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      Best Regards,

      PERICAN ALBOSE ODERHAM, The Famous 'Mad' Scientist, was living by himself in the middle of secluded forest, far from the crowd of men and the sound of chatters. He brought himself away from the citizens because he needed to discover something, he was making something unacceptable in the society, he was trying to make a... child.

      Years went by, he made a lot of mistakes, some of them even... inhuman. Perican didn't stop, he tried and tried until one day when he was completely turned 40, Perican finally found a way to made a child. It was not perfect, but it breathed. It was not a normal human, he must honestly admitted, it was more like a hybrid. Though it had all of the organs and body parts a human should have, some of its body parts were abnormal because Perican could never made a child only with human DNA, he must used animal DNA as well. Perfect or not, Perican finally made a child.

      He named it as ASTER, she was a snake hybrid with snake hair as her notable feature. However, Perican saw lot of mistakes on Aster, so he decided to 'disassemble' her. He wanted to imbue her with abilities just like her animal parents. Another experiments commenced and two years later, Aster finally completed. Still couldn't separate her from odd feature, but now Aster was given special abilities.

      One was never enough, Parican made another hybrids. The more he made, the more he polished up the hybrids. Aster, the origin hybrid, couldn't accept how her creator made her 'siblings' more perfect than her. Jealousy and hatred grew in a flash inside her mind and heart. No night passed without her thinking how to exterminate the new hybrids and took Perican's love only for her.

      Another years passed by, Perican grew old and old. He didn't make anymore hybrids for he thought having 8 hybrids, including Aster, was finally enough. He had reached his life purpose, so he had nothing to regret when one day he must left the world. To protect his precious discovery, Perican wrote down the nearly perfect recipe how to make hybrid in one book, locked it inside chest and hid it right under the house. Aster... saw... everything... and she finally had the perfect plan.

      Things were going normal as it should be until one night, Aster decided to run her organized plan. She made poison to make Perican slept forever, not dead, just slept until he was given the cure. After that, Aster took the hybrid recipe along with Perican's sleeping body. Aster ran off, disappeared into the darkness and left the rest of hybrids alone without any clue.

      Next morning, the remaining hybrids gathered and decided to find Aster before she did something awful to their 'father', Perican. They didn't know a thing about the recipe, but one thing for sure, they knew taking away Perican was the first step of her evil plan.

      [FONT=georgia]Hybrids are half-human half-animal who are granted by special abilities just like their animal parents. They will also have their animal parents' body part. Though it is usually only small body part, it can be seen clearly and people will know they are not normal as soon as their eyes catch the hybrids' notable animal feature. When Perican made hybrids, they were varies in shapes and ages. He could make 10 years old hybrids, also make 50 years old hybrids, Perican just needed to customize the human DNA. Because of this, hybrids are ageless, they won't die because of old age, but they aren't immune to death. It takes more than old age to kill hybrids and it takes more than just a light scratch to make them bleed. Still, they can die, they aren't immortal.[/FONT]

      [SIZE=3][FONT=georgia]Hybrids have enhanced five senses, slightly surpass normal human. Paired with special abilities, hybrids can actually turned into killing machine. It needs an appropriate hand to handle the hybrids for hybrids can be used for good and bad. They tend to obey their creator, the first person they sees just like 'mother' to newborn. However, as time goes by and as their personalities develop, they can turn their back from their creator. The bond between them is one of the keys to change hybrids' behavior.[/FONT][/SIZE]

      [SIZE=4][SIZE=3][SIZE=4][FONT=georgia]When hybrids were born, just like babies, they can't talk and walk. They need to learn, thankfully they learn faster than normal. It takes only about five days to teach them how to talk, another five days to teach them how to walk. In about one month, they will already know the basic knowledge about being human. The next months and years are for them to develop themselves.[/FONT]

      [SIZE=4][FONT=georgia]Hybrids never went outside of the forest because Pericen forbid them to do so. Why? Because Perican was afraid how the world will react, he didn't want to share his wonderful discovery to the greedy world. He kept it to himself for years. So, the hybrids have tiny knowledge about the outside world. They have only met their fellow hybrids and Perican which means they don't know how the world will label them as 'freak'. The outside world doesn't know about their existence as well. Even though they know that Perican was making experiments in the forest, no one really wants to know about it. They leave Perican alone with himself, thinking that the mad scientist is a bad luck and keep their distance away from him.[/FONT][/SIZE][FONT=georgia][/FONT][/SIZE]

      [SIZE=4][SIZE=3][SIZE=4][FONT=georgia][SIZE=4][COLOR=#800080][B]WE ARE THE REMAINING HYBRIDS[/B][/COLOR], the younger siblings of Aster. Though we have no clue about what is she planning, we know it clearly that her intention is no where near goodness. After the night she took our creator, our father, we decided to step out of our comfortable house and seek Aster, bring her and Perican back to the forest. That is our main goal, but little we know, something bigger is coming our way at the moment we step out of the house.[/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4]
      [SIZE=4][FONT=georgia]I will discuss the story with you, don't worry, but my words are final. [/FONT][/SIZE]



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      [1][/B] Able to post at least [COLOR=#993366][B]ONCE A WEEK[/B][/COLOR]. I want to keep the story going and slowpoke RP will make the players bored easily. It will lose the interest faster. But worry not, my friends, RL comes first. Just give us a notice and you will be good ^^

      [B][2][/B] [COLOR=#993366][B]NO ONE LINER[/B][/COLOR]. One paragraph is a must! Do not just 'answering' other's post, keep it going to by giving other something to work on. No excuse, more is better, still quality over quantity.

      [B][3][/B] [COLOR=#993366][B]PROPER GRAMMAR AND SPELLING[/B][/COLOR]. It helps us understand what you're talking about. Doesn't need to perfect for I am not, English is not my first language, but at least it is understandable. I believe you don't want to make your fellow players poke their eyes out when trying to understand your post.

      [B][4] [COLOR=#993366]DEDICATED[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=#993366] [B]PLAYERS[/B][/COLOR], if you finally decided to join this RP, please don't leave us without notice. I know life happens, just tell me and we will wait for you. Just don't suddenly being inactive for 2 weeks or more without telling us, we need you. We work together, every single player here will give their own influences. You should know how important you are here.

      [B][5] [/B][COLOR=#993366][B]CREATIVE![/B][/COLOR] I always encourage my players to be creative, even to small details like name and image. Also helps us to make the story stays interesting. Ideas are the most welcome here.[/FONT]

      [B][FONT=georgia][6] [COLOR=#993366]RESPECT[/COLOR] [/FONT][/B][FONT=georgia]each other and be [B][COLOR=#993366]FRIENDLY[/COLOR]. [/B]No OOC drama please ^^

      [B][7][/B] [COLOR=#993366][B]POST AFTER AT LEAST 2 PEOPLE POSTS[/B][/COLOR]. This will help people to keep up with the IC and avoid turning the group RP into one on one RP.

      [B][8][/B] No sexual interaction, keep it [COLOR=#993366][B]FADE TO BLACK[/B][/COLOR] or bring it to PM.

      [B][9][/B] Do [COLOR=#993366][B]COLLAB WHEN NEEDED[/B][/COLOR]. This collab is not necessary, if you don't want to do it just slow down your pace a little bit. You can post your full collab and put it on spoiler.

      [B][10][/B] [COLOR=#993366][B]ALL IWAKU RULES APPLY[/B][/COLOR].

      [B][11][/B] Further rules can be added according to the situation.[/FONT][/CENTER]

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  1. [​IMG]
    (Hopefully I will make the map soon, for now I will cover the places that we will visit at the beginning)

    Neutral places are place where no monsters around and safe from danger, unless there is special event that triggers battle. Usually neutral places are villages and towns, but there are also special neutral places beside those.

      Acharo Forest located at the southeast edge of Imalea Island, it is far from any village and it's quiet rare for people to come to this forest because it has nothing but ordinary animals and plants. The animals are not aggressive, mostly will attack human if they feel threatened, otherwise they will ignore human's presence. The only important thing lying hidden within this forest is Perican's house. It used to be a laboratory, but then he made it more comfortable and decent for living.

      (Perican's House)
    • Lymicia is the town of fisherman. It is the closest town, though not that close, that can be reached by walking from Acharo Forest. Not much can be seen in this town because Lymicia is not a big town the villagers are not that much. They don't even have military to protect themselves, mostly because they are neutral and rarely involved in conflicts. Lymicia known for its best fishes, their fishes are always fresh and tasty. There is a small harbor in this town, enough to accommodate one ship, usually merchant ship that comes to buy the fishes. The villagers here are very modest and friendly. They live humbly and lead by a 50 years old chief, Ando.

      Ando's House
      Item Store
      Mini Harbor


    Dungeons, the opposite of neutral places, consist a lot of monsters and danger. Dungeons can be anything, like forest, cave, prison, and many more. Even village can be categorized as dungeon if it has monsters inside it.

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  2. [​IMG]
    (The information about every character can be changed according to how the story unfolded)
    Neutral characters are those who don't take side, they will help you, but prefer not to interfere a lot. Neutral characters can somehow turn into allies or villain, it totally depends on how the story unfolded and how the hybrids act.


      Perican Albose Oderham, the main goal of this story, the man who created the live and death, the man who brought chaos unintentionally. Perican was known for his odd behavior. He always had this mad idea in his mind to create a child which made people made distance with him. Knew that his research wouldn't get any approval from the society, Perican decided to made research lab deep within the Acharo Forest. Years spent to discover the recipe to make a child until one day his dream finally came to reality. He named her, Aster, the first hybrid. Things happened after that just like how the story told. Nothing more can be shared about this old man due to his mysteriousness. He has no close friend nor family, the only things he has are The Hybrids, his 'children'.


    Allies are those who positively support you. They will help you with all they can and sometimes, join the adventure for awhile. In rarest case, allies can turn into neutral or villains depends on how the story unfolded and how the hybrids act.


    Allies are those who positively against you. They will do anything to stop you and even kill you. Usually they will join forces with Aster, however it's possible that they are not with Aster, but still trying to bring you down or take over the world. In rarest case, villains can turn into neutral or allies depends on how the story unfolded and how the hybrids act.


      Aster is the first hybrid, the ancient. Being the first one makes Aster spent the longest time with Perican. She knows him the best and she helps him a lot, taking care of the old man. She is a good person actually, she used to be, but jealousy and hatred control her better than her kindness. Aster is not as strong as the rest of her siblings since they're more refined. But, one thing that Aster never knew is she is actually the main key of the whole hybrids, she is special, but Perican never told her this secret. The secret he will take to his grave, even the recipe contains nothing about Aster.

      Before the day Aster decided to run away, Aster lived with her siblings just like normal people with their family. She wasn't the friendliest and she might hated them, but sometimes she would act like how older sister would do. The closest one to her was Belethia since Belethia was the second Hybrid, though Aster also grew more envy to her. Still, they acted like best friends before. While with her other siblings, she treated them well too despite of her hatred toward them. So, when she left the house with unconscious Perican, the hybrids were left in bewilderment.

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  3. @sleepingxdragon Nice character! Oh he's cute :3 However, there are several issues, not that bad, minor ones and he's accepted after you fix this. For special abilities, add one acquired abilities, for further usage of course, but state it now. Your skills, you said tracking twice, maybe you want add another skill for him. For strengths, I don't recommend heightened senses since hybrids already surpass humans in that area. Or are you gonna say that his senses even surpass the hybrids?

    @Karma200 I always LOVE foxy <3 Anyway also several things need to be fixed, just a typo, you say 'him' once in her personality. Add one more ability to be acquired later. I think that's all about Nyla, after you fix her, she is accepted ^^

    NOTICE FOR @firejay1 @CynderTheDragoness @Mage Clawhammer
    I can't wait to see your characters! ^^ Also since two people already pick dagger as their weapon, you guys should find another weapon ^^ AND I believe Firejay takes hawk and Cynder takes owl, so Mage you should find another species that isn't bird~

    I will work on my character too and other information needed like places and NPC, I hope we can start the RP this weekend or at least Monday or Tuesday :D
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  4. Ah yea, I meant Perican xD and thanks, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be a little devious fox >=3 lol

    Oh and I fixed it x]
  5. Thanks for the heads up! I didn't notice I put tracking twice in there. //whoops.
    I'm glad you like him! Also, I went ahead and changed a few things.​
  6. Yay great! I will put them up soon on the cast list~ @Karma200 @sleepingxdragon

    Also Karma, I assume your last ability (the sensory system) is the acquired one, right?
  7. Yuppers~
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  8. Busy night tonight. I'll have my char sheet up tomorrow evening after work.
  9. Woah a reason for a half human and half animal rp that doesn't involve scientist or aliens of some sorts? count me in!

    I'm going to make a bear!
  10. The guy who made them is a mad scientist
  11. Well at least not the traditional "Scientist makes them to be weapons war" sense.
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  12. Actually it has already closed, but well one more hybrid can't hurt, so welcome aboard! ^^ @ResolverOshawott

    EDIT : Also, which group age are you gonna take? I must say that you can't take the 20-23 >.< but the other two is okay and if you really wanna join, I will change the story a bit about the number of hybrid Perican made ^^
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  13. Oh wait it's closed? i guess the number of hybrids that were made flew over my head.

    Never mind then, i'l just read the RP as it progresses :).
  14. You don't want the extra spot Azula is offering?
  15. Yeah, I offer you one extra spot, you can take it, really, I can handle one more ^^ (I even have changed the number of Hybrids created XD)
  16. Damn... I need some sleep.

    Alright i'l put up a app as soon as i can.
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  17. Great! ^^

    Okay, for those who haven't made or finished your CS, please finish it by Monday night okay? So we can start discussing about the relationship and start this as soon as we can ^^
    @firejay1 @CynderTheDragoness @Mage Clawhammer @ResolverOshawott

    The worst case, if you decide to drop this RP before we even start, please tell me ASAP since we need particular number to start this RP, I need to find your replacement if you drop out which might postpone this RP. I wish you all to stay, but I can't hold you if you wanna go, just tell me ^^
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