Of Blood and Crowns [Sequel to The Dark Prince]

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    Who was King Julius?

    It was just a name now -- a king that was long forgotten by it's people. The memory of his legacy, fleeting like the wind and slowly vanishing from books and talk. He was nothing now, nothing but a mere old man roaming around the castle. Decaying slowly, aging, and only living because it was his remaining liberty. Dethroned, with nothing but his name. His reign of two decades, thrown away just like that by a man whom he once thought of as a son to him:


    What cunning man, he was! He was the perfect mastermind! Deceiving, charming, and manipulative. Slowly, he worked his way up to the top. But for what? Power and vengeance. Powered by that sole promise to that vampire who had saved his idiotic, youthful self from the damnable "holy" powers of God and his old, foolish little lackeys. He was prince, yes he was, a prince from long time ago. A prince who ran away from his throne, a rogue royal -- who's anger to the world fueled him for generations and generations.

    But, he finally won -- and now, the world was his.

    "...And that, young man, is your story for today." Morgana concluded with a heavy sigh, glancing her glowing bronzy-yellow eyes down to a young boy of two. He was quite a handsome youth, with features that bore a striking resemblance to his father. Strong, sharp, and very aristocratic. But there was also a part of him -- an aura of gentleness, something that balanced him -- something he had gotten from his mother.

    Not matter how much the witch abhored the boy's mother, she couldn't help but feel relieved by this share of features of the Queen. Else, the boy would look too much like his father -- and maybe more sinister. Not that she was complaining, but it didn't quite fit the child... Yet.

    A knock chimed from the closed door, and Morgana's senses lead her to turn. There was a guest -- but not much of a guest, for when it opened it only revealed a mere maid with a tray of food and tea, settled with the finest silverware. "Breakfast, Your Highness and Countess." the maid said in a contained, and low manner. Her head pointed down, and her lids slanted; not glancing. Being the consort of an Earl gave her the title of "Countess", apparently -- this is what they were called.

    "You may leave." Morgana said coldly, staring down the maid without batting an eye. The maid just nodded softly, despite her heart-wrenching fear of the woman. After all, she was a rumoured witch. But the funny thing was -- she was a witch, and if she only could, she would burn each and every one who put her down. After the door closed, the witch-now Countess glanced at her nephew -- whose eyes were planted on the plate of a finely arranged gourmet breakfast. Sugared pastry decorated with berries, and two strips of bacon. On the side, a carousel full of small treats and cake slices and tea for her -- the only drink she could digest.


    She eyed the boy's meal with a distasteful frown, shaking her head as both it's appearance and smell made her shudder slightly. "I cannot quite fathom how you're able to stomach that, Tristan... But then again, we don't fancy you running about and harassing everybody -- are we?" she smirked, laughing quietly. Of course the boy wouldn't understand -- not even the stories of his father's reign. He wouldn't understand them -- not yet, not even his own thirst for blood.

    For she knew that once the boy tasted it, he could only ask for more.
  2. [​IMG] (but a bit smaller and darker hair, blue eyes of course and yeah, you get the pic ;D )

    Tristan had indeed been listening somewhat to Morganas story, but as a 2 year old he didnt have much of an attention span, however his father had taught him to listen to his elders - especially Morgana, because she was wise as he put it. He may not have been old enough to know what the true definition of a king was, but he knew even at this young age that he was highly favored -and highly spoiled, and that his mother and father were important figures here in Romania, the most important. The way these people waited on his hand in foot -the brilliant clothes.. whenever he went out with his mother or father into the kingdom he could tell he was priveledged - not all kids had the things that he had, and for his age he was very attentive of that.

    "Whats harass?" he asked softly -his voice was that of a child's but a very placid one. Not that he didnt like to play around, what 2 year old wouldnt? but he was more the observant type than anything. He began eating quietly -trying hard not to spill any on his shirt of dress pants because he knew his mother would surely scold him. Food always tasted good to Tristan, but there was always a deep hunger inside for something more - a hunger that was deeper than just food and regular drink -but of course, this would do for now. He shifted his body to lean against Morgana's lap -he was very close to Morgana, and aunt is what he called her. Something he noticed about him and her -they were the same, pale, cold and had a dark aura about them -him, Morgana his father and his Uncle Marius.. his mother was different though, she was like a light in the darkness of it all, his angel. "When is Father and Mother coming?" he asked, looking up at her and blinking a few times. Morgana always watched him around this time of morning, but it was getting late, and he yearned to be back in their arms.

    Before anyone could say anything else, whether it be another question from his end or an answer from hers, a soft knock was heard at the door, and then emerged his Uncle Marius, a smug look on his face as he entered, one hand in his pocket and the other hanging idly by his side. He was dressed in uniform as was he everyday -he was after all a chief now, and a general, and an Earl -a busy job. But nothing a vampire couldn't handle "Oh and what do we have here? youve stolen her away from me again I see" he teased Tristan, as he made his way over slowly. Tristan giggled and hugged Morgana "Shes mine!" he yelled - it was a routine thing for the two of them, playfully fighting over his aunts attention. Marius smirked, scooping him with ease from Morganas lap and tossing him over his shoulder, spinning around a few times, it was one of Tristans favorite things. "Yes I see you had her, but now Ive got you so doesnt that mean whatever yours is mine?" he asked with a whole hearted chuckle as Tristan shook his head no over and over. "I cant wait to have one of these little monsters I swear it" Marius admitted as he carried the boy with him to the window which gave them a beautiful view of the kingdom. "I just seen your father not too long ago, out in the kingdom.. aren't you scheduled to play over your cousins house today?" Marius asked curiously with a raised eyebrow. Yes, his cousins from his grand father Julius's side of the family, who were the sons of noblemen and such just outside the kingdom and on their very own patch of land. He nodded twice, as he was put down - he liked playing with his cousins, though he was much faster and stronger than them -beating them at the games they would make up was easy, but he still enjoyed their company. "One of them or both should be here to get you soon.. till then go finish your breakfast" he ordered the small boy who quietly walked over to his food and began eating as Marius turned to smirk at Morgana "and what has my most poisonous flower in the garden been up to this morning? sorry leaving before you got up.. there was some business to attend to" he said quietly -hinting to the fact that he had to kill someone. You disobey the rules and you pay the consequences. That was that. He kneeled down to her, kissing her softly on the lips -brief but passionate all the same. Life with Morgana had been some of the best years of his life -he couldn't deny that even if he wanted to.
  3. Morgana looked at them banter teasingly, before engaging into a teasing scoff. "The both of you, really." she hissed with a subtle smirk as she continued surveying them, "I wouldn't be surprised if the boy turns as sly as you -- because of your influential antics -- or as bastardous as the one who made him. But nonetheless, I love having my beauty appreciated." she added with a flavourful underlying tone, savouring the kiss the man she loved dearly fruitfully planted on her.

    "And I wonder why you taste extremely delectable, my darling." she mused, licking her lips as what's left of the poor sod's blood glazed onto her lips as Marius kissed her. There was something so delicious about the man, that she couldn't help but run her hands on his shoulders and around his neck -- giggling before clearing her throat. "I don't set too much of a good example to this young man. Oh well, I'm the lesser evil of all of you." she remarked, chuckling at the irony before winking at the boy.

    Though it may seem to all that she had not done much -- Ethan wouldn't get as far as he did this easily if it weren't for her. She kept him -- all of them -- surviving with the blood vials.

    She watched the two tease each other, and began to ponder quietly -- she always knew Marius wanted a child. It wasn't only a matter of knowing -- you can just see it. The man, held a very special affection for Ethan's child! In his eyes, there was a string of longing and wishing -- something he always wanted, and she can only give it to him.


    Maybe soon.
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    "Your father.. has got to be one of the worst croquet players it has ever been my misfortune to watch.." Anna's aunt announced to the girl, giggling at the way Julius couldn't hit the ball through the loop in no way shape or form as he played against his good friend Charles -they did this almost every other day for as long as Anna could remember since Ethan's reign. "Oh please stoppit Aunt Margret.. if its what makes him happy.. and what keeps him busy and out of his depression then let him play.. he doesn't have to be good at it to enjoy it, and that's the goal" Anna replied in a hushed tone as the maids fanned the two, also shading them from the sunlight. ''Yes I suppose you're right.. he was a great king -your father.. however it was best that Ethan took over and I hope he's accepted that fact by now.. he is a great ruler.. charming young man.. seems to never age, looks the same as when I first met him when your father took him in, also.. unlike your uncle he is as faithful as he is charming... you're uncle has been messing with the maids for years now.. " she grumbled before glaring at the servant who fanned her "If you fan any harder you will likely blow my damn hat off.. gentle strokes... yes that's the melody." She instructed the servant and praised her as she fanned slower. Anna simply rolled her eyes at her aunts statement "You have been saying that for years now aunt Margret.. how do you know for certain he is messing with them?" she asked looking towards her aunt who only smiled back at her "Call it women's intuition.. that and a letter I had found that he had written her.. your uncle likes them young and when I could not provide that for him anymore.. he turned to someone else... " She explained with a helpless sigh. Anna looked towards her aunt and frowned "Well if that's true then he needs to stop it.. find a priest and repent for his sins.. unless he would like an eternity in hell" she seethed, however Margret only laughed and waved her hand at the whole situation "I used to care.. I don't anymore, I haven't the will.. and a priest? when was the last time you've seen a priest around here? or a nun? or even a church?.. Ethan's rid of them" she explained bluntly.

    This was something Anna already knew.. he thought it was 'best' and she never questioned him on it.. she never questioned him on anything. "Yes well.. once a month I make it a point to go and see one.. not in the country of course.. I go to Rome.. Ethan thinks its only for dresses and such.. that's the way I would like to keep it.. not that I think he'd forbid it its just.. I think its just better if he didn't know.. he's never been a fan of church's affiliation with me.. he thinks it corrupts my mind.. I soon plan to take Tristan to be blessed... on his third birthday" she explained. "The boy is just darling really.. even at his young age you can just predict that he'll be much like his father Margret beamed. "Speaking of which.. I must be going, Tristan has a play date in half an hour.. " She said as she stood, 2 guards who were assigned to her stood as well. "Is that witch still watching him? you know I am a busy woman but I would rather have little Tristan run around with me then with that bi-" before she could continue Anna put her finger to her aunts lips "Shh.. trust me.. I know, however me and her have gone from hating each others guts to.. being at least civilized since Ethan insists she stays around..." Anna says annoyingly before clearing her throat which gained her father and Charles attention. "I must be going to get Tristan now... I want him to have a nap before he's off to play with his cousins.. he's been up since the crack of dawn and possibly before that.. " She announced. Julius only smiled and tilted his head "Off you go then.. the boy does seem to have a strange sleeping pattern... if you let him, he would stay up all night and sleep all day.." Julius chuckled out, Anna smiled then -kissing her fathers cheek before turning to Margret and hugging her before rushing off to collect her son.


    "Are you certain that its me tasting delectable and not you darling?" Marius asked with a curious gleam in his eyes, yet his smirk gave away that he knew exactly what she was speaking of -she could taste the blood of the man he had 'taken care of' of this morning. After being accused and convicted of treason, Marius took him out to cliff that Ethan had shown him, a place where the man always hid his dirty secrets, and Marius would shudder if he thought too hard about all the skeletons and rotting flesh that lay at the bed of the abyss, too many to count he was sure -if one ever discovered it, they might think that some sort of civil battle was fought down there.

    Marius then glanced back over to Tristan who was finished with his breakfast and was now drinking his orange juice, he wondered to himself if the boy could feel the hunger inside him for more than what the humans could offer him --if he did feel it, he probably wouldn't be able to explain it until his vocabulary expanded and he was older.. perhaps in a few years or so. His mind then wondered to what raising a full fledged vampire child would be like, hard to control? or placid? either way he was more than ready to find out, and he knew deep inside his core that Morgana was getting the hints he would send her whenever someone mentioned Tristan or any other babies for that matter.

    "Tristan how would you like a playmate? someone your age running around the castle with you.. a new friend?" he asked the boy innocently enough, who blinked up to him with those blue eyes that made Marius feel like he was talking to a much younger version of his 'brother' Ethan, who over the years had become much like one. Tristan only nodded, with a small smile "I want one." He nearly demanded, however Marius only shook his head, turning the boy towards Morgana. "Again" Marius spoke lowly. Tristan blinked a few times, looking over his Aunt and then smiling "I want one." He repeated, Marius also looked up to Morgana with a smirk "Me too. What about you Morgana? want one?"

    Just then Marius's partner in crime turned his head sharply to the door, and Marius slowly turned as well - 10 seconds later there was a soft knock. Marius looked to the boy who only continued to smile towards the door "Its mama" he informed Marius. "Yes, but how did you know she would knock just now?" he asked curiously. "I felt her" he said nonchalantly. So his senses were growing along with him -that was great, as long as Anna did not catch on. "Yes well, give your aunt a kiss good bye" Marius instructed Tristan who gladly did, hugging her tightly before following his uncle to the door. "Hello your highness.. here is your boy.. with all his limbs intact as promised" Marius joked. Anna only smirked and picked her son up, who held on to her like a koala baby, "Thank you for watching him Marius.. Morgana." She said firmly before walking away swiftly down the hall -something about the witch made her feel eerie even if they were more civilized with each other now, for she knew if Ethan willed it, she would probably stop Annas heart in a second.
  5. Ah, I can read you far too well -- my love.

    It was a running message all these years, she knew Marius always wanted a child. It was one of his sincere wishes -- to have a child to raise and care for. Something, something Morgana can't quite grasp in her head. What good will a child do? But a burden to take and carry? The crown prince, Tristan, a vampire who is yet to know his real hunger is tedious enough. Morgana hovered her sights to the two of them, and rolled her eyes -- silly things, really. "Enough naught, two of you..."

    She watched the little boy run towards her mother, on his small but able limbs -- clinging on her like she were the embodiment both love and life. It was a curious thing, really, motherly attachment. She never had the least bit of it. To her parents eyes, she was a living sin against the God they all believed in -- the God she hated terribly. Her gaze slanted towards her lover, and began staring at every detail of his beautiful face. The way his bronzing hair reflected against the candlelight, his eyes bright and mischevious, with his skin so white and cold... He was beautiful.

    And so was she.

    And so did the little boy who cradled himself in his mother's arms.

    Just then, the doorway received another guest. A man of ageless divine. He was handsome, that he is -- beautiful, and all the other synonyms that could describe him so. Unlike her playful lover, the man brought an aura of mystery. He trailed into the room, donning a blood red An enticing one, yet dangerous. She knew him all to well, in fact, so did Marius, and so did everyone else. He was none other than Ethan, His Majesty, King of Romania, ruling the Kingdom of the New Age. As long as this flourishes, they can rule everything -- even the world. That way, they can eradicate the church forever. The humans will know their place, they definitely will.

    "Your lady friend and her fairly amusing aunt just left, to inform." If anything, ever since Ethan's reign and her love for Marius unveiled, she found more character in herself. After her love for Ethan has diminished, they still stood in a really good relationship -- although, with an underlying sass, "Attend to your in-laws, my dear."

    Ethan frowned at her statement -- sensing the sarcastic flavour lingering on her lips, "Whatever amuses you." He muttered icily, looking about and around. It was a pleasure being King, but also a headache. He missed these quarters, but it was rare he can ever relax in it for long. "Try to cherish my wife's name, Morgana. She's not mere, or any of sorts."

    "She's mortal, Ethan." Morgana snapped back with a scoff, "She's nothing, but an aging beauty. I'm amazed how you've hid it so well, with her sleeping in your bed every single night." She pulled out a vial from her pocket, drinking it heartily like water to a thirsty man. She felt parched, and she had just drank this morning -- but she yearned, more and more for blood. It was weird, this hunger, but she must sate it -- nonetheless.

    Ethan paused, stumped at the statement presented before him. It was something he never told her, the one of the only few secrets he had ever kept from her. A dark secret, that would either destroy them -- or unite them more. It was the only thing he was afraid of, out of everything the darkness that hollows inside his heart. He was afraid to lose her. "It's something better left unsaid."

    Morgana started to laugh heartily, grabbing Marius' arm, "You have a child, lovely. Not for long. Come along, my darling."
  6. "You and I both know the way Morgana speaks is blunt.. and to the point, very precise and at times it can even come off.. very, very curt.. " Marius chimed in, the side of his hand running softly over Morgana's flawless, cold cheek, he smiled at her, and then looked back to Ethan, as if for a second in time, everything was lost but her face. "Never the less, she is correct..I cant say that, with all your accomplishments kingdom wise, and the way you went about things, that I ever doubted your reign for a second.... but I can say I doubted your marriage to last this long without their being some.. complications, adjustments.. or yes, even some changes" Marius hoped that everyone knew what he meant by 'Changes' - he meant what he said, and between the lines he was talking solely of changing Anna into a vampire.. and eventually, their son. This is something that quietly and to himself of his own opinion, that he believed Ethan could never avoid, it would happen -it would have to. 2 years ago Anna and Ethan met, and if one would not know them any better, they might think they had known each other their whole lives, their relationship was warm, and radiated no matter how dark Ethan seemed he was always a different person around Anna. However times were changing now.. only they would remain the same.

    "Shes 20 now Ethan.. and being married to a man such as yourself Im sure shes grown up fast.. Anna has always been mature to me.. in a way I almost feel you have raised her.. made her wiser.. after all what are humans anyways.. if not children?" He finished with a chuckle. " When she became your consort she was nothing but almost.. a puppet.. following you around the castle like a god damned love-struck puppy, but now it seems she has her own values, her own opinion on things.. shes more of a queen now then she was when she was first crowned, My point being.. I think she has the right head on her shoulders.. and the right amount of love for you, that if you were to reveal your secret.. that you are what you are.. and that you have given her a child that is half of what you are.. I cant see her telling a soul, she might be a little startled at first.. who wouldn't be?.. but I believe her main focus, if any.. would be nothing but to spend the rest of her life with you.. and to be with you forever -never minding the whole.. damnation that comes along with it.. you cannot wait forever Ethan.. if you wait until your son is old enough to start asking questions about himself that only you will be able to answer.. then she might resent you.. for contributing to something that you never gave her the chance to be apart of.. she will have very literally missed out on half Tristan's life, never being able to truly be there for him through this confusing part of his life.. considering around his 21'st is time time he should be changed.. " He said his piece, smiling as Morgana gestured for their leave "Don't be angry with me either of you.. but I do believe its about Anna's time to know.. know and become apart of it.. or Ethan will be without her in the next century.. I highly doubt you would want that.. 'Brother' .. no matter how much my love might hate the idea " Marius summoned up with a smirk as he lead Morgana out of the room, honestly he had no idea what Ethan had in store for Anna -the man made sure he was but a mystery.

    "I know what I or anyone says probably means little to Ethan.. he normally already knows what he wants to do .. yet I feel something needed to be said.. No matter how much you resent Anna -Ethan needs her in order to succeed.. the same as I need you..once you find the other half to your whole.. its almost impossible to do much without them.. especially vampires.. but I'm sure I don't need to tell you that" he smirked down to her. "What do you wish to do today my love? on a much lighter note.."


    "Mama.." Tristan murmured as he was placed on his mother and fathers giant bed, Tristan's room was attached to theirs, only 2 sliding doors away in fact, however during his nap time, she would normally let her son sleep in her and Ethan's bed, he slept better there for some reason -assuming that he slept at all at night. "Yes love?" She answered him softly as she watched the maids close the curtains and then depart from the room after bowing respectively. "When I wake up, will you be here?" he asked innocently enough, his blue orbs staring into hers. All Anna could do was smile, every time she looked over her sons face she knew that no matter what, or how she would leave this earth, that she and Ethan had created something so close to perfection, so remarkably close that she would be content with everything else, the mark she would leave on this world was Tristan.

    "I do have things to do today Tristan.. your father isn't the only busy.." She informed him with a raised eyebrow as she watched his eyes lower in slight sadness, However Anna only smiled, tilting her head a bit to the side "But of course.. I will stay" she continued, as a result, a big smile spread on his face -she would all along have stayed with her son, after all nothing was more important than him.. however she didn't want him to get the impression that she was nothing more than his fathers shadow.. a pampered Queen with little responsibility -she wanted Tristan to see her as strong, and firm.. but maybe it was a lost cause - because compared to Ethan, she looked like nothing more than a trophy wife of some sort. "Is Father gonna be here when I wake up?" he asked curiously as he lay down, exhaustion evident on his face as Anna sat on the side of the bed, allowing Tristan to lay his tiny head in her lap as she ran her fingers through his locks of dark hair. "I haven't the slightest clue.. but hush now.. go on to sleep darling, Ill wake you soon" she said softly and with a sigh as she pulled out a book she had been reading.
  7. As much as he hated being questioned, Ethan succumbed to the idea that Morgana raised a very important point.

    Even Marius, to add to that. Those two, he seem to have more of an understanding of her than he ever did -- and Ethan knew her longer than he ever did. Interesting things, this 'love' can produce. He knew he loved Anna, yet it's sole philosophy was still a mystery to him. Maybe Marius knew what it meant, in a more ardent understanding. He was a man once, he must've felt it pure. But he was as well! He was once a man -- a human man, but how is it that he cannot feel it... In a way that he wouldn't lust so excessively? Did he feel numb too early? To feel? To know?

    Ethan formed a clenched fist inside his pockets, his blue orbs wandering to the departing couple before him -- spitting love at his face. In his mind, Anna clouded his thoughts. Her face, her smile, her beautiful dark hair, her tenderness, the way he felt so enticed at the sight of her, the heat of her soft body against his, and... He hissed under his breath sharply, muttering curses at his stupidity. His locks of the darkest bronze, shook wildly as he bowed his head down to his wavering composure. He loves this woman, and he always will -- but why couldn't he tell her? He wanted to protect her.

    But like Marius said, it wouldn't be too long till she finds out herself.


    There was a feeling of fatigue that plagued Morgana's body as she stepped out of the room, her body felt weaker -- and her mouth dried in dire of more blood. She's been feeling this for quite a while now, but never this worse. She was even apt for sex, that sweet serenity where she would lay bare and sometimes even bathed in blood -- with passion of vigorous frequencies would roar out through the night. The thought lingered dreamily in Morgana's mind, her body leaning against Marius for support. She was leaning all of her into him, religiously depending in her lover's steady stance for support.

    "Ugh..." She muttered under her breath, bowing her head down lightly while glaring a yellow orb at a passing guard, "How did I feel so unwell...? I feel weak, hungry, and sometimes my body would ache heavily! I'm not up to par for scavenging lately, it takes courage to bend without feeling broken. Lucky that boy, Tristan, I don't do so much for him -- he just sit there, and stare at things. Good lad, good lad, behaved and well -- unlike his filthy counterparts." She continued, emphasising her hate for humans in varying stressed tones. She hated humans, she really did. The feeling was not one-sided, for they hated her too -- they hated her a lot, and she hated them all the same.

    "Take me... Take me to..." Her words remained fragmented while her eyes lowered, softened, her grip loosening, and her body falling slowly as she dropped into unconsciousness; fainting almost instantly.


    A knock on the door was heard, three sharp pounds against the sharp wood echoed against Ethan's ear. He jerked his head slightly to the east, where the door lay still and closed -- with sounds of oending disturbance, "Yes?" he answered, fixing his distressed posture -- preparing for what message the knocking brought, "What is it?"

    "This is the Sub-Lieutenant, Your Majesty."

    Ethan raised a curious brow, "What is your keeping?"

    "There is a nun outside our gates."
  8. Marius only listened closely to his loves words -not speaking and almost bracing himself for something to happen, he let his hand rest on her waist, pulling her into him gently and looking down to her with worry in his eyes yet an unreadable expression -he knew something had been wrong with Morgana lately, yet he couldn't put his finger on just what, and it seemed to only be getting worse as time permitted. "Then don't. I shall do the scavenging from now on.. I want nothing more than for you to rest, immediately" He said in a quiet, solemn voice.

    "Take me... Take me to..."

    "Take you where? MORGANA!" He yelled as he could tell she was drifting in and out of consciousness. "Morgana, look at me" He ordered softly, pushing her gently against the wall and holding her there as he took her chin in his palm and leveled her eyes to his -and though she had been there with him a few seconds.. after that she was completely gone. "Morgana?!..." he continued to call for her, but of course there was no answer. Marius then picked her up bridal style and began walking hastily down the long hallway, a glare in his eyes that was enough for all the servants whom had come to see what had happened to move out of the way as if a gust of wind had hit them all at once, pushing them against the walls.

    Marius took Morgana to his quarters, the door opened upon his arrival and then closed and locked itself once he was inside -he had been reading a lot of Morgana's books over the years and had learned a few spells himself -these things were easy for him to learn, for he was already a powerful supernatural being.

    The bedroom he took her to was not the same one they shared night after night, but rather a separate bedroom he used when he needed alone time, or when he grew tired of drinking from vials, and wanted fresh blood he would bring prey here.. capturing them with his charms and then devouring them the moment the door closed behind them -he brought her here because it was the closest of places and no one but him had a key to this room, therefore they would have no interference. He pulled back the curtains surrounding the bed, and then lay her on the pitch black satin sheets gently, removing any stray hairs from her face and leaning down to plant a cold kiss upon her cheek. "Morgana..." he whispered softly -he had no idea what was wrong with her.. sickness was ruled out because after all they were already dead.. however he remembered her saying something about always being parched, so quickly he lifted his wrist to his own mouth, letting his teeth sink into the skin like butter, then retracting them and watching as tiny pools of blood surfaced against the puncture wounds, before pouring off the sides of his wrist, he then looked to Morgana, hesitantly leaning over her and letting his wrist rest inches from her lips -his blood dripping into her mouth slowly, he hoped that this was the answer to her unexplainable behavior.

    "Awake my love.. you must" he whispered softly as he let his unoccupied hand run fingers through her hair.


    Normally around this time, Tristan would be sound asleep, because it was daytime, and that was just the way his sleep schedule was, however today he wasn't the least bit sleepy, in fact his mother drifted off into sleep reading her book before the idea of even attempting to sleep crossed his mind, his blue eyes gazed up to her as his head lay in her lap, he blinked and smiled little, understanding how tired she was -it didn't take a genius to figure out how busy his mother and father were, very, very busy people -and there he was in the middle of it all.. with nothing to do but learn and be pampered. Slowly Tristan sat up, looking towards his mother and reaching out to take the book which lay loosely in her hands, placing it on the table beside her and then slowly and as quiet as a snake getting his small body off of the bed. He felt a light burning sensation over his skin -strangely it wasn't at all a burning that hurt, but something else, more harsh than a tickle, but more gentle than a feather -a strange feeling that he never tried to explain to anyone accept his uncle Marius who informed him that it was only his senses and not to say a word of it to his mother, that was always the rule -anything strange happen, not a word to mother -and he kept to that rule. An obedient child when he hadn't the will to disobey.

    Yet now at this very moment he had the will to.. the burning sensation told him his father was near and sense he hadn't seen his father all morning, he missed him and yearned to see him and be near him. He made his way to the door, standing on his Tip-Toes to turn the knob and make his way out, closing the door quietly behind him -knowing that consequences came with irrational actions and being a smart child, he could see in the future that his mother would scold him for this -but the price was a small one, anything to get out of nap time. He then let his senses lead the way, not making eye contact with any of the maids who looked to him in curiosity, wondering why he didn't have an escort, yet not saying anything to him because he didn't look lost at all, he looked as if he knew exactly where he was going -and it was true.

    Soon he came upon a door where a a man stood -a man he recognized, in uniform which he wore daily. He looked up to the man who said something about 'Your Majesty' which had to be no one but his father because his mother and father were the only ones to wear that kind of title, which was enough of a reason to for him to believe it was indeed his father, so he quickly scurried between the mans legs and then stood between them, smiling up at his father and grabbing a bit of his pants, tugging on it for attention. "Father.. whats a nun? may I come?" he whined, his dark curly locks resting over his eyes yet he could see his fathers face clearly, he who had cold skin and enticing eyes like his, the burning sensation dying down now that it had found its destination.
  9. I had to draw her out >_> (open)

    A short of an amused snort emitted from behind Marius, lingering in the darkest corners of the room. The presence of the unwanted guest was almost invisible, but hungry eyes of reddish-silver glow that shone in the thick black mass indicated that the figure wanted to be seen. Slowly, as the quiet steps motioned, light blessed the form -- revealing a tall woman with long black locks, fashioned into a thick braid that was tucked at the curve of her neck. It was quite an interesting weave, for a good amount of her hair on the opposite side was pulled into this braid -- giving a good and full side profile of her pale face. She was quite a beautiful construction -- blessed with a soft jawline and cheekbones that slightly surfaced as a playful smirk stayed molded on her deep red lips.

    The woman paused, stopping just by the foot of the bed; arms folded. Her eyes flowed from Morgana to Marius, before shaking her head accompanied with an arrogant sigh, "I can't believe this is what 'educated men' end up to be." she said bitterly, with slight pity, "For men to be receiving such quality education of Science and other complex things, and for women to be locked up or sent to a trashy school, to be taught reading and drawing -- this is blatant proof that I'm worthy to legally study what you know."

    She approached the more closely, hastily -- yet gently -- taking Morgana's bloodied hand from her despertate lover, and resting it on her side. "It's quite obvious." she muttered, but enough for Marius to hear, "She's pregnant. For a woman cursed to be so pale, she is quite flushed. Her face, so solemn yet so fatigued. Her heart might've stopped beating, but it's slightly pulsing. There are so many ironic things that happens when someone such as she, is bound to bear child. For slight moment, they become human. Don't believe me? I wager all of my belongings, go to a decent Romanian man who knows his Science -- and he will tell you I am right."



    For the first time, Ethan was absolutely at lost on how to execute his whole agenda with his son, begging to come along.

    He had to pause for a moment, thinking of what other ways he can possibly hurt the nun that was going to preach about her king -- with Tristan around. Soon enough, the boy will have to learn the ropes of the new Romanian monarchy and so, he must have him aware of what kinds of people should die and be away from this kingdom.

    Maybe... This could be a good thing.

    Acquiescing with his concluding thoughts, he ruffled the young prince's hair in acceptance of permission. Leading him out with him towards he courtyard with a subtle smirk on his face, thinking idly about how his son and his beautiful wife had made his world... A little brighter. As they walked along the granite steps, a thin layer of uneasiness clouded some of the guards' faces. Not because they fear deeply of their king (not that they don't), but they fear for the child, and what he is going to see. A few years had passed under Ethan's rule, and it was made well-known that any forms of religion involving God were strictly probhibited.

    A few years of religion living in fear of Romania, a brave nun shows up after it's seemingly extinction of presence. What brave nun. It would be nice to drink her blood till there was nothing left, but blood blessed by the Divine was a burning bitter flavour. Terrible, and unappetising. As they neared the gates, there she was -- the infamous figure of a woman dressed in such conservative modesty, it sickens him. But what sickens him more was the pendant of the cross resting on her chest.

    "Amazing how you got past my borders, it's been a while since I've seen your sorts wandering around the streets of my kingdom." spoke Ethan, with a haughty and bitter tone as the nun glared at him almost immediately.

    "Monster!" declared the nun viciously, holding the bars the gate that bordered her and him, "You... You are a living disgrace! Fie for shame! Fie... Fie on this wretched place! One day, we will cleanse this... monstrosity. I came here to send that very message. One day, Ethan Valentine of Romania -- you will pay!"

    The very man she talks filth of, stared at her in the most belittling manner a person can ever produce. He hated them. he hated them dearly. "You wasted my son's time and I, for such meaningless objectives? You will not win. I already did, and I intend to to keep it that way."

    The nun glared at Tristan, eyes wide and fearful, "The fruit... So that is the fruit of your evil deeds. Demon! Demon! How can you harm the beautiful Anna produce such... Shame."

    Ethan glared at her, "You will not insult my son, nun. Guards, take her away. Do what you must."
  10. (Excuse me if Im rusty love, still getting back in the hang of things)

    Marius turned around swiftly to see the woman standing there, making her presence known through her obvious retort and objection of his solution to the problem that was at hand. He glared at her, standing impeccably still in stance as she continued to approach, a slight raise in his eyebrow. She wasn't seen as a threat in Marius's opinion, few were a threat to him, no matter how surprising their entrance is, however she was without a doubt in Marius's opinion.. a vampire. Her features were sculpted to perfection, much like his, his lovers and Ethan's; also Tristan to a certain extent, though Tristan had a warm look to him.. he looked well, alive.

    Marius then eyed the woman carefully as she took his loves hand in her own, listening to her words..

    "I can't believe this is what 'educated men' end up to be."

    "Yes well I could say the same for women.. eavesdropping isn't very lady like.. they didnt teach you well in catholic school no?" Marius teased her, knowing full well the girl and assumed vampire had probably never even set foot in a church. He was then struck dumbfounded when he was told of what she believed was wrong with his consort. Pregnancy? no, no that was the last thing he thought could ever be wrong with Morgana because after all she made it a point to avoid the subject as much as possible whenever he brought it up, how could she allow herself to be pregnant? then again.. how could she stop it from happening if she was?

    "and what exactly about a fainted woman proves your words to be true and that she is in fact pregnant? things like that are NOT to be played around with.. and if you're wrong then youll see no mercy from me" he threatened her - he did not want to get excited, especially since it was probably in fact untrue. Why would he believe such a woman? one he had never seen a day in his life.. he had many questions for her..where she had come from and such, however right now Morgana was what was on his mind more than anything.

    "Tell me what makes you think this... tell me now" he ordered through gritted teeth.

    He had to know for certain.

    "Wager not your belongings.. but your life.. I hear not a heartbeat within her.. I accompany her where ever she goes and NEVER have I heard a heart beat.. 2 YEARS of yearning for a child.. not her but I.. and now out of no where a Dark Angel (a vampire in his words) appears to bring me this news? I may be dead.. but I still harbor a lingering aura of common sense about myself.. so if what you say is false then its your life I will take for the false hope of life inside my consort that you have exposed me to" he continued to warn the woman before descending to the other side of his love and kneeling before her with her hand in his.

    Could it be true my love? are you with child? is there a heartbeat within you that I am just not hearing

    ... or is it that I wasn't listening clearly enough?


    Tristan looked up to his father with wide eyes, blinking and anticipating an answer to his question, latiching on to the Kings pant leg tightly and waiting for his fathers yes or no. He knew that permission had been granted when his father ruffled his hair, a wide smile on his face as he held his fathers hand tightly while being led by him and the guards out to the familiar scenerey that was the courtyard, but today Tristan did not look at it like it was just the courtyard, but rather as if he was on some sort of mission with his father -not that he knew what a mission even was however he knew there was a goal in all of this, and he was curious to know exactly what that goal was.

    When they all eventually stopped Tristan looked around towards what they were facing. All he seen standing there was a woman, and in his eyes surely this wasnt what his father and the general were calling a 'problem' - she was only a woman! a woman heavily clothed and head covered.. she looked like women his mother would show him in picture books.. the kind that could 'pray for you' or 'bless you' as mother called it, and if you were sick you could be healed, if you were blind you could then see again, or anything else of the sort. However he could tell by the tone of his fathers voice that this woman was indeed the problem, and indeed the enemy.

    "You heard the King... submit yourself to this arrest" James, the lead general announced as his men began to close in on the woman who looked scared for her life yet also prepared.. prepared for this moment.

    "Get away from me you filthy animals! away!" The nun yelled, pulling out a small vial of holy water and opening it and holding it up as a weapon, before throwing it in the direction of the guards -as soon as she did this the foulest stinch filled Tristans nostrils and immediately he hissed silently, and then burried his face into his fathers leg, not wanting to breath in what burned his nostrils so much.. whatever was in that vial was definitely the cause.

    "Come now.. we dont want to use force in front of the child now" James continued nonchalantly him and the humans visibly not bothered at all by the scent of holy water let alone could they smell it.. but to an infant with such sensitive senses such as Tristan, the smell was putrid.

    "CHILD OF THE DEVIL! YOU ARE CHILD OF THE DEVIL! AND YOU.. YOU ARE THE DEVIL!" The nun yelled towards Ethan and Tristan as the guards continued to pull her away to an unknown place to Tristan, who only glared in her direction and then looked up again towards his father, sneezing and then sniffeling. "Father who was that girl? why she does not like us?" he asked in a jumble of words only a child could get away with.
  11. Ah, men were just as foolish as they looked.

    The woman plainly shook her head -- with a subtle smirk dancing on her lips as she set her eyes down the pale Morgana who seem unmoving, yet breathing. "Catholic school was fun." she muttered playfully, obscuring the impliaction of possible sarcasm. Her gaze switched briefly from Morgana to Marius, with a slight pout that was followed with a chuckle, "Isn't my lack of being a lady obvious enough after seeing me present in this room? You don't have to mention it. I find myself to be lesser a lady, but greater -- don't charm me, sire -- it's rude to your lover."

    A creeping silence fell, and what was left was the scene of the woman staring at the unconscious witch. Morgana was alive and she was also dead stuck in the boundary between two realities, her systems thrived after years of umoving. Her heart, that ceased to move would soon begin to flutter, and in this frozen state -- she would wake up a new woman. The lady knew this of course, she knew it like as if she could see it happening already, "Women are liars, Marius." she stated in a bitterly dry tone, subconciousy giving out the knowledge that she knew of his name, "Big... Filthy... Liars. They would go about insisting on 'no', when in their head it's a 'yes'. Morgana is a witch, with her will and power -- she can stop this from happening to herself, but then, why would sh leave herself to be so vulenrable? She wants child, Marius. But she probably wanted to surprise you."

    "Also..." she added, "When treating the unconscious, you don't hold their hand and mope. Look at her! She's flushed. That is not normal for a... Pale woman. Pregnancy... For her sorts is uncommon, but it is possible. Usually, people of her kind would rather spend their years flaunting ageless beauty -- not inflate their stomachs. Don't threaten me either, that's cheap."


    Ethan watched the nun being dragged away, his teeth clenched as his internal flinched at the interjections the damned old woman called his son. Never in his life has he felt so insulted and infuriated with a nun, if only there were no men presesnt -- he would've strangled her, slit her across her chest with his blade, drown her in her own blood, and consume it -- no matter how bitter and burning it was. He would consume it, letting her watch the whole scene as her life faltered before her -- blaspheming her ever so holy crimson fluid that flowed through her veins, letting her die haunted by the very image of a demon like him violating her in that way.

    He clenched his fist -- attempting to contain the burning anger that weezed through his body, tempting the impulse that craved his thirst for bloodshed. It was so tempting to kill her, to rip her apart before the eyes of that very God she loved and desired so much -- just like all the fools who followed Him so blindly, God was not great -- he never was. Ethan held his son close as soon as he felt him hide in fear -- a sense of paternal protection surged through him, leaning to hold his son close. He hated to see him fear, but it was the only way to make him hate. He needs to make Tristan learn how to hate the evils of these blasted nun and priests, or he'll never understand what they really are -- and that might be the very reason why they would kill him.

    He doesn't want that, what mad father would want that"

    As Tristan's small, soft body was cradled in his arms -- Ethan took the time to lean against the boy's ear, whispering,"They hate us because we are above them, they don't like us because their God told them so. Now is that fair, son? It is not. Their minds are poisoned to kill us, but you are safe here -- I will keep you safe. But there will be a time in which where you have to watch yourself too... Am I clear?"

    (Rusty? What rusty? You're all good! :o )
  12. Marius listened to the woman intently before muttering a word. "Believe me.. if I thought my words would charm your ears I would have never have uttered a thing" he retorted before looking back to Morgana, massaging her fingers softly with his own hands. "Well, excuse me for believing my consort when says she doesnt want something, she normally means it"

    This was true. Morgana was a very cold and stern person -very outspoken, so when she lead him to believe that she didnt want children, he believed her, and after a while he even began to believe he would never have a child.. however this woman's words were seeming more and more true by the second -why else would Morgana faint? or become ill? both of these things were uncommon for vampires.

    "She would be beautiful with an inflated stomach, or no stomach at all.. so I never thought of it in that light, also if I want to mourn for my consorts illness do not mock me.. and my threats ring true, they arent cheap of any sorts.. if I said it then I meant it.. so you had better be right, I have no problem killing a human or vampire alike.. walking years on this earth has left me with little remorse" he pressed the issue on her death. To Marius this was something big -something worth living for again.. and if it was just a dry lie or cruel joke on her end he would make sure she paid for it.

    "How do you know my name? how do you know Morgana?.. and how long have you been watching her and why?"

    Now was the time for answers..while his mood was still placid.


    They hate us because we are above them, they don't like us because their God told them so. Now is that fair, son? It is not. Their minds are poisoned to kill us, but you are safe here -- I will keep you safe. But there will be a time in which where you have to watch yourself too... Am I clear?"

    The words Tristans father whispered as he cradled the young boy rang and echoed in his ears -and he would heed them. Even at this young age he knew to heed everything his father told him, for the man had an aura the demanded he be respected and listened to and even as someone so young, Tristan understood. They were the enemy.. and his fathers words were engraved to him. He was quiet as his father spoke, letting his small finger twirl a piece of of his fathers hair around it as he listened and snuggled against Ethan. "Yes father... " he answered him softly, and with a small nod of his head as he allowed himself to be cradled by the king, feeling very safe in his arms.

    "Oh thank goodness! there you are!" He heard his mothers familiar yet stressed voice. Tristan had almost forgotten how he had escaped the nap his mother had tried to give him. "How did he get out here? I dozed off while putting him to sleep and when I opened my eyes.. he was gone" She explained breathlessly as if she had gone on a full out search for the boy which she probably did do. Anna then let a smile spread across her lips as she watched the scene before her, she loved whenever Ethan and Tristan bonded.. for some reason it was beautiful to her. "At least now I have found both of my men.." she breathed out, relieved as she walked over to the two. "How was your day love? is everything alright?" she asked Ethan, before kissing his cheek lovingly. Tristan looked up to the sky, which held the sun -and just like the moon to humans, the sun lulled the boy to sleep, because his fathers blood flowed through him. Right there in his fathers arms his eyes became sleepy.. soon he would be fast asleep.
  13. The woman -- from all her agressive remarks -- gave out a soft smile. A smile not made of malice or mocking, rather, a pleased -- dreamy smile as she watched Marius looked over to his unwell lover, unsure of what to do and what to expect. This level of humanity, was not common to her eye. For all she have seen in her whole existence, was cold and numbness. Though she can remember still so vividly, that fond feeling of love -- love was magical, yet it was also dangerous.

    She tilted her head down, letting straying strands of her dark locks falls slowly down her pale complexion -- she was quite beautiful, that she was. Her face created the perfect mask of mystery, for beauty is a deceiving apparition -- poinsoning hearts, minds, and souls. The trait of a vampire. They exist to deceive, feed, and survive. Time was nothing to them, and alone, life can be meaningless -- a hollow void that settled deep within their empty souls, keeping the mind wondering and wandering about the repititions of his day by day... Waiting for the fun to come.

    Boredom is a murderer, and she just happened to survive the massacre. The woman was waiting for something, and from the gleam that flashed in her clear slate eyes -- one can tell that her boredom is starting to be satisfied as Marius' question sank deep into her; igniting the fire within. "I just know you because I know you." She replied flatly to his curiosity, glancing at him before letting her eyes devour the sight of the witch, "My quest in this place is simple: I've come to take Ethan home."


    When Ethan saw Anna's face, all he could see was her.

    He couldn't care less about the nuns, the guards, or even his son seeing the whole disaster. Ethan was so fixiated upon his wife, that sometimes he wondered if all that was happening was the temptation to devour every bit of her. He couldn't deny that it happened more than once, when they would go about in the night, feeling every inch of her skin, the sighing breath of her desiring soul, and the scent of her flesh wafting against his nose. It was all too much at times, yet he would never want anyone else to feel what he was feeling about her -- it was only for him to experience, love, and lust after.

    She was his living temptation, and she could be the only person who can break him -- the mother of his child, his beautiful wife.

    Ethan scooped his arm around her hips, pulling her close as his feet started to pace on the rocky pavement -- leading his family back inside the castle. Enough disturbance has happened in these walls, and it should only be his and Tristan's secret alone. Anna need not to know, a sudden compassion for the blasted nun might lead him down his downfall -- and he would lose her almost instantly. He fear the day when all of this was just the trance of his charm, and Anna was just a victim. He knew to himself that he loves her, but did she love him the way he thought she does? Or was he cursed to charm falsely?

    These were questions he feared to know.

    He looked at her, leaning till his head was against her temple -- his breath tickling against the skin of her cheek and neck, "Quite well, my dear." He whispered warmly, gentle yet firm, smirking as he spoke with his grip on her pulling tighter towards him. He leaned away swiftly -- too fast that it seemed like it never even happened -- before jerking his head to his sleeping son, who, lay comfortably on his shoulder, "He was a mischevious little boy." He remarked, amused, with a glimmer of joy showing slightly from his placid, handsome face with his eyes twinlking as his gaze glazed on his little boy.

    His son was his pride and joy.
  14. "I just know you because I know you."

    It wasnt the answer Marius was looking for, but it was clear this woman was trying to keep something from him at this point? other wise why would not she just tell him? He was just about to come up with some sort of witty remark when her next sentence struck him off guard.

    "My quest in this place is simple: I've come to take Ethan home."

    "Take Ethan home?... are you mad? he is home.. this is his kingdom, one he worked hard to establish and its still in the process of becoming more... he has a son and a wife -the queen of course, so Im sure he would object that anywhere but here, is home" He explained calmly though inside he was burning up -what was her intentions for Ethan? not only did he care for the mans well being, but also for his and Morgana's. If this vampire came to destroy what they have built then they would go down with Ethan. He would not have that.

    "Who are you to him?... im sorry dear but I can vouch for him when I say hes completely in love with that human woman, and we are much to close to success for anything or anyone to come in-between him and his dreams.

    Our dreams.

    He thought quietly.. Ethan wasnt the only one with everything on the line should he fail. So Marius would make sure he wouldnt, at any costs. "Just for the record, if you or anyone else is planning to stop what is going on here.. I wont hesitate to interfere"


    Anna couldnt help but blush as her husband pulled her in, she smiled, reaching over and removing a few stray curls from her sons face as he slept soundly on his fathers shoulder. The boy was almost the spitting image of Ethan, accept his features had been softened by Annas traits. She was the proud mother of Ethans child, a great king. Her king. And and even greater husband. These few years had been the best of her life because of him.

    When Ethan told Anna that everything was alright, of course she believed him. She believed everything Ethan told her, because whatever he promised came true -so what reason did she have to not trust him?

    "Yes he has been quite mischievous . definitely your genes" she teased as she watched as he looked over to his son while they walked inside the castle. Once they were inside, and Tristan had been put in his crib to rest Anna watched over the boy, smiling down to him and kissing his cheek, before closing the dark curtains surrounding his crib and then quietly closing the sliding door behind her. She was happy now to be alone with Ethan -he was always so busy, it was hard to have this kind of time with him accept of course, for at night. "Ethan..." she called to him softly, as she sat down in front of her mirror, letting down her hair and beginning to brush it. "I... I was thinking of... maybe taking Tristan for his third birthday to a church in Rome.. you know, to be blessed.. " she let the secret spill from her lips. Anna couldn't keep anything from Ethan.. she just couldn't. His eyes were too fierce, and she felt like had she lied and took Tristan without talking about it with him first, he somehow would have known anyways. There was silence in the room as she continued to brush her hair, making sure to not look at Ethan through the mirror. She was nervous, knowing how serious he was about keeping religious figures out for some reason.

    Silently she waited for his response.
  15. The woman stifled a laugh as Marius started to mention Ethan's love for Anna, ridiculing it as the pitch of her amusment escalated as the thought of this 'love' for Anna persisted in her head. "He doesn't love her." she told him icily, staring into the man in a manner that makes it seem like she's delving deep into his soul, "He's too full of hate, vengeance -- spite to be clear of it. He's drowning in the poison of his negativity to even know what that is -- to even remember what it feels like. Also, who am I to ruin success? Think of me as an omen."

    An omen, that she was. A piece, a key, a hint to what may come. She saw it too vividly to ignore, there was a dark future coming -- unchangeable, as all ways lead to that very void. Of course, who was this man to understand? He will never. This man, though morphed into a very deadly machine -- was still quite human to be entirely heartless. She believes Ethan was too cold to tolerate something like what this man was, this man was a monster in his own way -- yet, his care for the witch was irreplaceable. But Ethan? Ethan was cold, Ethan will use everyone if had to.

    "Worry not, Marius. It is only Ethan who will leave. Your place in the kingdom will not falter, I believe you are capable enough to twist these men to acknowledge you." the woman told him quietly, as she rose from her side of the bed and prepared to take her leave, "Ethan has a separate future... That will turn everything around."

    With that, she disappeared -- like an apparition sent by a force or an unknown being. A messenger of her own way. There were no visible traces of her, that it seemed like she never existed. But the words she bore was as real as the fear that begged to be acknowleged.



    The word echoed in his mind repeatedly that it started to sting, even the word not being spoken from his own lips left a bitter taste in his mouth. Just after a quick encounter with a nun, his wife greets him with such news. Ethan couldn't bring himself to be upset to her -- what did she know? She only knew that he despised them -- nothing more, nothing less. Her knowledge about his world was vague, he never really told her anything -- anything at all. It was the biggest conflict of this current existence. She was close, yet she was so far...

    As the silence broke in, his face hardened -- a homeostatic sense of composure started to cave in, attempting to stabilize and ease every bit of anger he had against Rome and everything it stood for. It was hard. He hated the name, he hated the old fool who lives in it, he hated all of it. Rome was the paradise of the Church, that place live and breathed religion! It was the last place he wanted to go in his life, though yes, he had been in Italy in his younger years as a mortal -- his foot never touched Rome. Now, he was going to -- as a vampire?

    How blasphemous.

    This made Ethan paused for a moment, taking in a deep breath with eyes open -- his external composure unwavering, "Anna," he spoke softly to her, leaning forward against her ear gently -- attempting to soothe any fear that the woman might currently hold for him and for himself as well -- he didn't want her to see him losing his mind, "Why would it be necessary to go to Rome... When I can prepare an extravagant feast here in the castle? It seems rather logical..."
  16. He doesn't love her.

    Her words sounded like something quoted out of the bible -like she wasnt stating an opinion but rather a fact of some sort, it sent chills down Marius's spine, and had he not known the man, and been only a witness to this moment he would have believed her.. but the thing was that he knew Ethan, and though maybe at first he had been using her... now love had embraced him, coating his black heart -for Anna that is.

    He sat there, quiet as ever while he let her go on with her charade, about how his position would still be intact and only Ethan would be the one to leave... but did she not say she was here to take him with her? to take him home? if so where was she of to now? to create more havoc with her uncertain visions of insidious things to come? who the hell was she?

    "Hmph" was his only response as he watched her dissipate into nothingness.

    His attention was then diverted to his beautiful Morgana, who seemed to still be in a very deep sleep. He immediately kneeled down beside the bed, hesitantly running a cold hand down her cheek -she took the appearance of a porcelain doll at this moment, fragile and beautiful.. could it be that she was with child? that the vampiress had been right?

    "Awaken my love.... I have much to tell you... I vow to protect you and Ethan's crown to ensure our place here in this kingdom .. never mind how high the cost may grow.. Ill pay it to keep our future stable " he trailed off, placing his right hand on her stomach and closing his eyes as if to make contact with the infant.. if ever there was one. His eyes widened at what he sensed...



    Anna knew he would do something like this; Use his charms to persuade her into submitting to his side of things. She had given her life to his charms, and fallen in love with him all in the same sweep -but Anna knew things had to change one way or the other. They just had to.

    She listened to his words as his lips lay against her ear, and almost immediately she turned her head away from his, looking down to the intricate designs on the floor to busy herself away from his spell. "The weak links in the chain.. that's what they call us you know, the queens of Romania.. and every other country" she breathed out. Anna almost regretted what she was about to say, but she had to stand up to her king.. she had to have a say in something, if not anything then at least their son.

    She chuckled slightly, taking off her crown as she looked inside the mirror "They are right.. we are rather pathetic.." she went on before setting down her earrings and other jewlrey with a thud and then turning to her husband "But Ethan... I must take a stand sometime.. I have given you all of me, and your only thought is to relieve yourself of whatever hate you hold against the church by keeping me and Tristan away from it. What has the church ever done to you that was so bad?.. hm? Perhaps one day youll tell me? instead of keeping me in the dark and believe me Ethan I know im being kept in the dark.. I know.." she continued her tirade, standing to her feet. "You will give me this.. you will allow me to go to Rome so that our son may be blessed and not be damned, as damned as this churchless country is right now" she continued, surprised at how fluently it all came out, 2 years of silence on her part when it came to objecting his rule now spilling from her lips.

    "I love you, I will always love you... charm me away, bed me, kiss me, do what you will Ethan... but this will still be so: I am going to Rome and our son WILL be blessed" and with that she stormed away, out of their main room and towards their bathing room, when inside she closed and locked to door so he could not come and say his piece.. she knew if she heard it she might give in, for it took everything within her to finally say no to her husband.


    As soon as she sunk into her bath she sighed in relief and relaxation. Her long wet hair messed and tangled, because she did not care to tie it up, she had too much on her mind. Ethan wasn't coming to the thin wall between them trying to persuade her, which was odd. Hopefully by the time she was finished, he would be asleep, for she could not face him now. Anna was the type of person to yell at someone for something she believed in, then apologize. The heart of an angel. A blessing and a curse. However things would be changing around here, she would no longer be..
    the weak link in the chain.
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  17. After the strange turn of events that came, it has not yet reached it's climax. Within a minute or two, Morgana's eyes fluttered open; her eyes darting back and forth in analysation. Where was she? Was she still in the castle? Most of all, where was Marius?


    Rising swiftly, she met the face of her worried lover. It relieved her and it also took her by surprise, seeing how his hand was place gently against her stomach. Morgana swallowed, bursting into uncontrollable tears -- sobbing like she wanted to drain every bit of water inside of her. Why was she crying? A vampire, her, crying.

    This was not possible, but she was too overwhelmed to care.

    "I'm sorry... I didn't tell you..." Morgana choked, lowering her head to hide her eyes underneath her bangs -- sheltering herself from his gaze. She didn't want to see him, she was too ashamed of herself. "I felt it. But I ignored it. It was impossible Marius! I... I can't give you child ... I can't give you child..."

    She rolled onto her side, breathing heavily as she attempted to gain composure. This wasn't her at all! She was ashamed of herself -- crying was such shameless behaviour. This was so indecent for such a creature like herself! She was towering in embarrassment and disbelief, could this because she really had child?

    For the first time, Morgana felt powerless.



    Did Anna just contest him? This exceeded his expectations -- Ethan was always used to having his way around her. Usually, a simple smile, stare, or even just a phrase would take her on trance. Then after, he would get what he wanted. It was a game he never got tired of, he may love Anna but this was the flaw in their relationship.

    Though disappointed, it made him smirk.

    A strong willpower will ward off most threats aimed at her, this way she won't be his weakness any more -- but he had to admit she has yet to be immortal. That was the only way she will the most strong, but that is also the way where telling her about his secret becomes necessary. But she already knows he kept her in the dark, it would be right to tell her soon.

    Ethan lowered his gaze down the floor. No, he can't. He can't tell her, and they will not go to Rome either -- he will never let her.
  18. Marius at first was surprised by the way Morgana had awoken right on cue. He ran his fingers through her hair as she immediately began trying to explain herself to him. How she knew but didnt want to believe it had happened or that it was possible.

    Because in reality, it wasnt supposed to be. As she continued, turning on her side and telling him how she could not give her a child he felt slightly angered.

    'I felt it... but I ignored it... its impossible Marius!'

    "Stop it..." he muttered

    'Cant give you a child... I can't give you a child..'

    "Stop it Morgana!"

    He yelled above her, taking her shoulders and turning her to face him and sit her up to look in his eyes. "You told me almost 3 years ago you would bare me a child if I wished it... and I've wished it every single day since then" he breathed, bringing his forehead to hers and closing his eyes to inhale her intoxicating scent. "If Ethan can have a child by a mortal woman, then anything is possible..." he murmured, before kissing her lips tenderly. He then stifled a small smile -though miniscule, it was bright in its own way.

    "Our child will be proof that god isnt the only one who can create life. You will be a mother and I a father... Morgana we will be... a family" he breathed against her, before pulling her into his deep embrace.

    No one knew the Morgana he did... she would be an excellent mother. "I wouldn't choose to have any other woman bare my children"


    Anna sunk into the bath for a good hour or so, thinking about what had just happened between her and Ethan... he had not run after her ... did that mean that she had won the argument? Noo that would be way too easy. She knew this conversation was probably far from over, but she still had her mind made up about it. She would be taking tristan to be blessed -she could not submit to his will forever, or she would be just like every other queen before her.. just a name for the record.

    Soon she decided to get out of the water, taking her time to dry off and put on her under garmets and corset before making her way back to the main room where he looked to be thinking. She was quiet, not knowing what to say as picked out a dress to wear to dinner, and then dressed herself instead of having the maids dress her. These were just baby steps to learning to be more independent.

    "Whenever youre ready I am" she breathed, because of course they went to dinner together. No matter if they were arguing or not.
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  19. A family.

    Morgana froze, what was a family? She was few of the many who never experienced the warmth and love of being in such a society like a family! She lay still in his arms with lips pursed, she... She can build a family? That was possible? You can belong or build your own? Fascinating.

    All her life she thought that there was no room for such thing to reside in her heart, or in her life! She thought life was something full of partnerships, negotiations, and occasional romantic attachments. She knew such things like family existed, but she was too alienated from it as a child. She was a damned child after all -- an offspring of a guilty nun and an embarrassed priest. They were ashamed of her, not because there was something wrong with her -- but because their God gave her that label.

    But things are changed now, she was a changed woman. Morgana -- instead of living under such a shadow, decided it was time to embrace it. She learned witchcraft, she allied with a vampire and eventually became one, and lastly -- she found a man who decided that she was the most precious damnation in his life.

    She buried her face in his chest, "I... I understand." She stuttered, unable to say anything as decent as her recent epiphany.


    Ethan of course, was expecting her as well.

    He had been sitting on his side of the table for the past fifteen minutes -- awaiting his Queen whose proposal was nowhere near favourable. Ethan planted his gaze upon her, remaining his stare despite the multiple hands that brought food that was in her liking. The King of course, only drinks. Tea or wine ought to do it, but most of the food brought into the castle were for the Queen and her son.

    "You're not going to Rome." He threw bluntly at her way, slanting his gaze down at the glass of blood red wine that he cradled at the grasp of his fingers. He took a small sip, it was terrible like all human edibles -- but he was always fond of the warmth it gives as it courses through his body.

    With that, he looked at Anna again -- awaiting her reply with clenched teeth. The thought of his son in Rome sickened him already.
  20. Marius held Morgana in his arms, burying his face in the crook of her neck as he continued to inhale her. He knew that this was something she had to adjust to, he also had a lot of adjusting to do, for it would be the first time he was a father and she a mother.. sure they watched Tristan all the time but it was different having one and babysitting one. "My love" he breathed as his fingers ran invisible circles on her back. "We must be strong.. and you must not stress, it isnt good for your body -especially not right now..." he whispered softly against her, detaching himself from her just enough to look her in the eyes. "Things only can get better from here... the shock will die down, and so will the worry.. quite frankly, this is one of the happiest days of my life" he breathed with a small chuckle -somewhere deep inside, he found joy.. a joy he had not experienced since he was mortal.

    Suddenly, he picked Morgana up bridal style, beaming down to her as he twirled her around a few times. "We are having a child!" he exclaimed happily. Dipping his head to kiss her lips deeply as he held her body close to his, not coming up for air until he absolutely had to. He kept his forehead pressed to his as he smirked "Now then, you seem flushed... how about we go catch dinner hm?" he murmured with a mischievous smile. He needed blood in his system, and was sure she did as well.


    "You're not going to Rome."

    His words made her stop chewing the pasta in her mouth all together a few moments, before swallowing and then dabbing her mouth with the napkin. She had to remain calm -she must not yell or argue to loudly with him in public, because after all she was a queen first, and queens always have class. "Ethan." she began quietly, drinking down the wine in her cup and waiting for them to pour more before drinking half of that also. She needed to be a bit more relaxed to deal with him. "I have given literally everything for you.. everything. You took my fathers crown -and I was content with that, because I was blinded by love. You wanted to get rid of the priests, nuns, churches and everything else that has to do with religion, and I was content with that also. And now that I ask of you one thing... ONE THING ETHAN" Her voice raised and she decided to drowned it by drinking down her second glass of wine and then glaring at the servant to refill it.

    "One thing, and you order me to stay? well listen to me Ethan, unless you can give me more of a reason than just the fact that you just don't like the church, then I see not a reason to refrain from going" she announced to him. "Why do you not wish to see Tristan blessed? whether you believe in Christ or not it is harmless.. it cannot hurt him" she went on, shaking her head as she continued to drink rather than eat. It had been a long time since she was intoxicated, maybe she needed it.
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