Of Cops and Killers

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  1. It was always on a night like this-- when the fog was thick, the moon obscured by clouds, a sense of dread hanging in the air-- that Luke found himself so caught up in his thoughts that nothing else seemed to matter to him. It was nights like this that made him remember everything, including things he'd never actually done.
    Guilt was always a powerful thing and it gnawed at his soul, his mind, his being, leaving him lost to the outside world. It ate him alive. He never trusted himself with his own thoughts.

    Walking home on one such evening, Luke found himself staring at the sidewalk. It was another new city, another new job, new life. He knew it wouldn't last long--it never did. Something always found him, a bit of the past dredged up from the bottom of memory come back to haunt him. Either that or something would go wrong, he'd snap, someone ended up hurt or worse... But no. Don't think about that.

    His shadow seemed to grin at him and the soft scuff of his shoes on the sidewalk whispered comfort and reassurances as he walked. Nothing would happen. It wasn't his fault. There's no reason to worry now. Everything would be fine.

    He had to stop under a light post, rubbing at his eyes, catch his breath before things got worse. His shadows weren't talking to him. It was impossible. Everything was not alright. There was plenty reason to worry. He kept his eyes closed, and out of sheer will, opened them and pressed on. The whispers were gone, but everything was blurry, twisted. He had a near-miss encounter, almost colliding with a young woman, and then an older man as he continued through the fog. He had to get home, had to get this nagging feeling off of his chest.
  2. Shadow was never her real name but that was befor someone trid to kl her that was before he live changed right be fore her yes. she just want the bastrrd to died for what he did to her. she been following him for a long time now 3-4 years now shendidnt keep count. but all she knows is that after he killed the old her lifed chang she has an eye that can see ahade of time she still remaber that day

    she was left to die for killednoff but a man was there asked if she wanted to lave she nodded and the man smiled good he said and took out her left eye and places a new one sliver gold and tock her in till she was ready to leave soon after she joined the ploice fores and now look at her she an FBI agent

    she was smoking a ciggert waiting for the call the call that would change everything the day he would be found and she could not wait for sweet revenger. she smiled as the phone ringed and she picked it up and was told where he was fast i know but she hade friends she flicked her bud and was off she rode off on her bike to a small town
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  3. He made it. He was home, safe and sound. The keys rattled noisily in the lock as he opened his door, giving him a slight headache. He hurried inside and closed the door, locking it behind himself. Paranoid. The lights in his apartment were off, and he would only ever turn on his bedroom light. He went to the room and did that now, flicking on the overhead light and looking around. The room was quite stark and bare. Minimal furniture, a bed and one dresser. His keys fell to the floor before he could set them on the dresser, and he flopped, face first, onto his bed.
    "Too long..." he sighed, closing his eyes.

    "Too long since what? Since we last had any fun? Well, you're right about that.."

    Luke sat up quickly, his eyes wide. He looked around, searching his bedroom for mirrors. He knew there wouldn't be any. He hated mirrors ever since the first time this voice showed up. But no, there were no mirrors. Instead, he caught sight of his reflection in the window next to his bed. He whimpered, feeling his hands tightening on bed sheets. Nooo, no, not now.

    "What, don't you miss it?"

    His reflection was staring back at him, grinning in such a way that he knew he wasn't. Its eyes flashed red instead of his usual gray, and it made Luke queasy.

    "Come on, no one knows you're here... We can go out and have a little fun. Let me take the lead. Come on..."

    Luke shook his head and pressed his face into the blankets. "No, no. Not again. Not ever again. No more..." His whimpers were becoming nothing more than unintelligible babbling, drowned out by the fabric of his comforter. He shivered as though he were crying, until he suddenly went still and slowly sat up.
    The grin that was on the face of the reflection was stretched across Luke's lips now, and he wanted to have a little fun. He got off of the bed and scooped up the keys from the floor and left the apartment faster than he'd rushed in. Back to the streets. Time to find someone to party with.
  4. sadow knew he would hite the partys that where s first meet him. she smriked at the thouth "bull shit" she walks into the most populer club around. she changed befor coming here she was now waering a black cocktail dress. s

    as she enters the club the muice pumping haerd and everyone is dancing and partying. she walked to the back bar and called for waiter. he came and ask what she wanted "bloodmary please and leave out the acohlo" she never drinked on the job. at one point someone asked her to dance with hom and s sayid sure still knowing she was on the job but she wanted to have fun herself befor anything happend
  5. Luke twirled, spinning the keyring of his keys around one finger. He hummed a jaunty tune, a skip in his step, as he marauded down the street. He was on the prowl in a not-so-secretive-or-careful way, out for blood tonight. He stopped, noticing a woman walk into a club just a few feet ahead. She looked like she meant business in her black cocktail dress. It almost seemed out of place. People didn't usually dress like that in this day and age. He chuckled to himself, it coming out as an almost hysterical laugh, and stuffed his keys in his pocket.

    Clubs were too obvious a hunting ground for his kind. He didn't want to get caught. He had to be more careful, pick his prey from someplace else. The alleys near the clubs were good places to start, where a few drug deals were going down or hobos were lounging about. He stopped next to the club, eyeing the bouncer. He momentarily wondered if he could take him, but decided to not cause a stir just yet, and pulled out his wallet. He showed his ID and slipped into the club, losing himself in the swaying and bouncing crowd. He was instantly intoxicated by the sheer force of everyone having such a good time, and he found himself closing his eyes and inhaling deeply the very scent of it.

    He stopped at the bar and slouched on the counter, grinning from ear to ear. "Hey! Gimme somethin' sharp! Like.. A shot of vodka or whatever."

    His grin didn't budge as he eyed the other people getting drinks, noting the woman in the cocktail dress as she went off to dance with some guy. He felt like he knew her from somewhere, but shook the feeling quickly. Luke didn't know people. People ended up dead if they knew Luke. The grin broadened into a full-fledged smile as the shot of vodka came and he downed it quickly, slapping the money he owed onto the counter. He turned away from the bar and disappeared into the crowd once more, getting a feel for the current patrons, seeing if there were any fun people out tonight.
  6. Sadow backed up and bumped into someone "oh sorry didnt mean to bump into you" she smiles at him then notice it was him the guy that killed her.the first thing is to not show you know him so she keep smiling seacond is to not take revanger right there and now. she felt someon brathingon her neck "hey back off" she yelled wanger theguy put p his hand with asmile saying "come on i was just having fun and youknow yo like it" she smiles at the guy that brath al over her neck "sure right after you suck on my nuts" she said whiping her heir at him her long black raven hair. she sighed and left the guy but still seenine guy that killed her
  7. There was that girl again, bumping into him. He grunted, but didn't care. He had eyes on another prize tonight. Raven hair wasn't his interest, blonde was far more appealing. He was toying with a young blonde at the moment, as it were, cunningly teasing her into talking with him, dancing with him. If he was smooth enough, he could get her to leave with him, and the moment she agrees to it, the hard part'll be done. The thought of having a new 'play mate' tonight made him giddy.

    A small part of him in the back of his mind was pathetically trying to stop him. It pleaded, praying that he could just go home and go to bed. He didn't want anything to happen tonight. Not tonight. He'd barely had the chance to settle in this new town. He didn't want it to happen anymore. He wanted to be normal.

    Luke nearly bust out into laughter in the middle of this club at the thought of being normal. It wasn't possible anymore! They were far from it. He looked up as the blonde winked at him and began sauntering from the club, casting a quick glance back at him, and Luke hurried after her. The quiet voice in his mind was snuffed out. That spineless version of himself would just have to take a backseat to him tonight. He had a date with this blonde chick, after all.

    He pushed through the crowd, almost bumping into that raven haired girl in the black dress again. She was fussing at some guy for grinding on her too closely. What did she expect being in a place like this? Scum and lowlife were everywhere--one reason why this was a perfect place for him to find his next victim, for example, innocent blonde chick that was just stepping out of the club. Giddy once more, Luke followed after her, leaving the raven haired woman without an apology or even a glance.
  8. "good he found his victim and its a blondy" she though then she sighs following him but making sure she wont be sean. she "this is going to be fun" she smiles. she knew what hair color he liked blonds he probly thinks she innocent. he like takeing others but most of hid victims are blondys. he all way lor the girl out or the gitl lor him out. she hated that no one knew that he was the killer of all the killis all round U.S. but something are just best unsaid sometimes. she sighs solfly still following in the shadows.
  9. Luke was being led by the blonde lady, her hand grasping his as she brought him through alley shortcuts. They were getting away from the bustle of the city strip, the clubs, the late night beer places, all behind them as they got into residential districts. People were already in bed by this time, but he knew how to be quiet anyway. He reached into his pocket and felt the large pocket knife he kept with him. It was a subconscious thing, something the other Luke hardly ever noticed. It was just there, just in case.

    He tightened his hold on the blonde's hand before they left an alley, stopping her. She spun around, a playful grin on her face. He pulled her in close to his form and planted a kiss, covering her mouth quite nicely. It would stifle any noise she made. He pulled the knife and slowly slid it open with his free hand, poised to strike. He needed this to end fast, hit hard somewhere dangerous. No need to let her suffer any more than she probably has already. He could taste the alcohol on her tongue. Disgusting...

    He was just about to strike when he heard something, down the alley they were on. He blinked, peering around without breaking the kiss. However, he did lower the knife out of sight, closing it and tucking it back into his pocket. Just as he was about to continue to let the blonde lead him, the other Luke struck for control. He grunted, holding his head, dropping the girl's hand. Luke Manning, the young man that is normally in control, took this chance to run, getting himself as far from the blonde as possible. He knew what was going to happen next, he just couldn't let it.
    "No, not again. Not going to let it. Never never never, I'm not letting you uproot me again!" He hissed, his voice growing louder to a near yell, as he ran back down the alley. He didn't care that he had heard something from down here earlier, he just had to get away.