Of Empires and Kingdoms

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    "Tales tell of the land of C'bhoxia and its gruesome, barbaric past where men took what they wanted, when they wanted, and paid little heed to anyone else. Whispers of forests of Hanging Men's Trees, and of rivers running red with blood remain from this time of old. There was chaos in the land, the many kingdoms waging frequent war. To this day, many of the ruined palaces of eld still cling to the stench of sweat, and blood and gore, unable to let go of the terrible past that haunts them."

    "This was not always to be the case, my fellow men, for as sure as the sun rises and sets beyond the enormous mountains of the Western Ridge, there rose strong leaders from each corner of the land who would not rest until peace was had. We have all heard the songs, have we not, men?" Tankards of ale and wine and frothy beer were raised in the smoky haze of the tavern and a dull yell rose from the gathered crowd.

    "Of Lord Myrnodyn, whose army of attractive women doppelgangers from his great palace of shining gold and pristine marble were said to be able to take even the largest of enemies!" The laughter that followed was raucous. Swigs were taken from their large mugs and the patrons joined once again in uproarious guffawing. "And those of General Vay, Keeper of the Bhanhammr, whose enormous hammer had the power to pound even the most tenacious of enemies into submission!" The line paved the way for yet another round of laughter. Many of the tavern-goers were in tears.

    "Over the years, these men faded into obscurity, but just as quick, others took their place. Jovian of House Olive, the High King of the last remaining kingdom, whose mistresses numbered far more than the bones in a man's body and her High Queen, Jean of House Fabblue who was betrothed to the gay Azure Imperator Malkuthe who rules over all the land." There was a dreadful silence in the tavern now.

    "But he rules with an iron fist! He must be overthrown! Yet he has attempted to have the Princess W murdered to prevent succession to the Throne! Malkuthe the Azure must fall"

    Character sheet:

  2. Name: King Jovian
    House: House Olive
    Personality: Flirtatious, protective, possessive.

    I'll finish it later... I'm just had to get this in here. :P
  3. Name: Trion Toustar "The October knight"

    House Autumn.



    Serious, loyal, private, decisive, quiet, brave (will add more after playing him a while)

    Background: Although his direct lineage to house Autumn is foggy, his loyal servitude to King Jovian has kept him safe from persecution at the hands of those that may inquire. Some say he serves himself before the king, but again, actions speak loudest. For the most part his past his unclear, where he was born, who his parents are and where he is originally from.

    Knighted at a young age, at least 15 years younger than the rest of the knights serving the king, because of his heroic efforts at the battle of Pine Flat. Aside from his rise to knighthood, there is little to tell of the 26 year old man. He is in a constant state of change and moves much like the leaves in fall. He is always present, and yet at a moments notice ready to disappear.
  4. Name:
    High Queen Jean





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  5. <div style="float:left; margin-right:-108pt;"><img src=http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x167/goldendercon/47e3de32e8ad2_44321n_zpsfaf73bde.jpg style="height:50%;width:50%;"></div>Name: Azure Imperator Malkuthe

    House: House Azure

    Appearance: He's the guy with the black hair! Except not as innocent and timid as that one.

    Personality: Cool, calculating, manipulative, excessively practical, OCD and ruthless... Tries too hard to have a sense of humor.

    Background: Not much is known of him save that his ancestors came to C'bhoxia from some faraway land that few men know of. He likes men and he doesn't hesitate to show it. His rise to power is a very engaging tale, where he formed alliances quickly and appeased feuds between Houses. He also oversaw the methodical destruction of the Houses that stood against him.

    Now he sits on the throne, an iron-fisted ruler of the land. There is tell that he has a bastard son somewhere in the world, though many doubt it because of his preference. Tales of his conquests in the bedchamber are numerous too. It is said that he has bedded so many men that they number as the cows in the night sky!Cows are invisible to anyone not of pure loyal blood and sheer seductive power as the emperor.
  6. Name: Lael Sachin Torm A.K.A. L.S. Torm or "Heartless Bastard"

    House Lemon

    Appearance: Lael Sachin Torm is a relatively tall individual who has enough muscles worked up so that he can easily move in his armour and wield his favourite claymore as if he was wielding a short sword. He has short, blond hair, a longish face, bony cheeks and piercing, steel blue eyes that give the illusion that he wants to shred people to pieces, which, to be fair, is not far from the truth. He usually wears masterfully crafted, snow white armour decorated by gold engravings and pictures.

    Personality: Cold, thick-skinned, merciless, a borderline sociopath, Lael Sachin Torm is one of those people who would not hesitate to burn an oprhanage down if it furthered their plans. He is thought to be completely emotionless and slightly insane by even his own soldiers, and he is probably more cruel than the current Imperator, Malkuthe. The only thing he feels is ambition, not to mention the joy of the slaughter. He also likes to enjoy hedonistic events, and will not give a single opportunity to enjoy himself.


    More will be added tomorrow when I feel like writing his backstory.
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