Of Dogs And Ravens

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  • In Victorian London, there are a select few noble families that manage the shady underworld of the city. The most infamous of them all is the House of Phantomhive, which is run by the recently orphaned Earl, Ciel. He and his mysterious butler are usually assigned the task of keeping order in places where the light refuses to touch.

    But it would be foolish to rely on one child. The Queen has other villainous nobles at her command, ready to do what she asks. Well, at least she hopes so.

    Still, keeping all of them under her thumb is no easy task, especially when one of them tries to dance to a different tune.

    Countess Adela Enralle is one such noble.

    Although the family is still officially run by her father, she has been given the task of managing the underground in her father's place. Despite her sweet personality and her unwavering loyalty, the queen can't help but wonder if Adela is planning something, especially since she's been gathering a worrying amount of power over the members of the Underground.

    So, she plays her trump card.

    Ciel has been assigned the task of attending a ball hosted by the Enralles, with the objective of finding out any information about a possible uprising, with the orders to eliminate her if necessary.

    Adela has her own mission. The Queen has given her the job of investigating the disappearances a various young women in a town near the city, with the goal of keeping Adela distracted long enough for Ciel to move in.

    However, Adela has her own cards to cast. Like her butler, for instance. The Phantomhives aren't the only one with incredibly skillful servants.

    But as the dog and the raven play the Queen's game, there may be a more sinister plot brewing the the background...
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  • Kadin:

    Adela Enralle and her butler, Felix Clarke.


    Ciel Phantomhive and his butler, Sebastian Michaelis.

All was quiet as the sun rose upon the Enralle estate. Felix glanced outside, smiling slightly as he watched the sun spread its light across the grounds. It was a breathtaking sight, but thankfully, he didn't require air anyway.

Slowly, the manor came to life; servants stumbling out of bed half-asleep to begin the day, preparing to serve his mistress in their usual less-than-perfect ways. Humans were incapable of performing tasks to Felix's level of skill, but the lack of perfection irritated him to no end. He was more than capable of managing the manor by himself, but his mistress had insisted that a manor with only one servant would look incredibly suspicious. She was right, of course, but it was still immensely annoying to deal with the other humans. Especially his mistress's handmaidens...

Thankfully, he wouldn't have to deal with them just yet. It was not yet time for his mistress to awaken.

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