October things PT 2

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  1. More pictures of the house where I am currently working of recently installed windows and doors.


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    The chimney! All sheeted up.


    Outside looking west. The wall of windows.


    Inside the great room looking east. Accordion style doors.

    Same direction, better pic of the doors.

    The road leading up to the property where I work. Taken from truck.


    And me 'doing the October' on the jerb. Awwww yeahhhh.


  2. OMG those windows! And a fireplace too! And such a lovely drive. Did I gush over all the windows yet?

    Not a bad looking worker either.

    *thinks of all the plants that could be grown around the windows!*
  3. Looks awesome, October. I'm impressed. :D
  4. o_O DAYUM
  5. You contribute to building such gorgeous houses, seriously.
    Does it sort of make the whole "I'm in a fabulous house thing" more boring for you?
    I mean, being in a pretty house with a gorgeous view is usually seen as a luxury (see: super pricey hotel rooms).
    I don't know, it just seems like one of those things that would be less special for you. But then, you don't live in them, you just build them, so I dunno.

    Either way, fairly badass, dude.