Odd or Unique things you do while writing~

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  1. So, its been brought to my attention that I do a few odd things while I write, and I thought I'd share them with you just because... Well why not?

    So, More times then not when I am writing, I often do so with my eyes closed!! I normally don't look at the screen unless I hear a notification sound from Thunderbird (my email software) or something like that to catch my attention. However, when writing (especially roleplaying) I usually have my eyes closed for the entire time I write everything out! I use this as a way to go back and read through everything I have written and make sure it makes sense, but honestly I notice a few spelling errors here and there but that's just about it! I have known I have done this for a while, but it wasn't until my wife walked up behind me and asked me, "Are you sleep typing right now?" That I realized how odd it must look to someone to just see their fingers going at it and you not even looking at the screen at all.

    Another thing that I do that can be odd is head tilting while I write. Its like when you see a puppy dog that is listening intently to a noise and the tilt their head back and forth. Except, I do it really slow and probably 100x's less cute.

    So yeah!! Something random for you all! I'd love to hear what odd things you all might do while typing/writing. ^.^
  2. I do something sort of similar, with my eyes. I'll stop at odd times to re-collect my thoughts (since everything moves at different speeds, fml). I'll tip my head back and shut my eyes, sometimes hum to get everything "back on track" with the same rhythm (as it were), then kind of fling myself back at the screen and start typing again.

    I also listen to music (most people do, right?).

    I sort of "tunnel vision" into my computer too. I'll hunch over, get terrible posture, and practically stick my face against the screen (or get it as close to as possible).
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  3. When I don't think about it and type, my unorthodox (chickenpecking) way of typing is just fine, but sometimes when it's dark, I get confused, and focus hard on typing, and when I focus, I mess up. I find that when I just trust myself as to where the buttons are, my typing is much better when I can barely see the keys!
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  4. My face is doing the same expression as the character I am writing as. So if someone were to walk in on me writing, they might see some funny things as I'm in the middle of re-creating their emotions RL xD I even start crying if my character is crying (or they are close to it). I'M GETTING SUPER INTO IT!
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  5. I usually say out loud what I'm writing. It helps make sure that things make sense and that dialogue sounds natural. I also act out what action is happening so that I don't do something anatomically impossible. The latter doesn't happen for every scene, but the really physical ones... yes.

    I don't do this all the time, because I'm sure people think I was insane. I also may not do it for all my RP posts. My novel and short stories, yes. I do it from the comfort of my own home. So, the only people there to judge me are my significant other and my pets. I'm pretty sure my cat wants to institutionalize me.
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  6. I listen to music, probably not odd or unique but I listen to the various video game soundtracks that I have saved onto my hard drive as I write.

    Occasionally, however when I'm doing really heavy world building stuff* I get off of my seat and wander around a little as I go over the ideas that I get.

    *: Which I have yet to actually write down as a note... for all four worlds...
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  7. I find myself spontaneously standing up mid-post only to sit down almost immediately after.

    I think this is due to a combination of my leg's wanting to stretch and me just getting into what I'm writing and my body not expressing it well when sitting.
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  8. I am often mumbling what I'm typing under my breath, especially dialogue. @___@ I guess cause I'm trying to make sure it's something that would naturally flow while speaking?

    I also have a terrible habit of acting out expression or small actions. c___c If I am writing about someone doing something with their hands I'd do that motion a couple times cause I am figuring out how to describe it. Or I'll mimic the facial expressions of a character.

    It's all quite embarrassing when someone notices and asks me what I'm doing. T___T
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  9. Good! I'm not the only one!! Replying at work can be dangerous lol XD
  10. After reading this board it seems a few people do this. Thanks to having the same expressions as the character I am typing I only reply when I am safely at home otherwise people might get creeped out, especially with evil smiles. xD
  11. I sing what I'm writing :P
  12. I write so much better on paper than on a computer. I don't know why -- I just seem to focus better and the words flow easier. And it isn't just creative writing, either -- same goes for academic writing.

    So, a lot of the time, I'll write something out in a notebook... and then I'll go ahead and type it up, pretty much as soon as I finish it on paper. And when I'm writing RP posts, sometimes I'll even have my laptop open in front of me so I can see the IC for reference, but then I'll still be writing on paper instead of actually typing anything on my computer. I suppose if someone were to notice me doing this, it would probably look awfully inefficient. XD But hey -- I'm more focused when I write on paper and it really doesn't take very much time at all to type up a couple paragraphs when you're just copying something hand-written, sooo... yeah.
  13. Music is a big thing to boost my inspiration/motivation/eficiency/imagination. So vhen I'm writing (and honestly, vhen I'm doing most other stuff), I like to have something playing in the back-ground. Vhat - depends on vhat kind of scene I'm writing out. Techno/industrial for character-development, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal for combat/sexual scenes, Oriental tunes for romance (how-ever litle of it I do, I'm not a romantic type), something orchestral/grandiose/suspenseful for plotline-advancement and unexpected twists.

    Oh yea and I love writing in the dark, vith only the computer screen for ilumination. Tends to isolate me from outsyde distractions.
  14. I meditate with a playlist going and my earbuds on to get into character. I then close my eyes and visualize and start to type. After the scene is typed out I go through and clean it up, rearrange and edit the flow of the words to my liking. My husband finds it rather strange how I can just space out like that, but I figure it is just me getting really into whatever creative flow I have going.
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  15. I let my mind loose. Sometimes I plan what is going to happen but it's mostly improvised.

    I put myself into the character's eyes; I ask what would I do in this situation? Then I change that point of view to what my character is telling me what they would do. Example:

    Mr. Rhee is heading down the corridor when he sees a rabid bug bear.

    What would I do here: I would turn around and leave, no way in the seven hells my ass is defeating that or living to tell the tale for trying to.

    What my Character tells me he would do:

    Well I'm going to go up to it and I am going to jab it with a stick and tell him that he's very naughty for disturbing my dance with the queen I was having in that there room there. Don't see anyone in there? Good, cause only I was invited. *twitches nervously*

    That's the weird shit I do with my posts.
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  16. I can't believe so many people listen to music... I have to have silence so I can think. If I put music or something else on with writing, I just jam out instead. ><
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  17. Me personally, when it's an action scene, or a more melancholic scene, I listen to music that fits the emotion, tone and pace of whatever I'm writing. But when I'm writing a face to face between two characters, I have to write that in silence, for some reason.

    Also, not sure if odd or unique or whatever but when I'm replying to someone, or writing up something, I gotta have a drink and a snack, I don't know why.
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  18. You're not alone. I can't concentrate if there's music playing. XD
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  19. So glad to know the recreating character's face is a normal thing.

    I usually pace when I come up with ideas, then write them down in shorthand before writing the full post. The rest is wrestling with wording.
  20. I have theme songs for my characters, and every roleplay has a playlist. It's been a habit of mine since I started rping again a few years ago. If I hear a song that makes me think of a certain type of scene, I'll listen to it while I'm writing.

    Depending on the roleplay and how attached I am to the characters, I tend to feel how they're feeling, and yes, I have been known to cry at certain points.
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