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Think of your room, your "personal space".
I want to know...
What around you is the most special thing to you?
From serious to sentimental to silly, what little things do you keep around you that mean the most to you?
What's their significance?

Personally, mine is one of my many teddybears. It's cream-colored with brown pads on its paws and brown lining to its ears. It is the exact, inverse duplicate of a bear that my cousin owns. It's special to me for two reasons - one, my cousin is one of my best friends. We've gotten more distant now than we were as kids, but we've always been close. Two, it was something sweet that reminds me of my mother. I've loved teddybears since I was very little and we didn't always have much money for superfluous things but I saw the bears at a store and loved them. She decided to splurge a little extra money and bought both me and my cousin one of the bears. My cousin and I named them together and, being five, hers is Brownie and mine is Cream.
My B.O.B, the knives under my pillow, and my escrima sticks.
My authentic 07/08 nba basketball. Even though it's just been rolling around on the floor since I ever got it(only in-court-ball). It represents......ehuh...all the cool stuff I did as a childhood, I guess(a lot of time spent bouncing a ball in the dirt). I guess it also represents all the good I like about american culture.

Other than that, the picture of my dog that passed away a couple of years ago, that was a damn good schaefer and also something that followed me through my childhood.
My tablet. It exemplifies the things that I wish to do but are much to busy to be anything but nostalgic about. And it makes me die a little inside when I look at it.
I really have no 'personal space' since I have to share everything with my boyfriend. >:[

The special item, though... One is a navy blue shirt with the Imperial Crest on it. This shirt belongs to one of my best friends and he's never going to get it back, because I'm keeping it forever. <3 I wear it to bed on nights that I feel distraught or just to be cozy. Sounds silly, I know. This item means a lot to me, though. Should my apartment burn down, that's one thing I'd do my damnedest to take to safety with me.

Another is a panda bear plush I have named Pogo. He and a locket were gifts from my boyfriend on our first anniversary. I love this stuffed animal to death. :3 The following year, he bought me a panda from Build a Bear dressed as Darth Vader. I think he's going to make pandas a trend for our anniversaries. These plushies are my favourites.

Oh, and my binder of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. I could make tons of money off these, but they belonged to one of my friends. She doesn't keep in touch anymore, however I made a promise to never sell, trade or give these away. So I still have them and remember the good times we shared years ago.
My frog plush named Mr. Froggy. He was memorable to me because I had wanted a frog plush and he happened to be the last one in the store. The rest were other animals, so it felt like I had one of a kind even though in retrospect I probably could've gone to that same store a week or two later and found the same exact kind of plush. ^_^;
My cat <3 I have no idea what I'll do without him.

And I know it's going to sounds kind of lame, but really, my laptop is very important to me XD I have a lot of good friends that I only have contact with online, and if I lost that then I wouldn't be able to talk to a lot of people that I care about.
I mentioned earlier a bunch of things I knew I would need. But some of you reminded me of things beyond that. I would take my dog, Tibbs. He means a lot to me and no one else loves him, so I'm stuck with the little fucker <3
Well there's my 40k armies, not only are they a favorite army my apocalypse build represents a goal I wish to eventually achive, it's sort of something worth striving towards.

Also, Computer helps me keep contact with family since the closest I've been for any real amount of time since I joined was South Carolina.
My Bible first and foremost because of religious reasons. Then after that probably the saved conversations and notes I have from people and writings I've done evaluating my current state at that time so I can see how I've grown, as well as the many projects I have. My computer is important because I use it often but if I didn't have it I think I'd be alright.