Of Capes and Crusaders :Short stories and Quick Illustrations.

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So I have been having way to fun working on my C-Listers, supervillain RP as of late, and part of it is that I do alot of world building. The setting is one of my personal projects i've been working on even outside of the RP, and so I decided to share some of the stuff i've been doing. These works will be mainly Parody and humorous in nature.

Part 1: Kick'Em Introduction

The world is a ridicules place. It is in fact completely absurd. How anyone can stay sane on a planet that is routinely invaded by aliens, demons and trans-dimensional chicken gods, is a mystery for the ages. What kind of man, looks at a dark purle sky filled with eyes and think to himself ”It'll be ok.” The answer is everyone. We are so used to chaos and superheroes, that we have grown apathetic to the fact that we share our lives with modern day gods.

What makes men and women don capes and masks to risk life and limb is not quite as hard to figure out as to why we put up with it. Heroism is some sort of latent curse of mankind. We see men like Captain Ultra ascend trough the clouds , dragging some half alien and half human nazi leftover by the collar. We see that and we think; Man, that is awesome. I wish i was him. And just like that, the curse takes hold.

It took hold of me. It gripped my heart like a vice, and I could instantly hear the cheering. I could instantly hear my name chanted in my own head. I wanted to be that man. I wanted to achieve fame and glory as a hero. I wanted to save people, to stand and make a difference. Of course, I am not a half alien avatar of Humanities greatest virtues, I am just a chump with a green belt in karate, a allergy to onions and a burning obsessions with doing the right thing.

What exactly is the right thing you ask? I have no idea. I know it usually involves selfsacrifice and noble speaches. I am not to talented when it comes to the latter part. I stutter and talking in front of crowds make me sick to my stumache. My talents are more straight forward.

I kick people. That is the entirety of my superpower. I kick people hard. Really hard. These are my stories, I have recorded them so that in case you come across my note book, atleast one person will know of my story. The story of KICK'EM KID.
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