Of Broken Bones and Torn Flesh


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Of Broken Bones and Torn Flesh

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There was a field outside of the town where she grew up. A field where the grass loomed higher than the average man’s chest, reaching up to the mighty blue sky like one of the sun’s loyal servants. The thin blades of grass shimmered in its goddesses’ streams of light in a way that was comparable only to pure gold. And, for all anyone knew, maybe it was gold that was imbedded in the genetics of those glimmering strands. Not only was this land beautiful though, it also offered the people of surrounding area security and comfort. Even before the uprising of the ghouls, it had been a place in which the children would run off during the day to shut their eyes and open their minds and imagine whatever they pleased, in which teenage girls hid their fits of giggles as they gossiped and teenage boys brought misses out for a secret rendezvous, in which mothers smiled with other mothers and fathers taught sons to catch fastballs, and, finally, in which elders were laid to rest once their bodies could no longer carry on, becoming part of the field themselves.

The field continued to live and flourish despite the state of the world. As long as the people of the town continued their belief in this golden land, the golden land continued to offer them security and hope. After the news that the virus had contaminated towns and cities in bordering states, their own had decided to build up a rather sturdy fence around the edge of the field. Her own mother had taken part in the construction of it. “The more hands the better,” she had always said.

Now though, in the golden field, the air always smelled heavily of decay.

Genevieve couldn’t help but reach up to scratch at her itchy nose as she stomped through the dense, sun-colored grass in her worn out Converse shoes. Despite the countless hours she’d spent trudging down the familiar path, the putrid odor still made her nostrils twitch whenever she inhaled excessively. It was a scent that never died, clung too deeply to clothing, and still stuck to your hands no matter how long or how often you washed them. At first, it had been something people often commented on, most complaining that it made their noses sting, but after a few years it just became another part of life - a not so attractive part of life, but a part of life nonetheless.

She was on the borderline of sneezing now. Her fingers shot up to press down into the spot beneath her nose but it was too late. A squeak escaped her throat as she released her sneeze into the sleeve of her dark, navy blue cardigan and promptly wiped her nose, sniffling as she did so. It hadn’t occurred to her to bring any tissues along on this particular patrol. Beside her, the black steeled machete hung from her hand, an item she had found while rummaging through her father’s storage a month or so into the spread of the virus. He never did return to witness just how skilled she had become with it. She often wondered whether or not he was still out there somewhere, dressed in his army gear with a rifle at his side.*

She blew a piece of brown hair out of her blue eyes, eyes that almost seemed violet in the light, and swung the blade back and forth. It had rained the day before, leaving certain parts of the ground rather muddy so, naturally, it didn’t take long before the bottoms and sides of her shoes were covered in it. Little heed was paid though. As a little girl, she ran through these lands barefoot until she was covered from head to toe in earth. Nowadays, she spent her free time – which was a lot – patrolling the areas outside of town in case there were every any ghouls that slipped through the fence. Sometimes they had waves of them hit, pounding against the barrier in hopes of tearing it away. That was when the brave of the town would grab whatever weapons they could find and rush out to help. Those that returned victorious never were the same while those that slipped up came back about a month later with their eyes glazed over and their jaws hanging down, bits of flesh wedged between their teeth. When that happened she took her place as one of the guardians of the fence again, thinking, “The more hands the better”.

It was almost noon and she was starving. Her stomach grumbled in agreement as she headed back toward town. Even as far away as she was she could still make out the ivy leaves that covered most of the stone buildings. As she approached the stony path that marked the entrance, she was surprised to find a group of people. Were they delivering supplies? No, that wasn’t due for another week. They rarely got visitors, mostly because they were such a small fleck on the map that most people never really came across it, but there were the occasional wanderers looking for a place to stay a few days, so maybe that was it. Holding right, she walked past them and ventured further, stopping when she saw Mrs. Rodem, who often baked bread for the townsfolk.

“What’s going on?” Genevieve asked, glancing back toward the foreigners.

The elderly woman seemed just as confused as she did. “I’m not too sure. Riley is talking to them right now. Maybe they’re here to deliver news from the nearby towns. I know that supplies aren’t due until later so that can’t be it.” The plump woman shook her head and released a sigh. “I’m sure we’ll find out in due time, child.”

Genevieve nodded. Riley had taken up the role of leading the town after his old man died. He took care of supply dates, always making sure they were sent enough food and water. The man was tough, hard-headed, and stubborn but he would have rather given away his own ration before he let a child starve. He already ate much less than they did and it was really beginning to show. Even so, he would still grin and tell everyone he was fine and that it was just a little weight he could easily regain. And to think that he was only five years older than her.

Riley was heading back when she looked up again. He stopped upon noticing her. “Hey, back already?” he asked to which she replied with a smirk and nod. “We’ve got some visitors. It looks like they’re all okay and need a place to stay so we’re gonna let ‘em stay with us until they leave.”

And you’re going to eat even less, Genevieve thought with a frown, but she simply nodded and returned her eyes to the group at the entrance. “Got it,” she answered.

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"How long has it been? Time is just a commodity that I have wasted. Time, where did it go? Quite simply it was there and as simply it went away. But perhaps it'll do me some good to try to remember the events.

My name is Rosalyn Flowers. I was the daughter to Thomas Flowers and Maria Flowers. My little brother was David Flowers and younger sister was Amanda Flowers. Reason why I say 'was' is well I killed them. I don't know how and what happened but they came after me groaning and moaning. Well I know what happened, their decay flesh told me. I quickly ran to my parent's bedroom to retrieve my father's revolver. He said only used it in emergency. Luckily my father taught me how to fire a gun. As my deceased family members bore their way to me, I calmly looked down the sight and fired. Perfect head shots each time.

After that there was nothing left for me at my home. Nothing left in the small town I was born into. Some how I made my way through the hordes of the dead trying to make me apart of their kin. I fought and survived however I still kept that revolver with one bullet left in it. I kept it just in case I was on the verge of becoming one of them. Five bullets for my family, one left for me."

In the group standing in front of the entrance, was a small girl hidden beneath a dark gray hoodie that was a bit big on her. The hood covered her tanned face and concealing her long red hair and emerald green eyes. Her pair of black jeans and combat boots hid the scars and bruises she endured through her journey. Her hands sheathed in dark brown leather biker gloves hiding in the pouch of her hoodie; constantly keeping watch on the revolver. Quite frankly the girl looked lost and confused but most of all reclusive and scared.

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Genevieve bid Riley a goodbye when he gave her shoulder a squeeze and wandered off. "Try to make them feel at home while they're here," he had told her with a warm smile. Riley was one of those people who you simply found it hard to say no too, because most of the time he was right. That was why he was the leader. That was why everyone loved him.

Her blue eyes looked back at the entrance of the town and she bit her lower lip. Make them feel at home. How could she do that when they themselves had barely anything to offer? There was shelter, yes, all those houses now empty because their occupants had been lost, but what else could they give? She pushed the thought aside, wiping her sweaty palms on the sides of her pants. Wandering forward, she stopped when she was before them. They looked just like everyone else. Tired. Worn out. "Welcome," she heard her own voice come out rather softly. Something pulled at her, wanting to ask their names and figure out who they were, but she knew that the last thing they probably cared about was introductions. It was better to just get to the point, show them around, and let them settle in.

Brown haired was knotted in a messy bun on the top of her head, a habit she had taken up whenever she left the town due to an incident which involved one of the flesh-eaters latching their bony fingers into her hair. There were loose strands that flew in her face whenever the breeze picked up and she constantly tucked them back. She couldn't help but focus on the girl that stood to the side, noticing by her withdrawn attitude that she was probably fearful. Whether it was because of the monsters that roamed or the entrance into a new town full of strangers, Genevieve didn't know. All she knew was that she disliked strangers too. After growing up in a small town where everyone knew each other and then relying on only those people when the world fell into chaos, meeting and interacting with new people was...strange.

Usually whenever she saw new faces, they were rotted and snapping at her.

"I'll show you the town," she continued after a short pause. "We have a lot of room and extra housing, so you'll have somewhere warm to sleep."

Kairoga heard the jeep sputter to a stand still, cursing his luck he turned around and grabbed all he could and needed to bring with him.
He got out of the jeep and started walking down the highway, wary of any abandoned cars on the road that might hold any ghouls. it was odd though he could see for a long way with almost no obstructions.....
It happened 3 years ago. He had been just another one of those security forces guys just sent out during the beginning of it all, just sent out to "Patrol the area."
It was a mess, straight from the beginning there had been problems, from having enough gas to get to your destination (much less get back), to having sufficient food, even so far as having enough bullets for your gun. He and 3 others were just able to make it back from that patrol, out of 12 overall. Problem was one of the other 2 guys had gotten infected. 2 days after getting back, well thats when all hell broke loose in base; Apparently he had died in one of the freezers and when a poor soldier opened it he was rushed by that soldier, then afterwords everyone in the building was killed, and so on.....Until the base was in chaos....

Luckily Kairoga had been able to get out of there, thing is he didnt know where to go, so he just wandered along the highways stopping at small towns and doing odd jobs for whatever food he could earn.
His big break was when he got the jeep, it made moving around much easier and much less dangerous, however all the roads had been clogged from traffic so it really killed his gas mileage on the road..

"Wait a minute, why is the road clear here? The only time Ive seen a clear road is between functioning towns." Kairoga thought to himself, "If I can find a town I might be able to get some, who knows i might just stay there if it's a nice place for once."
Several hours of walking later Kairoga had come to see a problem, He had found a fence in the distance, that seemed to stretch a long way, his problem however was the large amount of ghouls piled up against said fence
"Looks to be every ghoul within 50 miles of here just concentrated, maybe I can lure some off at a time then get over the fence?" He thought to himself, "Maybe they have people patrolling on the other side of the fence?"
It was almost Nightfall by the time he was less than 500 feet from the hordes; Deciding he would be better off covered up he pulled up his hood, pulled down his goggles, and out came a nice long sharpened hatchet "Lets do this you ugly bastards, im tired and you're hungry." He muttered under his breath as the first couple of ghouls noticed him.
How did it she get here again?

She couldn't remember, it had been like this for the past three hours - or maybe more. Thoughts of the same questions filled the mind of an individual with the name of Valerie Kyle, countless times for the past few hours. It was always the same questions: how did she get here? How did this happen? Why did this happen? Here she was, sitting at the backseat of her father's shiny black sedan limousine on the way to nowhere - to a place they don't know, with an empty purpose and impulsive actions. But she had a goal: she had to go as far away as possible. How? She had no idea.

It all started because of this apocalypse that happened a few years ago, the city was rather prepared for it and all precautions were taken in extrminating these abominations. People, and her continued to live normally as should. But slowly, the defense barrier weakened and the zombies began to take over the city little by little. 

The day she feared came when she visited her father in his office, 30th floor it was. She brought him a dim sum takeout for a lunch date in his office, and talk about the new weaponry he has been developing. It went smoothly till the front desk called him, telling him that the zombies were at the lobby and he was the only one alive. Her father tried to press in details, but he was too late. Static noises and carnivorous sounds erupted from the receiver as his employee greeted his fate. His father led her to his private elevator, proceeding all the way down to the testing area - panicking as he did so. And before she could even protest or even realize what was happening, she found herself in this very vehicle with an abundant amount of firearms beside her, heading to the highway miles away from the city.

"Are you okay, Ms. Kyle?" asked the driver with eyes filled of concern, looking at her through the rear view mirror.


The bright sunny day greeted dusk as the sun melted away from sight, and the darkness clouded the atmosphere. They were finally out of the city, and driving through the highway and slowly city debris and corpses became grassy fields that were probably as tall as a child - or even taller. She closed her eyes, what kind of fate is she going to face? She had never dealt with zombies before, but self-defense wise... What did she know? She only knew how to use the weapons her father built - but never killed anyone with it, and the closest thing she had with martial art was kickboxing. How was she going to survive? Fear started creeping inside her, fear for her father, fear for her life and what awaits it. Why was she feeling fear? She was a grown woman, living in this world for 20 years... But the child inside her were chased by her demons.
Animals. Squabbling over one another for a piece of stale bread. Murdering a man for the few bullets he had in his pocket... No. Humans weren't animals. They had gone lower. Even the people of this fair place, their smiles, their actions. They hid the past well, maybe even forgotten about it.

All but a few... "Damn it." The one time when I have great train of thought and you die on me. Stupid thing.

With a sigh the brown haired, grey-blue (or was it blue-gray) eyed teen pulled off the headphones and looked at the display of his cd player. With a single button press he saw that it was as he feared. The display flashed for a moment, displaying an empty battery sign. That wasn't what he wanted to see.

"Finally! I was getting sick of that shit you were listening to." The words that the older man, a man who was fond of the drink and very very pissed that alcohol just wasn't in supply anymore. Unfortunately, that man had been assigned to be the teen's 'Wall Buddy'. "Serious Willy, that shit will burn your ears out." "I already told you, its Will. Not Willy." He hated that nickname. "Well, you look like an 'ole buddy of mine in da Navy. Us'd to work in a steam boat. Ste'm Bot Wily, we used ta call 'im. Den again..."

Man this guy likes to talk. Just another hour Will, then you can get back home and keep your escape bag up to... Hmmm? What's that on the horizon?
As the man continued to talk and others nearby ghossiped about a new group that had happened on the gate, Will leaned forward and placed the monocular to his eye, trying to see into the distance. "Can't be a horde... Must be some dark clouds." He said that to himself, muttering it. The dark spot disconcerned him though... He didn't like it.

Ok. Escape plan, from the top. Get off the Wall, grab the supply bags, find Riley and Gene, wait until a time to get out and take it. That was one thing he learned, don't care for everyone, try to get a few key people out and then your good. Can't look out for number one alone, that would be a crap plan.
He was panting now, the hatchet was wearing down and would need a god sharpening after this. He had killed at least 50 ghouls but to him it felt like a hundred. It was getting dark now, pretty soon he wouldnt be able to see; But he didnt focus on that, he was focused on clearing the ghouls in a small area of the fence so he could get in. A pile was starting to grow around where he was killing the ghouls, making it tricky to and forcing Kairoga to watch his step. He was getting closer to the fence, yet becoming more surrounded by ghouls with every step, he decided there was no going back now. With that decision Kairoga charged, skidded to a stop to bury his hatchet into a ghoul that lunged towards, him then darted forward again dodging around the closing ghouls. Killing the last 2 ghouls to the fence, Kairoga quickly put away the hatchet, and started climbing the fence, just barely getting out of the pursuing ghouls reach.
Reaching the top of the fence, he stopped for a moment to get an elevated look around, he saw what appeared to be 2 figures in the distance, heading his way. Pulling out the hatchet again, Kairoga threw it so it landed pointy side down in the dirt beside the fence. Kairoga himself then jumped off the fence and did a roll when he landed, standing back up all the exertion of the day and it's very recent exertions he just endured immediately came back to him. Swaying back and forth he muttered, "Shit.....not now..." then collapsed face to the sky with the still bloody hatchet in hand.
A new setting, a new frame of time, all the new things that made Rosalyn a stranger in her own flesh. The cold touch of the lustrous six shooter against her delicate soft hands, kept reminding her of the place she came from and the house that now was a crypt for her family. She just stood there in the group of people, her mind frozen in time. Like a black and white movie being projected on a wall, the scene of her killing the ones she loved so dear kept repeating in her mind. Tears once again threaten to escape her will though her willpower was stronger. No it wasn't even that, the well of tears in her eyes were simply dried up.

She barely notice the man departing, leaving her in the company of the native girl. Rosalyn dared not to look up at her but knew that she existed; that being good enough for her. Her weary body ached for sanctuary while her encumbered mind wished for a peaceful night of sleep without the phantoms of malicious fright plaguing her mind. A small voice pushed its way out of Rosalyn.

"Please just rest will be fine."
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Genevieve was surprised to hear the young girl talk, but she nodded nonetheless. She forced a small smile onto her face to at least appear civil, but it only looked awkward and unnecessary so she turned around and started down the pathway into the village, signalling for them to follow her. "There are a lot of empty houses around, we usually don't go into them out of respect for the previous residents. However, there are a lot of people here who are willing to offer some of their empty rooms for travelers. The elderly who've lost children or grandchildren are always looking for someone to talk to," she said.

Then, without thinking, she allowed herself to release a bit of information she hadn't been planning to. "I've also got a few spare rooms at my house; I live alone now." She wished she could take the words back. Ever since her mother left the town years ago - at the very beginning of the virus outbreak - and her brother fell into the ocean of ghouls, she hadn't thought of leaving her house to go and live with one of the other townsmen. She stayed in their small cottage because that was where she felt comfortable, and not mention, it had the best view of the field.
The ride seemed smooth and calm, until the car stopped abruptly that Valerie leaned forward slightly because of it's force. Looking up, she stared at the back of her driver's seat "Ed?" she inquired, but not too long after a decayed hand shot in her driver's window, shattering the hard glass as if reached over and broked her driver's neck with an undeniably strong motion.

She screamed, they were being attacked.

Out of the panic, a wild rush of adrenaline flowed in her veins as she grabbed the shotgun in the pile of firearms beside her seat, climbing towards the front and shot a bullet towards the abomination at her driver's window. She opened the door of her car, pushing Ed's bloody corpse out of the car and pushed down the gas pedal -- speeding as fast as she could, but at the horizon in the distance lay another group of them, their eyes were hungry and wild as they eyed her moving car violently through their decaying eyes.

A chill flew in her spine.

She halted to a stop, there was no point running because it was hopeless. She had to survive, survive for her father, survive for her driver, and survive for herself. It only meant one thing, she had to fight back. With her numb, shaking, and cold hands she reached at the backseat and grabbed the machine gun. Pressing the sunroof open, she climbed on top of the car, prepared her weapon and targetted towards the incoming mass of zombies; her whole body was shaky, and her palms sweating in nervousness.

It was all or nothing.