October Children

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  1. ' Neohmi High School Academy ' a school built among the norther side of the village. Showed to teach and discipline all students in any necessary. A ' free land ' school where kids most likely have fun and relax, at the same time study hard for the upcoming tests. That's where you come in.

    Someone like you who see's and hears things when you were younger, things you wouldn't even handle that much. It makes you annoyed, traumatized, even try to suicide. But whatever you do it wouldn't just go away. When it stopped you were glad and happy, you had a time where you can be like everyone else, a normal happy lifestyle. But then stopped when it came back, it came back for you.

    No one would believe you, what else can you do? You looked at the bulletin board and there you saw was a flyer ' Do you see what i see? ' a club with that kind of name, it was ridiculous, yet very intriguing. You looked at the the flyer, closely, you found the room number, 365. It was gonna start tomorrow, question was, are you up for it?
  2. Everything that Elise wanted was to have a normal life, and it did happen. Only problem was she kept her distance to everyone around her. This year it was going to be the same once again. Her second year in high school, mostly known as Sophomore year, was happening right now on her very own eyes, happy yet terrified on how her year would once be.

    " Hey, you know what i heard a new kid was coming! "
    " No way! Is he or she cute? "
    " HE is cute! "

    Elise was sitting down by the bench near the trees hearing other students walk by talking about anything that they want to talk about, their summer, their new school life, their feelings, everything. She sat down there staring at her lap, ever since she got there she just sat there waiting, waiting for nothing. There were some who tried to talk to her but she kept her silence and ignored them. This was her normal life, a life where it was only her.


    Jace on the other hand was still walking down the streets reading a book about the supernatural, his 273 book in the year, and still nothing about his problems. He sighed but continued reading while heading to school, for sure once he enters the gate he'd hide the book, he didn't want anyone to know he was a book worm, mostly when it comes to fantasy and stuff like that.

    Maybe he was the only one who experience this kind of ability, and it scared him for knowing that. After 4 years his sight has been silent, it stopped finally, yet he continued to investigate it, and there it was, by the school gate. A dark shadow person standing there waiting for something, or someone.

    " Oh come on... You gotta be kidding me. "
  3. Sakamoto walked through the schools front door, her mind on one thing, 'get to my locker and get to class, ignore everything else', she walked just as she was taught, back straight and head held high. Somehow even through her one simple task, she stopped walking as couldn't shake the feeling of despair, like something bad was going to happen, 'who know's maybe there will be an accident, or maybe...' sakamoto shook off her thoughts and kept walking, she kept quite not even a sound escaped her mouth as she completed her task and set another one, 'find some friends like me.' (sorry if its not very good, but i really like the plot.)
  4. Rin pushed her way through the front doors eyes surveying the area, but quietly keeping to herself. She wasn't anti-social, but she didn't really care what people thought of her. Quickly she walked to her classroom.
  5. Staring blankly, her indigo eyes glazed over with boredom as she faced the white board situated in the front of the room, sakamoto placed her hands on the desk, one hand holding her pencil and the other simply lying there. Hearing a noise she turned toward the classroom entrance and saw a girl enter the classroom. Unsure of what to think of the girl, sakamoto looked down at her open note book and began doodling gently tucking a strand of her dark blue hair behind her ear.