Of Darkness and Light (1x1 with ~PurpleRose~)

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  1. Demons and Angels are age-old enemies, ever since the first of their kind. And that is the way it is always meant to be. Of course, there are some mess-ups here and there; a pair decide they are going to break the laws of nature and go against that sacred pact of mutual hatred that burns between the two species. But they never last very long. That is, if they are ever caught.

    Name: Zayne Hallewell
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Looks: [​IMG]
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  2. Name:Evianna Prezioso(meaning precious in Italian)
    (This is her face and hair)
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  3. Evianna walked through the streets of the city,her wings tucked neatly against her back by her leather jacket.Her red hair flowed behind her like a ribbon in the wind and she frustratedly tucked a few annoying strands behind her ear as they tickled her nose.Today she was off to find a job and she had managed to snag an interview with a CEO of a big shot company for the job of his assistant.Evianna didn't need the money-her family was very wealthy-but she opted to make her own living instead of living of her parent's money."I hope this goes well."She murmured to herself quietly.(I was wondering could he please be the CEO?I have a great idea on how this plot can go!)
  4. Mathias Hallewell gazed out through the windows that lined the walls of his office. The floor he was on had an amazing view of the city. All of the buildings, the streets, the civilians milling around, running to and fro like ants. So gullible, so easy to manipulate, so easy to control. Then there were the others... the angels. Ugh, the word set his blood to boil hotter than the depths of hell itself. If only they hadn't been created. His thoughts were interrupted by the beeping of the office phone. "Yes?" "An Evianna Prezioso is here to see you." Ah yes, the interview. "Send her up." He hung up the phone and sat behind his desk, folding his hands on the wooden surface. That name sounded distinctly divine; or at the very least, from another country. With his luck, she was probably another one of those italians. But there was a chance, still. And if she was one of those white feathered spoil-sports, today would be his lucky day.
  5. Evianna headed to the elevator after aquiring the directions from the secretary in the lobby.Wringing her hands nervously,she wiped her sweaty palms on her blue jeans and took deep breaths.Her nerves were finally getting the best of her as she anticipates the stopping of the elevator.As the doors parted, Evianna composed herself and headed to Mr.Hallewell's office.She knocked gently against the door,nervously tucking her fiery red hair behind her ear.
  6. "Come in." Called Mr. Hallewell as he heard the knock. He raised his eyes from the papers he had placed on his desk, acting busier than he was; when you had so many workers to do most of the work for you, there was no need to waste energy on trivial, mundane things. As soon as the girl entered, he began to pay very close attention to her. Did she walk with her shoulders back, very straight. The white wings were vain and prideful, for they were often gifted with beauty; something that this one didn't lack. Her hair was well kept, and her clothes were in order. Then again, humans too tended to be exceptionally dressed up for an occasion such as this. What was the phrase? 'Dress to impress'? There was nothing at first glance that screamed angel, but if she was one, he would notice. She had to slip up sooner or later.
  7. Evianna smiled at him trying to show her confidence but her posture showed her nervousness. Though her kind was known for their prideful and charming ways,she didn't share their arrogance nor their prideful ways.She may be beautiful but she never gloated about it or used it to achieve things.Evianna was in fact very humble and sweet to those aroun her,but at times her short temper would get the best of her and her words tended to be sharp and sarcastic."Um,hello.My name is Evianna Prezioso,it is a pleasure to meet you."She said politely with a kind smile.
  8. Manners, check. But the pride was lacking. How disappointing. 'Don't give up so quickly. Their kind is very tricky. Acting normal is something both of us are good at.' "So why did you choose to interview here? Surely there has to be a reason for this company to catch your attention over so many others." He leaned forward, chin balanced atop his folded hands. Searching for something, anything that could show what he was searching for. She was the fifth girl who had tried out for this position, so if she turned out to be just like every other human employee, he wouldn't be too surprised. But her name. He clung to the hope that it wasn't just his mind playing tricks on him. "And why work for me? Why not anyone else? What makes you so special?"
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  9. Evianna bit her lip as she was bombarded by questions and she swallowed before attempting to reply."Well a fried of mine informed me of your company having a job opening.I have experience in business and am a hard worker.The reason I chose your company over the others?I felt your company had more long term opportunity than the others.From what I've seen of your stocks your company seems like it will last in the long run and that is exactly what I'm looking for."She replied,expressing her knowledge as well as her reasons.Her charm did come in handy sometimes and her years of interning with her brother at his company really paid off.
  10. She wasn't spoiled either; she knew what she was talking about, which meant she had worked and knew about mundane life. Another strike against his suspicions. However, the phrase 'long term opportunity' almost made him laugh. The last unfortunate soul who had the ill fortune of being his assistant (of only two months) had met a very bad end, by his hand of course. No one knew that though, obviously; but the thought was quite amusing. "I see. You have quite the knowledgeable personality for a job such as this." He sighed, wondering how much longer he could stall. This was turning up as a dead end so far. Her name alone was not enough, and even that was starting to lack promise in his mind. Then he noticed her jacket. An idea crept into his mind. "It's awfully hot to be wearing such a stuffy jacket." It wasn't particularly warm, but surely she wouldn't mind removing her jacket. That is, unless she had something to hide.
  11. Evianna smiled brightly as he complimented her on her knowledge of business though her smile grew strained as he mentioned her jacket.She had hoped this man was human but if he pestered her more about her jacket she would be led to believe he was in fact a demon."I tend to get cold easily,so I just keep it on.Besides it is quite light and I don't feel much of the heat."She replied,easily lying about her reasons for the jacket.She hated lying but when it was for her safety she decided to push aside her beliefs.
  12. The man nodded understandingly, but it was difficult to contain his smirk. Last he checked, humans weren't particularly susceptible to the cold in a heated building. 'Caught you, darling.' "Of course." He leaned back in his chair, scribbling something down on the corner of one of the papers before replacing the pen on the desk. "Well then, Ms. Prezioso, I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and I will contact you when I have made my decision." He smiled charmingly and got to his feet, intending to walk her to the door. "But I've got to say, I think you're one of the most qualified that I've had interview for this position." Even if she did turn out the be just a human, which seemed more unlikely than ever, this situation was a win. If she was normal, they'd just kill her. After all, who's going to miss one little ant out of millions?
  13. Evianna noticed a strange gleam in his eyes and forced a happy smile upon her face as she stood as well."We'll I do hope I get this job."She replied cheerfully,turning to open the door,though she kept a close eye on mr.Hallewell in the corner of her eye.Her hand grabbed the cool metal and she turned it only to find when she opened it there were others standing there.She knew perfectly well that these 'People' were in fact Demons.'Just great.'She thought sarcastically.
  14. Mr. Hallewell tried to keep a good act, but he could tell she was on edge. Even more of a reason to believe she wasn't as normal as she was trying to seem. A normal human wouldn't think twice about any of this, wouldn't act suspicious. Most of them were too set on getting the job to become suspicious of something like that. When Evianna opened the door, only to find a couple of his 'coworkers' standing outside, he greeted them normally. Couldn't have her trying to run off just yet, after all. "Would you three show Ms. Prezioso out." He ushered her out of the doorway, taking note of the tell-tale shape of her jacket in the back. Today really was his lucky day. One of the men nodded politely, noticing the act, but able to catch on. "Come along, Miss."
  15. Evianna stiffened as she noticed the unspoken communication between the two demons."I think I can find my way out,no need to show me.I did manage to get here on my own didn't I?"She replied with a teasing smile as she tried to retain her charm and find a way out of this dangerous situation.She knew the Demons were going to try and fool her into believing she was safe but she was hoping there would be an escape route somewhere along the way.
  16. "As you wish." Mr Hallewell got a confused look from the three others. "She said she can find her own way out. Go back to work." After a few glances amongst the group and a moment of hesitation, the three men walked off down the hallway and out of sight. "Well then, it was a pleasure meeting you. Have a nice day." He flashed her a final smile before turning and going back into the office, closing the door behind him. He quickly pulled out his phone and sent a message. Make sure she doesn't escape. He was not going to let this one get away.
  17. Evianna breathed a sigh of relief and headed towards the elevator.She was still tense though,the only way she was really going to relax was when she stepped foot out those doors and never returned.She hated to turn down this job but she would rather be jobless and alive than be with a job and dead.As the doors to the elevator closed infront of her she sighed and watched the numbers count down her decent to the lobby.
  18. There weren't just three demons there, of course. Scattered among the humans were several others, who all inconspicuously joined in this game of cat and mouse. The only exit that wasn't blocked was the front, as that would be too obvious. However, side streets and alleyways on both sides were the perfect place to spring a sneak attack. So unless this clever young angel decided to show her wings to the world, she was trapped; she just didn't know it yet.
  19. Evianna stepped out of the elevator catiously,her emerald green eyes darting around the lobby to look for anymore Demons.She spotted a few scattered throughout the crowd of people but they didn't seem to care she was there.Quickening her pace,she speed walked out of the building heading back to her apartment where she hoped they wouldn't follow her.She knew how to fight but she wasn't the best at it,especially not against a group of demons.
  20. As soon as Evianna left the building, the chase was on. Once they figured out which way she was heading, the demons snuck through the backstreets and alleyways, keeping up with her but out of sight. At one point, they got ahead of her, and, as a group, waited for their moment to strike. This street wasn't very crowded; not as many witnesses. "She's coming this way." One male told them, jumping down from fire escape to fire escape from the roof of a building. Footsteps, hurried and desperate. Definitely close. Just as she sprinted past the first wall, one of the demons grabbed her by the arm and yanked her into the shadows of the alley. The others blocked off the escape routes, grinning dangerously. "Well well, what do we have here?"
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