October horror fun!

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  1. It's October. That, someone told me, is important to those who reside in the new world. Something about horror or strippers or candy, or spending Saturday night alone on the couch with a bottle of jack and a pizza you don't have to share... wait, that last one is Christmas.

    Yup, it's that time of year again. When the 10th month rolls around, I torture Diana in the basement for telling people when my birthday is, people get costumes and candy and everything else I can't have because I'm not in the USA club. D=<

    So while you're all hiding from me this year we have a few distraction that may make your cowering more pleasant.


    The Opening of Nullus Sanctus, an advanced horror mass roleplay.
    If you're in to that BIG CONCEPT HORROR stuff, you'll love reaching for Nullus Sanctus.

    A forum Masqurade Halloween Roleplay!
    @ElBell is starting a Halloween Masq on the forums! Check out the Party for the Mages.

    Do you like CHAT ROLEPLAYS? A few will be scheduled this month!
    All month long, pay attention to the Chat Roleplays forum for event scheduling! There will be several hosted horror and spooky themed roleplays all month long. Including a Midnight Masquerade hosted by the very lovely Admins, Vay and Diana.

    Horror roleplays will be super hot!
    October is everyone's favorite month to host a horror roleplay, so check the Horror Genre Forum every day for new roleplay action.

    We'll have TWO contests for you with spiffy prizes!
    A Fable contest hosted by Fijoli and a costume contest hosted by Minibit! Prizes will include gift certificates and shiny donator badges!

    Doing something this month for our totally badass festival? SHARE IT HERE IN THIS THREAD!
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  2. I'm dressing up as a female Daryl Dixon for Halloween and taking my nephews and niece out trick or treating with my family, its a family tradition. It will be my parents, their mom, my grandma, some younger cousins, their parents, and some aunts and uncles. And of course watching horror movies all month long!
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    I LOVE YYOU HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU HORROR YOUR MY BEST OF BEST FRIEND!

    Now to find something to do and dress up as ^^
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  4. I was thinking about getting a massive cloak and a plain theatrical mask and decorating them with this:
    and walk around the town carrying my sword. it's appropriately rusty from months of neglect.
  5. You can can make yourself look like a zombie that could be the reason why your sword is rusty!
  6. I was going to go more with soul-fragmented warrior. It would be the explanation for ominous glowing mask but no proper face, and a cloak instead of a defined body. That way the rusty sword symbolises that the sword's spirit was also fractured alongside the warrior.
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  7. Ohhhh I want to see this when you put it on! Please! I would love to see this!
  8. If I A) get round to doing it (I dont usually participate in halloween) and B) remember in 30 days, then I'll give you a picture :P.
  9. Awww ok ^^
  10. Fable contest? Define fable? Cause if you mean scary stories, sign me up! =D I've had one in the making for years.
  11. SHort story spooky Fables, yes. >:3
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  12. Yay~! Wait - does dismemberment murder constitute horror?
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  13. Hehe... My halloween costume...oh gosh.... If I can get my mask done ^^"

    OOOOO~..SOO PREEETTTYY... a fable contest.... *quickly runs off to write*

    So much fun scary stuffs....

    Anyway, back to my costume...
    A black leather jacket, white button up w/ red tie, sunglasses *if I can fix them* and black jeans. Plus my pretty mask that is totally a secret until it's done...
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  14. This is........AWESOME! I'll enjoy this a lot I'm going to dress up as the empty child from doctor who
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  15. I have a picture of the costume, I just need the crossbow and some face paint for a dirtier look and I'll be all set.
  16. Once upon a time, there was a duck.
    He didn't look like a duck because he was actually a banana dressed as a man dressed as a duck.
    I used to live with cats, because I hated dogs, and so I would be used to the scratching at the door, the doors opening because they tried to get upstairs. Now, it's much more unsettling when I live at home alone with no pets in sight.
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  17. I may or may not be changing that cyberpunk medical mystery RP to fit horror....
  18. To be fair, I was getting ready to do exactly the same thing when I saw Diana had already gotten around to it.
  19. So I express my bitter bitter disappointment as not being able to wear a costume and that prompts people to throw their ability to in my face.

    ALL OF YOU ARE BANNED. Except minibit who is fired THEN BANNED.
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