Of Angels and Chaos

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  1. Y'know, it's a lot harder than you think, trying to "guard" an Angel. Least that's what Evelyn thought. Honestly, she should, she's been put through Hell. How ironic, considering she was a Heavenly Being herself. Yet she, of all people, had been tasked with guarding the very one who would bring the Earth to an end. She remembered it like it was yesterday; meeting the higher powers who gave her this duty, going to meet the one who supposedly was going to bring about the Great Undoing. Strange how they would call it that though, the end of the Earth the Great Undoing. It's not like everything was at stake, life was abundant all around and they were constantly watching over. Waiting, and waiting, just to do their jobs to protect these mortal souls. She had been but a deliverer herself till he had to show up and cause this mess. She sneered at herself, this human body of hers caused her moods to flare, and she had certainly become bitter over time. While she could remember her life as an Angel, she failed to remember how and when she had been forced to enter this human body. It had been about two years and she's had time to learn all she needed to, but she still couldn't remember. Every time she tried to recall, it was as though something blocked her from entering her memory. But every time still, she would get these odd flashbacks. Flashbacks of pain, misery, her voice screeching and rising above the sound of machinery. Evelyn was later told it was an experiment that had gone wrong. Trying to create the perfect mortal they were. Silly life forms, didn't they know better than to play God?

    It amused her, to see these people think they held so much knowledge and so much power. Especially when truth was that they had none compared to the rest of... well, everything. But what was she doing thinking of all of this? Being human, she now had her limits and could no longer daydream as she once did. Right now, she was watching the road before her. It was high noon and this empty stretch of land had the heat of a desert as she drove on through. Her white tank top and black cargo pants would've been soaking in sweat were it not for the fact she was driving a jeep. Quite thankful for the breeze she was. Who cares if the sun was in her eyes and that she swerved off the dirt road now and then? Least she wasn't in the heat! Only one of the many limitations she discovered a human body truly had, especially when it came to the body she was in. Little resistance to heat it had. She would've thought otherwise, what with the dark skin, and fit beanpole of a body- it seemed like this one went out frequently.

    Ah, she was getting lost again. She had to pay attention. Right now, she was tracking down the man she had to watch over. Yeah, it was that other Angel like her. Joy. Only he lost his memory, and she didn't take too kindly to helping him remember. He was, after all, the soon to be Destroyer of the World. Perhaps it would be better this way, that he didn't know and lived the human life as he did now. Clearly he was doing fine, seeing as he remained well and alive. Not to mention off in a little town that she had to track down to find him and protect him. She was so far from him because she had been held up by traffic. She had also been unaware he moved from the city he was previously in. She sighed, running a hand through her short black hair. Sometimes his actions really confused her. Oh well. She'd have to live with it. As she always will, she thought to herself, sneering yet again. Evelyn could be quite harsh sometimes. Seems the human's basic behavior was just something she couldn't erase, no matter how hard she tried. It was just wired into the brain and wired within her being now. Facing these human emotions were quite the rush, and unlike anything she as an Angel had felt. These humans were such volatile and passionate creatures, it fascinated her, truly. Her thoughts were cut short upon spotting the town in the distance. Well, it wasn't exactly a town per se. It was quite active, and a small base there held some of the greatest scientists and engineers in the world. Naturally said base was well guarded and some ways off from the living quarters of the town. Weird... Looking at it, she thought it looked oddly familiar... She brushed the suspicions aside, she's seen many places like that. Of course it looked familiar.

    Setting her mind back on the mission, Evelyn made a plan to find his whereabouts. She'd naturally inquire those at the entrance of the town and later seek out other more empowered people to inquire. That is, after she found a place of residence. It's really not that hard to track down a person. You don't know why so many people had trouble with it. Then again, you were a bit of a special case. Seeing as you sort of had a connection with this person. The type of connection that even told you he himself had become human once you woke on Earth. The type of connection that told you the general direction of where this very person was heading. You'd like to say you had a "telepathic link" as others would say, but you didn't feel that was the case. You just knew about him. And you sure as hell hoped he didn't know the same about you. Coming upon the entrance as you did, you slowed down. Civilian zones were under 30 mph anyway if you recalled. Rules of the road confused you. Never mind driving, you really didn't know how you even managed that on your own as it was. Oh well, time to find that place of residence, if not just find the man you're lookin' for.