Of Cops and Killers

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  1. So I have this idea that I would love to see how someone else would go with--

    I have a character. His name is Luke Manning, and he has Dissociative Identity Disorder. There is only one other personality in his noggin, unnamed because it hasn't bothered giving itself a name yet. One thing that is known about this other personality is that it's a killer.
    At first it was all about revenge, but after that... its bloodlust hasn't been sated.

    That's where the cop comes in.
    Obviously, committing murders would be highly against the law, punishable by prison-time or death. Luke has been on the run ever since he realized this other personality was killing people. So I'm looking for someone to be the one that tracks him down. FBI, local district, anything you feel would be appropriate. A bounty hunter could even work. XD

    So, this roleplay would be something along the lines of action with potential suspense plots in it. I'm up for negotiations, changes, anything. o-o; At this point, I just really want someone to roleplay with. XD The roleplay can lead anywhere, I honestly have no problem with anything!

    A more detailed bio for Luke can be found here, including a link to an image. I'll update it with my own drawing once I get around to doing it. If you have any questions, please let me know!
  2. god this looks so cool XD
    but your going to have to PM more about this and will my Char be the cop/FBI becuse i all ready know who im using if i am

    ps sorry for mistakes crapy kobo google it if you dont know what it is
  3. Okay, yeah. No problem.

    If you did decide to roleplay with me on this plot, your character would be the law enforcement type.

    I'll send you a PM with potential plot ideas in a minute (getting ready to travel home again XD).
  4. noooooooo (XD) i dont want to go home