[October 19th @ 12AM CEN] A Truce of Queens

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    The Crescent Moon War is over.

    For nearly ten years The Queen of the Waste and the Queen Wood waged war against each other to lay claim over a devil's domain. That they may harness the power of the demon they worshiped and could go on to conquer the world. With armies depleted and their lands scorched, the two Queens have called a Truce. What reason is there that prevents them both from ruling this world?

    Here on Ember Crescent Night the Queens have lit a bonfire in honor of their truce and to pay tribute to their demon god. Each Queen will choose a Champion from amongst their people and their god will be summoned.

    Are YOU the Champion that will usher in the world's destruction?

    Queen Phoebe rules the forested kingdom of Azeran with an iron first in a velvet glove. Once a paragon of benevolence and hope, over the course of the war she has become more ruthless and more committed to throwing her entire kingdom into the fray. She is rarely seen without her cadre of suitors whom double as her elite guard. Although she has taken no less than three as husbands, none have survived that position for longer than a year.

    Queen Sarangerel rules the rocky kingdom of Dogran through brute force and terrifying willpower. Living amongst the barren lands of the wastes, she has grown her clan by destroying others and integrating them in to her own. Known for a violent temper and giving no mercy, none dare risk inciting her rage. Her people are as wild and willful as she. To see the Clan of the Wastes on the horizon strikes fear even in the most hardened of warriors.​

    A Mini Midnight Masquerade
    12AM CEN October 19th in the Roleplay Lobby

    This is a MASQUERADE style Chat Roleplay! That means don't tell ANYONE which character you are playing! We want to have fun guessing who plays who.

    This is a MIDNIGHT masq. It will begin at Midnight Central time on the 19th. (1AM EST 19th, 11PM MNT 18th, 10PM PT 18th)

    This is a MINI masq as it will last 6 hours instead of a full 12. It will end at 6AM on the 19th.

    In this plot your character's goal is to either become one of the Queen's chosen champion or to try and stop their DEMON GOD SUMMON.

    Your Game Masters are VAY and DIANA! Woooo!​
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    How interesting, yes, that it is.
    I shall try to stay up for it. Though, my way of typing is... pretty old fashioned. Which'll likely be a bit of a giveaway... And with that, I have three potential characters already brewing up in my head. I think I'll join in.
  3. In the Roleplay Lobby chat room, and you'd be logging in with your character name! So the only people that can check to see who you are would be the admins. ;}
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  4. This seems to be quite interesting. I will possibly join up (Seems to be a late Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Chat RP, I am quite interested)
  5. I'd like to attend if possible
  6. I make no promises but... I hope I can make time.
  7. >:3


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  8. *Muppet arms in the air!*
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  9. Oh. Vaysis or Dianabanana. Do our characters have to be human? I don't think you specified. o__o (Or I'm just derpy.)
  10. You do not have to be human! 8D
  11. Don't have to be human! Or even part of their factions. A deal this big would dray dignitaries and rubberneckers from alllll ooover.
  12. Delicious.
  13. I am very interested in this...also im in love with this site <3
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  14. I'm certainly interested. :-D
  15. *Is hyped for no reason*
    Why am I always hyped!?
    *heart explodes*

    Though... I am curious; Care to elaborate upon what was so special about that specific domain in the first place?
    Don't hurt me >.<
    Was there some sort of power source or a monument?
    Orrrrrrrr...... Is that a trope that'll be toyed with during the RP? Or am I just being dumb and it's just a normal land dispute, turned horribly wrong... or awfully swell.
  16. Here's the thing. We've left things vague on purpose because in this style of RP plans can and will change depending on what people do it it. However I will say this: There is something special about the place the Queens chose and it has seen the heaviest fighting. but is miraculously still pristine while the surrounding regions are charred wastlands.
  17. Ah, helpful nonetheless, I originally thought the absolute everywhere was a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Now I have at least little bit of clarity, you've thanks.
  18. This is in 4 hours! :D
  19. I will be there