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  1. Hi everyone!

    I just arrived! (Can't remember when I bookmarked Iwakuroleplay but here I am). I'm from Spain, thirty-something female and this is my first time in a non-spanish speaking roleplaying comunity.

    I'm feeling a bit overwellmed and a bit lost but I hope that after much reading (just started with the FAQ thread), I'll feel able to venture out and ask for some roleplaying!

    English is my third language and not a common thing to speak and practice in my part of the Iberian peninsula so I might sound a bit strange and stilted, my goal here is to loosen up my writting in a patient and friendly enviroment doing something I enjoy a lot. If I happen to meet new friends, that's an added bonus.

    Some little tidbits about me: I love coding html and css (it's like bulding puzzles), reading fanfiction (a guilty pleasure), knitting, drinking tea and discussing obscure canon facts from ASoIaF, LoTR, L5R and HP with my husband.
  2. Hi Odisea, welcome to Iwaku.
    I know you said you started with the faq page but maybe this will help too.

    Getting Started !

    As well as this:

    Newbie Care Package!

    I hope this helps on your journey.
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  3. Thanks @Havoc ! I've read both sugestions, off to ask for the Care Package!
  4. Heya! I hope you're able to fit in nicely what with English being your third language. I would assume Spanish is your first; what's your second? Is it Portuguese? Not that I speak and write anything but English. Ha... ha... I hate language barriers ;c
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  5. Hi @Xena Jade ! My second language is Spanish! (I didn't speak it till I was 4), my first is Basque, I live in the northern area of Spain, near France. Basque (or Euskera as we call it) is quite an ancient language and can be difficult to learn.

    I too hate language barriers and I love to learn common phrases in different languages so if anyone out there want's to teach me new things... I would love to learn how to say "I'm glad to meet you" in as many languages as I could!
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  6. Wow. I'm jealous. English is my first and only language and I think you're better at it than me!!! >.<

    I remember in high school we were required to take two years of a foreign language, and I chose Spanish. Although making pretty good grades, i have since forgotten almost everything I had learned. I've always had a lot of respect for those who could speak more than one language.

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  7. Gracias @Hellcat ! It's all in the practice, that's why I joined, needed to write in english, I was starting to forget a lot of words and constructions. Not good... If you want to practice Spanish with me, go ahead!
  8. No problem! How are you liking everything so far?
  9. Hello from Asia! :)
    English is more likely my second language so maybe we can practice with each other and all? I am currently learning Korean and Japanese, which is confusing by the way, and if you're willing, maybe you can teach me for-beginner Spanish? I like to learn as many languages as I can while I'm still in school.
    I haven't been writing as much as I did back then and I have forgotten a lot of English words. Please let me know your reply! ^_^
  10. @Havoc I think that I'm getting the hang of things and I like what I see! I shall be trying for some One-on-One, Groups are still daunting.

    @Firiel that's so great! I can look for some beginner spanish lessons or something like that if you like!
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  11. @Odisea
    Yeah. I haven't done a group roleplay in a good while. I might try one someday but my schedule is best suited for one x ones. Good luck with everything!
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  12. Nah, you don't have to look. You can always teach me anything you know/remember ^_^
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