[OCT 29 @ 6PM] Witch Cafe: Fright Night

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  1. A simple flyer hangs on a bulletin board in a busy square in town. Upon closer inspection you find it to be... an out-dated poster for the band 'Broken Toes'... hm.

    Of course, anyone with a bit of magic ability would see a very different message on the enchanted piece of paper:

    Witch Cafe

    Fright Night, Halloween Celebration

    Witches, wizards, and other magical creatures of the non-wicked variation are invited to join the staff of Witch Cafe for a celebration of Halloween! Join us, eat, drink, and keep an eye out spooky things~.

    Food and drink will be served.
    The evening's events will include:

    Cupcake Eating Contest
    Haunted Basement Tour

    (Broom parking in back.)

    This is a Chat RP!
    When: Wednesday, Oct. 29th, 6PM server time.
    Where: Roleplay Cove

    What is Witch Café?

    It's a safe haven for witches and other magical beings, a place they can relax and be themselves without drawing human attention. Because humans aren't allowed inside! You can't even see the building unless you have some magic in your veins. Speaking of the building, it's interior is much wider than it would appear to be from the outside. And it's always changing, as if the building has a mind of its own (and is an excellent interior designer).

    Witch Café Staff:



    NO NON-MAGICAL HUMANS. Your character doesn't have to be a witch, but they have to be some kind of magical creature. Fairies, demons, whatever. Just keep in mind that wicked behavior won't be tolerated for long.
    No godmoddy powers, of course. Perfect characters are no fun.
    Please play a CUSTOMER! Everyone shall play as a customer visiting the café unless I've given you the okay to play an employee ahead of time.
    Character Bios are optional.
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  2. Witch Cafe's baker, and organizer of this event:

    Vivian Song

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  3. What time would this be in Eastern US time?
  4. 7 PM
  5. Would a ghost be allowed?
  6. A ghost would totally be welcomed!
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  7. If anyone wants to see it, here's the link to my character's bio in the vault :)
  8. Do we sign in with our screen name or character name?
  9. Character names, please.
  10. Adrian MisFoortin
    Amateur Wizard

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  11. Cute character, Cappishe! Join the fun whenever you feel like it. :3