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    Far across the misty seas of the world of Pokemon is a Region somewhat lost in time called Odeka. If you were to ever visit this place you would realize that the pokemon here are not such gentle creatures as they are in the rest of the world. No these pokemon are savage animals - creatures of their natures and hard to train. Another thing you would find out soon after stepping across it's sandy shores - is that this Region is ruled by Ninja Trainers who protect and fight for their Clans, keeping neighboring Clansmen and Pokemon in check. Would you want to visit such a place?

    In this land there are 12 Clans, each holding a vast area of land and each having their own special abilities that they use to protect their way of life and the citizens within. Specialty skills are developed by each and a deep hatred boils just under the veil of an uneasy truce. Newcomers have recently come to this land supporting Evo-Guns with hopes to take this land for their own. They have bribed 2 of the 12 Clans into joining there cause and now strike out against other Clans in hopes of starting and all out war.

    Enter the Younglings (who we'll be playing as)- barely 19 years of age - they are set out on a great task to claim their rightful rank in their own clan. Go out and battle 11 Sage Ninja and their Pokemon to claim badges from each of the Clan's neighbors. Will they survive? Will they stay together? Or will these young warriors perish along the way? When the road is long and winding, filled with wild pokemon and crazed new comers only You can determine their fate!

    - - - - - The Clans - - - - -
    Each Clan is based around the Chinese Zodiac Signs. The Roman Numbers before each mark the area on the map that is that clan's region.

    Show Spoiler

    X. Horse - Ippeios Clan :: PKMN Types Steel + Fire
    + Abilities in Air

    III. Ram - Katsika Clan :: PKMN Types Ice + Psychic
    + Abilities in Ice

    V. Monkey - Maimou Clan :: PKMN Types Poison + Ghost
    + Abilties in Posion

    I. Rooster - Kokores Clan :: PKMN Types Fairy + Flying
    + Abilties in Healing

    VI. Dog - Skylos Clan :: PKMN Types Normal + Grass
    + Abilties in Light

    VII. Boar - Kapros Clan :: PKMN Types Dark + Bug
    + Abilities in Darkness

    VIII. Rat - Troktiko Clan :: PKMN Types Water + Dark
    + Abiltiies in Water

    IV. Ox - Vodi Clan :: PKMN Types Ground + Rock
    + Abilities in Earth

    XI. Tiger - Tigiris Clan :: PKMN Types Fighting + Fire
    + Abilties in Sound

    XII. Rabbit - Kouneli Clan :: PKMN Types Electric + Flying
    + Abilties in Lightning

    IX. Dragon - Drakon Clan :: PKMN Types Dragon + Water
    + Abilties in Fire

    II. Snake - Fidi Clan :: PKMN Types Fire + Fighting
    + Abilities in Steel

    Above Spoiler is still work in progress!
    @Megane Soul

    Character Skeleton (open)

    Age: (19)

    Short History:

    Start Pokemon 2 (Must be Types of your Region)
    Starter Moves - 4 Only to Start with

  2. Kasai Kouneli - Codename Kas
    [​IMG]Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Kas has always been a bit ... energetic to say the least. She often found it hard getting along with others within the clan and focusing on her martial arts training. Being at the bottom of her class due to this lack of focus and calm other's encouraged upon her. She was defiant and a bit of a brat growing up but as she grew into the strides of the Clans life she calmed down a little bit and learned to keep her viperous mouth shut. She seems to have a superiority complex but the fact of the matter is she had to become this to get by in the clan to keep others at an arms length. She can be very kind and caring when it comes to certain things, mainly her pokemon. And often spends her time alone and with them. When the going gets tough, Kas likes to get tougher!

    Short History: Kasai was born the third of four children to a branch of the main Clan's family. Though she like all within her Clan carry the Kouneli name as is their tradition. She was the only girl and with four brothers, two older and one younger, she often times felt the pressure of being indepentant and lady like though her brothers kept her more of a tom boy. Her younger brother Kaigyn was always her favorite in the family after her father who she saw as a King and offered little respect to her Clans main family. She ended up - somehow - being expected into training and felt her life was over when - after going through many instructors finally landed her eldest brother as her trainer. He was rough on her and pushed her to her very limits to get her where she is today. And now that she's expected to go on her Gran Tour she hopes to make her family proud by being the first back from her Clan and maybe even the first back in general!
    Kouneli Ability: Static Charge Punch : With this ability Kas has learned to channel electricity through her body, mainly her arms and feet to produce electric punches and kicks. When she pairs up with Rezkoi the pair can be quite brutal if they attack together!

    Start Pokemon

    - Thunder Fang - Discharge - Night Slash - Thunderbolt

    - Rez was her very first pokemon - a rather lucky catch for her as the little Luxio had been pillaging her families garden and nomming some of her favorite berry plants. So coming up with a plan of her own she pillaged her moms lesser favorite berries and crafted a trap. Rez just couldn't resist the nommy treats just sitting out in the open and when Kas found him the next morning she released him from the cage and challenged him. He actually beat her the first time but returned to the place of the trap the next morning seeming to expect the same juicy treats again. When Kas saw this she immediately jumped in to challenge him again and he actually was beaten this time. Only for the first week he refused to go into a pokeball and would aimlessly follow her around waiting for more treats. Over that first week the two became quick friends and partners in crime as they played tricks on her elder brothers. Now the two seem inseparable and he's hardly ever in his Pokeball. -
    Flying / Dragon

    - Hurricane - Boomburst - Dragon Pulse - Shadow Ball

    - Echo was actually a gift to her from her father, he'd been climbing up in the mountains when he's stumbled upon the tiny injured Noibat. Knowing that Kas was good with critters he brought the little Ecko home and told her to care for him until he was well. She did so and tended to his injuries and fattened him up as best she could, he'd half starved while injured and in the wilds, it was a miracle the tiny bad hadn't died. So one morning when she woke in her room to find the tiny bat dragon flying around she was delighted but also terrified. She worried about releasing him, but her father explained that he was still wild and that she should give him the choice of his freedom. So she released him with tears in her eyes and watched as he zipped away into the day. Three days later he'd reappeared in her window hanging upside down and staring at her with wide yellow eyes. After that Ecko has simply stuck close only returning to his Pokeball when injured. He was often picked on by Rezkoi - but on the day he evolved the now much larger Ecko seems to be the one to pick on Rez! -

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  3. Edit: Completed

    Name: Ivan Maimou
    Codename: Naga
    Appearance (open)

    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Ivan is normally quite lax in nature, a fact that quite a few of his fellow clansmen mock. Perfering to train apart from others and focusing on his teamwork surrounding his partners; Shade and Naginata. When on the field he is as silent as the wind and as deadly as the venom of his serpentine ally. His mindset during these times is rather cold and at times callous. Ivan is as stubborn as any tauros and about as hot headed as a pissed of Rapidash when his ideals and lifestyle are questioned and lives by his own Nindo: Protect those you love and obliterate your enemies, never go down without a fight!

    Short History: Born the second son of the Head of the Main branch, Ivan was raised to uphold the honour and prestige of the title within the clan. A fact that he quite quickly grew to resent and eventually turn away from. At a young age he began to train in skills that were a bit different from his family's traditional ideas, trading Kunai for Senbon, trading traditional Bukijutsu for Kenjutsu, and even studying the arts of Iryojutsu - a taboo in the main branch - in order to further distance himself from his station. As he grew older however, he began to notice that he couldn't change who he was, the child of killers for hire. Their child with the same sadistic and masochistic tendencies exhibited by nearly the entire clan, if only directed toward something else.
    Maimou Ability: Poison Touch ~ Ivan had learned to analyze and internally recreate poisons that he has injested and adapted to the point of immunity and then chanel it into a purple and green aura around the his hands and feet, he has discoved that he can also chanel it into teeth and nails, as proven when he managed to take down an invading Inu clan member with a poisoned claw strike.

    First Pokemon: Gastly
    Nickname: Shade
    Bio: Shade is a mischievious yet serious pokemon with a penchant for sadistic illusions traps. He enjoys playing with his enemy and slowly wearing down their mental and emotional barriers before going in for the kill. Shade has a very close bond with Ivan and will often show affection by either licking him or nuzzling his face. He is easily identifiable as different from most gastly by his much longer than average fangs, which end at the bottom of his face.
    History: Shade had first encountered Ivan when he was a young sentient ball of gas, merely a few weeks old and still a vicious little prankster that liked to tease his prey. It was only by luck that Ivan had managed to escape it's Nightshade mirage. It was a few years later that Ivan had found him yet again, this time being attacked by a trio of Honchkrow, trying to blow the Gastly away. With a quick flick of his wrist, the honchkrow were down for the count with paralytic covered Senbon in their bodies. While that did not secure his trust in the human, it was over the next few years that Shade slowly came to respect the human as an equal.
    Starter Moves: Nightshade ~ Normally used to trap enemies and victims in illusions.
    Hypnosis ~ Knocks the opponent out, preferably for capture but occasionally for phyc'hological torture as well.
    Nightmare ~ Ensnared sleeping/unconscious enemy in a nightmare full of their worst fears.
    Dark Pulse ~ Sends out concentrated amounts of killer intent, meant to intimidate the enemy.

    Second Pokemon: Seviper
    Nickname: Naginata
    Bio: Naginata is Sly and dangerous, she focuses on immobilizing and taking down her foe. She is disarmingly fast even for her breed and very protective (read: possessive) of Ivan, willing to throw herself i harms way if need be to ensure his safety. What makes her so easy to identify are her blue eyes, a trait that few understand given that she is not a "Shiny".
    History: Naginata was born the runt of her egg group, one that is raised within the walls of the main compound. The breeders all assumed she would either die young or her venom would be too weak to be of any real use to the clan. Not wanting to see a young one die just for a lack of faith, Ivan proposed to taker her in as a personal "pet" in hopes of training her speed if nothing else. Reluctantly, the breeders and elders agreed that he could keep her and raise her himself. Now at an impressive length of 9'4" Naginata is the largest of that group with a highly potent poisonous tail that even Ivan has yet to fully incorperate into his system.
    Starter Moves: Wrap ~ Her powerful muscles allow her to keep someone trapped in her coils from quite while.
    Wring out ~ Used to squeeze the more rowdy captees into behaving, though she has been known to break ribs if you struggle too much.
    Crunch ~ She has more than enough bite, if her binding bark fails to accomplish the goal.
    Poison Tail ~ Naginata usually saves this move unless absolutely necessary, her Toxic tail releases a powerful neurotoxin that affects the nerves in two ways: first it paralyzes the nerves before slowly burning them, causing excruciating pain and increased sensitivity to it.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Tigiris Clan Nation
    - Bellatone City -
    The City of Bells Early in the Morning
    Dawn was sweeping quickly over the grassy lands of the Tigiris Nation, and the many towns were starting to hum with excitement and anticipation for the Yearly opening of the Gran Tour would be help in this Nation this year. From all across the Odeka Region young Clans members were flocking in for their shot at completing the Gran Tour. Sadly not all of them would make it, and even the journey to the Tigiris Nation Captial was a trial in itself. But to complete the Gran Tour and collect badges from the Nations was a shot at earning Rank and Title within your own Clan so no matter the perils many still came.

    In Bellatone City the energy was near palpable as the citizens of the city moved to open stalls and get their wares ready for sell. The air of celebration was in and before long the City was practically a festival with the Tigiris Nation’s famous fireworks exploding in the sky, paper tigers roving the street, and the call of many old friends in greeting to one another. The delicious smells of the main avenue leading to the temple floated out into the city causing a sense of joy and comfort for all. Meanwhile many of the Tigiris Clan’s members also patrolled keeping watch for any trouble makers that would cause mayhem on this a day of celebration. There were sparing pits and pokemon mock battles going on even a couple of contests to be watched while everyone waited for the beginning of the Tour to start. Slowly a trickle of Candidates were streaming into the city showing their clan’s emblem on their right shoulders with a simple sash that was tied to mark them for who they were. These young ones were often greeted and given good blessings on their journeys ahead.

    It wasn’t long after dawn had set that the Kouneli Cloud Ship descended into the bay of the Tigiris’ main lock, many of the Rabbit Clan’s members sprang from its deck to tie off the boat and keep her moored, while the young Candidates strolled slowly down the gang plank and entered the city. One girl stood at the deck against the banister until the rest had departed before she turned to make her own way down and into the city. Long azure blue hair tied back and bright pink eyes glanced about the area as she descended into the city. Tiny bronze bells tingled all around her as just under the roars of the crowd and a quick thump in her chest told her that she was starting to get excited just by the energy of the people here.

    Everywhere she looked left and right there were Clans members from all over the great region, she spotted Tigers and Dogs, Rat and Horse, even the priest like peoples of the Rooster and Dragon clans were here. She felt in awe of it all and was practically mesmerized as she walked through the many streets hopefully heading towards the main Temple Hall where all Candidates would have to report by noon. She was followed by a Luxray who sniffed about and watched their surroundings with curious yellow golden eyes; but would never strayed far from his master’s side. She carried her only two pokeballs, both great balls, on her right hip and kept her hands at her sides as she moved through the streets. She was a tiny thing barely reaching 5’2” tall but when push came to shove she would break through the crowd. She looked about hoping to spot other loner candidates – wishing to make a team for this perilious journey.

    She finally noted the placement of the sun and looking down at her Luxray said “We still have time perhaps a snack?” She smiled as Rezkoi emitted a gentle purr and darted off to a stall where they sold seared fish scoured on sticks. She ordered three and ate only one for herself as she led them to a vaguely open area just around a Mock Battle ring. An Arcanine and a Hitmonlee were battling it out. She simply sank to the low rim of stones beyond the crowds and fed the remaining sticks of fish to her Rezkoi while pink eyes gazed about the area – still hunting for a new friend in the crowd Not of her own Clan.
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