Of Dragons and Darkness

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  1. The world had changed alot in the last few years, but it seemed that the elves were slow on the uptake. They were a long lived species, and perhaps it was this that caused them to lazily sleep through much of the change that occurred, only deigning to consider taking up the new direction the world was taking when it happened to suit them. Of course, there were some that simply weren't involved in the wider arcs that history took, as many villages - of any race - were not even aware of the larger changes that did not touch them, for farmers rarely cared who sat on the throne or where far off wars were taking place.

    One of these elves was a young wood elf known as Lyr. He had been born into the shifting world, and had been one of a few that actually cared about the word around him. His clan was a simple one, preferring to keep themselves to themselves as they lived off the land, ever grateful for the peace that pervaded their home, although there was always a sense of mourning in the village that lay at the base of a large mountain range.

    It was by no means a usual habitat for a species of elf known for their love of woodland, but unfortunately the villagers had been forced to move from their forest home in a bid to escape the dragons that seemed to find great sport in lighting great fires in the forest, flushing out those that lived there and snapping them up as a wonderful snack. It was these attacks that had resulted in the elders choosing to move the entire village to a more protected area, where they would be able to shield themselves from further destruction.

    Growing up in this close knit community, all the children had been under close scrutiny as they were trained from a young age to become the next generation of militia that would be tasked with keeping the settlement safe. Although none expected them all to be proficient with blade or spell or bow, Lyr had managed to be incredibly mediocre in all his endeavours, something that had certainly surprised his affluent father. It was only through sheer force of will that the dark haired elf had managed to complete even his basic training.

    Years passed in this hazy dream of a town, the treaty with the dragons was signed, and a seed of curiosity was sown in the young lad that had always been a bit of a dreamer. He began to withdraw from the hateful stories that passed over the fires in the evening, preferring to work on his wood carvings and the vague news he often heard of the dragon riders and their academy that seemed almost too good to be true.

    It took almost a decade for the barely adult elf to gather the courage to leave his home and venture to the fabled city where he would be able to train to become a rider...or so he hoped. He was by now at least reasonably proficient in wielding the natural healing magic of his people, along with fighting with two blades that had been passed to him by his father - albeit reluctantly.

    Once at this strange and alien compound, Lyr had simply been awestruck by the number of people, not to mention the soaring beasts that roared overhead. He had fallen deeply in love with the alien lifestyle almost immediately, although it had taken alot of menial labour and general dedication for him to gain access to the training he had so desired.

    But, he had succeeded in becoming a trainee, although he had yet to succeed in bonding with a dragon. From a tiny egg to a wizened ancient, he had never managed to gain the trust of a dragon. He had seen so many younger humans pass through the training as he floundered in place. It wasn't fair, and he was beginning to lose heart.

    It was this dejection that had led to him taking a dangerous chance on a simple myth that had been doing the rounds seemingly since the beginning of this settlement. Apparently there was an immensely powerful, untameable dragon that had been sealed away many years ago. Lyr had come to the conclusion that it was do or die, and he would either find and tame this beast, or he would die during his search.

    The trek had called upon every facet the elf possessed, and by the time he reached the cavern he was somewhat exhausted. The darkness was not easy to adjust to, but he had better eyesight than most humans, and so he did not take too long to begin moving cautiously along the stone walls. His green eyes focused on a chink of light a few feet ahead of him, which he hastened towards, only to find that it was a gold coin.

    He picked this up, and as he did so, he noticed the vast pile of gold and jewels that was mountainous in proportion. Awed by it, he began climbing the hillock of gold, allowing the nuggets to pass through his fingers as he climbed on all fours, wanting to reach the top, just so he could see how far back this treasure trove went.
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  2. [BCOLOR=transparent]She had been locked away for ages, her wrath was something every dragon rider feared as her eyes created deep fear. massive body was hidden in the gold blending in perfectly hidden in the mounds of gold, chains kept her from leaving her prison. Till now, the feeling of footsteps, her eyes snapped open, intruder. Her head slowly lifted from the gold that concealed her golden body and gave a snarl looking around deeply fangs bared.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Intruder, Show yourself, maybe your death will be swift and painless" [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]The mighty golden dragon growled eyes glowing sharply fangs bared eyes glowing deep blue color. She let her massive tail lash out as she roared deeply fire spews from her mouth sharply as the golden dragon walks around her wings were massive and sharp. Her eyes created terror into anyone who looked into them. Her fangs bared as she prowled around and finally spotted the small Elf and lowered her head toward the male fangs bared giving a snarl like sound from her throat.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Intruder, you are not welcome here, I shall burn you into a crisp unless you have a good reason for being here. So you better start talking My kindness is thin and rare "[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]She growled deeply fangs glowing with flames as her tail lashed behind her sharply as she stood up fully height towering over him at her alarming height and if that really didn't scare you the aura around her of death and vengeance did. She was rumored to be one of the most dangerous creatures to ever walk the world of dragon riders. She was said to be the most powerful of the grand daughters and born of god but course those where rumors. She was born a nice creature one that loved to play and frolic with the other dragons but when her powers showed, the riders feared her. She became ruthless and cunning, smart and agile being the best arial attacker in the wider community but in fear the riders took her to a mountain where they imprisoned her...never to let her live her life free from this chains and magic bars that held her in.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Her eyes were out in space slightly before she snarled and shook her head sharply and looked down at the elf male that stood below her like an ant, just like every rider should be. She could burn him with no problem and snarling she gave a deep roar and reared up on her hind legs and roared deeply. Her golden scales shine brightly as that if they were made of pure golden glow of gold itself that scatters the ground. Her blue piercing eyes looked down at the human growling deeply. She slammed her tail down behind him sharply as gold flew up behind him not allowing him to leave ot run away as the tail grabbed his leg and the massive female dragon growled deeply.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]An elf blood, Interesting I haven't smelled your kind in ages . So tell me elf what have you need to be here for ? have you not found enough to make you and the people you call your family Happy ? Killed enough dragons in your spare time, my kin ?" [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]The dragon snarled and walked past him slightly her tail letting go but this was her game, to get the male to stay ever so slightly then she would show him the meaning of a dragon and its furry. She turned her head sharply and roared deeply as she made the cell hates snap shut and the male was trapped here till the head master came or guards or a student that noticed him missing.[/BCOLOR]
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  3. There had been no hint that there was anything living in this strange and eerily quiet vault. The only sound was the steady rush of treasure as it slipped away from the elf as he scrabbled for purchase. The small, olive skinned creature was perhaps a third of the way up the mound when he finally came to the conclusion that something was terribly wrong. He felt a deep rumbling coming from somewhere in the core of all the dazzling gold, and from inside all this treasure appeared an almost obscenely sized head.

    The dragon was impossibly huge, and for a moment the elf was frozen as he stared into her gargantuan eye. He might well have stayed there for days, had the creature not spoken to him in a voice that echoed dangerously in his head. Lyr wasn't quite sure how he knew that the presence was female, but he was instantly aware that she was. She was also less than pleased by his presence, and as such, the far smaller creature was quick to act on her words, although she had not expressly ordered him to do anything, he quickly jumped down to the ground, landing on one knee on the hard floor, turning to once again face the dragon.

    His long hair was blown back with every breath the dragon took, and he could feel the warmth radiating off her, it was almost unbearable to begin with, and this only intensified as a tongue of flame crept from her magnificent maw. The slew of melting metal glowed molten hot, creating tendrils of liquid gold that soon pooled at the foot of the pile in which the dragon nested. Had he been a greedy man, Lyr might have considered taking some of this for himself, but he was not a man that cared for earthly riches, a rare enough thing in these times.

    Rather than flee, the elf spoke with a voice that couldn't help but waver a little, as it was only understandable that he felt some form of fear when faced with the beast, "The riders in training spoke of you. A dragon that had been sealed away, for their ancestors could not control it. They were afraid..." Just as he was, though he dare not mention it. It was obvious enough anyway, so there was no point in expressly telling her that. Instead, he merely did his best to explain himself, all the while shifting from foot to foot as he stared at the dragon.

    "I came to find you, to ask your help. That was all." He would have stopped there, had she not prodded him with her accusatory words. His demeanour changed as his shoulders tightened, his eyes hardening as he bristled at her spiteful words. "I would never harm a dragon!" He snapped, finding his voice, if only for a moment, "I regret every death in that war, but it is over, and although my people still bear something of a grudge, we are trying to move on. As have the other dragons. It does no good for anyone to hold onto thoughts of bloodshed, particularly not where elves and dragons are concerned." They were too well matched, and if their war were to begin anew, Lyr was sure it would mean the end of them. But, that was neither here nor there, as for now, he only took a breath as he waited to find what the dragon would deem appropriate as a reaction.
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  4. The golden lizard cackled darkly fangs bared as she snarled at the male once more then lowered her head again as she spoke I was there when the war broke through and i was the one that helped stopped it but in fear they ran me away to the mountain where i am lokced away now. Now you are indeed intruding on my turf and land and give me a good reason not to eat you ?The lizard demanded eyes glowing as she slashed her tail side to side and she stood up on her hind legs and hears guards coming froward and blew out flames at the bars and the guards scrambled away in fear their eyes wide.

    "Get out of there Lyr, the creature will freaking kill you" One guard snapped it was a rider from the school actually the teacher of bondage to a dragon. The female drahgons narled at them as they stauyed away from her as they knew she could easily deep fry them in the flames. She then turned her eyes to the elf once more and grinend darkly.

    Hmmmm, A dragon rider, well i can smell no dragon on you. What happened to you little elf ? no dragon dare to pair up with you. They are picky about their riders you see dragons have bad blood with elves and you are in no better chance of getting out aliv now. I am rather hungry you know , very hungry for the last thousands of years been locked away. Hmmmm should i burn you ? hmmm maybe i'll scewer you with my tail Her dark ceepy female voice crept through as she rounded up on him standing above him her tail was wrapped around near the ground of the elf to grab him if he was to try and run from his fate
  5. All of what she said was true, but also it was so long ago that it barely mattered anymore...or so the idealistic elf would have liked to believe. He knew that dragons lived even longer lives than the elves, and perhaps that was why this one could not forgive what had happened, although it could hardly be said that they were innocent. Dragons and elves had warred fiercely with one another, and they had been equally to blame for the horrors that had hit the land in such awful regularity.

    Lyr snapped his head round as he heard the footsteps of two people, one of which was one of his teachers. "It's alright. She'll either kill me or...not." He shrugged, defying the woman as he refused to budge from his current position, not that he had all that much choice, given the fact that he would need to scramble over the tail that was now encircling him. He was terrified, and actually shaking now, as his slightly angled eyes continued to hold those of the dragon, refusing to back down now that he had come this far.

    "I am no rider, not yet. That's why I sought you out." He explained, continuing on, "If you wish to kill me, then do so, and if not, then either let me learn from you, or else let me go and I will never bother you again." He spoke with clarity, his voice strong, despite his terror, as he had accepted his fate the moment he set out on this journey. "So, what will you do?" He pressed her for an answer, hating the waiting as the weight of what he was asking pressed down on him.
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  6. The golden monster of a creature looked back at his her blue eyes scrocthing as she growled as she smirked gently as he tail grabbed the others leg as she yanked him off the floor sharply and above her mouth opening ready to drop him but that....pain started... Her mouth shut sharply as she roared in pain as she dropped him sharply in a mound of gold as she snarled and roared deeply staggering away and then collasped. On her shoulder was now a dragon rider symbol, burning with the flames of the gold which she was covered in black and outlined it was clear as day. But not only was she marked but so was the elf as he would feel that same amount of pain in him as it burned the mark sharply onto his hand slightly the mark od the dragon riders. Now he was a rider and the monster of a golden dragon was his dragon.

    The golden dragon was out cold her mind rewireing itself to a dragon that had a rider, to protect and harness her power later on so he could use it as well. her eyes snapped open once more and snarled deeply but not at him this time ...no it was at the guards that where racing toward them rwaching for the elf her tail slammed down on them slamming them into the ground as she growled deeply but made no other moves. the teacher froze confused why the dragon was ...protecting the elf from the uards "impossible" the teacher said eyes wide seeing the mark on the golden dragons shoulder and the elfs palm.

    Do not touch the elf if you wish to come out alive on this fight The female dragon warned thebguards that stumbled away slightly disoranted as the female dragon stared at the elf eyes alinizing him figureing him out and looked aroun slightly as her tail lashed side to side as gold shook slightly. She then growled gently

    A bond betweena dragon and elf......thats is interesting this should be funHer mouth pulled back ina grin that looked like more of a scary snarl.
  7. To his credit, he didn't actually scream when the gargantuan and impossibly dexterous tail grabbed him. He had always thought that a dragons tail was too large to grasp anything, and that it lacked the structures to do so, in any case, but apparently in this case he was wrong, although that hardly mattered at the moment. Of course, the absurdity of the thought did nothing to keep it from creeping into his consciousness, as all this transpired in a split second. It was perhaps this that kept him from yelling for help, although the fact that his voice seemed to have deserted him had a hand in that too.

    As the dragon roared, Lyr's ears began to ring with the deafening sound, just as he felt as though she really had decided to roast him, and he became encased in a thin sheen of sweat as his entire body began to ache and scream in protest, something that was definitely not simply the product of the fall, as it seemed as though his mind and body were splitting in two from the inside, and that he would simply burst if this cacophony of noise and pain did not cease.

    After what seemed a lifetime, the pain dissipated, channeling into a single point on his hand, where the sensation tripled, only to disperse entirely a moment later. Lyr stared at the mark left on his palm, then at the much larger insignia upon the dragons shoulder, as confused and unbelieving as anyone else in the room. However, he hadn't the luxury of puzzling this out and digesting it in his own time, as he was rather concerned that the dragon may kill the teacher in a fit of rage.

    Using his excellent sense of balance, he was able to keep his feet as the dragon snarled and beat her tail against the ground, running to the aid of the perceived intruder as quickly as he could. "Perhaps you should go." He suggested, helping the guards and teacher up, in the same breath promising that if he should come out of this alive, he would be more than happy to report back when he had the chance. But, for now he needed to concentrate on the odd chain of events that had led to this joining.

    "Are you alright?" He finally asked the dragon, concerned for her safety, as he knew that she had undergone a somewhat harrowing transformation, which must have been harder on her rebellious spirit than his own, far calmer self. The elf continued to keep a prudent distance, even as he felt the bond between them, as he simply didn't want to disrespect her. They may have possessed this preordained bond, but on a higher, more personal level, they were still strangers.
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  8. You tell me elf if i am ok. I have been bound to you, what worth are you in gold or in money or in spirit ? But since i am bound to you I guess i will figure that out later on as it goes hmmm. But for now i am getting out of here as i am told to fallow you no matter where you go The dragon growled gently eyes glowing intense blue color as the gold strated to vanish as if it was all an illusion of the cell itself or the dragon. The dragon golden scales shone brightly as she looked at the elf once more and lowered a massive wing shaply

    Get on , we must get back to the acedime before the other sawaken and wonder just what the creature that was flying around hmm ? The dragon cackled darkly looking at the bare cave and huffed. Her old home was no longer her option, the elf needed to go back to school and she had no other option then go with him or fly him off there. She gave a soft growling sound in the back of her throat that was sad and soft
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  9. Lyr didn't know whether to be intimidate, afraid or simply glad that this strange turn of events had been set into motion. It was all wrong, but he couldn't bring himself to question it, as he tentatively clambered up the side of the dragon, settling himself in the crook where her long neck met her rippling shoulders.

    "If we're going to bound to each other from now on, we should at least know eachothers names." The elf stated, wondering if the dragon had already found his. He hadn't felt anything probing his thoughts, but he was hardly adept at protecting his mind, anyway. He was also aware that he could quite easily have touched the mind of the dragon, but he was still wary of doing so, leaving that line of communication closed until he was certain that it was what she wanted, and that they truly were destined partners.

    "My name's Lyr." He spoke quietly, knowing that the beast would pick up his words with ease, either as they were spoken, or as the thoughts touched her mind. "I know I leave a lot to be desired, but I promise, I won't rest until I'm a match for you." He would work even harder than before to become strong enough to be worthy of such a partner, even if the effort threatened to kill him.
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  10. The golden dragoness snorted gently as the elf intro diced himself as she growled gently "They call me Angelica but hold on lyr" she said as she roared and she came to the enterance of the mountain prison only to see a ledge and she ran at it and then jumped swiftly her wings flapped as she spun around flying higher into the air .

    Her massive body shown with power her fangs bared as she let out a deep roar eyes sharp and looking down at the tiny trees below her as she flew around and spotted the school and snarling landed in the courtyard with a growl. The headmaster and teacher came into view alarmed at the massive golden dragon.

    Angelica allowed the elf off with her wing as it was a very very long drop off of her
  11. Grabbing hold of the spike in front of him, Lyr held on as tightly as he could, his stomach lurching as the earth seemed to tilt around him. He had never before flown on the back of a dragon, and as his gut twisted and sank with the motion of the beating wings of the dragon, he briefly wondered if he would ever want to do so again.

    It was only a short journey, but as the earth shook underneath the weight of the lizard, he had to work hard not to jolt forward into the spike he held onto. He extracted himself from the beast, only then noticing the pain that had settled from his groin all the way down the insides of his thighs, along with the blood that stained his breeches. Clearly, he was going to need to find something to keep the scales from shredding his flesh any further.

    Sliding down the wing, he hurriedly stood before the headmaster, speaking rapidly, "It's okay. She won't hurt anyone." He turned to the dragon, "You won't, will you?" He was aware that he ought not to speak for her, as as yet, their minds were linked, but certainly their thoughts were not as one.
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  12. The golden dragon rolled her eyes huffing I have no reason to kill anyone she snorted as she licked the blood off her scales grumbling and muttering something before folding up her wings neatly and the headmaster blinked.

    "If she hurts anyone its on your head. " the headmaster warned eyes narrowed turning away walking away slightly. The golden dragon cackled and looked around the place had changed. The dragons in the school hissed and growled keeping their riders away from the female fangs bared.

    Angelica snorted "Children" she said rolling her eyes
  13. "And just because you won't kill them doesn't mean you won't hurt them." Lyr mentioned, not wanting to leave any murkiness in the line that he had drawn. No one was to be even slightly injured in any way, be that physical or mental. Of course, he was aware that he might have been going a little overboard with his warnings, but with a dragon like Angelica, it paid to be cautious.

    With this done, Lyr turned his attention to the mostly human riders and their dragons that seemed so perturbed. "You all know me, you know I'm no threat. Angelica would never have bonded with me if her heart was dark in any way." Their souls had to complement each other, although in truth they didn't have to be exactly the same, as in many cases a difference in character only strengthened the partnership.
  14. Angelica growled deeply as a dragon spat an insult and she snarled deeply fangs bared as the dragon dashed out swiftly as if not wanting to stick around to see her wrath any time soon. Angelica snorted and shook herself out and looked at the riders that just stayed silent their eyes on her and then the elf.

    "YOU don't know how DANGEROUS she is, damn it that THING could kill us all with no problem" snapped Elen a male rider that was good at ridign and his temper but thinking was not one of them. the golden dragon almost seemed to flinch away slightly at those rather....hurtful words. She growled sharply as the male shuts up swiftly and walked away with his blue dragon named Rsxio the Blazer. the golden drago roleld her eyes as her tail whipped side to side sharply

    i'm bored what should we do now ?
  15. Hearing her called a thing did not do anything other than anger Lyr, as he had to grit his teeth and clench his fists in an effort to keep from starting a fight that he knew very well that he couldn't win. But thankfully, his temper held as he snapped right back, "Don't be such a damn coward! She's stronger and more intelligent than you, so yeah, she could kill you. But she won't, so why not just leave her be." His anger dissipated as quickly as it had come, as he knew there was no sense in arguing with someone like that, hence the reason why he hastily turned back to the golden dragon.

    "We should train. We've got alot of ground to make up, if we want to be their equals." While Angelica had the edge over the younglings, she was not yet a tame dragon that would submit to equality, and as such, the bond between the two could not be cemented. Meanwhile, Lyr needed to simply improve, as well as gain more confidence in his own actions when it came to the dragon. Until they could allow themselves to fully open up, physical and mental strength would mean nothing.
  16. The golden dragon scoffted Fine what are training in ?she asked her blue eyes flashing as her golden tail whipped side to side fangs hidden beneath her lips. Her wings tucked up on her side as her legs where powerful yet very lean and quick. Her head looked around slowly seeing everyone was stareingvat her and the elf as he stood up at full height and growled the riders shrunk away.
  17. "Do you have to keep antagonising them?" Lyr questioned, somewhat exasperated by her willingness to live up to the legend that pervaded her existence. "If you don't want to befriend anyone, then at least have the courtesy to leave them alone." It would do no good for anyone if she kept growling and threatening all the time, particularly as the dragons and riders were ready to jump to the defence of their partners at a moments notice.

    Sighing, he came up with an answer to her earlier question, "We should focus on the link between our minds." He stated with more conviction than he felt. He had seen many partnerships flail as they focused themselves outward, but it was the strength of bond between dragon and rider that gave them their strength.
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