October In Iwaku!

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We're welcoming in the Fall Season with some good old fashioned October fun! :D All during this month you'll see members and staff getting in to the spirit with roleplays, games, and silly traditions.

It's Iwaku Tradition to have a user name and avatar "costume" change during October!
If you change your user name for the month, please make sure you put a note in the Name Change thread AND make sure your REAL user name is put in your user title or signature so everyone knows who you are.

Participate in the Staff's Halloween Event!
A few our your staffies are hosting a Halloween Event! Play a fun murder mystery game and see if YOU can figure out who the murderer is before you end up dead yourself!

Halloween DnD Skype Night!
On Halloween night, a LIVE DND GAME is being held on Skype! Skype is a -free- chatting program, and you don't need a microphone to participate if you want to be there! It's sure to be fun for everyone that shows up.

Find Halloween and Horror Roleplays all across Iwaku!
Many members are hosting creepy themed roleplays this month. Check out these few, or visit the OOCs to find more!

- Take That Costume Off!
- Everybody Dies at the End
- Days of Unrest
- Dissentities

Now get out there and some FUN!