Of Cowboys and Kings

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    There it was. One of the largest bars on the bad side of town. Filled with gangsters, looters, criminals and all sorts of the undesirables in one easy to find location. No one in their right mind came here looking for workers.

    But Careen Calliente wasn't exactly known for having the sanest of ideas.

    Strolling in to the joint, she caught immediate attention. Just as she was hoping. Dressed in an all-too-fancy business suit, Careen looked like she was about to walk in to some meeting about Global Economy, not ask for a drink at the bar. Grinning wide and resting her hands on her hips, she made a loud AHEM. Making sure to get the attention of anyone that hadn't bothered looking back at the door.

    "GENTLEMEN. I bring anyone listening a proposition."

    "HEY THERE, LADY! I GOT YOU A PROPER POSITION RIGHT HERE!" chortled somewhere from the back.

    "Har de har har. I'm serious, assface. I have a job. A nice big fat juicy one if you're man enough to take it!" There was some snickering, but no one else was chiming in. Careen went on! "As some of you might know, I am Careen Calliente and I now own a good forty-five percent of this shiny little planet. Big enough to start a country. And that's just what I aim to do! So I'll be needing some minions in my country, maybe an army, nice towns people, an-"

    That's about when the whole room erupted in to laughter. Careen's fingers tapped in irritation. It figured no one would take her serious. "LAUGH IT UP. I'm offer cold hard cash and property! At least one of your stupidass drunks want to do more than piss your day away, right?"
  2. Jim was almost too busy drowning his recent concerns in a bottle (that he wasn't entirely sure he could pay for) to hear the ruckus nearby. He had just came into town on one of the caravans that had hired him, but he had ran into some poor luck with negotiations to keep on. It wasn't that he was bad at what he did, it was just that the caravan master's daughter was looking his way. He felt fairly confident in believing that, anyway.

    Despite his self-delusions, he wasn't in any kind of mood to hear this kind of yelling. He lifted his head off the bar, blinking through the haze in his head to take stock of who was speaking. She looked to be about his age from what he could tell in his current state, possibly younger. He sat up somewhat straight and took a generous swig from his bottle of whiskey, smacking his lips.

    "You ain't foolin', chickadee! You're not a man!" Jim stood up as though he had said something profound, swaying slightly and playing it off for switching his posture. "I can tell, you've go--..."

    He pointed his index finger at her, wobbling as though he were trying to push an imaginary button. "Did you just say cash 'n property...? What else I get? ... Fancy drawers like them?"
  3. "Not a man?" Careen snatched up a bottle and was about to crash it over his head. But seeing as how he was taking her bait, and all the other jerks there were still cackling, she put on her 'sweet' look.

    "Why, yes! For your participation in becoming a bonafied citizen of the great country of Calliente you will receive all expenses paid living. Of course, you'll be doin' your job of helping me keep undesirables off my land. Building towns, running a country with an iron fist. But I think you-" she paused at that. He was drunker than hell. "...might be up for it."

    "On second thought, maybe I need somebody that doesn't smell like whiskey and look like he can't even ride a horse."
  4. Jim puffed up in indignation and raised his voice in what he hoped sounded like a confident tone. "I'll have you know! ..... I am a very fine horse rider! I can even do it with both hands tied 'round my back!"

    He wasn't sure what possessed him to add in the last part, but he rolled with it. He took a few steps down from the elevated bar platform towards Careen, swilling another mouthful of whiskey. " 'N there's nothin' wrong with smellin' like whiskey. Whad'you smell like? Pretty flowers? Betcha smell like a man since ya dressed like one!"

    The comment gained a few chuckles from the bystanders surrounding them, though some were returning to their drinks. He recalled at that moment that he was out of a job, and a place to live... and that it wasn't in his best interest to insult the lady. He wiped the grin from his face and made an attempt to clear his throat. "Uh. So, how bigs th' room?"
  5. Careen gave him a cool long stare. Her fingers were itching to reach in to her manly suit for her gun and blow his balls off! Looks like she was gonna have to sober him up.

    After she showed him who was Queen of Country.

    "It'll be big enough for your dead body!" Smiling sweet as sugar, Careen leaned just to the left as she scooped up an empty bottle in to her hand. With a quick swing, she clobbered him over the head with it.

    Careen wasn't surprised that he went flailing backwards to the floor. But she WAS looking surprised at the bottle. Damned thing didn't even crack. Hard-headed male. Perfect!

    She tossed the bottle aside and grabbed his legs while he was still trying to come to his senses.

    "You're hired! You now officially belong to me." Careen was dragging him for the door.
  6. (Oh yes I have heard of that)


    Eileen paused "I mean to say that for a man so well known you seem so..normal. But they again Blair here only brings in the good types here."

    "Mm. Good judgement." Blair grinned as she drank some of her drink and sighed "Oh I have been living off of O.J and water for six months. This feels so nice."

    "You can afford orange juice?" Eileen
    Teased and Blair rolled her eyes

    "And ice. Don't forget cubed ice."


    She took a moment before she reached out to feel the steel that his arm had been made of "You seem to be Darwins living proof of adaptation." She smirked "I'm fine with it. More adventure the better."
  7. "Now that you belong to me, I require you to be sober a majority of the time." Careen was still dragging. There was a bit of a stall at the door when he had to go and out up a fight, but she had him out and dragging across the ground - dirt, rocks and all - in no time. It all most seemed like she was going to drag him right out of town that way, but she finally stopped in front of some large fancy fountain.

    Careen dropped his legs. Long enough for her to bed over the edge of the fountain to pull out a bucket full of water. Of which she proceeded to dump over his head! She eyed him, but decided a second bucket was necessary. A second splash over his head.
  8. Jim only managed a few grunts and grumbles as he was dragged over the rock-covered dirt. He tried to speak again when he felt his feet hit the ground, eyebrows furrowing angrily in defiance as he tried to wobble his way into a sitting position. "Wha'the hell you mean, 'belong--' "

    His sentence was cut short by the first cold bucket of water that struck him. It even managed to knock him flat again and deprive him of his hat, which only annoyed him more. He coughed and spluttered as he rolled to one side to collect himself, glaring up at her balefully like a stray dog. "What the hell d'you think yer doin'?!"

    The second bucket drenched him even more. But he wasn't as drunk as he was before... at least not as much as he was irritated and angry. "ENOUGH DAMNIT! I SAID ENOUGH!"

    He tried to leap to his feet. He wasn't quite able, but he did manage to look really angry while he stumbled to a standing position with a wobble. He squared off on Careen, his dripping short hair spilling into his eyes. He was apparently putting honest effort into appearing angry, but whether due to alcohol or the blow to the head, it instead came off as someone upset over being woken up too early. "You... you better start talkin', uh uh uh... lady wearin' men's clothes. An' you better convince me why I shouldn't jess... riddle you with holes!"

    He couldn't remember what her name was.
  9. "Christ, how drunk are ya to be forgettin' stuff I told you three minutes ago?" Careen obviously didn't care he was mad. Dripping wet and swaying on his feet he didn't look too impressive. She was frowning as she tossed the bucket back in to the fountain and rest her hands on her hips. He'd need SO much work. The first official citizen of her country couldn't look like she just dragged him out of the gutter.

    "I'll speak sloooow for you. You just agreed to work for me. Remember, yeah? Money and property. Lots of it. In fact an entire country's worth of it. Mind you, it's all mine. But being my first citizen and all, you'll get some right nice privileges. ...at least once we figure out what your job is going to be." Careen crossed one arm over her waist and tapped her chin as she circled around him. Didn't look smart enough to be Advising Counsel. He'd have to do a peasant's job.

    "I'm Careen Calliente. You may call me Your Majesty. Do you have any skills? ...at all?"
  10. Jim wrinkled his nose and narrowed his eyes at her comment about his memory. Even through his drunken haze he still knew that it was lucky for him to be awake after that blow to the head, much less remembering anything. Still, he figured he'd hear her out. It couldn't hurt any worse than his head at the moment, and he knew it was the only way to get anything out of this whole crazy assed encounter.

    Then the veins in his forehead stuck out a little from her revelation that he had agreed to work for her, and her dubious comments about him having any skills. Particularly the part about calling her 'majesty' got to him. He was starting to reconsider hearing her out and was instead wondering if anyone would notice if he shoved her into the water and ran off...

    "Your hu-what? Majesty? Yeah... we ain't doin' that." He blew through his lips for a moment to rid himself of some of the water on his face, then took a few steps forward to retrieve his hat carefully. "I'll decide what I'm gonna call you later, lady, but 'majesty' ain't... ain't on that list right now."

    He took a few more shaky steps forward, then sat on the edge of the fountain after nearly teetering into it. He still wasn't quite sober, so he had to think about each statement in turn before responding. " 'M good with pistols. I can play cards... uh, I can ride a horse. The hell you need, an... an accountant?"
  11. "Seriously, have you not been listening to a word I've said?" God damned, how drunk WAS he? Careen was fairly certain she explained it real good. She nearly gave him a little "help" in falling in to the fountain.

    "I. am. building. a. country. From the bottom up. Which means I need a country's worth of staff. You will be calling me Majesty as you'll be working for Queen and Country." Getting the feeling he wasn't going to get THAT either, Careen sighed heavy as she rubbed the back of her head.

    "...whatever! You're going to ride horses and shoot things for now, okay? And follow me around and attempt to look threatening. If you can even do that... Anyway, do want to go SEE my new glorious nation? I've already hit up all the other places in this looking for staff and you're the only thing I got."
  12. Jim adjusted his hat and leaned back slightly as he listened to her speak, regarding her with a lidded expression as someone would if they were hearing nothing but nonsensical gibberish. That was until he heard her quip about him looking threatening and making a dig about him being the only thing she had available. That stung some. He leaned forward, bobbing slightly as he fought to keep himself balanced.

    "An' what if I say 'no'? Y'know lady... you... you ain't treatin' me right for someone so down on'er luck! I think I deserve somethin' extra!" The impish enthusiasm included with his last word was accompanied by a cheesy grin. "I think... you need to call me 'Duke Bonney' from now... an' say pretty please!"

    Jim had added an over elaborate pointing gesture with the 'pretty please'. He scooped up a handful of water to take a sip while he waited, pausing to look over to her with bleary eyes as an afterthought lit his expression. "Oh... an' I get everything a duke gets."
  13. Down on her luck? Duke? She was going to clobber him right there.

    ...but then she started laughing! Cackling so hard, she ended up coughing!

    "Bonney? Your name is Bonney?!" she spat out, fighting another wave of giggling. By the time Careen got a hold of herself, she was wiping tears from her eyes.

    Careen smirked wide. "Alright then, my wee Bonney Duke. Demands granted. Will you please come work for me as Duke and Gun, whilst I build the most bonny country the universe has ever seen?" Clearly his name was amusing. For that alone it was worth saying please.
  14. The scowl on Jim's face was transparent when he raised his head to look at her again. This woman had a nerve. But he considered the fact that she caved to his wishes, even if only partially. He wiped the scowl from his face, quickly replacing it with drunken skepticism. He adjusted his hat to sit higher on his head, made uncomfortable by the alcohol content in his veins at the moment.

    "M'names Jim. Jim Bonney.
    " What the hell was so funny about that, he wondered. "... I'll come work for ya. Just... just don't ferget what we 'greed 'pon."

    He started breathing heavily from the effort and concentration it took to rise to his feet, approaching her with an outstretched hand. "Careen's a damn funny name anyway, ain't gotta make jokes for that'n."
  15. Careen took his hand and shook it. For a woman she had a good solid handshake... then again, he was pretty drunk. Everything might have seemed solid to him.

    "That's a right smart way to talk to your queen. Seriously, we need to get you un-drunk and real fast." That water splashed on him hadn't done a damned thing. She might have tipped him in to the fountain, but with her luck he'd probably drown.

    So after switching hands, Careen was now dragging him down the street. She passed a few curious spectators and gave them a cheeky salute. Not get any countrymen, my ass! One down, just a few to go! From the looks of it, she was dragging him right on down the road and heading out of town.

    "I've got a horse and a donkey. Didn't really want the donkey, but apparently he's in love with the horse and had to take them both. ...In any case, I'll show you where you will be working and living for the rest of your life. Excited my Bonney Duke?"
  16. Samuel

    I have no clue how many muscles are in the human body, but I'm certain all of mine have gone taut. "The kids'...files..." I'm completely numb, yet I'm still able to enter and help Carrie clean up the mess. My brow lowers as speculations explode in my head. I start muttering under my breath, trying to make sense of this startling development. "This can't be right...who would want information about the kids? Could it be one of those awful hate groups? No, no, they wouldn't enter a house full of abnormals, no matter how desperate they are...whoever it is..." 'They might be hostile,' I cap off in my thoughts.

    The mere possibility of someone breaking into our safe haven and harming the kids--harming Carrie--sends molten lava racing up my spine.

    Never. I refuse to let that happen.

    First thing's first: I need to calm Carrie. Though she's putting on a brave face like the amazing woman that she is, I can sense the dread building in her core. I place my hands on her shoulders and pause to give her soft smile, then pull her into a gentle embrace. "Just breathe, baby girl. We're going to figure this out." I pull out of the hug and flash another smile. "We're a dream team. No one's going to lay a single finger on the kids nor us, okay?"

    I then busy myself with thinking again. "I...don't think it's a good idea to let the kids know what's going on." My insides churn at the idea. I absolutely hate lying but I'm also well aware that it's a necessary evil sometimes--this is definitely one of those times. "They'll notice we're on lock down, but we can just say that there's been rumor of abnormal hate groups prowling around the streets today. That should encourage the kids to stay inside and still feel safe in here." 'I hope...' I know that I'm gambling on this one but unless Carrie has another idea, well...
  17. "It's too late for that now, you done went and sold your soul to the devil!" Careen shouldn't be harassing a drunk like that, but if he went and whined any louder she might just turn around to clobber him over the head with her pistol and drag him back out cold.

    "You're gonna go where I tell you to go and you're gonna get a pretty chunk of change for it. And you try to escape I'm gonna brand you like a prized bit of cattle and send out a bunch of hairy mercenaries to drag you back." Careen wasn't even the least bit kidding. But this one would learn that in time.

    At the edge of town, she very nearly shoved him right in to the tall grey spotted horse that was tied to a tree minding it's own business. Next to it was one sad looking, very mangy donkey. Careen eyed both of the animals before she was none-too-gently- trying to usher her new minion up on the much stronger (and less likely to kill a drunk) horse!

    "Just quit yer bitchin' and get on the horse!"
  18. Demi

    I don't think I can hold my breath much longer. With my mouth shut and blood flowing down my nose, there's no way for me to inhale--at all. Add that on top of my blood loss...I'm bound to black out any minute. Oh god, this is crazy! Everyone here is crazy! I don't want to be here! I...I just want to find Koda! Is that too much to ask? I can't afford to fail. I can't afford to give up after all of these years--I refuse.

    Just as I feel my eyes roll back and the burning in my lungs doubles, my lips rip apart and I heave a shuddering gasp. I draw in large gulps of air, ignoring the awful taste of blood staining my lips. However, before I can stop myself, a chain of broken whimpers leave me before I'm crumbling into myself again and choking out sobs behind my teeth. Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck! My head and chest hurts so fucking bad, and no form of bone bending can stop it.

    I hate myself for this, but I flinch back when that bossy bitch ((Helen)) comes over and shoves her sweater in my face. At first, I think she's trying to smother me, to finish what blondie started, so I wind up shrieking and trying to crawl away from her. However, my blood pressure is still as low as holy hell and the world is fucking spinning, so I don't get far. When she comes near me again, I finally realize that she's not smothering me--she's helping me.

    "I-I don't need your help," I whimper quietly. God, I'm so fucking pathetic! This is complete utter bullshit! I'm supposed to be able to take care of myself and take on anybody. But, then again, I've never been jumped by two abnormals at once. I had always been thugs and no-name lackeys, normal people. Now? Now, I'm not as invincible as I fucking thought/ Here I thought I could handle these fucking Collectors and find Koda on my own, yet these two handled me like some cockroach.

    Feeling pissed and ashamed and scared all at once, I slowly stagger to my feet, using the wall as support, and hesitant press the sweater to my nose. I cautiously eye her up and down. Her friend ((Penelope)) seems as steely as ever, though I can tell it's not as hard as before. Hell, I think there's some pity in there now, which just pisses me off more.

    "I don't n-need anyone's help." Even as I say this, my legs are barely strong enough to hold me up. I try to ignore their stares and snatch a pile of napkins off the table, trying to scoop up as much of the mess I can.

    "Fuck..." I mutter under my breath. This is definitely gonna leave a stain behind; one of those assistants are bound to see it sooner or later, connect the dots, and probably kick me out. My gut drops at the possibility. I can leave. Not now. I still need to find the Collectors and this is my only lead! My arms are shaking with panic now but I'm still wiping up my blood.
  19. John

    He followed her in and stood where he usually did.


    He smiled at her. "Thanks." He kept his arms around her.


    "Alright then, beautiful." He pulled her onto his lap and kissed her.
  20. "Hey, that ain't nice to say!" He rolled over slightly, about to get up himself when the kicking started. "O... OW! Hey! Quit!"

    Her feet landed in his ribs and shoulder sharply as he fought to shield himself. Finally one stray blow struck him in the nose and whipped his head backwards. He didn't like that much. A sturdy grip found her boot and held it at bay from hitting him a second time. "I said quit."

    Blood ran freely from one of his nostrils, and he was clearly angry over the whole thing. He sniffed up some of the blood unconsciously, releasing her foot and standing up on his feet. He squared off on her with a wobble, looking stern and upset.

    "Whad'ya mean, 'No more drinking?!' " He whined.