Of Cowboys and Kings


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Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy, Thriller, Space Exploration, Slice of Life

Posting Expectations: Frequent posting or you might be left behind. Characters CAN catch up!
Rating: R For potential. >:D
Genre: Space Fantasy Western
Atmosphere/Mood: A little bit of everything! Fast paced fights, drama, comedy, and fun!

With the discovery of a new solar system with habitable planets on the very outskirts of the solar system, many have ventured out to claim property, lands, and even power. Being so far out away from civilization, it's as good as the wild west. Of Cowboys and Kings, there is money to be made and empires to grow!

Careen Calliente is one of those ambitious people. With one infamous family history to try and forget, and a lot of cash to back her up, she intends to build an empire from the ground up. She's purchased a huge amount of land on the planet Moraz9 and has deemed her Queen of her new country. ...Now all she has to do is convince people to become her followers and protect her land from other unsavory individuals that are starting to get the same ideas.

Major blend of sci-fi, western, and fantasy. This IS a high tech sci-fi universe, but being on the "outskirts" you'll see a lot of poor people with shitty tech and gobs of western style. The fantasy rolls in with the new world people are trying to colonize and the "dream" fantasy styled empires. I am aaall for people mixing fantasy style and scifi style races. >:D Why the hell not.

Just copy-paste and fill out the simple sheet below and you're accepted. You don't need bio approval, and in the tiny chance something might be wrong, I'll just let you know.


[noparse]Character Name:
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History: [/noparse]


Careen Calliente: 28/F Has purchased huge amounts of land and intends to be a Queen. She just needs suckers citizens.
Wesley "Wes" Colton: 27/m Frontier Marshall/Bounty Hunter on a quest of righteous justice.
Annette "Anny" Walters: 26/f Singer, Singing for living!
Klaani: 24/f alien, Assassin/Criminal just trying to survive.
Orlando 'Ochitoru' orain: 29/m vampire like alien, Renegade and Rockstar making a living
Misa Kional: 25/f Engineer who gets in trouble for her gambling habit!
Celon: 28/m alien, Vigilante Assassin who is out on the job.
Garrik Tulokiir 26/m Native of the planet and determined to protect what's his.
Maxwell Dillon: 28/m Gun for hire, technically dead and looking for his killers.
Varkas Turgan: 28/m Thief & Pilot seeking employment and wanting to repair his voice.
Travis: 21/m Tech & Lunatic who is out on the run and looking for work.

I'm too lazy to copy and paste my bio sheet, so I am just posting ----> THE LINK TO CAREEN!
Character Name
Wesley "Wes" Colton



Gunfighter, Bounty Hunter, "Frontier Marshal"



General Appearance

Current Goal/Purpose:
To survive day by day, and to make sure some semblance of justice remains on the Frontier.

General Personality:
Wes is something of a loner. Straight-forward and confident, he also projects an air of arrogance and sometimes cold indifference. He speaks his mind, and rarely holds back-- he's the type that will tell someone they look horrible if they ask for his opinion, and sometimes, even if they don't. He enjoys the company of others, but he's not very good at dealing with this company.

General History:
With the discovery of an additional solar system with habitable planets, there was a rush of volunteers and pioneers to head out and start new lives. Wes' parents were some of those volunteers. They met one another on one of the space ships, and married before they made planet fall.

Wes was born soon there-after.

Development was slow, the planet proving to be a dust-ball more than anything else, but they tried and tried. Wes grew up being taught a strong foundation of hard work and dedication-- he also grew up with a fierce hatred of outlaws and bandits and criminals. Because the work was so hard and development slow-moving, many of the would-be pioneers turned to banditry to feed themselves. Wes saw many winters where starving and freezing would be a stark reality, because of these selfish criminals.

This background has shaped Wes' current life, and he has become a hard-boiled freelance detective, crime fighter, bounty hunter, and even outright outlaw. Wes has been banned from more than a few planets, having targeted powerful men for their corruption. This has not stopped his quest, nor has it stopped him from calling himself a Frontier Marshal, something this hole of the galaxy desperately needs.
Character Name:
Annette "Anny" Walters




General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose:
Just to live her life to the fullest and keep her audience entertained.

General Personality:
Anny doesn't flaunt her beauty and talents when complimented, even though she's keenly aware of these facts. She puts her heart and soul into her singing, and loves to be with people, despite her insecurity. Anny is also a hopeless romantic.

General History:
Annette grew up in a small town on a human inhabited planet with a dream of being a singer. Since neither of her parents cared to support her, she moved out, and took up a job at a bar where she'd sing for customers. Eventually, she was discovered by a record company that offered her a contract, which she excitedly accepted. She has one album out right now that has reached many different worlds, which she has also visited during tours. While all of this was glamorous, she has acquired physical and mental scars from men she wishes she hadn't trusted. Therefore, she's afraid to be alone with just one person, but realizes that while she's a beautiful, famous woman, people will be catching her by her lonesome.

Now, she's on Moraz9, to entertain at one of the local bars and take a break from the bigger populaces. She's also in search of a bodyguard to hire, and perhaps, some friends. The life as a star is glamorous, but in reality, all she has is herself.
Yes, you can make an alien race! :D It doesn't have to be just humans.
Character Name: Klaaniprochizachornitch
(Shortened to "Klaani" and with a name like that, do you REALLY want to even know her last name?)
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Assassin, Criminal
Age: This is unknown since her people have different measures of time than humans do. But going on a guess, her age would be close to 24
General Appearance: She is a humanoid, bipedal alien. She is about 7' tall, with most of her height coming from her long legs and neck. She has a long and slender body. Pale skin with a almost glowing blue cast to it. Her facial features are very akin to humans, though her eyes are slightly larger, glowing blue. She has a small nose and high cheekbones, and a mouth that's a little larger than most, the ends of her mouth end a few inches from where her ears would be, Though, her ears are merely holes within a slight depression in the skin. She has a few glowing green freckles on her face, and she has long silver hair pulled back into a braid. Her feet are slightly more reminiscent of ostriches. She wears a black tunic top and skintight shorts, with a harness that's fitted with an assortment of tools for her work. She wears no sort of footwear due to the fact that her feet are quite leathery. When she works as an assassin, she wears a suit that covers most of her body and her mouth and nose, as well as a hooded cloak, which will cast her face into shadows and keep her warm in the occasion of cold.
Current Goal/Purpose: Find a place to hide while trying to do her job.
General Personality: She appears to be nice on first glance, but behind all the courtesies and wonderful behaviors, a criminal lurks behind the facade, waiting to be contacted for her next job.
General History: Klaani is from a race that is known as Slahnick, which inhabits a small, fertile planet much like Earth, though its inhabitants don't look much like humans, they have acted in some of the same manners. Most of their natural resources are being used to power their technology. Klaani was originally a scout, searching other planets for similar resources, but after many years of searching, she found nothing, and could not return without the required items. So she looked around for jobs and ways to keep herself alive, this was just one of the best paying ways. She had made and lost friends, she has made and lost money, but she never lacked in skill, and she never lacked in will. She's determined to do what she has to, to survive. She needs a new place to hide at in between missions for now, though....
Character Name: Orlando 'Ochitoru' orain
Gender: Male
Race: Nosfear (humanoids witha vampire-like appearance and half-dead tendecies)
Job/Role: Renegade Bounty hunter/ Space Rockstar ( Well, more like techn-rock, but still.)
Age: 29
General Appearance: ( Picture coming soon)
Current Goal/Purpose: attain the means to build a bigger ship
General Personality: Staunch and jesterlike.
General History: Born on the outskirts, His parents were researchers on foreign planets. he learned to fend for himself on planets with wierd life-forms, unintellegent creatures.. had to die... but after awhile, he had more interest in singing and shredding guitar than shooting... thus began his rockstar career. However, his love of the hunt made him steer more towards the bountyhunter life. but once he had enough money, he's going to build himself a moving nightclub traveling through the universe to perform his music.

He has a spaceship in the shape of an estranged sword with jet wings and such. but its most prominent feature is that it is a biological device run by an A.I. called domina who appears on holograms as a greek goddess in black robes with vines everywhere. the ship seems to be a tree-like structure, but riddles with crystaline orbs. Orlando will attest to that he won it in a poker-game on the fringe.
Character Name: Misa Kional
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Engineer
General Appearance
:View attachment 2161http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3329/3508011567_106fe93214_z.jpg?zz=1
Current Goal/Purpose: She needs money to 'pay off' loans so what easier way to make money then to a new expanding planet that loan sharks can't easily track her down. She's pretty positive that their isn't going to be many engineers nor loan sharks here...well at least that's whats she's hoping...
General Personality: She's the type of girl that tells you how it is and some times.... actually quite a lot of the times it sounds mean and rude. However this is not how she intends is. When she 'knows' something she'll tell you.... Her mouth has gotten her in quite a lot of trouble. Other then that she can be easy to get along with.
General History: Misa was born to parents in a suburban setting. She graduated high school and then attended school for engineering. However she has her fathers nasty habit of gambling. Unlike her father she is horrible at it. Instead of paying off loans with her paychecks she spent them gambling and now owes huge amounts of money not only to the bank, but also loan sharks, her parents, and friends. Abandoning her former life, she hopes to erase her debts, by not paying them off, and quit gambling....maybe.... if she feels like it...

The link is by the pic, sorry it's so small, I didn't know how to make it larger -.-'
Character Name: celon
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Assasin/Vigilante
Age: 28
General Appearance: Amonkirans are very human like, except they are covered in fine fur, are degitigrades,(They do not walk on their heels.) their ears are broad and pointed, They have extremly dense muscles(making them very strong and fast), sharp pointed teeth, and their eyes are all one color. celon's fur is a silver/blue, and his eyes are a deep green. he is slightly larger than the average human.
Current Goal/Purpose: Live
General Personality: Amonkirans are an enigmatic species. No one knows where their homeworld is, no one has had contact with an Amonkiran government, It's almost like they just exist. In truth Amonkirans are an isolationist race, the ones that are encountered by other races are renagades and law breakers. On Amonkira if someone is exiled their memory is erased, so they cannot return or make the homeworld known to any aliens. the exiled are placed in places where they will fit in the best. All Amonkirans placed in human zones are political dissedents who disliked the governemnts level of control, so they are sent to reletively lawless areas. celon seems stoic and cold, but that is just a side effect of when his mind was erased. he believes srtongly in justice, and punishing wrongdoers. he isn't the kind of person that can be pushed around, or lets other people be pushed around. he is very smart, but most people wouldn't be able to tell, his line of profession doesn't require very much intelligence.
General History: he remembers very little of his past. he remembers being an enforcer of the law, he also remembers killing a criminal who used a loophole to escape punishment. he also remembers having a family, and that they are no longer living. beyond that all he has left are his skill from his past life. He tried to get into law enforcement but was unable to, Amonkirans are accepted but they aren't trusted. he turned to bounty hunting, he felt he would be able to make a living and distribute justice at the same time.
If this is sci-fi Cowboys, then surely there's a need for some sci-fi Indians?

Would Diana mind if Grumpy supplied such sci-fi Indians?
So.. we have a plethora of different kinds fo bounty hunters, some singers, an engineer... uhm.. damn, its outlaw star all over again!!! :D
I am totally cool with sci-fi indians, yes! XD

I didn't expect so many people so fast. O____O I'll get that IC ready asap.
[dash=#be171e]Character Name: Garrik Tulokiir (translates to 'Garrik the Kin-Slayer')

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Outcast Warrior of the Solamiir Tribe

Age: 26

General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose:
To track down his father's killer and discover why he was framed for the murder

General Personality:
Garrik is a quiet man; to him, words are unnecessary unless something really needs to be said. He has the mentality of the warriors of old; he has not been conditioned to follow orders, he has been rigourously trained to be capable of adapting to any challenge for the good of his Tribe. Through this, he possesses a great deal of confidence in his ability; he never sees an objective as impossible, just a challenge to test his abilities.

Towards the 'Okarai', or new arrivals to the planet, Garrik is a lot less aggressive than some of his fellow Tribesmen. He has a 'Live and Let Live' policy towards them; provided that they are willing to leave his people alone and not interfere with their land, he is happy to deal with them.

General History:
Garrik was born to a warrior lifestyle, and that's all he has known.

Trained from birth in the ways of Solamiir combat and tactics by his father, the Warlord Krant and right-hand of the Solamiir chief, Garrik was supposed to grow up to replace his father as the leader of the Tribe in times of war. Killing his first man at the age of 15 and fighting his first battle at 16, Garrik's life has revolved around the defence of his clan from both the hostile predators of the planet and rival clans would see it destroyed.

His life, however, has recently taken a sudden and terrible twist. Garrik's father was found dead a few days after he ventured out on a hunting expedition, killed by his son's war-blade. Realising he had been framed for the murder of his father, Garrik fled the Clan after vowing to find whoever had killed his father.

In the few weeks since, he has been on the run, labelled 'Tulokiir' and pursued by his former comrades. He is making towards the region populated by the 'Okarai', hoping to find sanctuary there for a time.

I'll be posting some info on the Tribesmen of the planet later, particularly the Solamiir Tribe.
I had a cool idea at work to day so i am changing my Job/role to Assasin/Vigilante
i also changed the age. i decided to make the race age the same as humans.
Sorry fo the double post but I have a question. what is the weapon technology level? is it like firefly where it has progressed very little, and they are still using powder and cartridges? is it like mass effect, where they are using mass driver, railguns and coilguns? or will it be full on energy weapons?
Mix it up and do both. I figure, since this is the outskirts of the galaxy, it'll be harder for -most- people to get the funding and material to make higher end technologies. So you'll only see that with people who have the cash to have it imported in. >:3 Or the balls to steal it. >:D Whatever works.
All righty! Got the OOC! XD Don't feel like you all have to be in the same place. We can use totally awesome plot skiiiilllzz to connect the dots.
Character Name: Maxwell Dillon

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Gun-for-hire, muscle, vigilante for himself

Age: 28

General Appearance: Before his little death-experience, Maxwell had a healthy looking sort of strong build, the kind you usually see out in the country. Short, thick black hair and eyes that were so brown they might as well have been black too. Tall enough to be respected without looking like a freak. But since then, his skin tone's gotten a new pallor to it, along with a new gauntness the red band around his neck still hasn't gone away, and his left eye is not quite at 100% and has a little cloud over it.

Current Goal/Purpose: Kill the people who failed to kill him.

General Personality: He's become darker in personality than he was, his mood more grim and his humor more dark. He's taken a dose of quiet persistence as he works his way closer to his killers. Hell, he died, he can wait a little longer if it makes getting to them easier.

General History: Max was a gunman and a gambler and a drinker, although he managed to keep the last two separated from the first. But his problem was that he was pretty good at the middle one, without cheating even! But, being too good was his problem, conspicuously good. Truth be told he doesn't know why he got pulled from his bed, taken out to the great emptiness, and hung from a tree until dead. He knew one or two of the six that done it, some of the others looked like they could be kinda important. What he does know was that it didn't take, and about a day or so later when one came to cut him down and hide the body, Maxwell woke up with a cough. When he bent over find out what the hell coughed, Max pulled his gun and emptied it in his gut, and that pretty well started his hunt for revenge. The most delicious part is, of course, that to them(and many others), he's a walking corpse, which works for him.
Character Name: Varkas Turgan
Alias: Tartarus
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Professional Thief, and Pilot
Age: 28
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose: Acquire enough wealth in order to pay for an experimental procedure to repair his vocal chords, and procure a ship of his own.
General Personality: Being a quiet man due to his attempted murder. Varkas enjoys the piece, and quiet of space, and the outskirts of society. He's never been fond of the law, or the puppet officials that run it. With this distaste for law, and order, he does respect the chain of command, and will follow the wishes, and orders of his current employer whether that be a mercenary, a politician, or even an officer of the law. He simply doesn't like the law in general, and actively avoids it since it also interferes with his current line of work involving the procuring of items that weren't originally his.

Though he's lost the ability to speak, he knows how to make his point with his actions, and doesn't have a problem showing his disliking of acts that endanger his life for no reason. He also has a disdain for those that lie to his face, and will give anyone the benefit of the doubt so long as they don't abuse the privilege.

General History:
Varkas is a well known individual in the outskirts of society as well as those in the more well to do places. As a thief, and a scoundrel he's lifted many things from the most impregnable places, and made quite a living doing it. His exploits drew attention to him as to be expected from a criminal, and it eventually got to him ten fold. A contract was put out on his head, and with the numerous bounty hunters trying to collect, he began having a difficult time avoiding his increasing troubles until one day when he was attacked in a backwater world by a crazed hunter with a knife.

Narrowly having his entire head sawed off, Varkas escaped the entire ordeal with a large scar running across his throat where the blade severed his vocal chords. The last of his funds were confiscated as payment from the surgeon who saved his life, and once again the thief vanished from the radar. He has only recently surfaced hearing of an experimental procedure that is offered to repair the injury that plagues him.

With that he's began seeking employment once again, though under the alias of Tartarus in the hopes of repairing the damage done to him, and purchasing a ship where he can wander the stars away from the society that's never quite been to his liking.