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  1. In a far off land where humans have already turned their rock structures into metal ones, they ride on huge things that move on black circles and they have adapted their speech, we still hide in the caves, very deep inside the Earth and try to find a Rider that should soar the sky on us, ready to protect himself and ourselves from a certain menace that has been stalking us since the time we came to exist. There are only 4 of us left and we have to find our Riders quickly, before he who has the power and come and finally destroy us. We are dragons, ready to protect our Rider when in need and ready to save the humans, no matter if they need out help...or not.

    I have been searching for them, searching for many centuries and have failed. But not now, oh, not this time. They, for some reason, have decided to come out from their hiding now. The last four dragons of the Middle Age. They no longer belong to this place, and why they still roam Earth, it is my duty to dispatch them and until that da comes, then my soul will finally be able to rest. No dragon has ever survived my wrath that falls upon it, and it shall be no different with these four. Though I must find them before they find their Riders, if they do that, my hands shall be full of innocent blood. The blood from a mortal that has done nothing but be the pet of one of those horrible beasts...

    =clears throat= Anybody interested? This is mainly modern fantasy. The main plot is about four different dragons (posts available) searching for their Riders. A Rider is, well as you can see, the one that rides the dragon and has a connection with it; simple things as knowing their thoughts mutually and knowing their location at any time. These Riders shall be 4 humans (varying in age mind you; posts available) that find their dragon in the most unexpected situation.

    Anyone out there interested in something of the sort?
  2. I'm interested! I've always liked the dragon/rider kind of role play and I'm definitely willing to give this a shot!
  3. Consider me a part.
  4. Good, good. 2 people interested, that is called progress people. =^.^=
  5. Yeah I'd be interested. Sounds interesting! Lol. I would like to play a female rider though, if that's alright.
  6. That is completely all right, Vampires. =thumbs up=
  7. Thanks! When this is ready, can you PM me the link to the actual rp? Otherwise I probably won't find it 'cause I am in quite a few other rps aslo. It would be much appriciated.
  8. Sure thing! Though, I'll first get the OOC up, when we have more characters of course, and PM the link to you. Or if you want to you can send me your character's information through a PM and I can post it in the OOC with a summary of the rest characters. ^.^
  9. Yeah that would be fine.
  10. *raises a hand and awaits an elaborate OOC*
  11. *appears perched on a branch waiting for this OOC to show itself*
  12. =counts the interested people= One, two, three, four, five plus myself. I guess you won't be waiting for that OOC for too much time, Tenchi and Iliana. =^.^=