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    -THE CITY-
    March 14, 1993.
    -Baltimore MD, USA-

    Record snowfall has enveloped the city in a white haze, burying cars, forcing together families and muffling the bustle of city life in downtown Baltimore. Winds howl as they have the past few days outside of "Home for The Friendless" orphanage, windows on the first floor buried, and doors locked. The Children are ushered into the dining hall for lunch, and it is early afternoon by any accurate clock. Orphans by fate like any other, The children are some quiet, some boisterous. This particular group of children is special, however, as they are all of them uniquely empowered. Be it by gods will, or medical providence, they are among a growing population of children across the globe who are being born with extraordinary powers. Some can move objects with their minds, others make themselves invisible, or produce fire from thin air. but they are still just children, growing, learning, unsure and stray. With the discovery of these abilities comes a question of personal worth, of identity and placement. Though, it can be difficult to feel special when your uniqueness is put down and feared by those around you. Such is life for these foundlings, in a world that does not want them, full of people who do not know them.

    For much of recent history, this group of children has been scorned and put down since their discovery in the late 1980's. World leaders have taken drastic actions to safeguard their homelands from the unknown; Some are killing off anyone born with powers, others lock them up. U.S. President Bill Clinton, having inherited the issue, has made clear on several occasions that this was a growing concern to national security and efforts to contain and maintain these individuals are currently being put in place. Many children are orphaned, others taken, but any born with these defects are sent to care centers, specialized and designed to house superhuman young.

    Today is an ordinary day in the orphanage, because nobody comes to visit.

    The Baltimore "Home for The Friendless" orphanage was originally constructed in 1870 as part of a childcare facility in Maryland and since then it had housed anywhere from one- to two-hundred children. In recent years, following the advent of superhuman young across the world, the orphanage was one of many that were selected and re-fitted, at the request of the D.o.D, to house children that were abandoned or taken into custody as a result of their unique abilities. Since September of 1989, the orphanage has maintained an influx of around 4 children per year, and to date houses 147.

    The orphanage is equipped with standardized childcare facilities, including education, non-denominational faithkeepers, a cafetorium, bedding, play areas, gardens, etc. The grounds have been retrofitted with securities both for the defense of the children, occluding intruders that might wish them harm, and for the safety of the staff, in the event of uncontrolled powers. All areas are equipped with magnetically locking doors, able to seal each section of the building independently in emergencies.

    Children are scheduled standardized education on weekdays, and self-help for their abilities on weekends. classes are nonspecific and cater to needs on a case-by-case basis.

    Eden Eikenboom

    Ricchon Annatoya

    Anna Rayne

    Eve Fleming


    1. Title Theme: "Lost but not Forgotten"
    2. Of Difference and The Others
    3. Please Hold My Hand
    4. Listless Nights/Lost Days
    5. Under a Cloud
    6. Kids Will be Kids
    7. Morning
    8. Mysterious Times
    9. [x]
    10. [x]
    11. Awfully Nice
    12. [x]
    13. Dream Beam: Beyond Imagination
    14. [x]
    15. Wooden Floors and Warm Smiles
    16. [x]
    17. [x]
    18. [x]
    19. [x]
    20. Powers
    21. Waltz in Orphan Major
    22. [x]
    23. [x]
    24. Войти при лунном свете

    -Character Themes-
    1. Eden's Theme: "I, of the Storm"
    2. Ricchon's Theme: "Losing Grip"
    3. Ann's Theme: "God Help the Outcasts"
    4. Clary's Theme: "Where do We Go From Here"
    5. Jameson's Theme: "All We Do"
    6. Joa's Theme: "Glitter and Gold"
    7. Eve's Theme: "Blasphemy"



    « »
    This is a dramatic, emotional RP. It does not focus around combat or anything like that, while nothing is really 'off limits' do note that the focus is on the characters, development, and story. try not to go over the top with violence or romance, as these are children and teens.
    Posting and activity: Try to maintain posting expectations to the best of your ability. Also, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Give the other RP-ers a good post to respond to or we’ll be going nowhere. As for activity, try to be as active as possible. Posting 2-3 times a week kind of active. Being inactive means slowing the others down, this will then lead to the death of the RP. And, we obvious would like to avoid that from happening, at all cost. If you’re going away or won’t be active for a while, do have the heart to inform us.
    Inactivity: If you don’t post at least once for an entire week, expect a greeting in the form of PM from me. If I still don’t get a response, then I’ll take this as a green light to remove your character from the RP. If you want to quit, let me know, I won’t bite.
    Profiles/ Application: Copy the skeleton, fill it up and post it in the OOC thread linked above. Along your post, roll a 6 sided dice to determine how many powers you’re allowed to have. This is on the honor system, please be truthful.
    Powers: Unless you get a 1/ 3/ 6 from rolling a six sided dice, you’re only limited to one power. The ones who rolled a 1/3/6 have the privilege of honing two types of abilities.
    Also, powers that involve mind-controls cannot control other characters without the owner's consent. You may influence them but you cannot control one's character. Any other powers that are par to the godly will be controlled and observed from time to time. This is to prevent powers from going out of control.
    I'd like to keep the male and female ratio balanced. So when there's too many female characters, you'd understand that I'll need more males. This is to keep the role-play more realistic.
    Please keep all Character pictures either actual photos or realistic art. Cookie points if you can provide multiple different pictures.
    In-Character posts must include a picture of your character and their name as a header. Nothing fancy is required, but if you'd like formatting help, just ask.
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

    -Character Sheets-

    <image 600 w x 450 h>

    ❀ &title& • &title& • &title& ❀


    ⇢ Name | <Full Name>

    ⇢ Nickname | <Nickname>

    ⇢ Age | <Age> (Age constraints anywhere between 5 Years and 18 years old.)

    ⇢ Birthday | <Date of Birth>

    ⇢ Height | <height>

    ⇢ Hair length & color | <Hair Length, Color>

    ⇢ Eye color | <eye color>

    ⇢ Gender | <Gender>

    ⇢ Power(s) | <Roll Die. 1/3/6 get 2 powers, 2/4/5 get 1>

    ⇢ Power limit| <what's the stop to your ability, how much control do you have? This is largely age-based, exceptions do exist.>​


    ⇢ Biography / /
    [Character's History: Make sure to hint at your character's personality and how you got into the orphanage.]

    ⇢ Themes / /
    [Links To Theme Music: Limit Yourself to 3 please!]


    ⇢ Loves / /
    → ✓ ✓ - [Loved Item, Anywhere from 1-3]

    → ✓ ✓- [Loved Item]

    → ✓ ✓- [Loved Item]

    ⇢ Fears / /
    → ▣ - [Fears, Anywhere from 3-8]

    → ▣- [Feared Item]

    → ▣- [Feared Item]

    ⇢ Dislikes / /
    → ✗ - [Disliked Item, Anywhere from 3-8]

    → ✗- [Disliked Item]

    → ✗- [Disliked Item]


    ⇢ Username:
    [A statement about yourself with your username in bold.]

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  2. UPDATE 2016/07/08:


  3. Uhh, is this open for character submission?
  5. btw why this image size limits?
  6. UPDATE 2016/07/10:

  7. uniformity.

    You can provide giant imaged to me if you'd like, I just want the pain profile image to be 600x450, so that they're all the same.

    And I've been personally cropping alternate pictures (if available) for the front page. thats all.
  8. Ah, usually when I run I don't give a hoot about that sorta thing. As long as the CS is in order I'm good.
  9. Yeah. I get REALLY anal about things.

    I require Identified posts as well, with picture and name. dont have to look good or anything, just those two things.

    I'm super OCD.. TBH this will be one of my first runs of this kind of RP, and im still working out plot points lol. but i figure ive got time for everyone to start introducing themselves before we need anything MAJOR. SPEAKING OF W H I C H>>>.....
  11. I'm interested.
    What's the boy/girl ratio at now? So I know what kind of chara to drum up for ya.
  12. 3g 2b so far.

    boys needed for suure. :>>>>

    theres another character incoming of unspecific gender, so ill let you have the benefit of the doubt. make whatever you feel you'll play well. :>
  13. I can go either way. I'll go ahead and make a boy and the incoming can do whatever. I'll have to start on it tomorrow though.
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  14. Sadly, I will have to drop out before I can start. I realized that I won't be able to catch up and keep up with all my other rps right now and I'm having internet troubles currently. Sorry >.< Maybe next time I can actually join. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  15. It would be nice to have the map of the building in the info thread. ;)
  16. UPDATE 2016/07/14:


  17. I wwwould loveee to join this (theres a clary??!??!?!!! would join in a heartbeat!)
    but immm still a bit new to writing <</3 so aaaaah
  18. I like your picture x3 It'll be inetresting to see what you can bring. If you get accepted of course.
  19. You're always welcome to apply, the nice thing about this premise is that it allows for easy character introductions.

    attach a writing sample of yours to your application, it'll help me to get a taste for your skills and understanding, and maybe even offer myself and the others a chance to help you with anything you might still have to get under your belt. :)
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  20. All right! I'll make sure to get one up as soon as I can!

    Also,, are faceclaims required? I'm not the best at finding fc's. :'00
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