men outside her makeshift cell. She didn't speak to them and didn't expect them to speak to her as she backed up against the bars, sitting with her legs drawn up and her arms around them, resting her forehead against her knees, breathing deeply to try and calm her racing heart.

    She'd been trained for this. All Rider's were. She could do this...

    A pained keening in her head, vibrating deep within her body, drew her attention to her dragoness and she looked up quickly, head snapping to where she could feel Rameetheon. She could not see the gold Queen, though, and Kyna shut her eyes again, clenching her teeth as a roar shook the air, a pained and mournful sound. The blond shook, but spoke softly into the dragoness' mind, trying to sooth her, knowing she could do nothing else.

    Meeth, be still. Please, lovely one, be still. I am all right. Do not give them any reason to hurt you.

    Meeth groaned softly in her mind, beyond words, but Kyna felt her calm slightly and the blond leaned her head back against the bars with a sigh, opening her green eyes and keeping them that way as she watched the coming and goings of those around her. For the first time since waking, she allowed herself to wonder what they were going to do with her. She really wished, after several minutes and many wandering ideas, that she had not done so.
  8. Tyllios sat in the Lord Commander's pavilion listening to the other high ranking officers squabble of what they should next. Some were saying they should press the advance while they had them on the run. Others were saying they should ground and protect their borders while the rest said they should retreat to get gather reinforcements. The only one's not saying anything was Tyllios and the Lord Commander. Tyllios was lost in thought his mind miles away. This wasn't is place he wasn't part of the council nor did he want to be he was happy where he was. But the Lord Commander wanted him here since he captured a Drakobin and her dragon. He had said he more than earned the honors of sitting at the round table. When Tyllios mind wondered back he realized they were talking of the woman and captured and what they should do. That's when the Lord Commander stood up and the room fell silent. "Ser Tyllios what are your thoughts on the subject at hand?"

    Tyllios was a bit shocked to be asked a question but he did not let it show. “Well of course we should interrogate her. She could valuable information.” There was agreement from every one. But the Lord Commander continued to stand there and then asked. “What of the dragon?”
    Tyllios sat there for minute thinking. He knew they all wanted to kill it immediately. But he knew thought better of it. “Keep it alive for now it could be used against the savage.”

    Another man stood up and yelled. “Are you foolish? It will not harm its rider!”

    “Of course it won’t,” Tyllios responded calmly. “But we can threaten to kill it. These dragons are like pets to the savages. What happens when one of your dogs that you are close to dies?” They all understood what he was saying and but still they didn’t like keeping a live dragon close no matter if it was in chains or not. It felt dangerous. The Lord Commander sat back down and played with his grey beard and said. “It’s decided. I’ll a quarter of the men and go get reinforcements they rest will stay here and defend but do not attack unless they come back. Tyllios you will be in charge while I’m gone. Don’t let me down.”

    One of the men went to protest but the Lord Commander silenced with a wave of the hand saying there will be argument. Tyllios was a bit surprised he didn’t want this. It wasn’t a leader but he was loyal and would listen to the Lord Commander. “What of the prisoner?” he asked. “Will you be taking her with you?”

    The Lord Commander thought on it for a second. “Nay, the beast will be too much of a burden to haul. We will need to make haste. You captured her she’s your problem. If you get any important information send word immediately. You all are dismissed.”
    The knights stood up and exited the tent all casting nasty looks at Tyllios. But it didn’t bother him. He made his way to his tent to clean the blood and grime from the day’s battle and hopefully find something to eat. He would deal with the girl in the morning.
  9. Kyna grew more ....well, not stable, but in-control as the night wore on and nothing happened to her. If they were trying to make her nervous with this waiting game, they were losing. She knew her situation was not good. Far from good. She knew she was going to be questioned, maybe even tortured - if those things didn't go hand-in-hand - and she knew that they'd use her against her family if the heathens ever found out just who exactly she was. She wasn't going to tell them, though. Kyna also know they'd try to use Meeth against her. She realized all this and it was the last thing that set her teeth on edge, that made her want to lash out and hurt those around her.

    The Rider knew she couldn't, though. Not only was it physically impossible at this point with her cage and her chains, but she also knew that any fight on her part would only make Meeth a prime target for punishment. She was going to do NOTHING to give them reason to harm her dragon. She knew the stupid heathens thought of the great creatures as no more than mere pets, but they were so much more than that. To Kyna....Meeth was her heart, her spirit, her very breath sometimes. They knew each other's minds, thoughts, feelings, movements. They were WERE one creature in a sense. Riders obtained their dragons when the dragon Chose them while in the egg. The dragonling would hatch for no one but their Rider and the bond between them could only be broken by death.

    And death was more often than not a two-fold thing. If the Rider died, the dragon always did and if the dragon died....the Rider found it the most difficult task in the world to want to live. Most Riders didn't.

    Oh, yes, Kyna understood the danger she was in, but she also knew she couldn't change it and she wouldn't give these heathens a victory by worrying about it before she had to. So the blond cast one last glare at those around her before she curled in the corner of the cage for warmth and slowly drifted off into a fitful sleep.
  10. The morning came too soon to Tyllios. His body was sore and bruised. He wanted to lay there for a while longer but he couldn't now that he was in charge. There was many things that had to be done and him the one to do it. The Lord Commander left last night not to long after the meet. So he rose up and donned on is breast plate, bracers, and greaves. He didn't want to wear his full armor. He didn't think there would be an attack but better to have some armor on just in case. He grabbed his sword placed where it hung on his back. It was a long sword with a two hand hilt making easier to wear on his back than on his hip. He broke his fast on top of hill looking south toward the land of the Drakobin and where the battle took place. He saw men digging and burying the fallen. The savages we burned. The smoke was black as night and stunk of death as it filled the skies.

    It was noon before he finally decided to talk to the prisoner. He stood outside the cell looking at her, studying her as if to learn something. But didn't. A knight unlocked the cage sat a stool inside it and Tyllios walked and sat on it. They locked the cell back behind him. He sat there for a moment staring her before pulling his sword out of its sheath. He did it slowly and menacingly. He laid on his lap and took a whet stone to sharping it, still not saying a word.

    "Who are you?" He finally asked while still sharping his sword.
  11. Kyna watched the Knight with the scar just as he watched her, gleaning what she could from him. Which, admittedly and frustratingly, wasn't much. It irritated her, but she didn't show it, finally looking away from him and toward the place where the black smoke was rising. Her face gave nothing away but her heart grieved for the friends she knew she'd lost. Meeth....Meeth would be able to tell her who they were if she asked, but the Rider didn't want to yet. It was too soon and she was in too much trouble already to have grief resting so heavy on her shoulders.

    When the Knight came into her cell, she resisted strongly the urge to back away, not even thinking about darting out. The chains were not lost on her, they practically burned her wrists. They kept her from leaving, from going to her dragon, from flying away. Oh, yes, she was aware of them and the last thing she wanted was to feel their resistance anymore than she already had to.

    Kyna's green eyes glared venom at the Knight when he finally spoke and she kept half her attention on his blade, not exactly nervous about it, but wary. "A Dragon Rider." She wasn't going to make this easy for them.
  12. "A Dragon Rider." She answered. Tyllios chuckled and said. "Clever answer. But not what I'm looking for." He rose from his still and kicked her onto the ground and put his sword's tip at her throat pressing it in making a small trickle of blood run down her neck. "I have a no time for games. You try patience. I'll ask you again. Who are you?" He felt guilty but he did not let it show, his face was a mask. Even though she was a savage from the south she was still a woman and it went against what he believed in. He wasn't suppose to harm a lady. But she's a savage she kept telling himself.
  13. Kyna held back a snarl, wanting more than anything to strike the arrogant jerk above her. She held her patience, though. She was trying his patience? HA! He didn't even have a clue yet. She glared back at him defiantly, raising a finely arched brow.

    "You could have said 'please', Sir Knight." she quipped back and tapped her fingers on the wood beneath her, looking at the blade for a moment, feeling her blood run down her neck, warm and sticky. Kyna finally sighed, as if coming to an important decision.

    "Kyncaithia. That's my name. Happy now? Can I go home or would you like me to recite you a poem?" She glared at him again. "You could tell me YOUR name, you know. I might like to know the name of the man who kills me. Though, I must point out that if you DO kill me, I can't exactly answer your questions, can I?"
  14. He listened to everything she said. Wondering what to ask next. Perhaps he should have came more prepared but it was to late now. He kept his sword still at her throat. His eyes staring directly into hers. He knew she wouldn't give nothing important up at least not willingly. He recalled what some one told him once, you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. So he sheathed his sword and sat back in his stool and had a pitcher of water brought in. He poured himself a cup then offered her a cup. "It's not the freshest water around." He said politely. "But it's the best we got. And you're right Lady Kyncaithia. Where are my courtesies? My name is Sir Tyllios of house Stark. I'm from the deep north and I joined the brotherhood at a young age. What about you? Where are you from?"
  15. His change in tactics threw her at first and Kyna sat up slowly, taking the water from him with a cautious hand, but not drinking it right away as she studied Tyllios with narrowed eyes. Well, that had been....abrupt. Too abrupt. The Rider looked down at the water, but didn't drink it. She wouldn't either until he did. For all she knew, it was drugged. There were more ways than one to get information out of people and she was going to do her best not to fall for any of them.

    Kyna put her tongue in her cheek, watching the Knight, debating. What could she give out without jeopardizing her people....but would also keep Meeth from being harmed? It was a scary balance, this tightrope she was going to walk upon, but it was necessary. The Rider brushed her blond hair back, many of the braids coming out and she spoke carefully without really giving away the fact that her mind was running over every word and the meaning it could have to an enemy.

    "I am not Lady. I'm a Rider. That is my title." Well, one of them at least. She wouldn't be telling him which house she came from if she could avoid it. "I am from the south, as all Drakobin are. I became a Rider when I was nearly fifteen." There, just a little more information than he'd given her, but nothing substantial.
  16. "My apologies Rider Kyncaithia. I meant no offense. Do all riders become a rider at fifteen?" He took a drink a water not noticing that she hasn't drank any from hers yet." I didn't earn my Knighthood till I was about twenty. I was a squire for a man named Sir Brandon. He was an honorable man." Tyllios unsheathed his sword and showed it to her. "This sword was his. I took it from him when I slew him. You see he broke his vows and said The White Knights was corrupt and needed to be stopped. They said he went mad others said he found some sort of secret about The White Knights while others say he fell in love with a maiden and knew being with her meant death. You see when joining our order we swear to bear no children, to love no women, and to hold lands. We live to serve the realm of Ravonorn. Our wife is the realm and our son's are our blades." He took another a drink of water, lost in thought staring at his blade remembering painful memories of the past. He finally sheathed his sword and began talking again. "I never seen a dragon till yesterday, magnificent beast they are. There was only a few yesterday but legends tells us otherwise. Is it true that they're a dragon to every Drakobin?"
  17. Kyna finally took a drink of her water, feeling better for having done so, but she wasn't sure what to make of this Knight. Logic told her he was just trying to get her to let her guard down and as soon as he realized she wasn't going to, he'd change his tactics. Still, it was a relief not to have a blade at her throat or any other type of pain at the moment and she shifted her weight a bit, wincing at the clinking of the chains before ignoring them again, keeping her eyes on Tyllios and that sword of his.

    She answered him carefully as she had before. "Most Riders are younger when they become so. The general age is six or seven years. I was considered too old, but my dragon chose me." She tilted her chin a bit, proud of that fact. Queen dragons were special and cherished among the Drakobin. Not many of them were born - usually there were no more than six or seven in the world at a time - and she was proud to call one her own when most had looked down on her for being a 'late bloomer'. "And no, there is not a dragon for every Drakobin just as there is not a Knighthood for every Ravonorn."

    Acrid green eyes glared into his blue-gray ones. "You do not think my dragon is magnificent. You think she is my pet and a curse. Don't lie to me, Sir Tyllios." she spat back.
  18. He kept calm as she yelled at him. "I do not lie Rider. Do I think there is a difference between a man and his dog than you and your dragon, no I do not. I do think your dragon is a foul beast and plague's our lands. They're the reason we are in this war now because the burned down four of our villages and left not one man, woman, or child alive. But even though they are foul they are also magnificent and one of kind. No where in the world it is said there is a creature to match a dragon's ferocity."
  19. Kyna blinked, not so surprised by his denial as his other words and her brows drew together fiercely as she shook her head, true confusion on her gaze as she looked at the Knight. "We didn't burn any villages. I don't know what you are talking about. Our dragons don't stray beyond the border, they haven't for a hundred years. All our Riders are accounted for. There was no attack on your lands and even if there had been, we wouldn't have killed women and children!"

    The Rider shook her head again, denial on her lips. "We didn't burn any villages. It was your people who slaughtered ours in the night. That is what began this war."

    She would ignore the comment about her dragon being like a dog...for now.
  20. "Liar," he screamed at her. "no other beast could have done such a thing." He was more furious than he thought he would be from her lies then she had the mind to accuse them of such horrible acts. " We had not set foot on your cursed land for a century you savage." He drew his sword out pointed it at her. "I want the truth of it now or be it your life why did you invade our lands? Why did you kill our people? What are your plans?"