Of Cowboys and Kings

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So the roleplay seems to be just two players now. Is anything going to happen anytime so where we can all get involved and do something? I've stopped checking this site because there's no need to.
Nice to see that the rest of the community has nothing of value to offer. o______o

I'm having some time management issues, but players are always more than welcome to be more aggressive and make things happen when I am unavailable to post. Take a lesson from Fluffy and Jumi who are telling their stories without needing to be led around by their noses!
That's really ridiculous to say. We don't have anything to offer? You've put the whole lot of players on a time schedule because they're to meet their employer in the morning. It's stuck at night time, none of the characters really know each other because nothing has happened to pull them together and besides that the only sort of roleplay that could be done is drinking or sleeping or a date.

If you didn't have the time to lead another roleplay, perhaps you shouldn't have made another one. If you're putting dead ends everywhere and leaving the thread hanging then you can't really expect anything from all of us.

I'm going to drop out though and you can delete my profile from this site. I haven't seen any other roleplay that interests me and this one is obviously on its way to a quick death.
Patience is a virtue.

Anyway, sorry to see you go. Iwaku will still be around for if you change your mind. Diana works very hard on the site and she works very hard at home to care for her family. There's no need to lecture her or insult her. She does have a tendency to overwork herself with roleplays, but she still gets to them; she always does.

This roleplay will get moving, if you're willing to wait. Otherwise, feel free to contact me. I'm always open to plotting with another member.
I was being sarcastic about IWAKU having nothing to offer YOU, since my sweet seems to think nothing else on Iwaku is entertaining enough to keep you here. >:[

But that's okay. You've already made up your mind that I suck and Iwaku is boring. So I hope you find a site that can entertain you.

As for the rest of you, go ahead and start a new day if you need to. I don't know how soon I can post. >:[ You can make a big deal about Careen not showing up for her own meeting, as use it as a plot device.
My first post was not insulting, I was just curious and I was wondering where everyone else was since only a couple people were posting consistently. And she replied with irritation and sarcasm, so of course I became annoyed (I hadn't specifically directed it towards Diana). I know she works hard on the site and has a family, which is why I suggested that she isn't in so many roleplays but obviously I don't make decisions for other people: it was just a suggestion.

And I never said that I think you suck, I think you're a very good roleplayer and that's why I joined the roleplay to begin with. But there was nothing happening for quite a while, so I decided to ask about it. What's wrong with that? I wasn't insulting anyone with my first post and I think you became overly defensive in response.
Then I apologize for getting the wrong impression. o__o It vexed me to hear you say that you had no reason to come back to the site because of little activity in this roleplay, when there is so much more Iwaku has to offer. And I hate to see someone judge the site as a whole, just because I'm slacking myself. I get very defensive about the community. *Cough*

So yes, I apologize that... And if you intend to stay feel free to go ahead and post crazy without me, throw in your own plotlines and when I get off my ass, I will roll and adapt. XD But I also hope you will branch out and check other areas of the site too. .__.
I will branch out. I didn't mean to start an argument on here, so I am sorry about that. I had been rude in my posts. So I hope there are no hard feelings.
Naw, no hard feelings... XD I think everyone is just a little stressed this week with all the craziness going on. I'm sorry about that.
What's the status of this roleplay? I owe Jumi a post, but we didn't want this RP to be flooded with our 1 on 1 interaction. That's why I've been putting it on hold. n__n;
I think I have to drop as GM. t_____t I don't have enough lovebunnies to chase people down and push through it.

But if anyone wants to continue it and take it over, be my guest. XD Everyone can show up at the meeting place and then go "WTF Where is Careen?" and find her ship out of town but no woman. >:D That'll give ya a nice mystery to solve.

Forgive me. >< just didn't work out for me with this one.