Of Cats and Men

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  1. Maya threw open the door to her dorm room with a flourish. She took two staggering steps then dropped face first onto her bed with a muffled groan. "Home sweet home." She mumbled into the pillow. She knew she reeked of sweat, could feel it sticking her tank top to her back. Maya probably needed to shower, but she couldn't bring herself to care. She was so tired. Every muscle in her body was trembling and there was no part of her that didn't hurt. It was beyond the kind of hurt she usually got after track practice. A little burning was a good thing after exercise. It reminded her of her hard work and gave her a feeling of pride and satisfaction. This, however was just pain- pure and simple. She might even have to go down to the athletic center and take an ice bath.

    The coach had been brutal with them today. They'd done thirty suicides across the field as a warm up. Thirty, and that was just the beginning. One of the freshman had cried. Maya had whispered to a friend that the coach's bad attitude was probably because her boyfriend had just dumped her. Just her luck, Coach Almer had overheard. Maya had run laps around the track until her lungs had screamed for relief and her legs gave out underneath her. After a long moment Maya sat up and yanked out her ponytail, sending hair tumbling down her shoulders like a caramel avalanche. It was thick, wavy and somewhat choppy. Maya always told people it was because she was growing out layers. She'd been 'growing out her layers' since about sixth grade.

    When she could no longer ignore her own odor, Maya dragged herself into a shower. She took her's so hot that her skin was pink when she came out. Today was no exception, and the heat was heaven to her sore muscles. When she got out she wrapped herself in a fluffy towel and pulled her hair into a bun to air dry. She was lucky to have her own private bathroom. Her parents had splurged for the single room and Maya had been thankful for it everyday. No need to wait every morning for someone else to finish their too-long shower or have to worry that her roommate would invite over her annoying friends the night before a big test. No, it was just Maya and The Cat.

    'The Cat' was a stray the Maya had found last weekend outside the local shopping mall. Students at Eiken Preparatory school were only allowed to leave campus on weekends, holidays or for special exceptions. Like Maya, most of the stir crazy teenagers took the opportunity to go into the small local town. There wasn't a lot to do there, but it was better than staying in your dorm room. She had been on her way from the mall to the coffee shop when she caught large green eyes staring at her from between two dumpsters. Maya had regarded The Cat. He had regarded her. "Cat's aren't allowed at Eiken." She told him sternly. (Maya went home with a two new pairs of jeans, a shade of nail polish called 'summer breeze, and a smuggled cat.)

    She hadn't seen him when she'd come in, but he was there now, a fluffy white cloud among her blue color scheme. "How about Riceball?" Maya said, as she changed into a pair of short and an old concert t-shirt. "Riceball is cute." Ever since she'd brought The Cat home, Maya had been trying to give him a name. She'd gone through quite an impressive rotation, but nothing seemed to fit. She watched The Cat to see if he liked the name Riceball. Like always, she couldn't tell. "Oh!" Maya suddenly exclaimed. "I bought this online for you a few days ago." She dug in her mess of a cupboard before pulling out a red collar with a circular piece of metal dangling from it. "I left the tag empty. I'll have to get it inscribed when I figure out a name for you." She carefully tugged it on over his triangular ears. "Tada!"
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  2. A cat. A white cat. A stray white cat. A stray white cat that was sitting in a room. A stray white cat that stared at a girl who entered his room.

    A stray white cat that stared silently.

    A stray white cat that watched the girl flop down on the bed. A stray white cat that hid behind the pillow of the bed.

    A stray white cat that stared at the girl with its beady, green eyes.

    A stray white cat whose eyes followed the girl into the bathroom. A stray white cat that rolled around on the bed until she returned. A stray white cat that got hair all over the fabric. A stray white cat that was waiting for its food.

    A stray white cat that stared at the girl as she exited the bathroom.

    A stray white cat that stared at the girl as she offered it a name.

    A stray white cat that stared at the girl as she searched for something.

    A stray white cat that meowed as the girl advanced towards him. A stray white cat that tried to avoid her as she grabbed him and forced an object around his neck. A stray white cat that tried to scratch it off with it's hind leg.

    And then...

    A stray white cat no longer.

    As his claw caught on the metal tag of the collar, an intense white light flashed throughout the room, blinding the cat. It made a panicked meowing noise as this happened, trying to run away to the corner of the room. But as it ran, it suddenly realized that it was a cat no longer.

    It was shocking at first. The cat not only no longer had fur, but all of his senses were completely different. The only features of his body which remained the same seemed to be the ears and bleach-white hair at the top of his head and his big, fluffy, snow-white tail which he wrapped around his waist. He crawled around for a bit, trying to figure out what was happening, but pretty soon, he just stopped and looked back over to the girl. He tried to make a sound, but all that came out was an awkward, "EEeeeeeh." He looked around, trying to make sense of what was happening, but it was just too much. His mind was bombarded by new information that he had never even conceived of before, and was completely incapable of processing what was going on or what to do.

    When he started to hear the girl speaking, his eyes focused in on her reactively. He looked her up and down for a second, but quickly grew scared and darted back over to the bed. He lept toward the bed, moving frantically, and ended up jumping too high and slamming into the wall behind the bed face-first. Feeling immense pain, he curled up for a second to hold his face. At this point, he then realized that he no longer had paws, but instead had much more complicated limbs. The pain started to ebb away, even though his nose was bleeding, and he stared at his hands, opening and closing them a few times in awe, as if wondering how they worked.

    When he finally realized that he was injured, he lept up again and noticed the human once more. This time, he made a softer noise, sounding somewhat similar to, "Uuuuhhh." After this, he tried to cover his nose with his hands, but his fingers and wrists flopped around as he did so, as if he had no control over them, so the blood of his nose continued to slowly drip down his face, down onto his chest, and then onto his snow-white tail which was wrapped around his waist. His nose wasn't broken, but tears were starting to stream down his face from the earlier pain.
  3. Maya frowned as she surveyed The Cat. He didn't seem to like the collar. Perhaps she- her thought process was cut off by a sudden flash of blinding light. Maya flinched and shut her eyes, letting out a colorful curse. Had The Cat knocked the lamp over or something? Maybe she was having a seizure or an aneurysm. She'd seen a seen like this on TV one time. Maya tentatively opened her eyes and found herself still in her room, everything in its place. Okay, not an aneurysm. So then what had happened? The Cat was nowhere to be seen, probably having darted under the bed out of fear.

    Maya caught movement in the corner of her eye. Assuming it was The Cat, she turned. "So definitely not Riceball, huh-" Her sentence cut off with a scream when she saw the naked boy on her floor. All she caught sight off was a shock of white hair before she whipped around. "Who the hell are you? What are you doing in my room?" This was some kind of prank. One of the girl's on the team was responsible, maybe even the coach. This didn't seem like the kind of thing Ms Almer would do, but who knew? Spite could do weird things to people. "Whoever put you up to this, tell them it's not funny." No answer, just an odd sounding screech.

    Maya glanced tentatively behind her. The boy really did have dyed white hair and were those... cat ears? A tail? This prank was so weird that it had to have been Olivia behind it. No one else could ever dream up something so strange. "Are you some kind of furry?" Maya asked acidicly. Prank or no, it wasn't okay to send a naked boy into her room. How had the blonde even gotten his here? Maya was going to kill them both.

    At the sound of her voice, the boy jumped like she'd kicked him. He took an awkward running leap at her bed and promptly slammed into the wall. Maya made a sound caught between shock and horror. She might have laughed at how absurd this was if she wasn't so freaked out. The boy let out a noise of pain and curled up naked on her sheets, holding his nose. She'd have to wash those later.

    After a moment Maya realized that he was actually bleeding and shook her head in disbelief. The boy began to cry. "Oh for Christ's sake." Maya said. "Wait there." She hurried into the bathroom and grabbed a towel, roll of toilet paper and the trashcan. Keeping her eyes on the wall behind him, she tried to hand the boy the tissues. "Here. Stop the bleeding before you get blood all over my bed. I don't think it's broken... and cover up, please."
  4. The boy's tears and blood continued to drip down his face as he watched the girl, sitting on the bed and trying to stop the flow of blood and tears. All he really managed to do until the human returned was wipe the blood around on his face and get his hands dirty. Luckily he wasn't bleeding very much, it was just a trickle of blood, but spread out as it was over his face, it was certainly more severe looking than it truly was. When the human returned, she started making noises and held out a few objects toward the boy.

    The boy saw these objects and stared at them for a few seconds. They looked fluffy and white, like some sort of small animal, but one that didn't move. He batted at it with his paw, expecting it to move, but it didn't, so he looked up at the human in confusion, wondering what she wanted him to do. The blood was still trickling out of his nose, although by now he forgot that he was bleeding. After a few more seconds of hearing the girl speak, he started to understand what she was trying to tell him and, using both hands, he squished the tissues between his hands and pushed them against his nose. He kept the pile of white stuff there as he stared up at the human.

    His ears wiggled back and forth as he anticipated that she would do something, but for the most part, he remained still after placing the tissues against his nose. The blood was no longer trickling down his face, neck and chest, but he still had watery eyes. Even his tail was starting to wag a little at the end, but it was still wrapped tightly around his waist. As time passed, he slowly started to understand some of the meaning behind the words she was saying, although he still had no idea how to replicate them.
  5. Instead of taking the offered tissues, the boy smacked at them with his hand. Maya frowned. "What, you don't want the tissues? Jeez, excuse me for trying to be nice. Fine just get out, then. After you put on clothes. You did bring clothes, didn't you? I know you did." Maya looked around the room, expecting to see a pile of men's wear hidden under a mattress or on a shelf. "Seriously, this prank is so dumb. What if I decided to sue you for harassment?" Maya was mostly kidding, but she hoped it would scare the boy into leaving. She wondered what Olivia had promised the boy. He was skinny looking, and probably weighed less than she did, so she'd bet he was a freshman. Olivia was one of the prettiest girls in their grade. Maybe she'd agreed to go out with this loser.

    The boy didn't respond to her words, as if he couldn't even hear her. Maya felt herself getting more annoyed and threw the towel over his waist in disgust. It landed a bit awkwardly but it covered what it needed to and no way was she going to reach down to try and adjust it. Finally, the boy seemed to get the idea and took an awkward handful of tissues to press to his bleeding nose. At least he wouldn't be dripping on her bedspread anymore.

    Maya sighed. This prank was really starting to drag on. Shouldn't the boy have said something? Shouldn't Olivia have burst in to laugh at her? She also couldn't see The Cat anywhere. The arrival of the boy may have startled him, but he should have at least peeked out by now. She stuck her head under the bed but couldn't see him. Finally she turned back to the boy. "So, uh, who are you anyways? Did Olivia put you up to this?"

    He was even stranger looking up close. The cat ears and tail were incredibly realistic, and actually moved in different directions. They had to have cost a fortune. The dyed white hair was even weirder. It was a lot of effort for a single prank so the boy probably already owned this stuff. Definitely a furry. "Seriously, say something. You're starting to freak me out."
  6. ...The boy saw these objects and stared at them for a few seconds. They looked fluffy and white, like some sort of small animal, but one that didn't move. He batted at it with his paw, expecting it to move, but it didn't, so he looked up at the human in confusion, wondering what she wanted him to do. The blood was still trickling out of his nose, although by now he forgot that he was bleeding. Once the girl started to speak, he started to feel threatened. He scooted back along the bed as she continued talking, and to his surprise, he started to understand what she was trying to communicate. Something about wanting him to leave.

    His ears wiggled back and forth as he anticipated that she would do something. The blood had barely stopped by this point, and now the girl was looking around the room for something. He didn't understand her next words at all, but her tone was dangerous. When he saw her suddenly raise another white object she was holding, his ears shot up. When she threw it at him, he instantly bounded to the other side of the room, perpendicular to the path of the object she tossed. When he landed, he stared at her with wide eyes, and his tail unraveled itself. He was crouched, and faced away from her, as if to run. She didn't seem intent on fighting, and instead checked under the bed he was previously seated on. Since his tail was previously wrapped around his waist, it had soaked up the blood that managed to drip down that far, and was bloody in two spots. As his tail waved around, the blood started to dry.

    When she turned back to him and spoke, his ears perked up again and he stared at her with wide eyes. Was she asking for food? Water? Maybe she was asking him to leave instead of telling him to. He didn't respond, instead continuing to stare at her. His fluffy tail patted against the floor a few times in a manner somewhat reminiscent to wagging, then, once she was done with a brief pause, she spoke and he finally understood something she said.

    She was asking him to speak.


    His ears drooped a little. He opened his mouth, revealing a few slightly fang-like canines, and repeated her words in a soft, uncertain voice, messing up a few words and then readjusting as necessary. "See...reee...aws...leee...s-saaaaeeeee...sooommm...thying...?" his last word ended in a fairly high pitch, as if asking a question, but uncertain of what it was. He sneezed, or made some sort of noise like it suddenly, then looked around, then looked back over to her. After this, he felt that she disapproved of his response, and continued by attempting once again, more nervous, but slightly more accurate. "S-Serious-sly, s-sa-a-ay s-something, y-y-you-uer st-start-t-ting t-to f-f-fr...freak-k m-me aww..wt-t..."

    A few seconds later, he looked around again, then noticed his collar. He tugged at it for a few seconds. It wasn't particularly comfortable, but he couldn't see it, only feel it. He didn't like that. Still peeking over at her to make sure she wouldn't try anything threatening, he started playing with it, trying to get it off of his neck. But, with his new anatomy, it was too small to fit around his skull, so he just kept failing. Once he failed three times, he started looking for an exit. He didn't want to be trapped in her with her, but the entire area looked to be closed off. He thusly started to wander around, steering clear of the human as much as possible.
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