Of Darkness and Light (1x1 with princessyuna)

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  1. Looks
    [​IMG] (except no orange; wings only in demon form)

    Demetrius (Demetri) Morganti
    Gender: Male
    Age: Looks about 20; actual age= around 150
    The sun was beginning to set, and the shadows grew larger, spreading across the forest like a thick cloak. A shield, one might say. Not that the darker inhabitants of this forest were exactly dependent on the cover of night; it was more of a luxury. And the fact that prolonged exposure sunlight- or any bright light, for that matter- wasn't too kind to their health. Moonlight was much more preferred among them.

    Among the branches of a tall pine tree sat a young man. Young, by demon standards, that is. Ancient by mortal standards, nearing a century and a half. Demetrius Morganti is what he goes by, among his own kind. The humans tended to call him 'monster' or another such trivial nickname. As if they feared saying what he actually was. The word demon seemed to terrify most mortal beings; except a select group. The hunters, or slayers, depending upon the person. Some who vanquish only the threats they face, and others who go out of their way and make it their mission to defeat every demonic creature alive. The latter kind was foolish, but dangerous in their determination if one was not careful. The former was much more reasonable... usually.

    Demetrius looked out over the city that he and his clan now considered theirs. It might as well be, beyond the influence of the hunters within its bounds. Rarely did they actually hunt among the streetlights, however; luring out unfortunate and foolish mortals was more befitting. The forest was their home, after all, so who could blame them for feasting upon the creatures who enter it? That was the view of those surrounding Demetri, anyway. The rest of his kind, on the other hand, often crossed the boundaries of the city when night fell, and ransacked houses. Some even needlessly slaughtered humans, like animals, for their own amusement. The thought of these pathetic creatures- his clan calls them rogues- made him scowl and sigh with heavy annoyance. The nerve of some, to trespass into another clan's land and cause unnecessary distress, especially at the cost of the rest of their kind. His distaste for them, perhaps, even rivaled that of the hunters themselves.

    Once the sun had partly fallen behind the horizon, Demetri made his way down from the treetops. His clan was probably looking for him, now that night was falling. The wind brushed his shadowed black bangs into his face, and with a distasteful click of his tongue he flung the hair away from his line of vision. 'Why didn't I just cut these stupid bangs off?' His sister would kill him. She has always liked his hair long. It reminded her of their mother. He put his hands into the pockets of his long black cloak- a piece of clothing that he always wore during the day, to protect himself from the sunlight- and walked along the forest path, away from the edge of the city. It was then that the wind wafted a familiar scent his direction. His footsteps halted, and he leapt back into the trees, following the source of the smell. A particularly human scent. One of the very few that he personally could identify. 'It's her. Must be chasing down another rogue again. Damn vultures; the sun has barely gone down and they've already begun snatching up prey. Pathetic.'

    ((Sorry, that was a bit long and ramble-ish))​
  2. The sun was starting to set, which changed the mood of the day entirely. During the peak hours of the sun's reign was the moment of peace that humans were able to enjoy for a good amount of time, but when the night fell, humans refused to roam around because they feared the creatures that lurked around at night. Then there was a woman named Victoria, or V, as most called her. She never feared the night because she hunted her demon prey, getting rid of the demons that caused chaos. These demons stood no chance against her because she had no remorse of driving a blade through their hearts.

    Victoria had happened to be wandering the forest, decorated with weapons a hunter would normally have. Guns strapped at her hips, revolvers to be exact, that held powerful shots. A crossbow was strapped to her back, which was a gift from a priest in her journey. Her body was covered with a maroon colored cloak that shielded her clothing and identity. A cloth was pulled over to cover the bottom half of her face when her hood was up. Crimson hair peaked out, and green eyes that pierced the hearts of souls. Her body was slender underneath the cloak, though she held slight muscle definition that complimented her body type. She was also a little on the tall side, but it went well with her long legs.

    A demon crossed her path, and she quickly pulled the crossbow from the straps on her back. However, the demon took notice of her and bared it's teeth before running off. A "tsk" sound came from her lips and she had chased it down, crossbow in hand. Chasing it through the thick forest, making sure not to fall over and trip on the roots of trees. A certain screech came to her ears and she quickly spun on her heel, but was too late as a creature tackled her down to the ground, knocking the weapon from her hand as she pushed it up to prevent it from biting her. With all of her might, she kicked it in the stomach and it backed off for a moment. Before it could lunge at her, a revolver was in her hand and she shot it in the forehead. The demon fell onto the ground, and the hunter finally stood to her feet. The other beast was no where to be found, but at least she killed one of them. A sigh fell from her lips and she pulled a match from the small pouch that was strapped to her thigh, striking it against the material of the armor she had on her forearm and tossed the lit match onto the demon to watch the body go up into flames.

    Leaning against a tree, she watched the body burn until it was no more. There were more to hunt and the night was still young.

  3. Demetrius leaped from tree to tree in pursuit of the scent which the wind carried. This hunter he was seeking had been an item of his interest for almost a year. He didn't know much about her, besides her impressive fighting ability. Her strength was what had originally caught, and kept, his attention. Especially for a human female. It was rare, even now, that a hunter was female. Perhaps the humans thought women were too weak, or too dumb. To demons, females were creatures to be protected and respected. If they could help it, they would not take the life of a human woman. But that was just the mindset of Demetri's clan. Who was to say the rest of their kind. He knew for sure the rogues did not discriminate, so long as the victim was young and full of life. Another reason the rational demons held a severe distaste for those whose violence threatens the safety of the entire race as a whole.

    A loud screech told Demetri that he was close; and he neared the fight just before the hunter fired a shot through the demon's head. He stayed several trees away, knowing that he had to be wary around her. Especially now. Hunters have always been trained to sense demons from a short distance, to help prevent them from sneak attacks. And after a fight, she would be especially on guard. The strong scent of smoke rose into the air as she set the fallen creature on fire. A smart idea, as it would prevent any ability to regenerate if the demon had such an power. As this occurred, however, he saw another demon lurking at a distance. It's animalistic appearance proved it was a rogue; they tended to stay in their full-demon form, as if they believed that their human-like form hindered them. How befitting of the loathsome creatures. And how degrading for the entirety of demon-kind. He kept a close watch on it as it circled around, keeping it's distance as it figured out a plan of attack. Another shift of movement, and he realized another demon had been drawn in, having heard the fight. Had an entire clan been nearby? How unfortunate. Demetrius glanced toward the huntress, wondering how many she could take on at once without much difficulty. If she seemed overwhelmed, perhaps he would step in. Otherwise, why ruin a perfectly good show. After all, it was amusing to watch these low-born beasts be destroyed by the very being that they would feast upon. The rogues began to gather, one by one, into the area surrounding the slayer female, some drawing closer and into her line of vision while others stayed hidden to plot. 'This should be fun.'
  4. These demons were getting closer, attracted by the aftermath of the battle. The smell of the burning flesh of their kin brought them together, wanting to take upon a revenge on the hunter that leaned against the tree. Victoria was expecting these creatures to come forth, but she didn't expect to see them so soon. That is why she thought ahead and set up traps before her hunt. She always had to be one step ahead, especially in this game.

    Rogue demons came in her line of vision, and a grin crossed her features. Her eyes watched as one crawled in front of her, which did not make her budge as it snarled at her. "Let the games begin," she spoke. In one swift moment, she pulled a dagger from the holster on her leg and then threw it into a tree. A screech of pain came from the shadows of the tree and the winged creature fell from it. The demon in front of her lunged at her, which she dodged by ducking and moving to the side.

    Before it could lunge at her again, she swiftly kicked it back and shot a bullet through its heart. Now the demons were swarming, coming close as they started to dislike how she was mudering their kin. As they came forth, a trap was triggered and silver arrows released from the trees to impale into them. There were only a few traps that were set, and more demons were sure to come.
  5. ((Sorry such a late response. I had a bit of writers block and got distracted by homework))

    As the battle began, Demetrius watched from his vantage point. The huntress's movements were very calculated and quick; she was quite an impressive strategist. Her speed made her quite an opponent indeed. The only thing that could give the demons an upper hand against this hunter was their numbers. If they used their strength as a mass, they might stand a chance of overwhelming her. As the large group began to move in all together, he watched in near amazement as her skillfully set traps took out the majority of the swarm. When had she set those? With each battle he observed, this young female become more and more entertaining. Her talent had grown over the past year. It was a pity her strength wasn't appreciated or respected enough by her own kind; then again, female slayers had never seemed to be commonly accepted for some reason. She deserved more recognition, in his opinion, based upon what he'd heard from his comrade among the hunters.

    The wounded demons hissed, many too badly injured to continuing fighting. Those that still had enough strength took the front lines and glared fiercely at the huntress who had maimed and killed so many of them. Their numbers were dwindling, but Demetri held no doubt that the injured rogues would call in more of their kind to back them up soon enough. So instead of allowing them to recoup, he decided to step in. Staying out of sight, he jumped from the tree he had been watching from for a while, and lept into another one. Then another, until he was close enough to the battle to aid the mysterious slayer. Of course, he stayed far enough in the shadows to defend himself, if the hunter decided to be less than grateful for his assistance. His hand began to glow with a bright flame, which he aimed in the direction of the rogue demons. A wall of blue fire grew from the spot that his flame had struck, slowly encircling the huntress; both to protect him from a counter-attack, and to protect her from the demons as more began to appear on the outskirts of the battlefield. The rogues began to back off, looking around in an attempt to locate the perpetrator. It was well known among them that only a pureblooded demon could wield such a power; and also, that they were trespassing into a pureblood's territory. The group begrudgingly began to dissipate, still growling at the huntress. They knew they wouldn't be able to get to her, so long as the shield surrounding her remained intact. And they had no intention of picking a fight with a pureblood, if they valued their lives.

    'She deserved at least this much, for the amount of rogues she's already taken out.'
  6. The flames from an unknown source made the huntress realize that another demon was lurking in the shadows. Her muscles relaxed slightly as she watched the lesser demons retreat back into the shadows. They would want to have their revenge, but that wouldn't come for some time considering that they had to recruit more of their kin together. Underestimating her was a poor choice on their part and they seemed to think that a pureblood demon was her partner, which was far from the truth.

    Victoria felt a slight sting on her shoulder, and she brought her hand up to place it on top of it. Now she looked at her palm, seeing that there was blood coming from her shoulder. The wound was tolerable, but she knew that she should tend to it as soon as possible. Any rouge demon scratch could cause infection when not treated right away, which was troublesome.

    "Show yourself, demon, I can sense you in the shadow," she spoke, not bothering to look up to where she knew he was. All she did was toss her cloak to the side, revealing the clothing she had underneath. A brown corset that wss over a loose long sleeve shirt, and biege pants that were tucked into knee high brown boots. The white shirt was torn at her right shoulder where the wound was and she tore off the sleeve.

    Reaching into the pouch on her thigh, she grabbed a small bottle and twisted the cap open. "Let me properly thank you for helping, even if I didn't need it. You pureblood demons have a distinctive aura that I can sense," she spoke again. She poured some of the clear liquid in her hand then rubbed it on her shoulder. A scowl went to her face, feeling the harsh sting of the liquid. Treating wounds was the worst.
  7. ((So sorry, I could have sworn I replied))

    "Show yourself, demon, I can sense you in the shadow." Demetrius shifted on his branch, looking down at the huntress. He debated whether or not he should come down from the tree. Could she be trusted not to shot him on the spot? "The moment you turn a weapon on me, I'll be forced to rethink my choice in rescuing you. So please, do be smart and keep that gun of yours pointed away from me." With that, he lept down from branch to branch until his feet landed on the grassy floor of the forest. Demetri knew better than to walk right out into the clearing, so he kept some distance and remained more behind her than beside; just a precaution. If she turned on him, he would have enough of a warning to escape back into the trees and out of sight. "Let me properly thank you for helping, even if I didn't need it. You pureblood demons have a distinctive aura that I can sense." "Then you've probably noticed we don't act like that." He replied, watching as she tended to her wound. "If only the rest of your kind would learn the distinction between us." His path twisted around her, staying at least a few trees away from her to enable him defense in case she decided she was less than grateful for his assistance. Which would be very foolish indeed.

    "I wouldn't go picking fights with every demon that crosses your path, though. There are some of us who try to coexist, despite the stereotypes you humans place on all of us, lumping us with that despicable scum that we must call our lower brethren." Demetrius leaned against a tree, his silver eyes set on the huntress, watching her every move and prepared to defend at any moment. What a shame it would be to have to cut this meeting short, or even be force to fight her. After all, she was quite a talented fighter. No match for him, of course. "I've seen less demons take down a hunter, yet you took on an entire clan without any sort of back-up." A playful smirk quirked the edges of his lips. "It's a pity there a not more like you among your ranks."
  8. A small laugh escaped from Victoria's lips as he mentioned not wanting her to turn her weapon on him. She wasn't naive, there was no use killing someone who helped her, even it was a demon. Her guns were placed back in thier holsters, considering that she didn't need them anymore. Her hand soon applied pressure to her woundee shoulder to prevent any bleeding.

    "Not many hunters choose to learn the differences of demons and they just want all of them to die," she told him. At least she trained herself to categorize the ones that were threats while the others weren't much of one. Just like this demon before her.

    "I have no interest in fighting you," she mentioned. It would be a waste of energy if she did fight him. "I don't classify as those other hunters. They think that I do things strange, which is why they stay far from me. Everything I do is for my own personal gain, not because I should do it."
  9. Demetrius narrowed his eyes a little at her laughter, wondering what was amusing her. Given the fact that she was busy tending to her injured shoulder, he figured he was safe; at least, for the time being. "Not many hunters choose to learn the differences of demons and they just want all of them to die." 'So very true.' Demetri thought, chuckling softly himself at this comment. "I have no interest in fighting you," The demon's eyes widened a bit, caught off guard. That was a first, and very unexpected. Especially coming from a hunter. Who would have ever thought a human trained to kill demons would be disinterested in fighting one, despite whether or not they had just helped them fend off a fight. "Well now, isn't that interesting." He murmured softly to himself under his breath. Only now did he allow his guard down ever so slightly. Humans were deceitful creatures by nature, he'd previously found, so it was his nature to be wary and air on the side of caution; lest the past repeat itself.

    "I don't classify as those other hunters. They think that I do things strange, which is why they stay far from me. Everything I do is for my own personal gain, not because I should do it."

    "You really are a strange one, aren't you." Demetri mused, chuckling. He jumped back into the trees, finding it easier and faster to move larger distances by jumping from branch to branch rather than running on foot. Besides, the treetops were safer. He landed a tree away from the huntress, studying her curiously. She was oddly calm. Most in her situation would have been on edge, expecting an attack, and very defensive. Of course, he knew that if he made one wrong move, she wouldn't hesitate to fight. But that's what entertained him most; her spirit. His shoulder leaned against the tree, Demetri glanced around, noticing the last few rogues had left. Some stupidly brave ones had stuck around, as if they intended on continuing the fight despite him. But they had disappeared when he had made his appearance. His silver eyes focused back on the woman. "If only the rest of the hunters thought like that. Then no one would have an issue except the filthy rogues. You'd think people would figure out it's better to fight a common enemy together rather than create another enemy. But not all humans can be blessed with such intelligence."
  10. Victoria heard him go into the trees, but didn't say a word. She was relatively calm, even after being wounded. This demon showed no threat, that is why she kept to herself. Her back leaned back against a tree, crossing her arms over her chest and stared down at the ground. "You are right, some of us humans are not that intelligent, and I can vouche for that. Hunters can be idiotic, and those who aren't hunter lack common sense. That is why I do not classify as one of those idiotic beings."

    She glanced up for a moment as she heard distant voices, making her let out a sigh. Pushing herself from the tree, she got ready to come face to face with the other hunters that came her way, dropping the conversation with the demon for now.

    "Ah, V, we smelt a stench of demons wafting through the air, and of course it was you," a hunter spoke as he came forth. Two others stood behind him, all wearing similar green cloaks. The three of them worked as a team. "You seem to be injured."

    The redhead rolled her eyes, and placed her hand over her shoulder. "It doesn't concern you, Joven," she spoke. "Take your band of misfits elsewhere."

    Joven stepped forward and raised his hand to stroke her face. "Sometimes I feel that you are not on our side, but then again, you are a free spirit," he spoke, his eyes were narrowed and then he glanced up to the trees. "Like how you haven't tried to kill the demon that has been lingering around."
  11. Demetri caught onto the presence of the other slayers a split second before the huntress, and he quickly shifted into the shadows. Returning to the branches of the tree, he observed the scene from a little ways away. It was at times like this that he was glad he had dark hair; the poor silver haired, or otherwise light haired, demons were at an unfortunate disadvantage if they were attempting to hide. He listened as the other hunters struck up a conversation, grinning to himself as they mentioned her name; or at least a nickname. 'V. I wonder what her name actually is. But that is good enough for me.' Finally, a name to associate with this talent young woman; something other than 'the huntress'. It was beginning to get dull. As the leader of the three hunters raised his hand to touch her face, his eyes narrowed. 'He can't be her lover, could he? I haven't seen him around her before.' Not that it mattered to him. "Like how you haven't tried to kill the demon that has been lingering around." Demetri stiffened, remembering what 'V' had told him about the hunter's ability to sense a pureblood demon's presence. But how focused this ability was, he was unsure. The hunters didn't seem particularly dangerous, so he could probably fight if need be. The demon preferred not having to waste his energy.
  12. Victoria let out a scoff and grabbed his wrist, squeezing it to show that she meant business. She wanted him to leave, not linger. This was her area to patrol for the night, not theirs. Not like they had areas to patrol, but hunters usually did claim their territory silently. "Leave, Joven, I do not want you here."

    Joven pulled his arm from her grip, sneering at her. "You better watch yourself, V, or you can get yourself in trouble and no one is going to save you," he warned. He rubbed his wrist, trying to soothe the pain that throbbed there, forgetting how strong she truly was. It may have looked like she was weak, but she was far from it. He pushed past her, shoving her in her injured shoulder hard as he went. His two followers were close on his trail.

    She cursed under her breath as soon as he left, and leaned back on the tree again. "Demon, you know your rogue species well," she said out loud, "This wound is not like any other I have received. Would you inspect it for me?"
  13. Even toward those of her own kind, the woman was cold and detached. Or maybe it was just this man that got on her nerves. Demetri couldn't blame her; if another demon troubled him like that while he was patrolling, his reaction wouldn't differ much. This show of defiance against the typically passive nature that he had observed with human women was quite interesting, though. Then again, V wasn't a normal woman. A passive slayer would not get far. "You better watch yourself, V, or you can get yourself in trouble and no one is going to save you," He winced a little as her hurt shoulder was shoved, and glared at the backs of the retreating hunters. Those kind of humans were the worst kind; almost as bad as the rogues, in his mind. No, definitely worse. At least the rogues did not pose a direct threat to his clan. He had already lost several comrades to slayers who indiscriminately slaughter any demon that crosses their path. No doubt these were the same way, given their demeanor when they sensed his presence earlier.

    "Demon, you know your rogue species well. This wound is not like any other I have received. Would you inspect it for me?"

    Demetri set his attention back on V, and made his way out of the trees after making sure that the other hunters were out of range. "A huntress asking her enemy for aid." He teased playfully, chuckling. "What would your comrades think?" She wouldn't care what they thought, nor would she let anyone know about this, he thought. A lone huntress like her seemed more likely to pridefully refuse aid from their enemy rather than refuse due to fear of judgment. Knowing she wouldn't attack him, he had no qualms with helping her with the wound. Demetri came to her side, gently taking hold of her arm to hold her still as he inspected her injury. "Lucky for you, you aren't poisoned." He said, glancing up to meet her eyes. "It looks like you got struck by a bleeding demon, and their blood got into your wound. It wasn't enough to seriously hurt you, but it's enough to slow your healing. The best you can do is binding the wound to slow the bleeding. I would also suggest seeking medical help; otherwise, it might fester." Demetri let go of her arm, stepping back again. "By the way, you can call me Demetri. I don't go by 'demon' any more than you go by 'human'."
  14. Victoria watched as the demon came close to her so he could inspect her wound. Her eyes observed him, taking in his features. If he wasn't what he was, she would have find him alluring. However, those thoughts had to be pushed away because of what he was. What he said about her wound made her sigh in frustration, not wanting to seek aid from any hunter. Hunters helped other hunters if they liked them, and so far no one was on her side since she was a lone hunter with an attitude problem.

    "Well, Demitri, thank you for your aid earlier," she spoke, not looking away from his eyes. She was being completely genuine to him and he would be able to see that since she didn't look away from him. "You may just call me V, that is what everyone else calls me. I will stick with that because I don't mind."

    She glanced the forest floor for a moment and walked to a plant that was growing. Taking a piece of it, she placed it in her mouth and chewed on it briefly before pulling it out. Taking off the bandage, she pressed the chewed plant on her wound and let out a sigh. "This will hold me over until I find a healer," she said, "Which might be awhile."
  15. Demetri took note of V's observing him as he looked over her wound, but pretended not to notice. 'It's almost as if she has an interest in me. The poor thing. How amusing.' He held back the temptation to laugh at the thought. A huntress like her harboring such thoughts for her prey? That would be truly a sight to be seen. He would convinced that he'd never have such a problem. Following her for the past year or so was not a matter of romantic interest in the slightest. In a way, it was like a child and their toys; they can't stand to see them broken. That was the extent of his interest in her. That, and the fact that she could be of use to him. An ally on the inside, working for the opposition... not that she was particularly involved in the inner workings of the hunter's society. "Well, Demitri, thank you for your aid earlier. You may just call me V, that is what everyone else calls me. I will stick with that because I don't mind." It didn't go unnoticed by Demetri how V's gaze rarely strayed from his. A feat, mind you, that most demons avoided. But this human woman... this strange, gutsy mortal... he dared to meet his eyes, and even too look into them for an extended amount of time.

    Demetri watched in curiosity as the huntress turned from him and picked off a part of a plant. "You humans have an odd taste in what is edible." He murmured, chuckling. But as she removed the plant from her mouth and replaced the makeshift bandage with it, he soon realized what she'd intended to accomplish with her supposedly pointless action. 'A healing herb? Impressive. Or even if it isn't, she obviously knows what she's doing. Even I couldn't figure it out.' She really was a clever woman. Oh, how fun this was.
  16. Victoria glanced at him again, letting a slight laugh escaped her lips at his curiousness. She probably threw him off guard when she placed the herb on her wound. Humans did have a strange way of doing things, things that demons didn't have to do. Demons had faster healing abilities than mortals, so they didn't have to do these things.

    "I would rather not ask those bloody hunters to help me," she spoke, feeling troubled that she would have to ask that trio for help. She wouldn't even ask any other helper. The medics in the village had no idea how to heal demon wounds, so she had to go to a hunter. Unless...

    "Are you keen on healing wounds? I know demons have healing abilities, but it doesn't hurt to ask," she mentioned. Her gaze went back to his, knowing well that demons weren't keen on eye contact. It was either intimidating, or provoking. However, she was doing neither.
  17. As V mentioned her distaste in the idea of having to ask other hunters to help her, Demetri couldn't help but smirk. So typical of her, he would expect no different from a strong willed and free spirited woman such as her. "Are you keen on healing wounds? I know demons have healing abilities, but it doesn't hurt to ask." 'How shameless she is in asking for help from her enemy.' He thought. 'She would rather seek aid from a demon than a fellow hunter. The rest of her kind has caused themselves a bitter loss by shunning her.' And there she went again, with the staring. "I am not a healer." He responded simply, glancing away from her a few times. The constant eye contact was almost unnerving, given how rarely it occurred usually. And especially since it was a human. Sad, a demon being unnerved by a mortal. "But I'll see what I can do." Demetri stepped forward again, gently peeling away the plant. It had done very little found her shoulder, since her removal of the bandage hadn't helped staunch the blood flow from the wound. He thought for a moment, debating what action he could take to aid the huntress. "Hold still. This may hurt. But not as much as your neck being burned." His hand began to glow with the same blue flame as before, and he held his palm near her skin, just over the wound. The thought was that he might be able to evaporate some of the blood, which could eliminate the majority of the demon's blood that was preventing the wound from healing properly while also slowing the bleeding itself. However, this was just on a hunch, so he wasn't so sure how it would work out. He'd try not to burn her too badly.
  18. Victoria was able to handle pain, but this was scorching pain. Of course the healing process would differ from demon to human, and it felt like healing seemed to be worst. Only a few more seconds and she slightly pushed him away, taking a step back from him. "That's enough, it feels like you are burning me from the inside," she commented. "But thank you."

    She grabbed her cloak, placing it back on. "You know, you don't go around unnoticed, I realize that you watch me, but I never say anything," she stated, and ran her hand through her hair. Untying a ribbon from her wrist, she put it in her hair to tie it up in a ponytail.

    "It feels like I know you, Demitri, but I know that I don't." She leaned back against a tree and crossed her arms over her chest. "Why have you been watching me?"
  19. Demetri pulled his hand back when V stepped away and told him to stop. Perhaps humans were too fragile to stand that method of healing. Of course, he knew very little about the topic, so maybe he hadn't even helped her at all. On closer inspection, it did seem that the bleeding had slowed at least a little. "You know, you don't go around unnoticed, I realize that you watch me, but I never say anything." Demetri was caught off guard by this; he had always been so careful to keep a good distance between him and the huntress whenever he was around. But he must have underestimated her ability to sense his presence. "It feels like I know you, Demitri, but I know that I don't. Why have you been watching me?" "Because you interest me." The demon replied bluntly. "You humans always seems to travel in groups, but you prefer to be alone. Your talent at fighting is exceptional." He fell silent, a smirk quirking the edge of his lips. "Your fights are always entertaining. The other hunters are so dull and predictable. You, on the other hand, are much harder to predict." Demetri sighed, leaning back against the same tree and looking up through the leaves and branches at the moon that was barely peeking out into the night sky. "Besides, you could be the key to the rogue problems. You, and all your kind. But especially you."
  20. Victoria glanced at him for a moment with risen brow before looking up at the night sky. "You speak highly of me when there is no reason to. I am just a hunter that simply likes to work on my own, there is nothing extravagant about that." It was odd being so close to this demon without having thoughts of slaying him. However, he did help her with the rogue demons from before, and almost helped with the wound. If other hunters saw this interaction, they would think of her as a traitor and she would let them think that way.

    "Rogue demons are pests and don't follow any certain command. While demons like you seem to have common sense, and are more civilized," she said thoughtfully. That seemed to be the correct assumption since Demetri didn't do anything to attack her right away. Rogue demons would strike her in a heartbeat because of the aura she gave.

    "My only goal is to control the rogue demon population, and then we can live at peace. If that will work."
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