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  1. Hello and welcome to the Stacked Deck. An elite group of mercenaries free from the ties of any Galactic Faction and work to make the galaxy a better place. Operating outside the law and taking any mission they feel requires their special touch. They are known to accomplish any mission no matter the odds. But as the galaxy starts to crumble can they stop it all from falling apart?

    Galactic History (open)

    It has been thousands of years after man fist set out onto space and started its colonization of space. Mankind soon colonized the entirety of the Sol system and soon reformed itself under the SSA (Sol System Alliance). And when mankind reached outside its home system it wasn't long before they made contact with extra terrestrial life and as is mankind's way that soon lead to war. The First Contact War ended after 50 years with signing a treaty to avoid either side from being annihilated, and with the SSA weakened by war and unable to retaliate several of the outlying colonies broke away to govern themselves. And thus the UGC (United Galactic Conference) to establish communication and peace between all the factions. Time passed and humanity continued to expand, new alien races were discovered and brought into the UGC and the galaxy seemed to be at a time of piece.

    But recently things have been changing, the UGC is little more than a puppet to be controlled by the SSA and moves to support their goals. This has caused a great amount of tension among the factions as the SSA asserted its control over weaker factions. And just a week ago the Kingdom of Tallos accompanied by many of the Anti-SSA factions dropped out of the UGC claiming it had become corrupt and unfair. And now the two sides sit and wait preparing for war.

    Notable Factions (open)

    UGC - The United Galactic Conference plays the part of Earth's UN attempting to keep peace across the galaxy, giving every faction big or small a voice in the galactic community and acting as a neutral party to oversee disputes.

    SSA - The Sol System Alliance is one of the most powerful factions across the galaxy coming from the home of man kind the SSA still looks in favor of humanities interests over others.

    KOT - The Kingdom of Tallos is a strong faction of the outer rim of explored space although small in size it is able to stand up to most any other force in the galaxy.

    (More to Come as introduced)

    Mercenary Rankings (open)

    (Suits are first come first serve so hurry on those)

    Ace - Leaders of the Stacked Deck, They serve as commanders in the field and choose what missions we will take. These guys are the bosses (Position reserved for Gm/Co-GM Only)

    King/Queen - Veteran operatives, served the group for a minimum of 5 years and have been appointed by a consensus of the Aces (Position Open, But require Gm permission)

    Jack/Jill - Regular members, served the group for a minimum of two years and have proved themselves in combat (Position Open)

    10 - Recruit Operatives, New members of the group and still considered greenhorns despite their previous service to another organization (Position Open)

    Playable Races (open)

    Originating Planet - Earth (Destroyed 500 years ago by an asteroid)
    Appearance - You most likely are one so I wont bother explaining this one
    Average life span: 80-120 years
    Description: The decedents of Earth and the most common species in the galaxy. Although they have no distinguishing strength, they also have no distinguishing weakness (the jack of all trades)

    Originating Planet: Huygen
    Appearance: Avian like humanoids that thrive on warfare
    Male Hissho: Standing 6-8ft extremely muscular and agile
    Female Hissho: Standing 6-7ft very thin and agile
    Average life span: 50-60 years
    Description: For much of their history, the Hissho lived as tribal hunters. Their constant warfare slowed their technological progress and path to civilization, but eventually, they, like many other races across the galaxy, united and reached for the heavens. Their cultural affinity to war makes them excellent soldiers and gives them an edge if engaged in melee combat.

    Originating Plant: Alcrolite
    Appearance: A short humanoid alien who's skin color ranges from blues to deep purple. The race stands from 4-5 ft tall, and are physically weak, yet mentally strong
    Average Life Span 150-200 years
    Description: A very intelligent and magical race the Aranites were the first race to discover and master Magica. And since its discovery it has become an intergral part of their society and is used for daily life. This use of Magica was what lead the Aranites to the stars. Even today Aranites are the only race that can use Magica without an amplifying rune.

    Originating Planet: Vandred
    Appearance: Normally a short alien race that required an environmental suit to survive anywhere outside their home planet. Although most Vandrell swap out their human bodies for mechanical bodies.
    Average life spans: 40 in original bodies, near immortal in mechanical if maintained
    Description: Vandrell society is devoted to learning, philosophy, exploring, and study. They view the universe not only with awe, but also as an intellectual challenge for them to accept. Optimistic, they hold full faith in scientific progress and technological advancement. This drive to advance lead them to space early on, as well as mechanical enhancements to their bodies. And these enhancements lead to full Cybernetic bodies to house their vital organs and extend their lives.

    Galactic Tech (open)

    Melee Weapon Tech (open)

    Plain - Normal melee weapons made of sharpened and pointed

    Chain - Melee weapons made with a chain mechanism built in, once activated the blade acts like a chainsaw cutting through flesh easily

    Cartage - Melee weapons that hold a clip filled with pellets of black powder in the hilt and once the trigger is pulled the powder is ignited and carried through a hollow slot in the back of the blade. When the gasses are released behind the tip of the blade it exerts a powerful force pushing the blade forward. (Cannot be used in no oxygen environments)

    Plasma - A melee weapon who's blade is made of two separate materials, the blade is a very conductive and strong metal while the edge is made of a metal with a low melting point. When activated the blade heats up to a point where the edge melts to a plasma state but is held in place by the magnetic pull of the blade. It is able to melt through most things i given enough time and even grazing blows can leave nasty burns.

    Ranged Weapon Tech (open)

    Cartage - Standard firearm tech, a cartage with black powder and metal bullet are placed in a chamber when a trigger is pulled the black powder ignites propelling the bullet forward out the chamber(Cannot be used in on oxygen environments)

    Lazar - Beams of focused light used in a continuous fashion. Prolonged exposure can melt through anything, but unlikely to do any damage in a glancing blow

    Plasma - Shots of super heated metal able to melt through anything but slow and easier to dodge than other projectiles

    Ballistic - Rockets, missiles and the like. Fuels burned to propel a warhead that explodes on collision (things that go boom)

    Mag Rail - Magnetism used as a weapon. Using an intense magnetic field to propel a solid slug at extremely high speeds. This type of weapon has incredible stopping power, but takes a long time between firing. (used in sniper rifles, and ship guns only)

    Armor Tech (open)

    Metal - Metal plates made of titanium that is built to withstand most any attack, thickness depends on how much protection you want. Very strong, but can be heavy.

    Carbon Fiber - strands of carbon weaved together to form a cloth, these cloths are then layered This creates a light material that provides a bit of protection. Also the layers can be glued together, Once cured it creates a strong, light material. Light and maneuverable, but does not provide as much protection as Metal

    Hybrid - A combination of metal and carbon fiber many ways to do this and as such the protection provided varies with the technique used.

    Shielding (open)

    Deflector shields - also known as deflector screens, deflectors or simply shields, were translucent or transparent energy fields produced by deflector shield generators. These generators could be placed on planets, droids, starships, space stations and individual buildings. The primary purpose of the shield was to block or deflect projectiles and lasers from hitting the object under protection.

    Shield Gauntlet - was a small personal shield worn on the off-hand which could be used to absorb and even deflect energy weapons and shots. The gauntlet accomplished this by projecting a small energy shield. The shields range was less than a meter, and typically took on the appearance of a concave disk of clear energy, having no real color

    Magica Shields - Personal protection shields used by those who wield Magica. It can create a barrier of protection around the castor, but its strength and duration depends on the castor of the Magica. It can deflect most any attack as long as the castor can keep the spell up.

    Magica (open)

    Magica is a mysterious arcane power that allows its castor to do mystical things. The Aranites wield it like the mages of old where as other species are required to activate Magica through the power of ruins. These ruins can be engraved on anything from weapons and armor, to a small cube that fits in your pocket, or even tattooed on a person's body. In either case the use of magica pulls from the users strength. Each rune controls a specific element, but what is done with the control is up to the user.

    The Ship (open)


    Big Bertha
    Cruiser Class Ship
    SSA design
    Room for 20 live in crew
    Two Small hangers for personal ships
    4 Plasma Cannons on each side
    2 Ballistic missile pods on each side
    2 Lazar turrets on top of ship
    Donny's Baby

    Rules (open)

    1. What the Gm's say goes
    2. Posts are to be at least three or four sentences it really isn't much to ask
    3. Romance is allowed, but keep anything past PG-13 in spoilers
    4. Respect the other players
    5. Have fun

    Character Sheets
    Calling card: (Card of Suit)
    Appearance: (preferred pic as long as it matches the Species)
    Age: (>25 minimum)
    Equipment: (Weapons, Armor, Gear that you keep with you)
    Bio: (Minimum of 3 paragraphs, must include some sort of military or combat background)

    Thanks to anyone who read through everything and I hope this gets off the ground. Also I am looking for a Co-GM to help me out so please PM me if you have any questions or want the position

    The Stacked Deck (open)

    Ace of Spades - Rex Standford
    Queen of Hearts - Alice Blake
    Jack of Hearts - Vincent Halloway
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  2. Character Sheet

    Name: Rex Standford
    Calling card: Ace of Spades
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: 5'11" 175 lbs athletic build, is rarely seen outside his armor or uniform. but when he is he is in a black shirt and a pair of jeans
    Age: 38
    -Cartage 44 Magnum
    -Cartage Assault Rifle
    -Combat Knife
    Bio: Rex was born on Mars to a poor family. While growing up every day was a struggle to survive and it wasn't long before he had to turn to thievery to even survive, and before long the young boy had a long rap sheet with the local police. And by the age of fourteen he was on his way to juvenile hall, but instead of his sentence Rex choose an alternative and was signed up for the Military Academy. And for the first time in his life Rex had a purpose in life and something to achieve.

    During his years at the SSA Military Academy Rex made a big impression. He worked himself nearly to death training to become a soldier leaving his peers behind and impressing his supervisors. When he was eighteen Rex graduated the Academy with top marks ready to do his finest for the SSA. And he would do that for the next eight years.

    Over his eight years of service in the SAA army Rex served on the front line in many small battles. He even served in the two years of skirmishes against the Hissho, over the control of some outlying colonies that were far from worth the loss of life to hold them. And in the end the SSA were defeated costing Rex his right eye and left the colonies to the Hissho.

    Although he had been doubting the SSA already, the loss of the colonies after so much blood shed just didn't feel right. There were so many opportunities to reduce casualties and save civilians, but his orders always seemed to be to kill never to help. The SSA's disregard for life didn't sit well with Rex and he soon left the SAA and disappeared off the grid.

    Two years later Rex returned to SSA space, but this time not as a soldier, but as a Mercenary of the Stacked Deck. Although at the time the Deck was little more then him and his friend Marcus taking on small jobs. But in the ten years since then Rex had made sure that changed and has made the Stacked Deck mercenaries one of the most well known and respected organizations in known space. But even he might not be ready for what the job might throw at him next.
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  3. Character Sheet

    Name: Donny
    Calling card: Donny (He never bought into the card crap)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: 6'3" 235lbs, when not suited up he wheres a tank top and jeans, Donny is a big boy
    Age: "Age is like a fine wine the older the better"
    -Heavy plated metal armor
    Bio: Not much is really known about Donny's past, and if you ask you get a different story every time. All that is known about him is that he has been with Rex from the beginning and Rex trusts the man with his life, and piloting the ship.
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  4. Name: Vincent 'Vince' Halloway
    Calling card: jack of hearts
    Gender: male
    Species: human
    Appearance: 5'11" and 215 lbs of muscle. Vince has lighter skin. He is voluntarily bald but sports a medium length black beard. His hazel eyes speak volumes of the weight Vince has had to carry. There are two noticeable scars, one across his left cheek bone the other across his left forearm. There are other scars if Vince were to remove his shirt, but because of the cause of them he tends to hide them away. When not in his gear he tends to wear boots, cargo pants and a shirt that barely fits his frame as a means of intimidation.
    Age: 29
    Equipment: as a sniper he favors his MR230. When in close quarters he uses a cartage 9mm. If things get personal he resorts to his strength and his knife skills. When going into combat he will wear carbon fiber for protection without limited mobility.
    Bio: Vince was born into a privileged family with his younger sister Lilith. He never tried to hide his wealth and in a since boasted about it to those less fortunate. When he turned 18, his father, attempting to wake his misguided son, convinced him to join the SSA and when he finished is college would be paid for.

    Vince excelled, despite never having to fight for anything in his life. He became an expert sniper and holds 31 shots 33 confirmed kills. He never missed.

    Two years into his service his unit was sent to a derelict vessel only to find that it belonged to his family. Upon boarding it he found his family murdered and when given the opportunity to kill the man responsible, he was so distracted by the death of his family that he missed. Vince vowed that he would get justice.

    When the returned to base, the higher ups swept the operation under the rug and refused to acknowledge anything that happened upon his families vessel. It was a failed mission and an embarrassment to the SSA that one of its benefactors was murdered and they failed to protect them. The press release said that their vessel had accidentally entered an asteroid field and had been destroyed.

    When his time for reenlistment came, Vince left the SSA and joined the Cards to do good and to hunt down the men who butchered his family.

    Hope this works for you. Let me know what you think
  5. Aside from me liking pictures to go with the weapons I will say he looks good and I'll accept him
  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Alice Blake

    Calling card: Queen of Hearts

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human


    Alice stands at an impressive 5’11 and weighs 195 lbs of mostly muscle. Her short hair is dark and her eyes are a deep oceanic blue. Out of armor, she looks much less intimidating. She doesn’t have just one outfit that she wears outside of her armor, but one thing you can count on is her avoidance of shoes unless absolutely necessary. Scars are dusted over her body in random places, most of them are fairly small but she has a large one on her right forearm and another large one across her shoulder blades, tearing across her grey angel wing tattoo. She has a tattoo of her suit on her left under wrist.

    Age: 27


    Weapon: You see the giant multipurpose gun of doom in the picture? Yea, she’s named it Baby Bang. It has a blade that folds in and out that she uses for slashing and stabbing. There’s a ballistic system installed. It’s main role is a heavy support gun, but it isn’t odd for her to use it in close range , the size of the thing itself has proved to be a good offensive blunt weapon. And just in case, she has a large combat knife strapped onto Baby Bang.

    Armor: She has a hybrid armor that uses both metal and carbon fiber in its design. It also has built in shield like metal plates that she can duck her head behind when under return fire.

    There’s always a small stuffed animal on her somewhere, attached to Baby Bang is Mr. Fluffers. And she always has a stash of chocolate. Always.


    Alice grew up on Pluto, cold, barren, and some even said the slums of the Sol System. She lost her folks at the young age of ten and moved in with her cousin, who himself was just barely 18 at the time. Not too long after that, the duo began to run with a gang. Alice learned quick to toughen up if she wanted to “run with the big boys” as her cousin had put it. So, Alice toughened up. It didn’t take long for the wiry girl to become a huge asset, especially when sneaking it came to sneaking into places. She continued to grow with the gang. However, as years passed, the gang got rougher, more violent.

    One day, when Alice turned 15. She made her first kill. It had been a routine gig, sneak in, grab the money, make a little bit of a scene, and slip away before anyone showed up. But something had gone wrong, very wrong. Alfred, the leader of the troupe went crazy, he pulled a knife on her cousin and the girl acted without thinking. Twenty minutes later, her arm was gushing blood and Alfred had his own knife sticking out of his neck. Instead of being thankful, her cousin turned away from her in disgust. She was kicked out of the gang and marked as a target. This lasted for six months before she stumbled across a recruiter for the SSA Military. A few more months later and she arrived at the academy, hair chopped and uniform clad.

    In the academy, the girl threw herself into the classes, picking up on combat as if she were born just to do play the part of a soldier, she was good in weaponry and engineering as well. However, she ranked just above average in most of her other subjects and just barely passed history. She made Baby Bang near the end of her stay at the academy. It was her final project, needless to say, she passed wonderfully with the weapon. When she was put out in the field at 18, she took her creation with her.

    Alice served for a year and a half before she started to notice the danger signs. Her squadron was becoming similar to how the gang had started to act at Pluto. However, she hung in there, hoping it was just her imagination. A couple years later, however, there was a fairly large battle that her squadron was involved in. During the fight, she’d caught site of a little girl trapped in the rubble. She’d gone to help the little girl, and a searing pain erupted over her shoulder blades as she began to lift the rubble away. However, Alice ignored it until she managed to pull the girl to safety, only to watch the girl get shot at a point blank range. When Alice turned to find the culprit, she met a slap across the face and a lot of yelling about defying orders. She quit on the spot. That, however didn’t fly with her squadron and Alice went on the run, barely getting out of the skirmish and into deep space.

    Another year passed with Alice on the run before she stumbled across The Stacked Deck. Things happened and she found herself becoming a part of the organization at 22. She’s been with them since. She found herself settling in with the organization much easier than she had with anyone else before. Alice has long since decided joining up with them to be one of the better decisions she’s ever made.

    PromotionMission (open)

    Recently, Alice went on a rescue mission on the planet Kaldorus with the rest of her fleet. A senator and is private guard had been captured previously and the crew were supposed to either rescue them, or retrieve whatever remains they could find for the missing crew’s families. Alice’s crew set up a temporary base camp before plunging into the jungle like foliage to begin their search. A couple days in and the new crew found out just how the other crew had come to be kidnapped. When the crew came to they were each locked into an individual cell in the enemy compound.

    Time in the compound wasn’t pleasant. After the second day, one of their King’s was executed as an example for the rest of the crew. After seeing one of their own shot down, the rest of the crew quieted down, not wanting to loose anymore comrades so quick in the game. Alice reacted as the rest of the crew did, she stopped trying to headbutt everyone who came into her cell. However, the good behavior didn’t last as long with her as it did the rest of the crew after an enemy officer decided he wanted to play.

    The officer who came in, she couldn’t pronounce his name if she tried, came in with a plasma knife. Alice already knew she was in trouble when she caught site of the blade. Her theory was proven correct when she was forcefully pinned down onto her stomach and the man “cut her wings” as he put it. This is where the scar across her shoulder blades came from. The officer got his cut, and he was starting on his second before Alice twisted hard enough to topple the officer over. The knife was knocked out of his hands and a scuffle occurred. Other officers came in to pull her off of the first and she was thrown into the wall and cage door slammed tight. However, Alice had gotten what she wanted, the offending office has a broken nose and a couple black eyes and she was fairly certain he wouldn’t be reproducing any time soon. And besides that self-gotten justice, now, she had the keys.

    Alice waited until the shift change before she even dared to unlock her own restraints. After that was done, it was like a flashback to Pluto. The woman took to the vents as her means of travel. After she knocked out the camera in her cell. She didn’t want everybody seeing her plan in action. After that, she went on a hunt for the missing politician and his guard and her own crew’s weapons. (They’d taken baby Bang prisoner as well.) After failing to find the missing party, she did happen across her own crews weapons and in a sheer stroke of luck, the master system for the cameras in the cells. She disabled the cameras and grabbed the smaller guns she could find and went back up into the vents to get back to her own crew.

    The first cell she visited was the ace. After she dropped in and unlocked his cuffs and handed him a gun. They hatched a plan. After the discussion was over, the ace sat back down, pretending to still be bound as he waited. Alice again, went back into the vents and repeated the action with the rest of her crew, dropping in, unlocking them, arming them, and then explaining the plan. After the process was repeated, she dropped the keys back down to her ace and went back to hunting for the missing senator. Not even an hour later, all hell broke loose in the area her crew was “contained” in. Alice was a distance away by now, looking for another wing of cells or for evidence of the missing party’s death.

    After another hour and a half of searching, she found the remaining crew members of the senators guard and the senator himself. Most of the bases guards where over dealing with her crew, it wasn’t hard too hard to take out the two left in the cell block. Alice got the senator’s party out and managed to arm them as well (this feat was harder than arming her own crew) The missing men plus Alice, then went to the aide of the rescue team. The troupe stopped along the way to get the tags of the fallen and the rest of the confiscated equipment from both crews before the marched the mass trying to get into the locked down cell block.

    In the scuffle, three more men died, one from the crew being rescued, and two from the crew doing the rescuing. However, the rest of the group managed to take the compound long enough to escape back to the ship and get the hell off of Kaldorus.

    Back at base, both the ace from her own crew and the captain of guard from the other crew nominated her for a promotion. That was before she went on medical leave for a week, when she came back, she was sent on another mission. However, after that mission was over, she returned and received the promotion to queen and then was reassigned to Rex Stanford’s crew.
  7. As i said in the pm. "looks great, go ahead and post it up. Welcome to the team." character is accepted
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  8. Name: Jack Reynard Inigo

    Calling card: King of Hearths (If you would approve)

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human



    Heavy Muscular Build with fairly shaped muscles, his height is 6’ 8” and weight is 210 lbs. When not in armor he is seen with a black t-shirt with some tribal art or hoodie and always jeans with sneakers or combat boots.

    Age: 29


    -Cartage Assault Rifle


    -Cartage Pistol


    -Melee Weapon


    -Very Heavy Combat Hybrid Armor


    Bio: Jack’s location of birth was Jupiter. He was born in a middle class family working in the administrative section of the mining base that was there. The mining base mined Metallic Hydrogen which was used as a clean fuel source and sold for much money at the time. He lived a fairly simple and normal life, working in the mines from time to time to earn himself some money; going to school, coming back from school, friends, family, parties all the way to when he was 18.

    Then a decision he made for himself, irritated by the pressure his family gave him to go to college and become a doctor; a practice he hated with all his heart, he left the planet and enlisted into SSA Military Academy, working the mines when he was younger paid off as he now has no trouble with physical training. He was very bold and very brave, but that did not help him pass the academy with flying colors; he frequently had run-ins with other soldiers and his superior officers. He finished the academy and continued into the deeper world of the military, but that was short lived as he was discharged for disobeying a commander’s direct order to remain in position, instead he attacked the enemy head on crying “charge” which his fellow marines gladly followed. The attack was success but he still was discharged.

    He drifted around Sol as a mercenary, taking the most dangerous missions no-one would do. He earned the respect of several crime lords but also the hate of several important people. He did not take care for who he did the job, he had no morals or standards someone wanted the job done and he would do it and be gone the next day; with his pay of course. He ran across a group named “Stacked Deck” he decided to join them; it sure beats to have some fun with others than alone.
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  9. (dunno if im allowed to but im just gonna post this) (edit: sorry for the image size..dunno how to change them..)

    Name: Nils Maupin
    Calling card: 10 of clubs
    Gender: male
    Species: human
    Appearance: 6'0'. wiry but muscular frame.
    (without armor)
    (with carbon-fiber armor..ignore the assault rifle..)
    Age: 25

    Custom Built "Needle" Rifle
    (it uses ballistic technology to propel explosive bolts that impale and detonate inside enemies)
    Plasma pistol
    Chain machete

    Nils grew up in the outer systems on a remote mining planet. He was raised by his father who was one of the first people to join the rebellion against the SSA. His father was a paranoid man and made sure that Nils was prepared for the supposedly imminent invasion. This prevented Nils from growing up normally, this is evident in the way that he sometimes does not act appropriately under normal situations. By growing up in isolation Nils is friendly in a quirky way and loves to meet new people. But this also has lead for him to have an almost useless moral compass since he did not learn right from wrong growing up. This often results in Nils being classified as having a split personality, because at one moment he can be happy and caring, and in the next situation he could be a sadistic psychopath…But he means well.

    Growing up alone and surrounded by machinery Nils has become almost a mad scientist. He loves to tinker but this often results in deadly consequences. He loves explosives since he grew up near an active mine and would listen to explosions every day. At age 20 he was kicked out of the colony after an incident involving a homemade tesla weapon and subsequently cooking several people alive. Wandering aimlessly amongst the outer system he was scooped up by the beginnings of the Kingdom of Tallos, He proved useful in guerrilla warfare and spent many years running with various resistance groups and terrorists.

    But as he grew up Nils began to realize the consequences of his actions and decided to reinvent himself by joining the group of the Stacked Deck. While he still has many personality flaws and odd behaviors, he was accepted into the crew for his unusual talent with various weapons and his knowledge of dirty tactics. He has only been a member of the crew for a few days and is assigned as a 10 of clubs. Since he does not really fit into a certain niche he is assigned as a wild card that anyone can use. He is slowly getting used to being around his new teammates.
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  10. Ohh, reserve for me? I'd love to join!
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