Of Blood and Starlight II {Revamp}

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  1. I did this RP a long time ago but it died sadly. I love the idea and really want to try it again.​
    Storyline:cookie: :
    There is a royal family of vampyres, the Arcana family. The king and queen had only one child and she is to be their heir when they either die or resign the throne. Their daughter, Desdemona lives a life inside the castle walls because outside them most werewolves hate vampyres and would love to get their paws on Desdemona in order to turn the tides of the rebellion against the vampyres. Now there are some werewolves that love the vampyres and want to protect them from the other wolves who want to destroy them and these select wolves are allowed to live inside the castle and protect the vampyres while they sleep.​
    Desdemona was given a young werewolf when she was young, they grew up together. He was trained to protect her no matter what happened and she was taught to respect him but at the same time know he was below her.​
    But what happens when trouble starts and Desdemona is separated from her family and is facing death? What are the feelings that have been growing in her black heart for her guardian? Only you can write their story........​
    Requirements:lunaspin: :
    Now, as far as what I am looking for this is it :MxF, No one-liners,Someone who can help come up with an amazing story, and someone who won't drop out without warning. I know we all have RL stuff to take care of first as do I, but a little warning if you are going to leave would be nice.​
    Content Warning:dustbunny: :
    This roleplay will contain sexual content, and all the yummy blood guts and gore only a vampyre and werewolf could create together.​